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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Ted Gould (tedg)

  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_)


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Final decision on Pidgin/Empathy discussion (tedg)
  • Human Theme Bug (kwwii)
  • XDG_SESSION_COOKIE problems (MacSlow)

  • Sponsoring Overview update

  • Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • Riddell to follow up on MIR bug for libzip to remind pitti.
    • Done.

  • mvo to talk to QA about the possibility of a "package-failures" component and triaging it.
    • Informally discussed, but no mail sent yet.

  • seb128 to discuss MIR, seed changes and CD size implications with doko.
    • see empathy

Actions from this meeting

  • mvo to talk to QA about the possibility of a "package-failures" component and triaging it.
  • pitti to ask ArneGoetje about hunspell dictionary dependencies

  • seb128 to update whiteboard of intrepid-menus-review and better-login-speed for remaining todos

Final decision on Pidgin/Empathy discussion

After mpt's review, the final decision was to delay the switch until next cycle.

Human Theme Bug

kwwii has a bug in the human theme packaging, and wanted to know who he could go to for help. It was clarified that any of his team mates should be able to help, and if it's urgent then to contact the team Technical Lead pitti for help.

MacSlow has been having problems with $XDG_SESSION_COOKIE not being set in the new gdm, which pitti believes is due to his D-Bus installation being hosed. Help will be given after the meeting on #ubuntu-desktop.

Release Status

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • overseeing 4.1.1 packaging
  • brief alpha 6 testing
  • fixes to update-manager, update-notifier-kde, language-selector
  • three days off


  • fix oem-config
  • fix lots of other bugs

no milestoned bugs

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • package 3 community themes and included them in my PPA
  • updated the human theme to include a lighter version as well as the dark version, packaged it and put it in my PPa
  • fixing human theme bug in Intrepid
  • worked on new icon set work with community, wiki page is up, launchpad project setup, etc
  • discussed wallpaper with the guy who made wall-light. Waiting for a response on whether we can include it (license issues)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Just a three-day report due to my holidays.

Assigned Intrepid specs:

  • intrepid-device-permissions Steve added pam-config-framework-ification of libpam-ck-connector (thanks!) so that it gets auto-activated; getting rid of the fuse group is too intrusive now, and my very limited feature development time in intrepid wasn't enough for this; after discussion with Scott, I moved that item to the "next ubuntu releases" list and consider this implemented.

  • gdm-guest-account More or less implemented now, spec has release note and test case sections; just needs some bug fixing now. "beta available"

  • jockey-printer-driver-support actual printer driver lookup, presentation, and installation works, thus "beta available". still need to do some UI changes to present license and support status, and incorporate some usability feedback from mpt; I'll need a FF exception for those.

Currently open milestoned bugs: None

Other non-chores work done:

  • Post-holiday catchup on email, MIRs, SRUs, and various bits people nagged me about
  • Fixed my two alpha-5 RC bugs (fsck f*ckage and shutdown/reboot in Ubuntu system menu), and some other bugs in cups and sudo
  • Fixed yet another breakage in python-launchpad-bugs, wiggled the retracer chroot back into working order, restarted retracer bots
  • Reviewed and applied some apport merge requests
  • helped out a bit with Alpha-5 RMing to backup Steve (who was on holiday Mon/Tue)

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)

Summary of non-trivial stuff for past week:

  • Finishing various leftover Launchpad branches.
  • Helped Marc Tardif with design of hardware testing results.
  • Helped Ted Gould with design of status-switching menu.
  • Completed design of improvements for buying codecs <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CodecInstallationIntrepid>.

Michael Vogt (mvo)

  • On Leave until today

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)


  • still blocked by $XDG_SESSION_COOKIE not being set (second week in a row now Sad :-( )

  • asked for help on gdm mailing-list, but no reply sofar
  • upstream gdm admits the lack of any documentation on how to write a custom greeter is sub-optimal (especially with all the involved low-level bits regarding dbus and console-kit)
  • directly asked William Jon McCann (gdm upstream) for advice on IRC how to sort out the trouble with dbus, but all hints what to test and try out did no yield any improvement

  • also asked Martin Pitt about the issue at hand and his attempts to help sort out the problem, were in vain ... trying to use upstream gdm with my gdm-graphical-greeter just does not succeed with obtaining a valid value from $XDG_SESSION_COOKIE
  • tried with system-wide installed dbus and with upstream dbus, without any difference in result
  • remaining thing to try: start with a clean distro install from scratch, which uses more bleeding-edge dbus, console-kit, gdm


  • helped out Ted with code to get decoration-less dialogs with rounded corners going

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • lot of catching up after holidays
  • discussed retracer issues with pitti
  • GNOME 2.23.91 updates

Ted Gould (tedg)

FUSA Applet:

  • Packaging reviews by Martin and Loic, Loic approved for sponsorship. (Thanks Loic!)
  • Continued Development
    • Added a state for no IM client and hide icon
    • Added icons from Empathy as default. If someone could review this patch[1] to make sure it's sane, that would be great.
    • Made it so that the applet detects IM clients getting on and off the DBus (starting and stopping)
    • 2-way status changes with Empathy
  • Continued planning
    • Worked with Matthew Thomas on ways to continue to clean up UI issues in the applet
    • Got code for slick composited dialogs from Mirco to add as session management prompts

[1] http://people.ubuntu.com/~ted/85_5_status_icons.patch


  • Packaged xscreensaver 5.07, not in time for FF, wrote FFe
  • Packaged GNOME Power Manager 2.23.91 (almost, it's getting late, I'll finish tomorrow)


  • Booked travel for Boston GNOME Summit
  • National Holiday Sept 1st (Labor Day)


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