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The social structures, community processes, and technical decisions of Derivative Team are supervised by the Derivative Council. The Derivative Council is closely based on both the Ubuntu Community Council and the Ubuntu Technical Board.

The Derivative Council is responsible for the following decisions, processes, and documents:

  • Insures that all Derivative Team members adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

  • Appoints new members to the Derivative Team following the guidelines set on Membership.

  • Makes day to day decisions and sets the direction and priorities of the team.
  • Insures that the Derivative Team complies with the upstream and downstream Policies.

  • Reports to the CommunityCouncil and TechnicalBoard.

  • Maintains the DerivativeTeam/* Pages on the wiki.

The Derivative Council operates on the following basis:

  • The Derivative Council meets every two weeks on IRC.
  • You can submit an item or proposal for discussion by the Derivative Council using the wiki page Meetings.

  • Derivative Council meetings are open to all interested parties, but the Council seeks only to find consensus amongst Council members and the individual who submitted the proposal.
  • If, in any event, an open meeting becomes too noisy, the Council will move to a private channel for the duration of the meeting.
  • In any event, full transcripts of the Council meeting will be published immediately after the meeting.
  • The Derivative Council can be reached at

The Derivative Council Members

The Derivative Council is constituted as follows: ???? Meetings of the Derivative Council will also include anyone making any proposal or placing an item on the agenda, and the Council will try to reach consensus between Council Members. Nominations for the Derivative Council will start on the day of each new Ubuntu release. Voting for the Derivative Council will be held at the first meeting following the new release. Each member comes up for re-election every release cycle.

The discrepancy between the terms of the Community Council (two years), the Technical Board (one year), and Derivative Council (six months) is deliberate. The Community Council is the more philosophical body, and is intended to take a more measured, deliberate approach to the problems of community organization. The Technical Board sets the overall technical agenda for Ubuntu.

The Derivative Council makes the day to day decisions regarding collaboration between Ubuntu and derivatives. For issues that affect the larger Ubuntu community, the Derivative Council will come to consensus. The Derivative Council's will then be escalated by an appointed representative to either the Ubuntu Community Council or Technical Board as necessary.


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