For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Alberto Milone (tseliot)
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)



  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Mozilla Update
  • Transitioning from A3
  • Pitivi
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Actions from this meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update

  • Online Services:
    • libubuntuone, the gtk widgets is ready for upload to lucid
    • rhythmbox ubuntuone-music-store is ready for upload to lucid
    • U1 config tool, which replaces the current applet, is still on track to land before feature freeze.
  • DX:
    • Weekly Releases.

    • indicator-sound has landed in lucid
    • ayatana folks are still working on patching applications to use the application indicators, packages are rolling in

Kubuntu Update

  • 4.4 final is in
  • daily images are looking good for i386/amd64 except for blocking on mysql fixed, amd64 should fit in CD size tomorrow
  • kdebindings not compiling on ARM (the important bits do compile so we can just work around the unimportant bits)
  • Qt 4.6.2 due today, and then we're in a good position for feature freeze

Mozilla Update

  • backporting for libsoup is complete except for 4 symbols which probably belong in glib/gnutls directly
  • should be done in a matter of days
  • Webkit and Epiphany to follow

Transitioning from A3

Finish blueprints this week, then:

  1. Find and fix the worst bugs (how to find and track?)
    • - hoping that gravity and JSON searches help
  2. Ensure a smooth upgrade experience (how to test?)
    • - rickspencer3 to follow up with marjo to see if we can be more rigorous earlier
  3. Integrate the latest and greatest


How to define ready to ship?

  • currently no Ubuntu maintainer makes it hard to determine
  • seb128 will continue to do updates

Release Status

Other Business

Activity reports

Alberto Milone (tseliot)

  • Helped the OEM team from the Lexington office
  • Updated the Broadcom wireless driver in Lucid
  • Ported fglrx to the alternatives system (still in the upstream git)
  • Discussing with NVIDIA the issues with suspend/resume in Lucid
  • Sent a status update on proprietary drivers to the Xorg-prop-drivers-testers mailing list
  • Working on the plymouth theme
  • Working on nvidia-common (LP: #518879)

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • Technical support requests
    • Advise pmatulis on customer Xorg issue with Intel Clarkdale
    • Advise various people on Xorg-prop-drivers-testers regarding testing issues
    • Advise Duncan on Lucid impact for rootless-x work
    • Advise Thomas Pugliese on Xorg issue with performance on radeon
    • Advise Chase Douglas on Xorg issue with crash on -nv
    • Advise verbalshadow on X issue with radeon starting with -7 kernel
    • Advise Stefan Bader on Xorg issue with high cpu and lockup after hitting enter on new install with -nv
    • Advise Neil Turner with X issue involving wacom on Karmic - suggested trying Lucid
    • Follow up jamie's bug 507148
  • Bug triaging
    • Move "keyboard don't work" X bugs to kernel
    • Review -intel bugs with patches
    • Run pci-extract.py against -intel
    • Run symptoms script for -intel
    • Triage bug #513956 - jamie's garbled compiz screen on ATI
    • Triage Bug 513950 - Jamie's xfreeze with compiz but no kms
    • Dupe up Plymouth bug misfiled against X
  • Sponsorship
  • General packaging and bug fixing
    • Test out triggering a freeze intentionally with gem_hang
    • Fixed typo in xf86-input-evtouch fdi file
    • Update to newer radeontool - 1.6.0
    • Document hal to udev rule conversion
    • Fix gm script which causes OOPses in launchpad, reported by Julian Edwards
    • Troubleshoot karmic printing issue with evince (solved with libcairo 1.8.8-2ubuntu1.1)
  • Enablement work for DisplayLink and other hw received at sprint

    • Subscribe Ubuntu-X to xf86-video-displaylink
    • Write blueprint for displaylink, etc. hw enablement
    • Review upstream status for VGA over USB
    • Review xf86-video-displaylink package
  • Nouveau
    • Document mmiotrace usage in wiki
    • Plan tasks for uploading nouveau to lucid
    • Cleanup X/KernelModeSetting and include docs for turning KMS *off*
    • Put out call for testing nouveau
    • Ask apw to upload lbm for nouveau
    • Upload plymouth package from nouveau ppa
    • Upload udev package from nouveau ppa
    • Upload nouveau-firmware package from nouveau ppa
  • Rootless-X
    • Upload -nohwaccess patch for xserver
    • Upload patch for requiring KMS in -intel
  • Administrative
    • Scope out flights for Brussels May 10-14
    • Expense report for portland sprint

