Weekly Summary

  • The indicator stack was ported to GDBus, which caused some upgrade issues while packages were blocked waiting for everything to finish building.

  • partitionmanager and muon got approved to be used on the Kubuntu CD.

  • Reduced CD space by 25 MB by porting our GTK3/pygi apps to GTK2 and thus dropping GTK3, dropping unnecessary X.org fonts, imagemagick, and xulrunner-2.0. They now have enough space to even fit some languages.

  • Tracked down and fixed plymouth corruption, looks shiny again.

  • More GNOME3 PPA updates (new GTK3, gnome-control-center, gnome-settings-daemon, eog, file-roller, accountsservice, gnome-power-manager)
  • GNOME session saving is dropped as it caused a lot of issues. Email sent to the ubuntu-desktop ML: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2011-January/002734.html


  • We've got an epic rally week!
    • New compiz with an ABI break, making rebuilding all the compiz reverse dependencies. This made some upgrade issues. This version contains a lot of fixes.
    • We also reviewed with the design team the compiz default settings and tweaked them a little bit. It's time to unity --reset to ensure you all have the default settings. Some can be noted: we now have a 2x2 ws layout by default (in compiz and metacity) as well as worskpace preview in the workspace switcher. Do not hesitate to report if those new settings are acting weirdly for you.
    • New unity this week! A lot of fixes as we didn't have any release since mid-december (holidays…). A lot of new settings as well. We can hilight in particular the new launch background, autohide by default, super key to show the launcher, some refinement in the design for the quicklist and for the arrows in front of running application, automaximization of windows (if > 60% of the screen size), migrating all your settings from existing docks (awn, cairo-dock, docky) in addition to existing one (gnome-panel, unity mutter, netbook-launcher and your desktop).

    • Changed the fallback system to support multiple fallbacks. If you install unity2d, the unity session will first try to fallback to it. If not present, it will fallback in the gnome classic desktop as usual.
  • Next week: more to come!
    • Maybe an initial dash implementation.
    • Lot of bug fixes and a11y improvment.

Software Center

  • Usability Improvements
    • Startup time reduced a further 15% this week, branch awaiting review/merge

    • Much improved install/remove feedback performance in listviews
  • Ratings and Reviews
    • R&R Server: alpha deployment is complete and we are currently testing against it

    • Client-side development continues in branch lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews
      • Gwibber integration completed
      • Added link to wiki page providing guidelines for a good review
      • Lots of testing, final tweaks and bugfixes
      • Plan is to merge to trunk and release later this week/early next week
  • Software Center version 3.1.10 released


  • Tracked down a problem with the graphical GRUB menu being corrupt - some VESA bioses (like mine) have a broken preferred mode. Colin Watson is looking at workarounds.
  • New X server, drivers, and Mesa are coming soon! Currently in xorg-edgers for pre-upload acceptance testing.
  • Focusing a lot on compiz/nux/unity driver bugs. Most known issues either fixed or narrowed down to something other than X.org so far.
  • Discussing with NVIDIA and DX teams about improving backtraces when nvidia is loaded

