For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

Meeting in #ubuntu-desktop at 16:30UTC

  • Jason Warner (jasoncwarner) - chair
  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Gary Lasker (tremolux)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox)
  • Michael Terry (mterry)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)
  • Rodrigo Moya (Rodrigo)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
  • Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)



  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Actions from this meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update



Kubuntu Update

X Update

UNE update

USC update

Weekly bugs summary

Release Status


Other Business

Activity reports

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)

Didier Roche (didrocks)

  • two weeks: UDS-preparation and UDS
  • UNE/unity:
    • work with dx for planification and participate to their meetings
    • classic unity bug triage
  • GNOME:
    • finish porting and cleanage of indicator-sound and ido
    • add the patch to our gtk3 build
    • port gnome-desktop cache patch to gtk3 and update the new version to upstream (has better multi-monitor support now)
    • review and learn evolution-indicator code
    • some SRU for evolution, evolution-exchange and evolution-data-server. Worked with upstream to get the indicator working with local Inbox (the issue was in e-d-s)
  • Sponsoring:
    • review the evolution stack from cyphermox, still some work needed
    • review and upload glib and gtk from mterry (thanks!)
  • Misc:
    • Quickly reviews and done some small patches
    • port and fix the indicator support for xfce

Gary Lasker (tremolux)

  • UDS, traveling
  • Spent quality time with Software Center teammates at UDS; great discussions and planning (and a fun dinner)
  • A bit of Software Center bug triage
  • Post-UDS blueprint work, work item planning

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

  • UDS and travel back

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • UDS
  • Planning
  • Gwibber - Made modular to simplify maintenance and split the package, will land in Natty this week
    • - We are discussing moving each service plugin out to separate source packages, which easies bug fixes but adds some extra release management overhead - Added Unity quicklists - Greatly improved error reporting to the user, but really only handles auth failures still
  • ubuntu-geoip
    • - Package review

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

(Report for Monday only, last week was UDS):

  • Drop perl dependency from defoma
  • Drop perl dependency from sgml-base
  • Drop perl dependency from sgml-data
  • Integrate optipng into pkgbinarymangler (with test cases)
  • Package scour
  • Play with optipng, write a test script, send it upstream, file MIR
  • Strip changelogs in pkgbinarymangler
  • Write dh_scour

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox)

  • UDS
  • some initial work on porting nm-applet to indicators
  • more work on preparing evolution 2.32.0 after didrock's review

Michael Terry (mterry)

  • UDS, travel, and blueprint administrivia
  • Fixed Ubuntu Developer Manual trunk to build against maverick
  • Work on quickly/glade introspection integration

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • UDS
  • system-config-printer: Use paper size default from /etc/papersize, let system-config-printer not prioritize Gutenprint on PostScript and PCL printers (LP: #669152)

