For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Alberto Milone (tseliot)
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)



  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • X Update
  • Mozilla Update
  • Desktop Start Time
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Audio Update (Eastern Edition)
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Partner Update

  • Online Services:
    • Ubuntu One Music store is progressing, expected to land in alpha-3
    • An early version of the rhythmbox plugin taking shape, more to come soon.
    • libubuntuone, the gtk widgets for ubuntu one will be ready for lucid soon, this includes the music store and contact picker gtk widgets.
  • DX:

Kubuntu Update

  • alpha 2 done and in reasonable shape
  • KDE SC 4.4 RC 2 coming today
  • semantic desktop still blocked on virtuoso, kees promises soon
  • kubuntu-notifications-helper now on the CD

X Update

  • The diversions -> alternatives change was bumpy but seems to be working well now.

  • Our signal rethrowing patch for apport seems to be the cause of recent xorg-server crashes. We've disabled it for now.
  • Question from Intel: Lucid is still using 2.9.1. Intel already released 2.10 in 09Q4. Does Ubuntu plan to upgrade -intel 2.10 in Lucid? Yes, it is on todo list.
  • Intel graphics is having a lot of instability issues due to some recent power saving changes to their code. This results in weird flickering and then screen blanking after a resume/suspend. Turning off the power saving feature restores stability. rickspencer3 to follow up with Intel to ensure it is on their radar.

Mozilla Update

  • libsoup2.4 working mostly working, except for one error that has not been tracked down.
  • The porting project was expected to be further along by this point. ccheney following up with asac to see if contractor resources can be deployed to help move porting along faster.

Release Status


  • RC bugs seem under control
  • No work items have been set to done in the last 5 days

Desktop Start Time

  • rickspencer3 is concerned that speed improvements have flat-lined.
  • seb128 to produce detailed profiling chart of gnome-panel start time be eow
  • didrocks to take over some gnome packaging to make more bandwidth for seb128
  • rickspencer3 has requested that OEM team free robert_ancell for one to work on gnome-panel start time

Audio Update

  • "crack of the day" alsa-driver packages being in the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA now
  • new bugfix snapshot of pulseaudio now in lucid bugfixes since 0.9.21 (contributed by crimsun)

Activity reports

Alberto Milone (tseliot)

Blueprint work:

  • desktop-lucid-xorg-proprietary-drivers:
    • Further clean-up of nvidia-$flavours and mesa and increased robustness of the alternatives system.
    • LP: #432172: further work to be compliant with the behaviour of libvdpau, as described by Nvidia
    • LP: #506547 Some GL apps won't run: libGLU.so.1
    • Fixed issue about missing libglx.so and libdri.so in xserver-xorg-core.
    • Working on ia32-libs (currently half broken) so that it can be updated (LP: #506437) and adapted to the new alternatives system (LP: #506435)
    • Bug fixing for the Alternatives class in nvidia-common.
    • Completed the release notes for Alpha 2 about Jockey and drivers in general.

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

Blueprint work:

Other work:

  • Fixing upstream Mozilla translations, so that they get imported into Launchpad without problems
  • Langpack-o-matic got moved to another server; did a test run to test if everything is still working like it should

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • US Holiday: MLK B-Day Jan 18
  • Triage recent xorg-server crashes
    • Is my rethrow-signals patch working?
    • Review ubuntu patches that touch os/log.c - 100 and 160 in particular
    • Disable apport for xorg-server, since the enablement patch is causing widespread X crashes
    • Fix crash logging into guest session on lucid
  • high karma report: Exclude multiple X bugtasks against same bug
  • Install alpha-2 on 2 test systems
  • Investigate miro build failure
  • Miro bug triage: Request retest for old crash bugs
  • Wayland
    • Determine what version of mesa needed
    • Request a real PPA kernel for wayland testing
    • Re-test packages with the new kernel
  • Pull in the close_launchpad_bugs.py script from gtg/scripts to arsenal
  • Reviewed patch report mockups with kfogel (bug #506018)
  • Create python class that provides access to relevant data from the log file
  • Learn how to make gtg plugins
  • pull jcristau's config_init patch for xorg-server
  • Create gtg plugin to import Canonical Work Items from pitti's tool via json

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

  • National Holiday - Jan 18
  • Continued to work on libsoup2.4
  • openoffice.org 1:3.1.1~rc2-1ubuntu1 prepared, will be uploaded after meeting.
  • openoffice.org-l10n 1:3.1.1~rc2-1ubuntu1 prepared, will be uploaded after meeting.

