• Installation of TeX Live from
  • Execution of a script in the ubuntu-developer-manual branch
  • Reinstalling man-db package (or the man <command> won't work

Install TeX Live

  1. Uninstall Ubuntu TeX Live packages:
    • sudo apt-get remove texlive-*
  2. Download the TeX Live 2010 install script:

  3. Unpck the tarball:
    • tar -zxvf install-tl-unx.tar.gz
  4. Change to the newly unpacked directory:
    • cd install-tl-*
  5. Run the installation script:
    • sudo ./install-tl
  6. Configure the installation.
    • Use all defaults except: enable Create symlinks to standard directories, as follows:

    1. Enter capital letter 'O'
    2. Enter capital letter 'L'
    3. You are prompted, one at a time, to enter where you want binaries, man pages, and info pages. Use the following:
      • For binaries, use: /usr/bin
      • For man, use /usr/share/man
      • For info, use /usr/share/info
    4. Enter capital 'R' to return to the main menu
  7. Install:
    • Enter capital 'I' to install. This will take some time.

Get Trunk and Run Script

  1. Create a working dir and move into it
  2. Get the ubuntu-developer-manual branch:
    • bzr branch lp:ubuntu-developer-manual
  3. Execute as root:
    • sudo ./

Reinstall man-db

After installation, the man command may not work. You can restore it as follows:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall man-db

Language Toolchain

  • to provide web UI for translation and to export translations to po files in trunk. (Ubuntu Translators through their good graces to translate.)
  • XeTeX. This is the underlying typesetting engine that we're using. It's what takes our code and generates PDFs. It supports Unicode, OpenType and Truetype fonts.

  • LaTeX. This is a common set of macros that run on top of the XeTeX (and other TeX) engine. This is what provides the \chapter{}, \section{}, etc. commands.
  • fontspec package. This package is a set of macros that provides afriendlier user interface to the underlying XeTeX font commands.
  • polyglossia package. This package maintains common translations(e.g., "Table of Contents," "Index," "Figure," "Table," "Glossary,") for a wide variety of languages and also changes the font based on the currently selected language.
  • xindy. Sorts and manages the indexes and glossaries.
  • po4a. po4a reads in our .tex files and emits .pot files. It also takes .po files and generates translated .tex files.

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