  • Answered and triaged printing-related bug reports


(09:30:15 AM) jasoncwarner: 16:30 UTC. Everyone here?
(09:30:23 AM) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-11-02
(09:30:33 AM) ***tremolux waves
(09:30:40 AM) didrocks: o/
(09:30:45 AM) pitti: o/
(09:30:58 AM) ***kenvandine waves
(09:31:04 AM) ***TheMuso is here.
(09:31:09 AM) ***rodrigo_ is here
(09:31:12 AM) seb128: hey jcastro
(09:31:15 AM) seb128: ups
(09:31:17 AM) mterry: o/
(09:31:17 AM) seb128: hey jasoncwarner
(09:32:08 AM) nessita left the room.
(09:32:30 AM) jasoncwarner: Ok. I guess we can get started!
(09:32:31 AM) ronoc [~ronoc@client-86-26-34-3.cht-bng-11.adsl.virginmedia.com] entered the room.
(09:32:32 AM) ***pitti gets spammed with more errors in WI definitions -- thanks everyone for being quick with drafting!
(09:33:08 AM) kenvandine: :)
(09:33:54 AM) ***pitti checks previous actions in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-10-19 -- painfully slow network here
(09:33:54 AM) tkamppeter: hi
(09:34:02 AM) jasoncwarner: Ok, so as I understand post UDS schedules, we should be targeting today as the day we get the blueprints targeted to Natty, is that correct?
(09:35:16 AM) pitti: so, no outstanding actions AFAICS
(09:35:27 AM) jasoncwarner: Oh, I was corrected as well. First order of business
(09:35:30 AM) pitti: I already sent a reminder about this last Friday
(09:35:46 AM) jasoncwarner: We need to welcome rodrigo to the desktop team!
(09:35:52 AM) kenvandine: welcome rodrigo_!
(09:35:56 AM) pitti: basically, is everyone happy with the priorities and the spec list in https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+specs?searchtext=desktop ?
(09:36:04 AM) tremolux: hey rodrigo_ !
(09:36:05 AM) ***pitti hugs rodrigo_, welcome!
(09:36:05 AM) rodrigo_: hi all!!
(09:36:06 AM) didrocks: hey rodrigo_ ;)
(09:36:20 AM) rodrigo_: thank you, really happy to be on this team
(09:36:21 AM) fta left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
(09:36:22 AM) geser left the room (quit: *.net *.split).
(09:36:24 AM) nucc1 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds).
(09:36:33 AM) seb128: rodrigo_, welcome!
(09:36:39 AM) fta [~fta@cube.ipv6.opentransit.net] entered the room.
(09:36:39 AM) fta left the room (quit: Changing host).
(09:36:39 AM) fta [~fta@ubuntu/member/fta] entered the room.
(09:36:45 AM) didrocks: pitti: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/other-dx-n-2d-experience-fallback should be essential, but it's not my spec and I can't change
(09:37:05 AM) pitti: didrocks: done
(09:37:13 AM) bryceh: welcome rodrigo_!
(09:37:13 AM) didrocks: thanks :)
(09:37:14 AM) geser [mb@ubuntu/member/geser] entered the room.
(09:37:20 AM) mterry: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdevs-desktop-n-opportunistic-developer-manual should be targetted for natty, but I can't change that
(09:37:29 AM) mterry: rodrigo_, hihi
(09:37:34 AM) pitti: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-oneconf also is new on the list -> Low? (didrocks <-)
(09:37:49 AM) cassidy: bigon, didrocks, seb128, kenvandine : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/empathy/+bug/663535
(09:37:51 AM) ubot2: Launchpad bug 663535 in empathy (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Extreme poor Video Quality in Empathy (jabber) (affects: 2) (heat: 10)" [Undecided,New]
(09:37:57 AM) pitti: mterry: done
(09:37:58 AM) cassidy: would be nice to fix this in Maverick
(09:38:01 AM) mterry: pitti, thanks
(09:38:14 AM) didrocks: pitti: low sounds good