Didier Roche (didrocks

∘ create some packaged new UNE related components ∘ Created UNE gconf configuration to be side by side with desktop session configuration ∘ Created USB stick ISO for UNE ∘ edit ubuntu-netbook seed for new default application (not yet pushed into ubuntu) Mutter: fix bug #506944 (don't show ws selector when you only have one ws). submitted upstream gdm: little change on default session and submitted upstream zoho: reviewed it (cf meeting?)

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

  • alpha 2 testing, fixing and release
  • working with upstream Plasma dev so initial setup and upgrade

scripting is complete

  • simplify virtuoso package a bit
  • Add back kubuntu menu icon to kubuntu-default-settings
  • Testing nepomuk and adding it to default settings
  • start packaging new SIP/PyQt
  • recorded podcast with freshubuntu
  • checked and uploaded fix for consolekit

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • cleaned-up empathy patches, submited what we can upstream
    • split out part of the indicator patch that can go upstream
  • Reverted libappindicator patch in tomboy for lucid, still maintaining it in a ppa
  • Fixes for libappindicator support in rhythmbox
  • Accounts UI work for Gwibber
  • gwibber desktopcouch backend work
  • Empathy papercut, raise contacts list when the user manually launches empathy
  • new version of libubuntuone in the u1music ppa

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)


  • Uploaded latest upstrea version of onboard to lucid
  • Patch review of speech-dispatcher audio improvements, still haven't yet got into lucid to do thorough testing.


  • Audio bug triaging, bugs in question are against pulseaudio, alsa userspace, and the kernel for hardware enablement.
  • Wrote final mac mini 3,1 hardware enablement patch. Should work, but needs testing. Have had some users contact me about the work, so can hopefully give them something to test in the next few days.
  • For a small amount of time when running lucid, was able to reproduce the 5.1 annoyances users are reporting with pulseaudio in karmic. I need to try some other test parameters/configurations, to be sure it is still a problem.
  • Uploaded rtkit 0.5, which was promptly followed by Daniel Chen uploading rtkit 0.6.
  • Involved in discussions about pulseaudio, and console screen reading/speech output, since some vocal blind linux community members are badgering me about it.


  • Alpha 2 testing.
  • Still get random resets in lucid. I need to spend a day finding what the problem is.

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Assigned blueprints:

  • desktop-lucid-likewise-open-migration: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-jockey-hotplug-support: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-powermanagement-tweaks: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-suspend-quirks-halsectomy (beta available): needs testing
  • desktop-lucid-xorg-halsectomy: no progress this week; needs new wacom driver (Bryce's WI)

Non-blueprint work done:

  • Attended Ubuntu Netbook Sprint/Induction of Didier Roche
  • General email/MIR/SRU catch-up after sprint
  • Applied for and got GNOME git commit access
  • Bug fixing: gdm
  • A day worth of work item tracker improvements

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Finally get GDM to automatically select user when switching
  • Add C# binding to launchpad integration (for F-Spot, GBrainy etc).

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop updates: evince cheese file-roller gtksourceview eog gedit cheese gnome-utils gnome-applets gnome-panel libgnomekbd
  • joined the UNE sprint for 2 days, get UNE installed on my mini, learnt some details about it, did some bootcharting and bug fixed and had some interesting discussions
  • spent some hours trying to debug xorg crashing on user switch and flickers on the mini after suspend without real success
  • sponsored launchpad-integration changes and fixed some bugs while working on it
  • working on nautilus change to use the new application indicator
  • turned off notify-osd debugging in lucid
  • trying to fix gjs issues to get gnome-shell to build
  • change evolution to not install gnome-pilot by default
  • updated pygame
  • backported gtk change to fix a gnome-panel crash due to csw
  • uploaded gio change for une
  • updated pidgin version

