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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Ted Gould (tedg)
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)


Milestoned Desktop Bugs

seb128 talked about the open desktop bugs and that while there are no real show-stoppers, there are a number of glitches and annoyances that it would be good to get fixed. He asked for help to fix the desktop milestoned bugs where possible.

  • ACTION: seb128 to hand out desktop team bugs to people as necessary

  • ACTION: Keybuk to get contract for compiz bugs sorted

  • ACTION: pitti, mvo, tedg to assist with desktop bugs

  • (seb128) There has been some discussion about menus, non-consistent labeling (using the application name or not in the title) and system, preferences going over the bottom panel on a 1027x768 screen (maybe we should consider moving things to the applications, system tools category, we tried to not list it because it's confusing but you quickly get one anyway when installing extra softwares)
  • ACTION: seb128 to fix the labelling of the menu items which are not right and warn translators about the change

  • ACTION: seb128 to use applications, system tools again

  • ACTION: asac (action by proxy) to drop nm-tool menu entry

HAL Quirks Patch

  • (pitti) solving bug #198808; in essence: do we rather (potentially) break suspend/resume on some machines which worked with gusty, or don't fix it for a lot of current popular and any future hardware?

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

done, solid beta preparation and testing including:

  • Discuss and fix why menus lack translations with Tonio
  • Test dist upgrader
  • Test kmilo generally
  • Package updated system-config-printer-kde
  • Kill ktip-kde4
  • Fix About Kubuntu icon on KDE 4 desktop
  • Fix Openoffice in Kubuntu-KDE4
  • Set previews on in dolphin/konqueror
  • Make Konqueror not have annoying popups every day
  • Tidy up KDE 4 menus
  • Test kdm-kde4 (didn't make beta, but should go in straight after)
  • Fix file overwrites for KOffice, KDE Edu and Kmplayer
  • Beta candidate CD and DVD builds for all the distro variants
  • Kubuntu meeting, two new members

next week:

  • Fix the long list of bugs collected during beta testing
  • Easter holiday on Monday

No milestoned bugs

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

so busy working I almost forgot to send this Smile :-)

  • looked into further murrine gtk changes. Have one ready in which you can change the colors via the gui but it looks like we are reverting to ubuntulooks for hardy
  • made some eps's for the agency to use on t-shirts
  • sick for a couple of days
  • OOo app icons almost finished (for all OOo apps). Actually in the process I made two different versions.
  • wallpaper tweaks

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Unfixed milestoned bugs (only on hardy final):

  • #203734 (psql 8.3.1): just a sync, will do after beta freeze
  • #198808 (HAL breaks pm-utils quirks and resuming): currently discussing with mjg59
  • #203958 (jockey-gtk crashed with NameError in enabled()): just turned up today, in progress

  • #203322 (fsck/usplash: ESC does not kill fsck): no time yet, planned next week


  • Killed all my beta milestoned bugs, most of my high prio ones, and tons of other ones
  • Finally got on top of my bugs mbox (down to 8, yay! was ~1500 three weeks ago)
  • Mailman DWCIU on Saturday afternoon
  • CD testing

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)

Michael Vogt (mvo)



  • Fix release-upgrader asks about sshd twice on dapper->hardy upgrade

  • upgrade testing (dapper->hardy and gutsy->hardy)

  • add quirks handler for gvfs/gtransator
  • fixed bzip2-doc postinst failure
  • fix auto-tester to setup TERM (otherwise there may be false failures)
  • fix bug in the python2.4->python transition quirks code

  • debug/fix python-pisock maintainer script failure
  • better error recovery to the automatic upgrade tester
  • Update release-upgrader-apt backport (to hardys apt, dpkg) and strip documentation
  • workaround ordering bug in apt by changing the nautilus conflict in libglib2.0-0
  • reported OOo file overwrite problem
  • debugged/fixed python-pyrex upgrade problem
  • fix file overwrite problem in xine-libs, net-smnp, python-qt3, python-sip4, python-kde3, aide, evolution-data-server
  • fix dhcp3-client debconf note that is shown during dapper->hardy

  • report moodle install problem
  • fixed postfix-doc postinst failure
  • fixed held-back udev on dapper->hardy upgrades

  • add support
  • Add support for testing release-upgrader-* udebs to the auto-upgrade tester without having to push them into the archive
  • Add "AddRepo" option to auto upgrade tester to allow local testing of fixed packages

Install testing

  • beta iso testing


  • bug triage
  • various fixes on update-notifier (e.g. delay apt-check on startup, do not show up on the live-cd, ...)
  • fix apt task install for the live-cd builder
  • updated menu-data and bugfixes in the extractor
  • check apt-extracttemplates /tmp handling
  • new language-selector upload with changes merged from arne and fixes in the string encodings in the qt frontend
  • fix displayconfig-gtk shutdown bug (used to go into single user mode on shutdown)

Milestoned bugs

  • 203756 [dapper->hardy] udev not upgraded (was: using kernel 2.6.24-12 after upgrading from dapper to hardy isn't possible)

    • fix uploaded, waiting for the archive to unfreeze
  • 156625 Asked twice about ssh daemo
    • fix in bzr
  • 174128 asks debconf question on dapper->hardy upgrade

    • fix uploaded, waiting for the archive to unfreeze

open milestoned whishlist items

  • 161888 upgrade to gutsy requires user to make poor security choice
  • 41689 apt uses hardcoded /cdrom, use hal instead (if it is availabe)
  • 154272 Visual indication when final release comes out

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

* fixing profile-recognition (on-going)


* travelling, gtk+hackfest in Berlin (9.3. - 14.3.) * also see trip-report on gtk+-hackfest

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • lot of desktop bugs triage and fixing
  • disabled tracker indexing as decided by the technical board
  • removed deskbar-applet from the default configuration, it slows down login and not that useful without tracker and with the new firefox
  • still been looking at the login speed, with the previous changes, update-notifier and jockey having delayed actions and gdm doing preloading the numbers are much better now, still some work to do though
  • started looking at what strings are not correctly translatable
  • hardy CD testing

Ted Gould (tedg)


  • Updated patches with comments from Richard
  • Created a fix for the lid close/open sounds (remove)
  • Bug work


  • Learned about OAuth to try and figure out what we could do with it. Seems interesting, but not a silver bullet.
  • Tried to get a GNOME Keyring patch for Mozilla to build. Weird linker error. No resolution yet.
  • Long e-mail discussion on Launchpad integration


  • Vacation March 24-27 (most of next week, think good house hunting thoughts!)


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