(09:38:16 AM) seb128: cassidy, hey, thanks, will look after the metting
(09:38:17 AM) bilalakhtar left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(09:38:21 AM) kenvandine: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-geoclue
(09:38:21 AM) pitti: mterry, rickspencer3: rick as approver is deliberate?
(09:38:30 AM) kenvandine: should be targeted
(09:38:41 AM) mterry: pitti, I'm not sure.  What are the implications of that?
(09:38:56 AM) pitti: mterry: as long as rickspencer3 is happy to do that, that's fine
(09:39:03 AM) pitti: certainly he has a particular interest in that subject :)
(09:39:14 AM) bigon: cassidy: option A) is the best I guess?
(09:39:23 AM) mterry: pitti, I can follow up with him about it
(09:39:24 AM) pitti: kenvandine: are we really going to do that for natty?
(09:39:24 AM) cassidy: bigon, yeah
(09:39:33 AM) kenvandine: pitti, that was the plan
(09:39:36 AM) kenvandine: pitti, in a small way :)
(09:39:39 AM) pitti: kenvandine: that was already targetted to lucid/m and we postponed because it wasn't ready yet?
(09:39:42 AM) kenvandine: indicator-datetime needs it
(09:39:43 AM) pitti: kenvandine: 'k
(09:39:47 AM) kenvandine: it is ready
(09:40:00 AM) kenvandine: but we are going in very low key... simple even
(09:40:02 AM) kenvandine: :)
(09:40:17 AM) rickspencer3: maybe set it to jasoncwarner?
(09:40:37 AM) pitti: kenvandine: is that medium or high? i. e. if it turns out to be broken, do we throw resources at it to fix it or drop it?
(09:40:47 AM) seb128: pitti, it's low or medium
(09:40:57 AM) seb128: it's a nice to have but we can opt that out easily
(09:41:03 AM) pitti: jasoncwarner: (sorry for 0wning the meeting ATM, please tell me to STFU if you want to talk about something else first)
(09:41:07 AM) pitti: seb128: ack
(09:41:07 AM) seb128: it's just a "do you want to change your timezone"
(09:41:11 AM) seb128: if you travel
(09:41:15 AM) kenvandine: low
(09:41:20 AM) kenvandine: and minimal work
(09:41:25 AM) pitti: cute
(09:41:29 AM) kenvandine: the package is in good condition
(09:41:37 AM) pitti: I agree to Low, folks can change it in the panel
(09:41:54 AM) kenvandine: just need to upload ubuntu-geoip and indicator-datetime
(09:41:59 AM) seb128: pitti, you can set me as approver if you want
(09:42:02 AM) kenvandine: the rest of the "must haves" there is IS :)
(09:42:09 AM) seb128: not sure if jasoncwarner wants to approve specs yet
(09:42:24 AM) pitti: rickspencer3: reviwing the book? didrocks as approver then, perhaps?
(09:42:27 AM) seb128: or if he still needs some time to get used to our workflow etc for now
(09:42:40 AM) pitti: seb128: you are already, sounds fine
(09:43:01 AM) rickspencer3: pitti, oh? for the book, I can stay approver, whatever
(09:43:18 AM) pitti: seb128: well, spec review is a typical tech lead responsibility
(09:43:38 AM) rodrigo_: who is the tech lead?
(09:43:49 AM) pitti: the targetting/milestone planning is more of a project mgmt thing, and thus we should all do that (with Jason driving)
(09:44:04 AM) pitti: rodrigo_: I guess me again, now that I'm back; unless seb128 wants to keep it :)
(09:44:19 AM) seb128: rodrigo_, pitti
(09:44:25 AM) rodrigo_: :)
(09:44:26 AM) andreasn_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds).
(09:44:31 AM) seb128: pitti, (meeting on friday 6pm are yours :p)
(09:44:37 AM) kenvandine: hehe
(09:44:37 AM) pitti: seb128: \o/
(09:44:37 AM) rodrigo_: hehe
(09:44:38 AM) didrocks: ahah :)
(09:44:39 AM) tremolux: haha
(09:44:44 AM) TheMuso: heh
(09:44:48 AM) kenvandine: seb128, you did a great job :)
(09:44:56 AM) seb128: kenvandine, thanks ;-)