Till Kamppeter

  • CUPS package: Applied fix from upstream (Koji Otani) on the pdftopdf filter so that it does not eat up all memory when doing N-up printing (LP: #508731).
  • Started to prepare an SRU for the CUPS package in Karmic. Made bugs LP: #466119, LP: #467919, LP: #475330, LP: #488752 duplicate of LP: #407344 (pdftopdf crashing on color-managed PDFs) and nominated the latter for Karmic, also made LP: #47263, LP: #492197, LP: #490962, LP: #458478 duplicate of LP: #487902 (Duplex cannot be turned off) and nominated the latter for Karmic. Nominated also LP: #508731 (pdftopdf eats up all memory) for Karmic.
  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports.


[16:29] <rickspencer3> meeting time?
[16:29] <bryyce> heya
[16:29] <seb128> hey
[16:30] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2009-01-19<<BR>> [16:30] <ccheney> hi
[16:30] <rickspencer3> let's see ...
[16:30] <pitti> hello all
[16:30] <rickspencer3> didrocks
[16:30] <rickspencer3> Riddell
[16:30] <rickspencer3> who else?
[16:30] <rickspencer3> tseliot,
[16:30] <tseliot> o/
[16:30] * didrocks waves
[16:30] <rickspencer3> tkamppeter,
[16:30] <seb128> hey
[16:31] <ArneGoetje> hi
[16:31] <rickspencer3> ArneGoetje,
[16:31] <rickspencer3> heh
[16:31] <kenvandine> hey
[16:31] <rickspencer3> hi kenvandine .... I was wondering who I was forgetting
[16:31] <rickspencer3> :)
[16:31] <kenvandine> hehe :)
[16:31] <rickspencer3> dang it!
[16:31] <rickspencer3> I totally forgot about conference attending *again*
[16:31] * rickspencer3 kicks self
[16:32] <rickspencer3> sorry for the rushed agenda, yesterday was supposed to be a US holiday, so I had minimal time to work on it
[16:32] <rickspencer3> so let's just dive in, I suppose
[16:32] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, partner update?
[16:32] <kenvandine> sure
[16:33] <kenvandine> DX will have weekly releases, because of the holiday the wiki page isn't complete yet
[16:33] <kenvandine> but it will be filled in today
[16:33] <kenvandine> OLS released 0.1.0 of libubuntuone, it is in the u1music ppa now... hopefully a new rb plugin soon...
[16:33] <kenvandine> i might try to get libubuntuone uploaded to lucid this week
[16:33] <kenvandine> not a high priority yet though, but sooner the better
[16:34] <kenvandine> libubuntuone is the gtk widgets for U1... in case anyone missed that last time :)
[16:34] <kenvandine> that's it for the partner update
[16:34] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, will they have the ability to download the music that you purchased soon?
[16:34] <kenvandine> before alpha-3 :)
[16:35] <seb128> is there any detail somewhere about what sort of content will be there?
[16:35] <seb128> one of the rhythmbox guys asked about that yesterday
[16:35] <rickspencer3> seb128, just jono signing the free software song, mostly
[16:35] <seb128> lol
[16:35] <kenvandine> seb128, not sure, but the plugin can browse if you set the right env variable :)
[16:35] <rickspencer3> seb128, I believe these is a rather detailed spec on the wiki
[16:36] <kenvandine> rickspencer3, not sure if it gives details on the content
[16:36] <kenvandine> i am sure it is more than just jono :)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> ok, thanks for that update
[16:36] <seb128> it's also jcastro
[16:36] <seb128> ;-)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> lots of great stuff coming the desktop from both of those teams
[16:36] <rickspencer3> we have an embarassment of richess concerning new desktop goodness ;)
[16:37] <rickspencer3> moving on .. Riddell, Kubuntu update?
[16:37] <Riddell> - alpha 2 done and in reasonable shape
[16:37] <Riddell> - KDE SC 4.4 RC 2 coming today
[16:37] <Riddell> - semantic desktop still blocked on virtuoso, kees promises soon
[16:37] <Riddell> - kubuntu-notifications-helper now on the CD
[16:37] <Riddell> that's all, short this week :)
[16:37] <pitti> ^ that fast? I only sent it to main today :)
[16:38] <Riddell> pitti: well it's in the meta package and we've been testing it is more the point
