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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Ted Gould (tedg)
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)
  • Matt Zimmerman (mdz)


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • (pitti) libgphoto gvfs: keep and fix, or ditch?
  • (seb128) gvfs libarchive backend, use in hardy?
  • (pitti) Coordination of fixing /etc diff for upgrades (Michael started to provide diffs now, thanks a lot!)
  • (pitti) next week I'll be at the LinuxFoundation collaboration summit in Austin; anything I should do/ask/tell/promote there?

  • Final call for UDS Agenda topics
  • Sponsoring Overview update

  • Desktop bug list

  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • Sebastien to initiate a discussion about shares-admin -> nautilus-share upgrade migration with slangasek on u-devel@

    • Discussion was fruitful, while a migration isn't possible slangasek was happy with documenting that in the release notes given that the change to nautilus-share will be sufficiently more maintainable

  • Sebastien to prepare theme change back to ubuntulooks
    • Done by kwwii and mvo

  • Sebastien to rename the tracker menu item
    • Deferred most changes to next release, except for transmission which pitti raised as really needing changing

  • Ken to look into updating important bits of example-contents for Hardy, primarily release name
    • Still outstanding

Actions from this meeting

  • Ken to look into updating important bits of example-contents for Hardy, primarily release name
  • pitti to disable gvfs libgphoto backend
  • seb128 to enable gvfs libarchive backend
  • mvo and pitti to review the /etc diff and file bugs where appropriate.

gvfs libgphoto backend

gvfs's libgphoto backend allows you to access non-storage based cameras as if they were a mounted storage device; gvfs-based applications can browse the photos on them as if they were files.

Unfortunately it's somewhat buggy at the moment, pitti asked whether we should keep it and try and fix the bugs, or whether we should disable it for now and review in intrepid.

This was discussed pre-meeting with seb128 and the conclusion was to disable it for now and use f-spot-import until it's ready.

gvfs libarchive backend

gvfs's libarchive backend allows you to access archives (e.g. zip) as if they were folders. It's installed but not yet activated, and when actived only provides a "Mount Archive" option in the context menu for the icon. seb128 asked whether we should activate it. Since it's not directly exposed, it would be relatively harmless.

No objections were raised.

/etc diff for upgrades

http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/automatic-upgrade-testing/kvm/profile/lts-ubuntu/etc.diff contains a 5.2 MB diff of changes between dapper and hardy, and a fresh hardy install.

This needs review and co-ordination of fixes.

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • KDE 4.0.3 packaged and uploaded
  • Testing upgrades
  • Discussing Konversation artwork theme and poking for a new one that everyone agrees on
  • Archive Admin 1/2 day (Cleared New Queue, ubuntu-archive requests)
  • Tidy up system-config-printer-kde for release and fix share printer funtion in kdeprint
  • Set nicer qtcurve settings
  • Fill up seeds with language packs for CDs
  • Add a couple of missing packages to kde 4 seeds
  • Briefly review the KDE chapter for the Ubuntu book

Next week:

  • Lots of bugfixes. Ubiquity seems to have stopped launching on the live CDs. restricted-manager needs some testing.

1 milestoned bug 209220, which isn't going to get fixed for hardy, not yet sure how to remove the milestone.

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • final (hope!) gdm changes
  • packaging: human-icon-theme, ubuntu-artwork, ubuntulooks, ubuntu-gdm-theme, human-theme; (adding icons, tweaking artwork, moving back to ubuntulooks with new gtkrc w/ GUI editable colors, fixing bugs in h-i-t, u-gdm-theme, and ubuntulooks, etc.)
  • helped ubuntustudio make the same changes to icon theme
  • dealing with 600+ spam emails to ubuntu-art within a couple of hours
  • planning and announcing next art team meeting

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Unfixed milestoned bugs (only on hardy final):

  • 207151 (Reenable PolicyKit ptrace protection before Hardy's release): needs to happen close to release

  • 210348 (apport-cli test with no package): new from this week, will do soon; no technical problem at all, more a question of whether we want it
  • 209416 (fsck not repairing corruption on boot): got aware of it on Tuesday after discussion with Ted Ts'o. Tricky, but I can and want to take the time to debug and fix it properly.