IRC log Western edition

(03:02:20) seb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-18
(03:02:28) didrocks: hey o/
(03:03:13) seb128: kenvandine, didrocks, mterry, tremolux, rodrigo_, cyphermox: hey
(03:03:18) tremolux: heya!
(03:03:28) cyphermox: hey o/
(03:03:49) seb128: jasoncwarner said he would probably be catching up with sleep by now and pitti is hacking with GNOME guys this week
(03:03:58) seb128: did I forget anyone? ;-)
(03:04:00) pitti: hello
(03:04:05) seb128: Riddell, hey
(03:04:13) pitti: I'm lurking, but didn't prepare anything for the meeting
(03:04:23) seb128: pitti, ok, no worry I'm running it
(03:04:25) rodrigo_: oh, meeting
(03:04:38) seb128: we had a productive sprint it seems
(03:04:46) seb128: the gdbus indicator stack landed
(03:04:57) seb128: great work mterry, kenvandine and tedg
(03:05:11) seb128: CD space was win
(03:05:15) kenvandine: cool
(03:05:19) seb128: gtk3 dropped of the CD
(03:05:29) seb128: the xorg team got a new version ready for upload
(03:05:37) seb128: anyway, let's start the meeting
(03:05:56) seb128: I think there was no action from the previous meeting
(03:06:13) seb128: kenvandine, do we still do dx updates? I see no section for it on the wiki
(03:06:19) kenvandine: we should
(03:06:28) kenvandine: i don't really have anything this week though
(03:06:29) seb128: ok, so mic is yours
(03:06:42) seb128: I guess I covered it with the gdbus transition :-p
(03:06:45) kenvandine: :)
(03:06:52) seb128: thanks kenvandine ;-)
(03:06:56) seb128: didrocks, unity update?
(03:07:04) didrocks: all should be available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-18
(03:07:09) didrocks: I let you read :-)
(03:07:41) ***mterry read
(03:07:51) seb128: great work
(03:08:04) didrocks: thanks :)
(03:08:15) seb128: didrocks, btw can you drop a note somewhere on the wiki or an email to the desktop list about session saving being dropped?
(03:08:27) seb128: so we have a record of it and a place to point people to
(03:08:33) didrocks: seb128: oh sure, I'll do that just after the meeting
(03:08:35) seb128: thanks
(03:08:42) didrocks: adding to the wiki for now
(03:08:56) didrocks: (email on the ubuntu-desktop ML if we see a lot of questions about it)
(03:09:00) seb128: while people read the unity summary I just go back to kenvandine for a few seconds
(03:09:10) seb128: didrocks, I think the email would be nice in any case
(03:09:34) seb128: kenvandine, can you just do a short summary of known issues after the indicator transition?
(03:09:42) seb128: or if you need extra testing
(03:09:45) kenvandine: sure
(03:09:50) didrocks: seb128: ok, writing a more formal sumarry then :)
(03:09:51) kiwinote [~kiwinote@cpc8-cove12-2-0-cust71.3-1.cable.virginmedia.com] entered the room.
(03:10:15) kenvandine: we know there is a bug in indicator-messages/libindicate which display multiple menus
(03:10:28) JanC left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(03:10:33) seb128: didrocks, thanks, I think we will have comments on the topic so better to use the list a bit and have the discussion there once
(03:10:45) kenvandine: and some windows open have no menu in appmenu
(03:10:54) kenvandine: at least i don't think mterry ever found a fix for that
(03:11:08) kenvandine: we are sure the gdbus port added new bugs, please report them!
(03:11:18) mterry: kenvandine, no, couldn't reproduce
(03:11:21) seb128: chriscoulson has been tracking a race in the appmenu handling
(03:11:40) kenvandine: mterry, ok... everyone please keep an eye out for apps that don't have menus in appmenu
(03:11:56) kenvandine: mterry, i haven't seen it since i got home
(03:12:11) seb128: bug #703769
(03:12:13) ubot2: Launchpad bug 703769 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Menus are not destroyed when a window is closed with GDbus port (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/703769
(03:12:33) seb128: that's one of the bugs from chrisccoulson
(03:12:46) jcastro_ left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:12:49) seb128: thanks kenvandine
(03:13:03) seb128: thanks didrocks
(03:13:08) seb128: no questions about dx or unity?
(03:13:34) seb128: ok, let's move on
(03:13:40) seb128: tremolux, hey
(03:13:44) seb128: software-center update?
(03:13:48) tremolux: hey seb128!
(03:13:59) Riddell: hi seb128
(03:14:30) tremolux: yes, it's on the wiki - in summary, more startup improvements -- from over 3 seconds to about .75 on my machine since we started the effort
(03:14:30) kenvandine: mterry, can you look at bug 703769 ? i know you looked closely at that code
(03:14:32) ubot2: Launchpad bug 703769 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Menus are not destroyed when a window is closed with GDbus port (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/703769
(03:14:32) seb128: hey Riddell ;-)
(03:14:47) tremolux: ratings and reviews is getting ready to land
(03:14:51) mterry: kenvandine, ok
(03:14:53) kenvandine: yay
(03:14:54) seb128: tremolux, impressive for the startup time, great work
(03:15:07) tremolux: thanks!  it's much nicer now  :)
(03:15:10) seb128: gwibber integration done, rating and review ready
(03:15:23) seb128: everybody is going to want the next version ;-)
(03:15:45) tremolux: cool  :)
(03:15:51) tremolux: it should be a lot of fun I think
(03:15:52) seb128: is there any question about software-center?
(03:15:59) Guest74629 left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(03:16:31) seb128: seems not
(03:16:34) seb128: thanks tremolux!
(03:16:40) tremolux: ok, thanks all!
(03:16:56) seb128: Riddell, hello again, kubuntu update?
(03:17:21) Riddell: no immediate news, 4.6 final is due to be tagged today so a busy week and packaging and testing ahead
(03:17:54) dbarth_ left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:17:58) seb128: ok
(03:18:03) seb128: questions about kubuntu?
(03:18:37) seb128: seems not
(03:18:40) seb128: thanks Riddell
(03:18:51) seb128: Xorg will be for the western edition
(03:18:56) seb128: is there any other topic?
(03:19:20) dbarth_ [~dbarth@81-65-157-127.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:19:49) seb128: ok, that's a wrap then!
(03:19:53) seb128: thanks everybody
(03:20:04) didrocks: thanks everyone
(03:20:18) seb128: urg
(03:20:58) seb128: I forget the http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-2.html update
(03:21:20) seb128: that's not on the new agenda ;-)
(03:21:38) seb128: seems we are a bit behind the trend line but mostly thanks to other teams items
(03:21:52) seb128: don't forget to update your workitems if you have any remaining

