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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Ted Gould (tedg)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Kristian Lyngstøl (KristianL)



  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Review activity reports
  • Merge progress report
  • Ptrace protection discussion (pitti)
  • Any other business

Outstanding actions from last meeting

ACTION: kwwii to complete hardy-theme and hardy-icon-theme after decision at London presentation

  • almost finished, along with other associated information; finished and online by 2007-12-14 at the latest.

ACTION: MacSlow to complete drafting of hardy-desktop-effects and other assigned specs expected by the weekend

  • will be finished by 2007-12-17 at the latest.

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • KDE 4 RC 2 packaging (most of the week)
  • RC 2 gutsy based live CD
  • Kubuntu Tutorial Day Preparation
  • Uploading packages for libopenexr transition
  • Some archive admin duties but not much (same day as RC 2 released)
  • Updating and uploading python-kde4 package


  • Kubuntu Tutorials Day!
  • Poke RC 2 so it actually gets compiled. Developing in universe is slow with its low buildd priority
  • Creating KDE 4 seeds and CDs
  • Alpha 2

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)


Gathered up logo and created eps version for bzr eps, picked pantone colors, collected a few fonts for the new creative agency.

Met art director, account manager from new creative agency in London, discussed points of interest, presented them with concept artwork, etc.

Finished presentation

Presentation, discussion in London (http://sinecera.de/final.tar.bz2)

Attended Kubuntu meeting, led Artwork meeting

Expenses and Holiday


announce flickr stuff

announce art direction coming, through specs, and such (coming very soon)

announce basic information, wiki-fy things

Add meeting info to artwork wiki page, ReportingPage for December

Update human-theme spec and get approved by end of next week

  • Switch current background to Elephant

Update human-icon-theme spec and get approved by end of next week

  • What icons are missing and what sizes are missing? (list started)
  • Feasibility of OpenOffice coloured icons

Work on primary and complimentary color palette

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Unapproved spec drafting:

  • hardy-reducing-duplication, prefetch: pending approval from Colin

Hardy spec assignments:

  • restricted-manager-rewrite: got hardware detection backend and abstract UI mostly ready and covered by test suite; initial GTK UI ported; had a call with Susanne Oberhauser from Novell (initiator of driver-backports project), for initial coordination and introduction
  • hardy-reducing-duplication, partition-management, policykit-integration: no progress this week

Merges: all new main ones done, universe done

Milestoned bugs:

  • 147800, 152537, 155530 (bugs in cupsys apparmor profile, gutsy-updates): fix in gutsy-propopsed, needs testing


  • fixed bug in linux-backports-modules, got a candidate image built, looks good now; testing still needs to finish
  • wrote draft for announcement, waiting for feedback (https://wiki.canonical.com/Ubuntu6.06.2/Announcement)

  • ATM we are on track for the release next Monday


  • Lots of MIR reviews; also looked on the MID packages and gave some feedback; these need some work before we can promote them
  • Various bug fixes and lots of sponsoring
  • fixed ddeb-retriever, operational again

ToDo for next week:

  • Full steam ahead on restricted-manager-rewrite.
  • continue and finish discussions about DWCIU (waiting on feedback from Rick on distro-team@)
  • start looking into partition-management

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • apt-listchanges, rsync, cyrus-sasl, freeglut, fltk1.1
  • send/merges diffs to debian
  • prepare apt stack (apt, python-apt, synaptic) merge
    • (to be uploaded today)


  • work on apt-authentication-relibability spec
  • debug/fix authentication problem if the server does not support if-range headers correctly


  • fix file conflicts in compiz
  • travel preparing london
  • new gnome-app-install upload

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

done (testing/research)

  • stacking of gtk+-widget _on_top_ of GL
  • leverages GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap for widget-rendering
  • works with glade-files
  • dynamically adapts to widget-resizing
  • dynamically adapts to theme(-changes)
  • wrote two non-trival examples using implicit animation
  • see examples (http://macslow.thepimp.net/?p=150)



  • finish hardy-spec for desktop-effects
  • setup bzr repos for gdm-face-browser

Ted Gould ({ted})


  • Updated gnome-screensaver to match Debian. Passed updated man pages upstream.


  • exit-strategy : Working on cleaning up XSMP to make people happy enough to put it in more apps. So then we can query their document change status. Should solve many other UI issues. Currently there is an issue finding the "current" version of the spec. Seems it's not in git. I didn't bring up bazaar Wink ;)

  • screensaver-review : Figured out a few proposals on how we can bring out more configuration of xscreensaver. Waiting for review.

  • about-this-computer : Talked with SteveK about status of his code. Starting with a clean codebase with his guidance and experience.


  • Went through the iPod connection experience with a new iPod on Gutsy. Not pretty. Need to get into Wiki.

Review activity reports

kwwii raised an issue that the art.ubuntu.com website is not yet up, but was not aware of an RT ticket for it.

ACTION: kwwii to chase Matt Nuzum to discover status of art.ubuntu.com website, and find out whether it's blocked on an RT ticket.

pitti asked how the dapper to hardy upgrade process looked at the moment, mvo replied that the major problem is HAL and D-Bus.

tedg asked how the London artwork presentation went; the biggest decision of which is to begin the new theme work in hardy+1 and have the LTS as the "final" version of a theme's evolution rather than the initial version.

Merge progress report

Platform team have already distributed the remaining merges amongst themselves.

ACTION: mvo to upload apt, python-apt and synaptic.

Ptrace protection discussion

What should we do about the ptrace()/LD_PRELOAD protection for programs which handle secrets? (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/PolicyKitIntegration) Debian doesn't like the 'sgid noptrace' trick, and indeed it's a nasty hack; implementing it properly requires a kernel change (special field in ELF header); IMHO we either need to do the ELF approach or don't care at all

ACTION: pitti to talk to the kernel guys and investigate whether the ELF approach is feasible. If so, update the spec, if not drop the requirement from the spec.

Other business

seb128 asked whether the ubuntulooks theme was being superseded, which it isn't for hardy. There are known issues with it however.

ACTION: seb128 to get a summary of the known issues so that they can be shared out.

KristianL has been developing a new compiz plugin for us, the first alpha of which was received today. Feedback was positive, and mvo and MacSlow will track further versions.


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