[16:38] <pitti> right
[16:38] <rickspencer3> so "now on the CD" is more specifically "now bound to be on the CD soon"
[16:38] <rickspencer3> thanks Riddell
[16:38] <rickspencer3> bryyce, x?
[16:39] <bryyce> * Our signal rethrowing patch for apport seems to be the cause of recent xorg-server crashes. We've disabled it for now.
[16:39] <tkamppeter> hi
[16:39] <pitti> did that significantly change in structure compared to karmic's?
[16:39] <rickspencer3> :(
[16:39] <bryyce> pitti, yeah
[16:40] <bryyce> upstream moved all the signal handling around internally, so the patch had to be redone. but guess it is still not quite right
[16:40] <rickspencer3> bryyce, is this part of the triaging/error recovery stuff?
[16:40] <bryyce> rickspencer3, yeah, it is what catches crashes and collects backtraces
[16:41] <seb128> bryyce, I still get xorg display destroyed on new session
[16:41] <rickspencer3> which itself was causing crashes
[16:41] <rickspencer3> nice
[16:41] <rickspencer3> bryyce, there are two questions for you on the wiki
[16:41] <bryyce> * The diversions -> alternatives change was bumpy but seems to be working well now.
[16:41] * tseliot nods
[16:41] <rickspencer3> the first is straight form intel
[16:41] <rickspencer3> Question from Intel: Lucid is still using 2.9.1. Intel already released 2.10 in 09Q4. Does Ubuntu plan to upgrade -intel 2.10 in Lucid
[16:41] <bryyce> * Other than that, the usual bugs/patches/etc.
[16:42] <pitti> tseliot: congratulations for this, it was a huge change
[16:42] <rickspencer3> yeah
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
[16:42] <tseliot> :-)
[16:42] <rickspencer3> okay, nice on that
[16:42] <bryyce> rickspencer3, yes but the mesa/libdrm stuff had to go through first. 2.10 is on my todo list for a3
[16:42] <rickspencer3> bryyce, thanks
[16:43] <rickspencer3> second one was concerning I guess 915 and lots of instability on 10v's after a suspend/resume
[16:43] <rickspencer3> what's up with that?
[16:43] <tseliot> powersave=0 should fix it
[16:43] <bryyce> right, that is the powersave=0 thing
[16:43] <rickspencer3> bryyce, right
[16:44] <rickspencer3> well "fix" is a strong word tseliot
[16:44] <bryyce> it seems upstream added this but it's quite buggy and all the distros are having to turn it off locally
[16:44] <tseliot> s/fix/work around/
[16:44] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:44] <rickspencer3> other than that, is intel solid?
[16:44] <rickspencer3> graphics-wise anyway?
[16:44] <bryyce> apw has that action
[16:44] <bryyce> yes I think so
[16:44] <tseliot> AFAIK Jesse Barnes partially reverted his changes
[16:44] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:45] <rickspencer3> bryyce, thanks for the update
[16:45] <rickspencer3> tseliot, thanks too
[16:45] <seb128> is anybody else seing that xorg crash on new session?
[16:45] <rickspencer3> bryyce + tseliot great job so far this release, lots of progress regarding graphics
[16:45] <seb128> it does it on user switch there on both my laptop and the mini10v
[16:45] <pitti> on the mini 10; rock solid on my laptop
[16:45] <seb128> lucky you ;-)
[16:45] <tseliot> :-)
[16:46] <seb128> that's driving me crazy since it destroy my current session too
[16:46] <seb128> I get vt7 turned to a text vt
[16:46] <seb128> with Xorg still running
[16:46] <bryyce> seb128, any error shown in your gdm log?
[16:47] <seb128> no, no error in neither Xorg or gdm logs
[16:47] <seb128> X is still running
[16:47] <seb128> let's talk after meeting if you want
[16:47] <pitti> seb128: text VT with cursor> I see that on shutdown sometimes
[16:48] <rickspencer3> we'll have a mini 10v party at the sprint, and really get these puppies humming
[16:48] <rickspencer3> I <3 my 10v
[16:48] <rickspencer3> okay, moving on
[16:49] <rickspencer3> ccheney, mozilla update?
[16:49] <ccheney> finally got all of libsoup2.4 working except for the weird get_type code I haven't figured out yet, need to discuss with asac again to see what is going on with it
[16:49] <ccheney> will also have OOo 3.2.0~rc2 uploaded today