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:31:53) jasoncwarner: RAOF: TheMuso`: bryceh: robert_ancell, you ready for eastern edition meeting? 
(08:31:54) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-18
(08:32:11) robert_ancell [~bob@ppp121-44-248-122.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net] entered the room.
(08:32:21) RAOF: Good morning :)
(08:32:22) TheMuso`: jasoncwarner: will be in a bit, just gotta reboot, brb.
(08:33:03) jasoncwarner: RAOF: good morning!
(08:33:37) jasoncwarner: TheMuso`: No worries, we'll be here when you get back :)
(08:34:19) jasoncwarner: Ok, lets get started. 
(08:34:38) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X.org
(08:34:47) jasoncwarner: RAOF: would you care to update X.org for us and bryceh can jump in if he is around? 
(08:34:53) RAOF: Yup.
(08:35:33) TheMuso`: back
(08:35:41) RAOF: Lookout!  It's about to be break-my-X season!  We're prepping Xserver 1.10RC1 and mesa 7.10 for natty.
(08:36:12) jasoncwarner: RAOF: thanks for the heads up ;)
(08:36:18) RAOF: 1.10 comes, as always, with a new input and video ABI, so installability issues may arise.
(08:36:43) RAOF: We'll send an email to ubuntu-devel-discuss a bit before uploading.
(08:37:24) aquarius left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(08:38:01) RAOF: In other tangentially-X related news, we discovered at the sprint that some laptops have a broken VESA mode as the preferred mode, causing the shiny grub boot to be a corrupted framebuffer.  Colin's looking at how to work around that.
(08:38:40) RAOF: Xserver 1.10 should also fix some bugs that compiz/unity are running into.
(08:38:45) TheMuso`: VESA, the standard that should have bin... Or should I say the standard that was not.
(08:39:16) RAOF: VESA, the standard that nobody cares about because the last thing that really used it was dos 6.2 :)
(08:39:17) jasoncwarner: RAOF: any ETA on 1.10? How quickly are you thinking? Later this week? next?
(08:39:36) RAOF: Later this week is my plan.
(08:40:15) RAOF: If it comes down to Friday, it will instead be next Monday :
(08:40:16) RAOF: :)
(08:40:42) jasoncwarner: very cool, thanks
(08:40:42) robbiew [~RobbieWil@rrcs-71-42-177-86.sw.biz.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:40:52) RAOF: Mesa 7.10 shouldn't be long after that.
(08:41:41) jasoncwarner: ok, so it sounds like break-my-X-season is officially during LCA ;)
(08:41:53) jasoncwarner: Anything else for X? 
(08:42:09) RAOF: Nothing that springs to mind.
(08:42:31) jasoncwarner: ok...
(08:42:34) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB
(08:42:42) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell: TheMuso` Anything you wanted to add? 
(08:42:51) robert_ancell: nope
(08:43:52) jasoncwarner: Ok then
(08:43:56) jasoncwarner: last thing is WI
(08:43:57) jasoncwarner: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-2.html
(08:44:10) jasoncwarner: we are a bit behind the trend line even with a great rally week
(08:44:20) jasoncwarner: don't forget to close out your WIs as you finish them
(08:44:49) jasoncwarner: there are some on other teams and we should be pushing those teams to clear their WIs as well.
(08:45:14) jasoncwarner: if nothing else....
(08:45:24) jasoncwarner: [END_MEETING]

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