Lineduc is an Ubuntu customization for public schools in the municipality of Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is built to be an educational tool for teachers and students alike, as well as a system you can use for soho environments.

Contact Information

You can learn a bit more about the system (in Brazilian Portuguese) and contact us at You can also download it at


The starting target audience for Lineduc are mainly the 100,000 students we have in 168 schools. The system is to be implemented within the next 2 years.


Lineduc aims at fostering knowledge as a public good, available to each and every citizen who uses it.


Lineduc was devised to be used mainly in the computer labs we have at the municipality's public schools. Those labs needed a system to meet the following requirements: 1) easy to use, yet powerful, flexible and safe enough to allow for intense pedagogical and administrative jobs; 2) comprehensive support to existing hardware; 3) authoring tools to help students and teachers produce knowledge instead of just reproduce it.

Collaboration Focuses

We are interested in exchanging ideas on how to integrate Lineduc with Edubuntu and other Ubuntu based educational distributions/customizations; we would also like to improve Lineduc in terms of acessibility.


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