[16:50] <ccheney> assuming it doesn't keep failing to build, i think i worked all of its build errors out though
[16:50] <rickspencer3> ccheney, were the build errors all KDE related?
[16:50] <ccheney> actually not kde related for 3.2 it was due to all the changes from 3.1 to 3.2 in rules file
[16:51] <rickspencer3> ah
[16:51] <ccheney> its in the deb generation stage of the build now so i think it finally works
[16:51] <rickspencer3> ok, in terms of mozilla ...
[16:51] <rickspencer3> ite seems that you were hoping to have libsoup done two weeks ago, and then move on to epiphany
[16:51] <rickspencer3> what is the status of the epihpany and such?
[16:52] <ccheney> yea it kept growing bigger as i copied more things in and got some weird build errors a few times i had to get asac to help me investigate, now i have it all done except some code that has to change directly in glib and the get_type issue where it doesn't appear to actually have code
[16:52] <rickspencer3> so still working on libsoup
[16:53] <ccheney> there are a few gcc visibility settings in the code i am not sure if that is what is causing the weirdness
[16:53] <rickspencer3> ccheney, do you feel that we are on track to accomplish this task in Lucid?
[16:53] <ccheney> it should work pretty fast after i get the get_type parts working there are quite a few of them and they seem to all work the same way
[16:53] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:54] <ccheney> i feel that i don't understand glib/gtk/gnome well enough to copy the bits over and have work properly while also keeping OOo up to date
[16:54] <ccheney> because the other libraries seem to be at least as involved
[16:54] <ccheney> we have a contractor now that knows more about gnome, that could help with this?
[16:54] <rickspencer3> ccheney, that is up to asac
[16:54] <ccheney> ok
[16:54] <rickspencer3> please discuss it with him
[16:55] <ccheney> ok will do
[16:55] <rickspencer3> if you feel the project is not on track, please ping me asap
[16:55] <ccheney> ok
[16:55] <asac> lets talk after meeting ccheney
[16:55] <rickspencer3> so that we can steer the project as appropriate
[16:55] <asac> (hi)
[16:55] <rickspencer3> hi asac :)
[16:55] <rickspencer3> ok, so ...
[16:55] <ccheney> the glib modification i think should be done more familiar so i don't break all of hardy :)
[16:55] <rickspencer3> pitti, any comments re release status?
[16:55] <ccheney> er by someone
[16:55] <pitti> I did a quick update to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus earlier on
[16:56] <pitti> I haven't updated our RC bug lists, but it seems it's under control this cycle
[16:56] <rickspencer3> good
[16:56] <pitti> my biggest worry for now is the boot speed stuff
[16:56] <rickspencer3> I would like to discuss boot speed
[16:56] <rickspencer3> I am quite worried as well
[16:56] <pitti> http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-lucid-alpha-3.html didn't go down in the last 5 days, though
[16:56] <rickspencer3> hmm weird
[16:57] <pitti> I think tseliot probably closed a few recently
[16:57] <rickspencer3> I would have thought that with x stuff, we would have seen some
[16:57] <pitti> I mean, in practice, not on the whiteboard
[16:57] <rickspencer3> ok, I'll follow up later
[16:57] <rickspencer3> all: if you have completed work items, please note them as such on the white board
[16:57] <rickspencer3> If we are above the trend line on Thursday, I will start postponing stuff!
[16:57] <pitti> bryyce: do you know whether there was discussion with the kernel team about the nouveau yay/nay?
[16:58] <bryyce> pitti, I emailed them last week about this but haven't heard yet
[16:58] <pitti> ok, thanks
[16:58] <bryyce> they've been sprinting though so assume they were busy with other matters
[16:58] <bryyce> pitti, I will follow up on it this week
[16:59] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:59] <rickspencer3> so, boot speed
[16:59] <rickspencer3> we've flatlined so far as I can see