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

  • Off Feb 11 - 15
  • Worked on libsoup2.4, now done except for some bits that probably belong directly in glib and gnutls

Didier Roche (didrocks)

  • update cheese (package split and still working with upstream on symboles issues), vinagre
  • sponsor anjuta, gwibber
  • Patch don't show decorator tooltip on metacity, mutter, compiz. patch reported upstream.
  • Triaged approx 300 bugs UNE related components, classifying in different categories those which can be interested to fix (need some presentation work to be readable)
  • Fix gdmsetup bug asking polkit write access on load and erasing autologin
  • Work on caching background. First version landed.
    • Upstream suggested some changes. On the way
    • Create the cache on upgrade before first boot: long and hackish, landed in g-s-d. Wait for feedback/decision

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • On holiday all last week
  • KDE 4.4 packaging and release and overseeing backports
  • Amarok 2.3 beta packaging
  • Fix kimpanel for ibus and compiling without scim
  • new libindicator-qt packaging and testing
  • Testing daily images, some bugs in ubiquity reported
  • fix nepomuk to work in dolphin
  • fix plasma-netbook to include ubiquity icon on live image

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • backported patch for f-spot to allow editing in view mode (still has crashers, working on it)
  • more SFTS work, gwibber is ready for the MIR
  • created package for the new empathy adium theme, but need to square away package names, etc with design team
  • updated packaging for libubuntuone and rhythmbox-ubuntu-one-store
  • synced all the indicator related packages to the application indicators karmic ppa
  • weekly releases of course, including the new indicator-sound

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Assigned blueprints:

  • desktop-lucid-likewise-open-migration: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-jockey-hotplug-support: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-powermanagement-tweaks: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-suspend-quirks-halsectomy: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-xorg-halsectomy: implemented
  • desktop-lucid-bug-management: reviewed package hooks, one can benefit from default titles (that is still TODO)

Non-blueprint work done:

  • Bug fixing: cups, gnome-disk-utility, gnome-menus, jockey, pyxdg, udev, udisks
  • Package updates: gnome-disk-utility, gnome-menus
  • De-hal-ified bluez (avoids hal startup on boot)
  • Packaged python-gudev (for usage in pitivi)
  • Packaged udisks (successor/renaming of devicekit-disks), and ported reverse dependencies to it (gnome-disk-utility, usb-creator)
  • Packaged upower (successor/renaming of devicekit-power), ported reverse dependencies (gnome-power-manager, indicator-session; latter merge is being reviewed by DX)
  • Discussed/measured UNE boot performance, tried some changes (4h)
  • TB meeting
  • Catch up on MIR reviews


  • acct, dput, evolution-data-server (hardy), fftw3, gnome-vfs, gnu-efi, gpgme1.0, ibus (needs update from submitter), libdvdnav, lintian, metacity, mono-tools, pkg-create-dbgsym, texinfo, udev

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Merge RAOFs CLI policy fixes for launchpad-integration
  • Fix xdg-email attachments in Thunderbird

