Icebuntu right now is in pre-planning stage. The idea is to create an Ubuntu derivative that is lighter than Xubuntu, with the bare minimum of applications installed, but still allowing an acceptable level of customization. Development was originally started by markp1989, but has now been taken over by jaxxstorm

The focus is to keep it as lightweight as possible. GTK applications will be used where appropriate, and all applications that are included by default will be lightweight versions of those available in Ubuntu and Xubuntu

Current Status

Icebuntu is currently in pre-planning stage. Decisions about suitable applications and desired theme/art work are being made.

The first release will be based on the Jaunty Jackalope and will be for x86 architecture only.

Currently, the name will be Icebuntu, although this may change in the future.

Midori has been selected as the primary web browser (version 0.9.1) and Sakura has been added as the primary terminal emulator.

Contact Information

Initial Application Requirements

The number of applications included by default will be small. The applications should be either GTK or not require too many dependencies, should be extremely lightweight and should be functional enough for everyday use.


  • Web browser
  • Text Editor
  • Terminal Emulator
  • Music player
  • Video player
  • File Manager
  • Instant Message Client
  • Program Launcher
  • Image Viewer
  • PDF Viewer

System Tools

  • Network Manager
  • Package Manager
  • Desktop/Wallpaper Manager
  • Interface Manager (if suitable one can be found)
  • Login Manager

Fringe Applications

  • These applications will only be added once the initial build is added, and if only they do not affect the download size or overall size of the distribution

  • DVD Burner
  • Email client
  • Bittorrent client
  • Office Applications
  • Image Editor

Application Suggestions

Web Browser

Midori will be used as the main web browser for Icebuntu.

Midori includes flash support and therefore has all the functionality required. It is extremely lightweight.

Text Editor

There are lots of possibilites for this area, as there are so many choices. Currently the choice is between;

As well as many other alternatives.

Currently, Ged is being leaned towards as it is the smallest of the ones available. Scratchpad is second choice as it includes some features like syntax highlighting etc.

Terminal Emulator

Sakura is the default terminal emulator in Icebuntu. It uses GTK libraries and is extremely lightweight.

= Music Player =

Again a music player is a difficult choice, as the number of applications available are so many.

Possible inclusions are


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