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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Ted Gould (ted)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)


  • Review activity reports
  • Compiz integration issues
  • Desktop seed changes
  • Hardy QA list
  • Any other business

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

  • I've spent most of the time packaging KDE 4.0 snapshot and final release
  • helped with libungif -> libgif transition

  • Kubuntu meeting (2 new members)
  • Archive admin

next week:

  • KDE 4.0
  • KDE Release Event

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Hardy spec assignments:

  • restricted-manager-rewrite: upstream trunk has become useful now, ported most of the important features; created ubuntu branch with Ubuntu specific bits (OSLib and handlers); biggest blocker is now to find a good name, suggestions highly appreciated; no progress from Martin Bohm with the KDE port, but talked to him today
  • policykit-integration: remaining open question is the admin group vs. sudoers evaluation, sent to u-devel@. I tend towards the group solution, Jamie Strandboge agrees (good reply, thanks). Remaining TODO is providing the libpam-foreground functionality into ConsoleKit (upstream wants to do that anyway, but we need it soon; see LP#172814)

  • hardy-reducing-duplication: killed db4.[34], db4.5 will go away once OO.o builds. db4.2 is needed by openldap and is hard; also killed libgksu1.2 and libneon{25,26}; did some work on dropping tcl8.3; that's all of the low-hanging fruit
  • partition-management: no progress this week

Unfixed milestoned bugs:

  • 147800, 152537, 155530 (bugs in cupsys apparmor profile, gutsy-updates): fix in gutsy-propopsed, needs verification
  • 172835 (dapper->hardy upgrade dbus reload fails, hardy-beta): no time yet

  • 172814 (dbus at_console needs to work with ConsoleKit, hardy-beta): in progress, see above


  • blocked on testing feedback from Marc

Other notable things:

  • PostgreSQL security updates and dapper backport

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • updated to current git
  • debug/workaround bug in window decorations with nvidia (and report the problem upstream
  • debug/fix bug in xslt transformation code in the gconf schema generation and send patch upstream (this bug killed the Extra Effects settings)
  • experiment with setting the decorator command via the dbus plugin to deal better with multiple displays


  • work on AptAuthenticationReliabilty spec, created apt-authentication-reliablity bzr branch

  • fix nasty bug in the apt immediate configuration code (that took a bit, the ordering code is not a nice place)
  • merge the apt--DoListUpdate branch that supports a generic way to do apt-get update like operations for all frontends, port synpatic/python-apt to it. it also support APT::Update::{Pre,Post}-Update script hooks

  • debug problem under certain upgrade scenarios where the ordering algorithm is incorrect (reproducable with libglib2.0-0 and gconf2 on a huge dapper->hardy upgrade) - no solution yet, the ordering code is tricky


  • work on the PackagingToolsUsability spec

  • fix crash in g-ai- codec search
  • make update-notifier use the icon theme and display a different icon if security updates are available
  • detect outdated repository information (required the apt--DoListUpdate branch) and show in u-m when the last update was performed

  • try harder to fix broken dependencies in u-m
  • merge g-a-i with debian
  • new g-a-i data update for alpha-3


  • work on the upgrade tester
  • debug/fix problem where update-manager wanted to remove firefox and openoffice after a upgrade from gutsy->hardy as obsolete (turns out that the problem was that gutsy-security has newer versions than hardy)

  • SRU request to upload a update-manager that is capable of performing LTS upgrades to dapper-proposed


  • mail/bugtriage
  • generate/upload translated package descriptions for hardy (took longer than hoped because of rosetta bug #157528)
  • sponsoring (vte, aptoncd, metacity, ...)
  • update command-not-found data for alpha-3

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • started implementing hardy-sparkle

  • learned how very scanty rhythmbox (rb) plugin-development is documented
  • started salvaging information how to add UI-elements to rb and interact with it from a plugin
  • learned that CD-cover retrieval with rb-plugin artdisplay cannot interface with sparkle
  • rb-developers asked me to fill in rb's wiki on plugin-development... "WTF?!"


