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Ubuntu Desktop Team Developers

  • are members of the ubuntu-desktop Launchpad team

  • are collectively responsible for the maintenance of packages in the Ubuntu Desktop package set, by being able to commit to packaging branches and upload package updates to Ubuntu
  • have a strong working knowledge of packaging concepts and techniques, refined through experience
  • have a strong working knowledge of Ubuntu project procedures, especially those related to the release process and support commitments, and an understanding of the reasons why they exist
  • understand and practice collaborative package development in git branches (and some experience with bzr branches too)

  • have a history of substantial direct contributions to the distribution and desktop related packages
  • exercise great care in their work, with the understanding that their efforts have a direct impact on others, including:
    • every Ubuntu user
    • the Ubuntu release team
    • corporate partners who provide support for Ubuntu
  • feel a sense of personal responsibility for the quality of Ubuntu releases and for the satisfaction of Ubuntu users

Applying for ubuntu-desktop membership

If you are not an official ubuntu-desktop member yet, but fulfill the criteria above, you should either get invited by an existing member, or ask to become one. Either needs to happen on the ubuntu-desktop mailing list.

At least three existing members have to confirm that they have worked enough with you to judge your skills and that you meet the criteria above. Usually these three people are your sponsors.

Once that happens, you will be added to the team. This will be announced on the ubuntu-desktop and devel-permissions mailing lists.

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