Bryce Harrington

  • US Holiday: MLK B-Day Jan 18
  • Triage recent xorg-server crashes
    • Is my rethrow-signals patch working?
    • Review ubuntu patches that touch os/log.c - 100 and 160 in particular
    • Disable apport for xorg-server, since the enablement patch is causing widespread X crashes
    • Fix crash logging into guest session on lucid
  • high karma report: Exclude multiple X bugtasks against same bug
  • Install alpha-2 on 2 test systems
  • Investigate miro build failure
  • Miro bug triage: Request retest for old crash bugs
  • Wayland
    • Determine what version of mesa needed
    • Request a real PPA kernel for wayland testing
    • Re-test packages with the new kernel
  • Pull in the close_launchpad_bugs.py script from gtg/scripts to arsenal
  • Reviewed patch report mockups with kfogel (bug #506018)
  • Create python class that provides access to relevant data from the log file
  • Learn how to make gtg plugins
  • pull jcristau's config_init patch for xorg-server
  • Create gtg plugin to import Canonical Work Items from pitti's tool via json

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