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop updates: eog gedit gtk+ gnome-bluetooth
  • backported libdbusmenu change to fix applications crashing on close
  • worked on a libgpod new version update (supports new ipods)
  • updated pitivi to correctly build a translation template
  • reviewed gnome-control-center appindicator change and sponsored to lucid
  • tested new libgpod, found issues, upgraded package to a git snapshot
    • which fixes some of those and move from hal to udev too
  • updated gvfs to build afc backend
  • extra testing and debugging with gvfs-afc, newer libgpod, rhythmbox
  • synced and merged gstreamer updates from debian
  • backport seahorse git fix for passphrase being visible while typed
  • sponsored new indicator-sound to lucid
  • changed indicator-applet to recommends indicator-sound
  • updated gnome-media to not autostart the applet since we have the indicator
  • backported another git change for libgpod
  • backported indicator-application change to get submenu working
  • updated empathy indicator patch to fix a crasher
  • backported an indicator-sound fix for control being inactive for some users
  • updated nm-applet lazy loading change for upstream, waiting on review
  • discussed dxteam ppa version breakage and how to handle it
  • discussed une session issues and background cache update strategy for updates
  • backported some extra indicator-application fixes to unblock work in lucid
  • looked at gnome-keyring and libgnome-keyring 2.29 updates
  • sponsoring: gnome-settings-daemon gnome-control-center human-theme human-netbook-theme launchpad-integration libdbusmenu indicator-application libindicate indicator-applet humanity-icon-theme

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Done everything needed to be done before Feature Freeze on Thursday
  • Updated system-config-printer (1.1.16), Ghostscript (8.71), Foomatic (4.0.4), foomatic-db (20100216), Gutenprint (5.2.5), HPLIP (3.10.2), foo2zjs, pnmtopps (1.13)
  • Sponsored new package from Lars Wirzenius: ptouch-driver (driver for Brother's label printers)
  • SpliX: Added Samsung CLP-610ND (LP: #505423, LP: #510832).
  • Karmic SRU for foomatic-filters, to fix LP: #513690.
  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports.

