The Brief


Please provide a hosted download link to an archive of audio files as per the brief.

Feel free to talk about your inspiration and pitch your work on this page.


Soft theme created with Pure Data

Mrs. Busta

Some sounds created on the piano

Santiago 95

sound theme created with VMPK (0.2)

IEm mirror:

Sounds created with Renoise


first test set minimal


second set


originally designed for Hardy

version 1.0

version 1.0

version 2.0 Over final maverik

S. Christian Collins

Ubuntu Light Theme 1.1 with multiple options for each sound


I've bribed the judges...

Irad Lee

Ubuntu Modular Soundpack

Irad Lee

Ubuntu Modular Soundpack (mirror download link)

Ubuntu Theme Sounds, I was trying to get an air of distinction and maturity, so used a New York concert grand Steinway, quite a few cool synths, and underscored with violas, cellos and other orchestra sounds. With the long version of the Desktop Ready theme I was also inspired by idea of seeing sunlight spreading over the planet, as seen from space, realising we are all one life, and trying to do something that makes a positive impact all over the world (eg Ubuntu as a benevolent movement!). Hope you enjoy :)

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