  • holiday
  • wrote patch for GtkEntry-widget for Murrine gtk-theme engine, sent upstream

  • reading up on GObject to make sense of rhythmbox-plugin development
  • still trying to get widget-drawing-redirection with GL to work on intel (i915, i965)

Ted Gould ({ted})


  • Packaged up GPM 2.21.1


  • exit-strategy : Gave up looking for an editable version of the spec. pdf2txt. pain. Now mostly in x.org wiki. Working on completing and adding in Dan's comments.

  • screensaver-review : Waiting on feedback.

  • about-this-computer : Continuing to develop the small application. Good feedback from ubuntu-desktop list. Fixed i18n, video and LVM bugs.


  • Uploaded iPod experiences. My iPod may be too new to expect it to work reasonably. Looking to borrow an older iPod.
  • Discussion on the GNOME Screensaver list about Sun wanting to change things for their PAM implementation. May help with some of our exit-strategy goals, and they're willing to commit developers. Watching closely and contributing our requirements Smile :)

  • Promoted SCALE talk to Loco-us-ca... guess I need to write it now Smile :)

  • Moving to Texas this summer. I'll be two timezones closer to most of ya'll.
  • Vacation at the end of Dec.

Compiz integration issues

seb128 raised the issue of the number of compiz integration problems that are currently known and asked who on the Desktop Team is responsible for solving them. He was directed at mvo and MacSlow, and told that Keybuk was willing to review the list and ensure that the items on it were not dropped.

Desktop seed changes

The GNOME 2.22 module list has been published, and there have been a few recent mailing list threads suggesting changes in our default applications - seb128 asked for consensus on each of the decisions.

brasero (CD-burning application)

The application was reviewed and compared to our existing applications, consensus was that brasero would replace serpentine in our default application set as it is more like what users will look for, but at this time we will not replace the use of nautilus-cd-burner for the default data cd action.

transmission-gtk (Bittorrent client)

It was felt that this was a generally better bittorrent client, and more like what users would expect to see, so the existing gnome-btdownload package would be replaced by transmission-gtk.

seahorse (GNOME Keyring Manager)

The original upstream gnome-keyring-manager has been replaced by Seahorse, which is also able to handle GPG and SSH keys. While it was felt that this was a somewhat "niche" application, we require something like it in order to be able to change or remove Network Manager network keys.

pitti raised a concern that the package was somewhat large, but on a brief review, it was noticed that there was much duplication within it and that the binaries themselves were suspiciously large suggesting static linking of a common library.

Consensus was that if the package size issue is corrected, it could enter desktop.

ACTION: pitti/seb128 to investigate seahorse package size and reduce it so it can be seeded.

vinagre (VNC Client)

Vinagre is a GTK+ 2 VNC client, and as such a much better fit for our desktop than xvnc4viewer which has many issues. Since we ship vino (VNC Server) by default, we felt we should ship a VNC Client too and thus consensus was to switch to vinagre.

f-spot (Photo Manager)

f-spot provides a very good "fresh" photo management experience, allowing users to tag, search and modify photographs in interesting ways. The "open a folder and browse" user story is already largely fulfilled by nautilus and eog. Recognising that photo management is important to us, consensus was to promote f-spot to desktop so that it is automatically installed and remove gthumb since its user stories are fulfilled by either f-spot or nautilus/eog.


Keybuk asked for volunteers to attend GUADEC (7th-12th July, Istanbul, Turkey), interested team members should let him know as soon as possible.

Hardy QA list

pedro_ reminded the team to review the Hardy QA list (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=qa-hardy-list) and ensure that the developers give feedback where necessary. If you think that something ought not to be there, untag and comment why, otherwise untag and milestone or not depending on what's decided.

seb128 asked about bugs that are already milestoned, pedro_ confirmed that the tag can simply be removed.


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