IRC Logs

[16:31] * rickspencer3 taps gavel
[16:31] <didrocks> o/
[16:32] <tseliot> didrocks: just a sec
[16:32] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-02-16<<BR>> [16:32] <rickspencer3> oops
[16:32] <rickspencer3> I forgot "previous actions"
[16:32] <rickspencer3> an oversite which will save us some time
[16:32] <rickspencer3> ;)
[16:32] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, partner update?>
[16:32] <pitti> rickspencer3: they are on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-02-09<<BR>> [16:33] <tseliot> didrocks: done, you can edit the wiki now
[16:33] <tkamppeter> hi
[16:33] <bryceh> morning
[16:33] <kenvandine> sure
[16:33] <didrocks> tseliot: thanks :)
[16:33] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:33] <rickspencer3> previous actions seem done
[16:33] <rickspencer3> # Bryce to BP/WIify new work assigned on the sprint
[16:33] <rickspencer3> #
[16:33] <rickspencer3> Alberto to add missing alpha-3 WIs to foundations-lucid-boot-experience
[16:33] <kenvandine> i am still waiting on dbarth to update the weekly releases page
[16:33] <kenvandine> so that should happent oday
[16:34] <kenvandine> today
[16:34] <bryceh> rickspencer3, done
[16:34] <rickspencer3> bryceh, tseliot did you guys get those?
[16:34] <tseliot> rickspencer3: yep
[16:34] <pitti> rickspencer3: I think I'm done with the alpha-3 BP mangling
[16:34] <rickspencer3> (sorry kenvandine)
[16:34] <pitti> rickspencer3: except for one which I'd like to discuss in the meeting
[16:34] <rickspencer3> ok, so now ...
[16:34] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, partner update?
[16:34] <kenvandine> OLS is rocking the desktop, libubuntuone and rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store just had releases
[16:34] <kenvandine> i will get the packages ready for review later today for lucid
[16:34] <pitti> we need to rush them through NEW, etc.
[16:35] <pitti> FF in two days
[16:35] <kenvandine> the service isn't quite there, but damn close
[16:35] <kenvandine> pitti, yeah.. hopefully today :)
[16:35] <kenvandine> i have been maintaining the packages locally :)
[16:35] <rickspencer3> pitti, does someone need to be ready to do the NEW rush?
[16:35] <kenvandine> so shouldn't take me long
[16:35] <pitti> rickspencer3: a prod to whoever's archive day is is prudent, I think
[16:35] <pitti> (I'll be away later tonight, sorry; but I can have a look tomorrow morning)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> pitti, ok
[16:36] <Riddell> that'll be me today
[16:36] <kenvandine> pitti, it will be ready for you in the AM :)
[16:36] <kenvandine> or Riddell later today :)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, all done partner update?
[16:36] <kenvandine> the new U1 client is still coming this week, i will harass dobey asap for real code :)
[16:36] <kenvandine> yup
[16:37] <seb128> kenvandine, ping me if you want review and sponsoring
[16:37] <kenvandine> seb128, will do :)
[16:37] <seb128> I can probably do a first check and uploads
[16:37] <pitti> kenvandine: do you know when we'll drop the U1 applet?
[16:37] <seb128> then Riddell and pitti can NEW
[16:37] <dobey> pitti: it's already dropped in trunk
[16:37] <pitti> dobey: \o/
[16:37] <kenvandine> dobey, release eta?
[16:38] <dobey> kenvandine: this evening or tomorrow. i'll be poking statik to upload when ready
[16:38] <kenvandine> ok
[16:38] <kenvandine> thx
[16:38] <kenvandine> only new dep is libu1?
[16:38] <dobey> no, libu1 isn't a dep for ubuntuone-client any more
[16:38] <kenvandine> oh... ok
[16:38] <dobey> webkit will be though
[16:38] <kenvandine> ok
[16:39] <dobey> python-webkit i guess. whatever the package for the py bindings is
[16:39] <kenvandine> moving along
[16:39] <pitti> kenvandine: pywebkit is already on the CD, no prob there
[16:39] <kenvandine> yeah
[16:39] <dobey> yay
[16:39] <kenvandine> yay for gwibber too :)
[16:40] <dobey> and music store :)
[16:40] * dobey goes off to lunch
[16:40] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, all done?
[16:40] <kenvandine> yup
[16:40] <rickspencer3> thanks kenvandine
[16:40] <rickspencer3> Riddell, Kubuntu status?
[16:40] <Riddell> * 4.4 final is in
[16:40] <Riddell> * daily images are looking good for i386/amd64 except for blocking on mysql fixed, amd64 should fit in CD size tomorrow
[16:40] <Riddell> * kdebindings not compiling on ARM (the important bits do compile so we can just work around the unimportant bits)