  • Continued to kill bugs by the dozens, not unhappy with the progress.
  • Killed all of my milestoned bugs, and assigned me some new ones
  • caught up with MIR review, only one or two left
  • Discussed Mozilla langpack integration with Alexander

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)

Done: Retested photos and music experiences with Hardy beta, found lots of bugs.

Todo: Post results on wiki <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Experiences>, and report/link bugs.

Michael Vogt (mvo)

I was on vacation last week so my report is slightly shorter.



  • upgrade testing (dapper->hardy, gutsy->hardy)

  • added VirtualRam option to kvm based upgrade tester, gutsy->hardy with a large install makes dpkg eat ~400mb memory and added more ram to my upgrade test machine

  • build "all" gutsy testupgrade profile that contains ~20.000 installed packages
  • fix update-manager crash for non-writable gconf database
  • Debug/fix python-support upgrade issue that is triggered by transitional packages (e.g. sepolgen -> python-sepolgen)

  • do not upgrade with debsig-verify installed
  • work on install_all.py script (for populating upgrade or install test images), add better blacklist config with regexp support and better error reporting/recovery
  • fix FTBFS in release-upgrader-apt
  • update update-manager rosetta translations
  • debug slocate upgrade issue and upload new fileutils with a fix for the removal of /etc/cron.daily/find
  • do diff generation of packagelist and /etc on a fresh install versus a upgraded system and put them to: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/automatic-upgrade-testing/kvm/profile/


  • mail catchup after a week of vac
  • bug catchup/triage/fixing
  • fix synaptic endless loop error in confirmation dialog (thanks to seb128)
  • artwork stuff sponsoring for kwwii
  • add update-notifier support for the new apt-get update stamp file writing
  • misc sponsoring

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

Spec-related work (gdm-face-browser): * starting to get familiar with code-base of new gdm * thinking up algorithm for layout and placement of photos * additional rendering-tests with clutter

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • lot of desktop bug triage
  • discussions with random GNOME upstreams about bugs and things that would be nice to fix for GNOME 2.22.1
  • changed gnome-media to no distribute gnome-cd and cddb-slave2-properties in hardy since they are not used in the default installation and discussed not building them by default too
  • splited totem to have a new totem-plugins-extra variant, win some meagabytes on the cds
  • changed gnome-system-tools to not install shares-admin since it doesn't reply to user expectation and hardy will use nautilus-shares
  • did bluez-libs and bluez-gnome updates
  • backported libgnomeui svn change to get thumbnailing using gio
  • gvfs stack updates
  • fixed nautilus-shares issues
  • backported an upstream tsclient change to fix a crash
  • uploaded gtk change to no change the input method when using the vi locale as request by users
  • patched gnome-mount to allow to eject empty cd drives
  • dropped libwnck workspace switcher tooltip changes, the patch is buggy and makes the gnome-panel crash and those informations would be better in the context menu, will be reworked correctly next cycle
  • changed gnome-panel to use time-admin again in hardy, the new upstream dialog has some issues and doesn't allow to run ntpdate for example
  • random bug fixing
  • some sponsoring too

Ted Gould (tedg)


  • Upstream updates for GPM and GSS
  • Backport patch for CVE to earlier GSSes, Kees to test
  • Debugging various GPM problems
  • Merging in Debian package updates
  • Got both the GPM and GSS packaging into Bazaar, broke Bazaar (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/210092) Smile :)


  • Working on panel context menu for WM actions. Further development postponed. Completed patches have been submitted upstream.
  • On vacation for most of last week (http://gould.cx/ted/blog/Saving_Energy)

  • Vacation planned for April 11th


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