[16:59] <rickspencer3> so, seb128 and I discussed today some work this week to get us moving forward
[17:00] <pitti> I'm still waiting for today's image to appear on scott's charts
[17:00] <pitti> I re-enabled dailies yesterday and we have updated isos today
[17:00] <rickspencer3> pitti, are you expecting a change?
[17:00] <pitti> yes
[17:00] <rickspencer3> good
[17:00] <seb128> oh?
[17:00] <pitti> I fixed gdm/gpm to not start hal any more
[17:00] <seb128> which one?
[17:00] <pitti> and we got some new gnome components
[17:00] <seb128> oh, I though that was done previous week during the sprint
[17:01] <pitti> seb128: was after alpha-2
[17:01] <pitti> Thursday evening
[17:01] <seb128> ah, ack
[17:01] <pitti> and we didn't have dailies since then
[17:01] <seb128> no daily since
[17:01] <pitti> anyway, I don't expect a dramatic change on the desktop itself
[17:01] <fagan> mvo: Nope upgrade manager -d isnt working at the moment for hardy
[17:01] <seb128> current une there is a bit over 17 seconds
[17:01] <pitti> we need to land the "start everything at once" bits and chrisccoulson's gconf dependency weakening
=== cypher1 is now known as czajkowski
[17:01] <fagan> me was afk for a while there
[17:02] <seb128> I've been looking at start everything at once today
[17:02] <seb128> and I'm not convinced...
[17:02] <rickspencer3> fagan, fyi ... in uor team meeting atm, will be done soon
[17:02] <pitti> and we need to see whether it's worth writing a new gconf backend
[17:02] <seb128> the charts with the change were slower than without
[17:02] <seb128> I need to look at that again
[17:02] <mvo> fagan: oh, its not - what was the error?
[17:02] <seb128> things start earlier
[17:02] <pitti> I looked into gconf for some 4 hours, with some experimental code
[17:02] <seb128> but fight each other
[17:02] <chrisccoulson> seb128 - i'm nervous about starting everything at once too
[17:02] <seb128> so it doesn't win us anything
[17:02] <pitti> but it can't be crowbar'ed, it needs an entire new backend written (with a faster storage than xml)
[17:02] <chrisccoulson> but, we can discuss after your meeting
[17:02] <fagan> mvo: It just doesnt offer lucid as an option for update-manger -d
[17:03] <fagan> Oh sorry rickspencer3
[17:03] <rickspencer3> hmmm
[17:03] <seb128> I'm concerned about spending so much efforts when we will get new techs next cycle which means dropping all that
[17:03] <rickspencer3> well ... I feel we need more data
[17:03] <seb128> I mean for the gconf backend
[17:03] <rickspencer3> and seb128 discussed this this morning
[17:04] <seb128> I will do some profiling on gnome-panel this week
[17:04] <tseliot> pitti: I think someone (upstream) is already working on using a binary instead of xml for gconf
[17:04] <mvo> fagan: oh, I need to check why this is the case, I thought had enabled it
[17:04] <seb128> that doesn't solve the gconf issue though
[17:04] <mvo> thanks fagan!
[17:04] <pitti> chrisccoulson: we have to parallelize at least a bit; starting most bits 5 seconds into the session won't work
[17:04] <pitti> tseliot: dconf you mean? (with gvariant)
[17:04] <seb128> chrisccoulson, current it's 2 seconds in for me
[17:04] <seb128> ups
[17:04] <pitti> I'll continue to own gconf, and see to write a simple text based backend
[17:04] <seb128> pitti, currently it's 2 seconds there
[17:05] <tseliot> pitti: it could be
[17:05] <seb128> but right
[17:05] <chrisccoulson> pitti - i agree, and there are parts we can start in parallel
[17:05] <chrisccoulson> but i think we need to be careful about making a small change to just start everything at once without understanding why some of the sequencing is there
[17:06] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:06] <pitti> right, we have to do it early
[17:07] <rickspencer3> I am having trouble seeing how this is all organized
[17:07] <rickspencer3> like who owns what, etc...
[17:07] <pitti> rickspencer3: we have a work item list in https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-lucid-startup-speed<<BR>> [17:07] <rickspencer3> pitti, if I look to the work items, will that help me understand?