[16:40] <Riddell> * Qt 4.6.2 due today, and then we're in a good position for feature freeze
[16:41] <rickspencer3> hmm
[16:41] <rickspencer3> thanks Riddell
[16:42] <rickspencer3> ccheney, mozilla update?
[16:42] <ccheney> rickspencer3: i got everything that i think belongs into soup done, there are about 4 symbols left that it uses that i understand probably belong in glib/gnutls directly and that is what i am working on next
[16:43] <rickspencer3> ccheney, how long until you complete it?
[16:43] <ccheney> rickspencer3: i was off thu - mon, so haven't progressed since my last update with you
[16:44] <ccheney> rickspencer3: hopefully not more than a day or two for that part, will need to discuss with asac how to make sure i don't break anything in the process since i will be modifying glib directly it is the most dangerous part of the change
[16:44] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:44] <rickspencer3> moving on
[16:44] <pitti> as long as we just add new code/symbols, it should be okay
[16:44] <asac> the glib changes really looked confined well
[16:44] <pitti> and glib has a large test sutie
[16:44] <asac> but yes, lets look together
[16:45] <ccheney> asac: ok
[16:45] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:45] <asac> (just convenience funcs for thread-local stuff)
[16:45] <rickspencer3> so next team meeting we should hear that libsoup is complete
[16:45] <asac> \o/
[16:45] <rickspencer3> and work has started on the next item
[16:46] <ccheney> wrt OOo 3.2.0 is now out upstream but hasn't been updated by ooo-build and debian yet, hoping to get the final uploaded to ubuntu in the next week
[16:46] * rickspencer3 crosses fingers
[16:46] <ccheney> yes soup should be done by next week
[16:46] <asac> yes. webkit and ephy is next
[16:46] <asac> webkit -> easy (just the rename is painful); ephy require a few symbols (not that many from what i saw)
[16:46] <rickspencer3> ccheney, thanks for the update on OOo, too bad it won't be ready for A3, but not a real problem
[16:46] <ccheney> yea, hopefully no more cascading effects like with soup/glib, heh :)
[16:47] <rickspencer3> ok, thanks ccheney and asac
[16:47] <rickspencer3> moving on ...
[16:47] <ccheney> rickspencer3: yea i doubt the ooo-build/debian stuff will be done by thu
[16:47] <asac> rickspencer3: next week upload would hit a3, wouldnt it?
[16:47] <asac> but please dont upload ooo in a3 week ;)
[16:47] <rickspencer3> Transitioning from A3
[16:47] * asac with armel hat on
[16:47] <ccheney> asac: yea i won't be uploading it unless it is done by friday
[16:47] <asac> good
[16:47] <asac> thx
[16:47] <rickspencer3> ok, Transitioning from A3
[16:47] <rickspencer3> ;)
[16:47] <rickspencer3> so, this is pretty much the last week for blueprint work
[16:48] <rickspencer3> so anything that you don't think will be done by Thursday, consider it more or less postponed to Lucid + 1
[16:48] <rickspencer3> if you have any concerns about specific work items, please discuss with pitti, and if he is not available, you can ask me as well
[16:49] <rickspencer3> after this week, we have three areas of focus
[16:49] <rickspencer3> 1. Find and fix the worst bugs (how to find and track?)
[16:49] <rickspencer3> 1. Ensure a smooth upgrade experience (how to test?)
[16:49] <rickspencer3> 1. Integrate the latest and greatest
[16:49] <rickspencer3> in terms of the first two items, I feel there is some ambiguity
[16:49] <rickspencer3> hmm, pedro is not around :/
[16:49] <desrt> rickspencer3: all tied for first place priority? :)
[16:49] <rickspencer3> ?
[16:49] <pitti> on a tangent, http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/automatic-upgrade-testing/<<BR>> [16:49] <rickspencer3> desrt, yes, of course, I am an manager
[16:50] <rickspencer3> note that the list is subject to change :/
[16:50] <pitti> http://people.ubuntu.com/~mvo/automatic-upgrade-testing/2010-02-16-12:16:25/<<BR>> [16:50] <rickspencer3> just kidding, that's just Moin formatting
[16:50] <pitti> in short, defualt install upgrades are all working now
[16:50] <rickspencer3> thanks pitti
[16:51] <rickspencer3> I would like to discuss with QA team how we can better organize upgrade testing with the community
[16:51] <rickspencer3> this is ofter a sore point, and since we have created a good amount of time to focus on quality, I am hoping we can do a good job there
