Copy of the meeting agenda:

Agenda for the discussion

  • Summary of the discussions at UDS and the plan for Lucid
  • Overview of the changes proposed
  • Discussion of priority items ("must have for 4.4")
  • Discussion of other items

KStatusNotifier change proposals

Not Binary Compatible Changes

Adding setActivateAction()

Rationale: Make it possible for KStatusNotifier to add the action to the menu if it's not already in. Ensures all actions are accessible when running on GNOME.

Not BC, need to go in 4.4

Removing setContextMenu()

Rationale: Only use for setContextMenu() is when there is a need to use a class which inherits from KMenu instead of KMenu itself. Found no example of apps using it this way in lxr.kde.org. Won't work with dbusmenu.

Not BC, need to go in 4.4

Set movies by name

Rationale: Make it possible for panel to replace icons with a panel-specific theme.

BC, nice to have in 4.4

API could be cleaned up a bit:

- For attentionIcon, overlayIcon and toolTipIcon, class uses set*ByName() or

  • set*ByPixmap(), whereas for attentionMovie, class uses an overloaded setAttentionMovie() method.

- attentionMovie() won't work when using the vector-based versions of

  • setAttentionMovie().

Cleanups need to happen in 4.4

Alternative proposal: Do not distinguish between icons and movies at API level, if user passes a movie name to setAttentionIcon(), animate the icon.

Would need to happen in 4.4

Binary Compatible Changes

Default fall-back to menu

Rationale: Reduce the amount of work developers have to do when implementing window-less statusnotifier apps. Not an API or behavior change, just provide by default a behavior window-less apps implement by themselves.

BC, nice to have in 4.4

Implement dbusmenu support

Rationale: Provide proper theming for menus, and ability to use extra widgets (slider, textedit...)

Too complex for 4.4 => should be implemented in a work branch until trunk is open for new features (no ABI or API changes)

libdbusmenu handling of Activate() signal

Review Marco proposal:

- gnome-applet should emit ContextMenu() on left-click

- libdbusmenu should show context menu when it receives ContextMenu() or

  • Activate(). This way a GNOME app running on KDE will respond to left click by showing its menu.

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