Tips on triaging bugs

Notify OSD

The right package

A classic error when reporting bugs against the new notification system is reporting a bug that actually corresponds to the application sending the notification (i.e. pidgin bug 363108). The first step when finding these bugs would be to invalid the notify-osd task and open a new one in the right package.


To attach the proper information:

  1. Log into you desktop-session on your computer
  2. Log in remotely via ssh into your computer form another machine (using the same user-id you use locally for you desktop-session on your computer)
  3. Trigger the bug within the desktop-session on your computer
  4. From your remote session copy notify-osd.log to a save place, e.g. using: cp $HOME/.cache/notify-osd.log $HOME/Desktop/notify-osd.log
    1. Restart your computer
    2. Attach the file $HOME/Desktop/notify-osd.log from your computer to this bug-report.


An apport hook is available for the package since Karmic. Please add here things to add, or remove from the report.

  1. Right now, the log is not attached because it can contain personal data. It would be useful to have a more debugging log, without the message sent, and for debugging information to attach to the report.

Projects in Launchpad to care about

All our projects are grouped under 2 project groups:

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