[16:51] <mvo> I'm working on a stepmaker based upgrade test (in addition to the one that pitti showed)
[16:51] <rickspencer3> mvo, are you working with marjo on this?
[16:51] <rickspencer3> or ara or pedro?
[16:52] <rickspencer3> also, we probably need to define some upgrade behaviors and make sure they work well
[16:52] <mvo> rickspencer3: no, I discussed it with soren at the sprint and created a profile. but I will and hope they can take it over
[16:52] <rickspencer3> like, different cases if the user removed or moved an indicator, etc...
[16:52] <rickspencer3> mvo ok
[16:53] <rickspencer3> anyone particularly passionate about upgrade experience who would like to work on planning for this aspect?
[16:53] <pitti> the trouble with us developers is that we don't have good real-life test cases for upgrades
[16:53] * rickspencer3 listens to crickets chirping
[16:53] <pitti> we upgrade every day
[16:53] <pitti> so we do them in small steps
[16:54] <rickspencer3> yeah, I think we need to organize some test cases and some community efforts around this
[16:54] <rickspencer3> ACTION: rickspencer3 to engage QA wrt upgrade testings
[16:54] <pitti> we need to receive lots of feedback at beta-1, when all Canonical folks upgrade
[16:54] <rickspencer3> ^sound okay?
[16:54] <pitti> likewise with community feedback, of course (around beta-1)
[16:55] <rickspencer3> pitti, right, but I would like to see some more organized, rigorous testing, since we have created a long period of time to focus on quality
[16:55] <pitti> well, synthetic upgrades are already tested automatically
[16:55] <rickspencer3> ok, I have an action item
[16:55] <rickspencer3> tseliot, bryceh have you anything set up to test upgrades wrt the new alternatives system?
[16:55] <pitti> what they miss is customizations in /etc/, wild package combinations, nvidia drivers, broadcom wifi, all the stuff that makes real boxes explode
[16:56] <tseliot> rickspencer3: yes, today I've put my new nvidia card in my testing box so now I should have all the hardware I need
[16:56] <rickspencer3> tseliot, so you are doing all the testing yourself?
[16:57] <rickspencer3> (until the community starts upgrading)?
[16:57] <pitti> I seriously think that we'll get lots of bug reports after beta-1
[16:57] <rickspencer3> pitti, I know
[16:57] <bryceh> rickspencer3, I have hardware set up for it as well, but time is the main limiting factor
[16:57] <rickspencer3> I would like to get some of those earlier if we can
[16:57] <tseliot> rickspencer3: yes but we also have a mailing list for that
[16:57] <seb128> pitti, upgrade bugs or just bugs?
[16:57] <pitti> so far our problem has always been to fix everything, not really not getting enough feedback
[16:57] <pitti> seb128: upgrade problems
[16:57] <pitti> seb128: well, "bugs" as well, of course
[16:58] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:58] <tseliot> bryceh: +1 on lacking the time
[16:58] <rickspencer3> I will talk to marjo and see if we can organize something a tad more methodical than "everyone update for beta-1 and tell us what is broken"
[16:58] <rickspencer3> so, that brings us back to
[16:58] <rickspencer3> find and fix the worst bugs
[16:59] <rickspencer3> I think that with the new gravity system, we might be a tad more effective at picking out actionable and important bugs
[16:59] <rickspencer3> thoughts on how we could do better finding the worst bugs?
[17:00] <rickspencer3> oookay
[17:00] <rickspencer3> moving on
[17:00] <pitti> rickspencer3: btw, ISTR that ara wanted to organize that as well
[17:00] <bryceh> rickspencer3, hehe
[17:01] <bryceh> rickspencer3, I think that same question gets asked every release ;-)
[17:01] <pitti> rickspencer3: "that" > driver upgrade testing, etc.
[17:01] <rickspencer3> bryceh, yes
[17:01] <rickspencer3> and we have taken some action wrt the problem
[17:01] <bryceh> rickspencer3, in fact I was asking myself the same question in the shower this morning
[17:01] <rickspencer3> gravity + JSON searches
[17:01] <rickspencer3> okay
[17:02] <rickspencer3> by next week I will have the perfect bug finding workflow figured out
[17:02] <bryceh> awesome
[17:02] <rickspencer3> ;)
[17:02] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:02] <rickspencer3> speaking of which
[17:02] <rickspencer3> pitivi
[17:02] <rickspencer3> so, we are to decide by beta 1 if pitivi is in or out
