Released with BreezyBadger was the Ubuntu 5.10 Starter Guide, otherwise known as the FAQGuide. For the DapperDrake release we have decided to split the Starter Guide into Desktop and Server variants. Work has already started on both documents, but this Spec is where we can plan the route we will take.

Rationale first highlighted the fact such a guide needs to exist, and the Starter Guide has been quite popular in BreezyBadger. This split version, the Desktop Starter Guide, aims to just concentrate on the desktop using GUI utilities where possible.

Use cases

See the following examples:

  • Yelp - Ubuntu 5.10 Starter Guide
  • For IRC/Forum/Mailing list users to point new user to when they ask questions


The Ubuntu desktop installation



  • Add suggestions here

Duffman25: This suggestions comes from the idea of adding cli documentation, started here:

  • I think users should be aware of cli commands to use as an alternative to the gui. ubuntuguide is famous for bringing short commands to deal with ubuntu. If you don't think a proper command line guide is usefull (which as I said in the other thread it would be handy & usefull) you could add some quick info about cli commands, clearly separated from the general guidace so newbies not willing to learn the cli won't be scared, maybe as an apendix or a separate chapter at the end of the guide with some guidance on using the cli: Again, my 0.02€

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