(09:45:02 AM) pitti: with me being in ~ubuntu-release it actually makes sense for me to track our release state, that's fine
(09:45:11 AM) ***pitti hugs seb128 for being an great TL last cycle
(09:45:19 AM) ***tremolux applauds seb128
(09:45:27 AM) ***rodrigo_ applauds too
(09:45:28 AM) ***seb128 hugs pitti
(09:45:31 AM) seb128: thanks everybody
(09:45:33 AM) ***didrocks hugs seb128 as well :)
(09:45:35 AM) kenvandine: :)
(09:45:43 AM) seb128: I will still watch on desktop and dx don't worry
(09:45:49 AM) kenvandine: of course :)
(09:45:52 AM) seb128: no whip but I can still assign bugs :p
(09:45:56 AM) kenvandine: seb128 always sees all
(09:46:00 AM) andreasn [~andreas@c83-248-192-174.bredband.comhem.se] entered the room.
(09:46:28 AM) ***didrocks hopes that his back with all the scars will disappear soon :)
(09:46:32 AM) pitti: so, everyone else happy with their assigned specs for natty and their priorities?
(09:46:35 AM) TheMuso: lol
(09:46:51 AM) ***pitti tries to imagine didrocks without a back
(09:46:58 AM) didrocks: pitti: :p
(09:47:08 AM) kenvandine: haha
(09:47:15 AM) TheMuso: lol
(09:47:16 AM) pitti: aaanyway
(09:47:29 AM) pitti: so, we would like to try and be aggressive with getting our WIs ready for this cycle
(09:47:41 AM) rodrigo_: I have no blueprints assigned, although at UDS I talked about me working on a few of them, I guess that's ok, the assignee is the 'driver'?
(09:47:56 AM) pitti: since we don't have that many BPs this time (yay), I think it sohld be feasible for everyone to get the WIs on their drafted specs ready this week, and set it to "pending approval"
(09:47:59 AM) pitti: objections?
(09:48:03 AM) kenvandine: rodrigo_, yeah, you may just get work items from other blueprints
(09:48:08 AM) rodrigo_: ok
(09:48:20 AM) seb128: pitti, seems fine
(09:48:27 AM) kenvandine: pitti, wfm, i think i have them all done already :)
(09:48:30 AM) pitti: rodrigo_: "drafter" is responsible for leading the UDS session, keeping notes, and expanding into work items and documentation; assignee does the implementation
(09:48:39 AM) pitti: rodrigo_: in a lot of cases that's one and the same person, of course
(09:48:56 AM) didrocks: pitti: apart from WI, as we discussed that we don't want anymore wiki page, what do we need to fill in the dashboard for you to approve the spec?
(09:48:58 AM) pitti: rodrigo_: so you'll probably earn some WIs from other people's specs
(09:49:09 AM) pitti: for review I need
(09:49:11 AM) rodrigo_: pitti, ok then
(09:49:26 AM) pitti: - a detailled enough description to state problem, rationale, and approach to solution
(09:49:35 AM) pitti: - assignee in the desktop team
(09:49:46 AM) pitti: - work items must be clear and complete
(09:49:47 AM) seb128: \o/ on no wiki
(09:50:01 AM) ***didrocks +1 on \o/ no wiki
(09:50:06 AM) pitti: IF the spec is so complex that it needs lots of explanation, feel free to link a wiki page
(09:50:10 AM) mterry: Wait, you don't want wiki links for blueprints?
(09:50:12 AM) pitti: but for most specs it shouldn't be required
(09:50:19 AM) pitti: mterry: well, s/want/require/
(09:50:21 AM) seb128: (I was not sure if somebody would complain about me not asking for wiki summary last cycle)
(09:50:29 AM) seb128: (nice to see that others agree)
(09:50:44 AM) pitti: mterry: many specs are sufficiently well described in terms of detailled WIs
(09:50:48 AM) kenvandine: mterry, let me guess, you already drafted wiki pages?
(09:50:50 AM) ari-tczew [~ari@ubuntu/member/ari-tczew] entered the room.
(09:50:53 AM) seb128: mterry, we just hate paperwork where it'sn not required ;-)