[17:02] <rickspencer3> but we didn't really discuss the criteria for that
[17:03] <bryceh> whats the word on the street?
[17:03] <pitti> ideally we'd have a set of use cases that it needs to fulfill
[17:03] <pitti> IOW, a "test plan"
[17:03] <pitti> and then check the bug situation (incoming bugs vs. activity on them)
[17:03] <seb128> I still failed to do anything useful with pitivi
[17:03] <seb128> but maybe that's only me
[17:03] <pitti> I just don't see anyone who currently maintains it on the Ubuntu side
[17:03] <rickspencer3> bryceh, works on the street that the next version will be ready almost on time, fixes a lot of bugs, and has simple fade transitions
[17:04] <rickspencer3> pitti, right
[17:04] <rickspencer3> does someone want to step up and be ubuntu pitivi maintainer?
[17:04] * seb128 hides
[17:04] <rickspencer3> also, of course, the pitivi team has a big say in this, especially if they don't feel it is ready
[17:05] <seb128> I'm fine doing updates
[17:05] <seb128> but I don't want to do extra work on it
[17:05] <pitti> seb128: would not make much sense anyway if you aren't even using it
[17:05] <rickspencer3> there may be some codecy stuff that needs to be tweaked
[17:05] <rickspencer3> yeah
[17:05] <seb128> pitti, well I'm doing updates for lot of GNOME things I don't use
[17:06] <rickspencer3> seb128, right, I think he was referring to the "extra work" part
[17:06] <pitti> seb128: is that an argument that you want pitivi maintenance pushed to you? :-)
[17:06] <seb128> noooo ;-)
[17:06] <rickspencer3> ok, let's carry this over to next week
[17:07] <rickspencer3> see how everyone feels after ff ;)
[17:07] <rickspencer3> perhaps I will have talked someone into it by then
[17:07] <rickspencer3> pitti, did you have an "other business" item?
[17:07] <pitti> anyone at least got a video cam?
[17:07] <seb128> hehehe
[17:07] <pitti> rickspencer3: some stragglers
[17:07] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:07] * rickspencer3 hands mic to pitti
[17:07] <pitti> kenvandine: I saw that power-indicator just got dropped, so that settles question 1
[17:07] <kenvandine> :)
[17:08] <pitti> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-lucid-alpha-3.html<<BR>> [17:08] <pitti> I cleaned up a little today (some people got nagging questions from me, sorry)
[17:08] <pitti> so we are by and large back on track
[17:08] <pitti> I went through the remaining WIs, and they seem sensible and current to me
[17:08] <pitti> if you sort this list by number of "todo", you'll see that 9 specs are just having 1 WI left
[17:09] <seb128> there is probably some that can be moved there
[17:09] <seb128> like speeding xrandr
[17:09] <pitti> also, things like "write test plan", etc.
[17:09] <pitti> which can be done after FF, and in freezes
[17:09] <pitti> startup-speed is obviously the biggest one left
[17:09] <pitti> we still have some stuff in the pipe
[17:09] <pitti> oh, btw
[17:09] <pitti> http://people.canonical.com/~scott/ratchet-netbook-lucid-20100216-23.png<<BR>> [17:10] <pitti> 10.8 s!
[17:10] <pitti> that's with some tweaks of Keybuk which will get uploaded soon
[17:10] <rickspencer3> oh man
[17:10] <rickspencer3> go go go
[17:10] <didrocks> :)
[17:10] <seb128> ;-)
[17:10] <pitti> all other bits are in the budget, just desktop is at 4.8
[17:10] <pitti> but this is awesome
[17:10] <rickspencer3> so where do we get the .8 seconds?
[17:11] <pitti> kenvandine: sfts -> remaining ones is integration (MIR and the like)? or still coding work to do?
[17:11] <pitti> it gets tight for this
[17:11] <pitti> rickspencer3: we still have some stuff in the pipe, like seb128's current work on nm-applet
[17:12] <rickspencer3> great
[17:12] <pitti> (which doesn't influence this particular chart, though)
[17:12] <seb128> I'm done with it
[17:12] <kenvandine> pitti, just one coding item
[17:12] <seb128> it has been handed to upstream and nm-applet packaging team now
[17:12] <kenvandine> and a few docs
[17:12] <kenvandine> pitti, i still hope to be done
[17:12] <kklimonda> chrisccoulson: bug 522726 - builds fine, haven't found any problems
[17:12] <pitti> seb128: rock, thanks a lot
[17:12] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 522726 in transmission "Update to 1.90" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/522726<<BR>> [17:13] <seb128> pitti, you're welcome
[17:13] <rickspencer3> pitti, any other wi business to discuss?