[17:07] <seb128> pitti updated the whiteboard some days ago during sprint
[17:07] <pitti> but nobody currently owns panel
[17:07] <seb128> rickspencer3, yes
[17:07] <seb128> basically I own "start everything early"
[17:08] <seb128> chrisccoulson's own the gconf delay bits
[17:08] <rickspencer3> seb128, owns panel for now, i think
[17:08] <seb128> pitti owns the gconf speed issue
[17:08] <rickspencer3> as I asked him to do some detailed profiling
[17:08] <seb128> and robert and I own gnome-panel
[17:08] <rickspencer3> then we can pull out our secret weapon
[17:08] <pitti> one important change would be to start all applets at once
[17:08] <pitti> instead of spending a second for each single one
[17:08] <seb128> vuntz says it's supposed to do that
[17:08] <seb128> I will try to see why it's not working
[17:08] <pitti> right, I know; that's why I hope it's easy to fix
[17:08] <seb128> not looking forward working on bonobo ;-)
[17:09] <rickspencer3> hehe
[17:09] <seb128> or on things using it
[17:09] <rickspencer3> seb128, do we need to call out bonobo as a separate item, or is part of "panel"?
[17:09] <seb128> I'm a bit concerned about ressources we spend on bugs for a lts right now btw
[17:10] <seb128> not sure if meeting is the right time to raise that
[17:10] <pitti> like, too few? (right)
[17:10] <rickspencer3> seb128, I understand your concern
[17:10] <kenvandine> seb128, FYI the OLS guys are working on a FAQ on the music service which includes information on the content available
[17:10] <rickspencer3> but we this is important too
[17:10] <seb128> rickspencer3, let's have only gnome-panel for now
[17:10] <seb128> kenvandine, thanks
[17:11] <rickspencer3> seb128, you mean bonobo work is part of gnome panel?
[17:11] <seb128> pitti, like I've no time to look at bug report or fix those
[17:11] <seb128> pitti, but I can by quick look see number of crashes and issues I don't want in a lts
[17:11] <seb128> pitti, and I fail to see when I will be able to work on those with the current workload
[17:11] <seb128> rickspencer3, yes
[17:11] <seb128> rickspencer3, they go together for that work I would say
[17:12] <seb128> we can still add some extra items after profiling work this week
[17:12] <rickspencer3> seb128, ack
[17:13] <didrocks> maybe I can spend some time on trying to fix important bugs? I would just need for pointers to see where to look at first :-)
[17:13] <pitti> I'll add a few to DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus this week
[17:13] <seb128> didrocks, that or help on new version updates?
[17:14] <seb128> I'm doing most of those by myself this cycle
[17:14] <didrocks> seb128: as you want. I think I can help too on updates, right
[17:14] <seb128> new GNOME again next week
[17:14] <rickspencer3> ok, so the upshot is that didrocks will work on new versions this week so that seb128 can focus on gnome-panel
[17:14] <didrocks> ok :-)
[17:14] <seb128> next week for new version
[17:14] <rickspencer3> and otherwise, we will continue to work to plan defined on the blueprint
[17:14] <seb128> but that would be nice
[17:15] <seb128> it would let me some time to catch up on other things I planned to do this week
[17:15] <seb128> so I can look to gnome-panel this week
[17:16] <rickspencer3> ok, so next meeting we should see some detailed profiling data from seb128
[17:16] <rickspencer3> :)
[17:16] <rickspencer3> chouette!
[17:16] <seb128> ;-)
[17:16] <didrocks> heh
[17:16] <rickspencer3> any other business?
[17:16] <tseliot> seb128: as regards the bug about new sessions, can you try gdm without patches 27 and 28 (both separately and together) please?
[17:17] <seb128> tseliot, will do
[17:17] <tseliot> thanks
[17:17] <seb128> thank you
[17:17] <seb128> rickspencer3, no
[17:17] <rickspencer3> ok, let's call that a wrap?
[17:17] <rickspencer3> going ...
[17:17] <rickspencer3> going ...
[17:17] <seb128> yes please ;-)
[17:17] <pitti> tseliot: 27 and 28?
[17:17] * rickspencer3 taps gavel


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