(09:51:11 AM) pitti: if I may quote my own spec, https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/performance-desktop-n-install-footprint has 56 WIs and clearly states "GOAL" and extra notes
(09:51:47 AM) bryceh: wow, no wiki writeups?  interesting
(09:51:54 AM) mterry: kenvandine, :)
(09:52:08 AM) pitti: bryceh: as I said, if you want them as documentation or explanation, please do them
(09:52:24 AM) pitti: If a spec is not clear enough, I'll certainly follow up and complain :)
(09:52:34 AM) bryceh: fair enough :-)
(09:52:42 AM) ***kenvandine just wishes the whiteboards in blueprints used wiki formating :/
(09:53:01 AM) kenvandine: or some kind of formating
(09:53:07 AM) pitti: one request: to allow me to sensibly track the status, please do set the status to "PENDING APPROVAL" once you are done with it and want a review
(09:53:25 AM) pitti: I WON'T look at specs in "drafting"
(09:53:30 AM) chrisccoulson: oops, meeting time :/
(09:53:34 AM) kenvandine: ok
(09:53:47 AM) pitti: ok, cool
(09:53:47 AM) kenvandine: hey chrisccoulson, i think we are done, just assigned all the specs to you :)
(09:53:52 AM) chrisccoulson: lol
(09:53:55 AM) pitti: anything more on specs from anyone?
(09:53:56 AM) chrisccoulson: thanks \o/
(09:54:38 AM) ***pitti hands back mike to jasoncwarner for going on with the agenda
(09:54:43 AM) TheMuso: u/c
(09:54:56 AM) jasoncwarner: pitti: thanks
(09:55:05 AM) jasoncwarner: that was much crisper than if I had one that ;)
(09:55:27 AM) pitti: (I guess there's not much of a partner update at this early stage)
(09:55:27 AM) kenvandine: nope
(09:55:27 AM) kenvandine: :)
(09:55:27 AM) kenvandine: planning planning planning
(09:55:28 AM) kenvandine: moving along :)
(09:55:39 AM) jasoncwarner: So, high level, we wanted to get the BPs targeted to Natty and all WIs done this week.
(09:56:06 AM) jasoncwarner: pitti: agreed. Anyone have anything to say on partner update?
(09:56:06 AM) kenvandine: WIs created, not done :)
(09:56:07 AM) cyphermox__: all WIs done this week? eep! ;)
(09:56:22 AM) jasoncwarner: sorry, CREATED
(09:56:30 AM) jasoncwarner: :)
(09:56:37 AM) pitti: cyphermox__: well, not ": DONE", just written up :)
(09:56:37 AM) chrisccoulson: it seems that pitti has done most of his already ;)
(09:56:37 AM) kenvandine: hehe
(09:56:56 AM) jasoncwarner: How about a Kubuntu update, is Riddell here?
(09:57:03 AM) pitti: with at most three specs each it should be feasible
(09:57:18 AM) pitti: if you have more stuff to do than you can write down in one week, you *definitively* have too much
(09:57:27 AM) Riddell: jasoncwarner: certainly am
(09:57:38 AM) Riddell: currently in the process of collating our Todo list
(09:57:49 AM) Riddell: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo/Natty is where it'll end up
(09:58:10 AM) Riddell: the notes from the sessions are up on the proceedings pages and I've tidied them all up now https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/UDSNatty
(09:58:33 AM) jasoncwarner: Riddell: awesome, thanks. timeframe for todo list? possible to get it settled this week to coincide with creation of work items?
(09:58:51 AM) Riddell: jasoncwarner: I'm doing it now, should take an hour or so
(09:59:04 AM) kenvandine: Riddell, can you also get me that bug # we had talked about?
(09:59:05 AM) pitti: Riddell: do you want me to set up a WI tracker for this, or do you and the Kubuntu community just use the wiki
(09:59:07 AM) Riddell: probably less, tidying up the session notes is what's taken most time
(09:59:07 AM) pitti: ?