[17:13] <pitti> the other bigger bit is the remaining mobile-lucid-une-2d-launcher
[17:13] <didrocks> pitti: so, you think that the 2D/3D detection added last week is still relevant? (this will slow down the boot, without speaking I wasn't able to work on that today)
[17:13] <pitti> didrocks: you had some concern there which is worth discussing?
[17:13] <pitti> didrocks: heh, snap :)
[17:14] <rickspencer3> asac has stepped out
[17:14] <didrocks> well, with the bg cache WI always changing, I don't know if I will have the time to do this (the 3 WI related)
[17:14] <rickspencer3> but I wanted to discuss with him today
[17:14] <pitti> didrocks: I saw another WI in a different spec which just said "if mutter fails to load, present a dialog and explain how to switch" or so?
[17:14] <didrocks> pitti: right, hence the "3" :)
[17:14] <rickspencer3> what is the consequence of not getting those items done?
[17:14] <pitti> didrocks: we certainly shouldn't reintroduce something like the compiz wrapper
[17:15] <kwwii> seb128: lp:~ubuntu-art-pkg/humanity/release is updated with the new message menu icon
[17:15] <didrocks> pitti: that was the plan: a wrapper to choose right "netbook-launcher{,-efl}
[17:15] <seb128> kwwii, danke
[17:15] <didrocks> but well, as it has been added at some kind of last minute effect, I don't know if it is really important
[17:15] <pitti> didrocks: can't we put that as code into n-l itself, with a very cheap test?
[17:16] <pitti> didrocks: anyway, I don't think it's an alpha-3 blocker
[17:16] <pitti> if we need it, it can land by beta-1
[17:16] <rickspencer3> ok, I'll talk to asac about just removing it from Lucid altogether
[17:16] <pitti> if we determine that the current behaviour breaks too much on boxes without 3D support
[17:16] <didrocks> pitti: so, asking for a FFe?
[17:16] <rickspencer3> pitti, but if we keep working on it, that's less bandwidth for:
[17:16] <rickspencer3> 1. find and fix teh worst bugs
[17:16] <rickspencer3> 2. ensure a smooth upgrade experience
[17:16] <pitti> didrocks: well, a fallback to the 2D launcher is a bug fix if starting thhe 3D launcher totally breaks the box
[17:17] <didrocks> pitti: heh, right
[17:17] <pitti> right, it's not even an upgrade problem, is it"
[17:17] <pitti> ?
[17:17] <jpds> 12
[17:17] <pitti> karmic's netbook-laucher totally screws up in kvm
[17:17] <pitti> i. e. on non-3D machines
[17:18] <didrocks> no, nothing was done previously
[17:18] * Amaranth sees compiz mentioned
[17:18] <pitti> didrocks: so if at all, I'd like to see the live system installer make the change (with an alternative perhaps)
[17:18] <pitti> depending on whether the live system detects 3D caps or not
[17:19] <didrocks> pitti: only on the live system so, what if you have a nvidia card and install 3D acceleration?
[17:19] <pitti> didrocks: then you have a postinst to change the alternative
[17:19] <pitti> but still, it seems quite complex to me
[17:19] <pitti> so my question would rather be, how much are we required to get this in the first place?
[17:20] <pitti> didrocks: if we can do something cheap and easy, like a 0.01 s runtime test in n-l which, when fails, executes n-l-2d, that's fine
[17:20] <didrocks> that's not on my call, asac or rickspencer3, maybe Smile :) for me, at least, it's not a regression, just a better experience thing
[17:20] <pitti> didrocks: right, it's a question for asac
[17:20] <didrocks> pitti: right, not sure about the test to do yet TBH
[17:20] <rickspencer3_> my tubes!
[17:21] <pitti> rickspencer3_: wb
[17:21] <rickspencer3_> heh
[17:21] <pitti> seb128 fell off the planet as well
[17:21] <rickspencer3_> my network connection went down, am on 3g now :/
[17:21] <rickspencer3_> anywho,
[17:21] <pitti> didrocks: ok, too complex for meeting topic; let's discuss tomorrow morning with asac, shall we?
[17:21] <seb128> sorry about that
[17:21] <seb128> I'm back
[17:21] <rickspencer3_> pitti, all done?
[17:21] <didrocks> pitti: sure
[17:21] <pitti> rickspencer3_: yes, from my side
[17:22] <rickspencer3_> any other business?
[17:22] <kenvandine> not from me
[17:22] <seb128> no
[17:22] * rickspencer3_ taps gavel
[17:22] <rickspencer3_> thanks all!
[17:22] <pitti> thanks everyone
[17:22] <ccheney> thanks
[17:22] <pitti> dinner o'clock
[17:22] <didrocks> thanks
[17:22] <seb128> thanks
[17:23] * didrocks returns fighthing the deserialize stuff


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