(09:59:14 AM) micahg left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds).
(09:59:25 AM) Riddell: pitti: if you could set a WI tracker for that wiki page that would be interesting
(09:59:29 AM) Riddell: kenvandine: which one was that?
(09:59:40 AM) kenvandine: the qt one
(10:00:03 AM) pitti: Riddell: will look into that
(10:00:03 AM) kenvandine: we talked about on friday night
(10:00:14 AM) Riddell: kenvandine: which Qt bug?  (I'm jet lagged, memory not working so great..)
(10:00:22 AM) Riddell: kenvandine: oh I know
(10:00:28 AM) kenvandine: something about the look of qt apps in gtk
(10:00:32 AM) Riddell: the gnome file dialogue one
(10:00:37 AM) Riddell: yes I'll find that out
(10:00:42 AM) kenvandine: yeah
(10:00:42 AM) kenvandine: thx
(10:00:51 AM) jasoncwarner: anything else?
(10:01:07 AM) jasoncwarner: Riddell: you'll work with pitti to setup WI tracker? Is that the approach?
(10:01:17 AM) pitti: jasoncwarner: sounds like an action for me
(10:01:23 AM) Riddell: yes
(10:01:30 AM) jasoncwarner: [ACTION] pitti setup WI tracker for Kubuntu
(10:01:36 AM) jasoncwarner: Ok.
(10:01:43 AM) ara left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(10:01:49 AM) jasoncwarner: There is a big action I guess
(10:02:13 AM) jasoncwarner: [ACTION] everyone write their specs and get them approved (forgive if I used wrong words ;) )
(10:02:22 AM) pitti: jasoncwarner: sounds fine
(10:02:29 AM) TheMuso: Sounds about right.
(10:02:50 AM) jasoncwarner: Ok, what did we miss? Pitti? seb128? anything else we need to talk about?
(10:03:07 AM) pitti: jasoncwarner: nothing from me
(10:03:16 AM) pitti: no release status yet
(10:03:21 AM) pitti: since we don't have anything to release yet :)
(10:03:50 AM) pitti: so, that sounds like a wrap
(10:03:54 AM) jasoncwarner: Ok, if nothing else
(10:03:54 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner, nothing from me either
(10:04:10 AM) jasoncwarner: I don't have a gavle or anything to officially end a meeting
(10:04:16 AM) jasoncwarner: so, uh, end of meeting!
(10:04:18 AM) seb128: if you have some spare time this week please work on merges and sponsoring
(10:04:18 AM) pitti: not in this channel
(10:04:21 AM) ***rickspencer3 hands jasoncwarner the gavel
(10:04:28 AM) pitti: in #ubuntu-meeting, there is one actually :) (#endmeeting)
(10:04:37 AM) jasoncwarner: #endmeeting
(10:04:41 AM) pitti: rickspencer3: did you hand him your whip yet?
(10:04:42 AM) jasoncwarner: :)
(10:04:47 AM) TheMuso: heh
(10:04:51 AM) rickspencer3: pitti, I have kept the whip
(10:04:53 AM) didrocks: rickspencer3: keep it, keep it :)
(10:04:53 AM) ***kenvandine hears whip cracking noises
(10:04:56 AM) didrocks: \o/
(10:04:59 AM) bryceh: rickspencer3's gonna still need the whip
(10:04:59 AM) rodrigo_: seb128, merges from debian?
(10:05:04 AM) pitti: rickspencer3: right, you need it for the entire platform team now, to chase people into sponsoring
(10:05:14 AM) TheMuso: If anything, rickspencer3 will be thickening it I suspect...
(10:05:19 AM) pitti: jasoncwarner: sorry, you need to get your own
(10:05:41 AM) TheMuso: u...and adding a few more strands.
(10:05:44 AM) seb128: rodrigo_, yes
(10:05:52 AM) jasoncwarner: ;)
(10:06:10 AM) seb128: would be nice to be done with merges early and to clean the sponsoring queue a bit
(10:06:26 AM) TheMuso: Afaik there are still a lot of new merges on mom
(10:06:27 AM) rickspencer3: jasoncwarner, I always said "/me taps gavel" at the end of the meeting, so I could search for it in the logs


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