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Weekly Summary

  • Cleaned up remaining reverse dependencies of HAL in main; now only one package (landscape-client) left, which is fixed in upstream trunk. (pitti)
  • scour was now changed to only optimize SVGs for packages in main, to avoid undetected breakage. (pitti)
  • Hibernate experimentally disabled in UI, discussion ongoing on the MLs. (pitti)
  • system-config-printer updated to 1.2.6 (tkamppeter)
  • HPLIP updated to 3.11.1 (and PPA backport to Lucid LTS, tkamppeter)
  • Lots of bugs fixed with indicator-appmenu
  • Natty got Firefox 4.0 beta 10 and Thunderbird 3.1.8 (chrisccoulson)
  • couchdb is finally working with libmozjs 2.0, working on getting patch upstream now (chrisccoulson)
  • Proposed packages of moonlight are available which fix a long-standing and frequently reported crash in Firefox/Chromium/Chrome/Thunderbird (chrisccoulson, with the help of Evan Martin and Chris Toshok)
  • Thunderbird crashes are now being reported upstream directly (chrisccoulson)

Partner update


  • ubuntuone-client integration with libunity will miss A2, the unity launcher support for that API is expected to land around Feb 10.


  • indicator-datetime with eds and geoclue support should land today


  • Two unity releases since last Tuesday!
    • the alpha2 candidates brought good things (lot of bug fixes mainly) and bad as well (like freezes when you got the places installed). The full list is available at https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.2.16

    • the alpha2 final unity release was brewed yesterday: it contains the first real places implementation. Be warned, it's a real first sketchup of it, quite unstable and not optimized at all. Some bug fixes sneaked into it. The full list is at https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.4 (not fully updated yet, look at fix committed/fix released bugs only)

    • I also uploaded today the places again to fix a small issue (the icon not being displayed in the launcher) but nice when you start alpha2 to not have too many ? icons.
  • In addition to that, a lot of compiz uploads have been processed this week with a tremendous ABI break to handle, fixing finally the decoration sometimes disappearing (\o/), bringing other fixes to long standing bugs like the gnome-panel applets crashing (\o/), the menu stacking issue (\o/), changing some default to avoid overlap of the launcher (\o/) (unity --reset everyone!), BUT, the price is a new bug where your mouse is grabbed and you can't interact with anything with it anymore (/o\). Investigating it is the top priority for an after-alpha2 upload (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/709461). From what we know, some window appears but are not mapped by compiz. All info there can be helpful if you get it. This issue will be on the alpha2 release note.

  • There seems to be some issue with libreoffice as well & unity. Not reproducible for everyone though (unity freezes on the viewport you have libreoffice opened, decoration doesn't work, dnd as well…). Needs clarification.

Software Center

  • Ratings and Reviews is live!
    • 150 new user reviews by the end of the weekend and more coming all the time
    • Lots of bugfixing, tweaking, R&R is rocking

  • Nice startup time improvements this week:
  • Software Center releases:
    • 3.1.11: startup time improvements, bugfixes
    • 3.1.12: ratings and reviews is released
    • 3.1.13 through 3.1.15: bugfixes and improvements



Tools and Processes

IRC log Western edition

17:33:21     pitti   first, everyone say hello to our newest team member Sweetshark 
17:33:25     MrChrisDruif    Unexpected?
17:33:29     Riddell hello Sweetshark
17:33:31     pitti   Sweetshark: do you want to introduce yourself quickly?
17:33:35     kenvandine      expected... just a little early
17:33:36     rickspencer3    pitti, would you put that in the category of a race condition, or a res

17:33:37     chrisccoulson   hi Sweetshark!
17:33:43     cyphermox       hey Sweetshark, welcome
17:33:56     didrocks        hey Sweetshark, welcome again ;)
17:33:58      *      pitti giggles
17:34:11     tremolux        hey Sweetshark!  \o
17:34:13     mterry  Sweetshark, hi@
17:34:18     mterry  hi! even
17:34:22     rickspencer3    hi Sweetshark!
17:34:39     Sweetshark      Hello everyone! Usually one says something like "I cannot remember all 
aces" on the first day ;) ... but nicks arent easier ;)
17:34:51     seb128  welcome Sweetshark
17:35:56     pitti   Bjoern will take over LibO maintenance and development, which we all have been 

17:36:07     Sweetshark      Oh, I overead the "introduce yourself" part ...
17:36:24     pitti   so I guess he now takes over the "biggest package in the desktop team" trophy
17:36:31      *      kenvandine hugs Sweetshark
17:36:38     Riddell Sweetshark: do drop by the KDE stall at FOSDEM and say hi
17:36:56     pitti   Riddell: nice that you bring it up -- who will go to FOSDEM this year?
17:37:07     tkamppeter      hi
17:37:28     tremolux        Sweetshark: where are you based?
17:37:28     Riddell I'm giving a talk, I should probably think of something to say
17:37:32     didrocks        I will
17:37:38     Sweetshark      Yeah, I have been ~3 years at Sun/Oracles OpenOffice team and am excited to join you now and help out with LO.
17:37:50     pitti   Riddell: just demo KDE 4.6 and let the audience watch in awe?
17:37:56      *      Sweetshark will be at FOSDEM.
17:37:59     MrChrisDruif    Where was FOSDEM this year again? Brussels, Belgium right?
17:38:12     pitti   *nod*
17:38:21     Riddell MrChrisDruif: Brussels, same place as every year
17:38:43      *      MrChrisDruif crawls back to his alcove
17:39:04      *      pitti suppresses the urge to ask Sweetshark about his diet preferences which his nick suggests
17:39:07     Sweetshark      tremolux: Im based in Hamburg, Germany where the old dungeons of the StarDivision-Team lie ...
17:39:47     pitti   so, let's go to the team updates
17:39:50     pitti   kenvandine: partner update?
17:39:51     Sweetshark      pitti: hrhr, no there a "deeper meaning" to the nick ;)
17:40:04     pitti   Sweetshark: you gotta tell us over a beer at the next conf
17:40:20     Sweetshark      pitti: roger, wilco.
17:40:23     kenvandine      yup
17:40:39     kenvandine      DX is in really good shape, lots of releases last week
17:40:54     kenvandine      indicator-datetime with eds and geoclue should get uploaded today
17:41:02     kenvandine      assuming we get geoclue into main today
17:41:09     pitti   kenvandine: please avoid uploading today, as we are in a2 freeze
17:41:16     pitti   and the archive is broken enough as it is still :/
17:41:22     kenvandine      oh, i thought we could anytime today was ok?
17:41:32     kenvandine      ugh... ok... i really wanted to get that in
17:41:39     kenvandine      i guess next week will do then :)
17:41:42     seb128  hum
17:41:42     pitti   well, don't break anything :)
17:41:52     seb128  kenvandine, don't listen to pitti it's only one indicator ;-)
17:41:56     kenvandine      hehehe
17:42:01     kenvandine      anyway
17:42:07     pitti   anythign which involves NEWing, soname bumps, breakage due to architectures going out of sync etc. should be avoided now
17:42:23     kenvandine      pitti, ok... that shouldn't be an issue
17:42:26     chrisccoulson   oh, i guess that means i can upload xulrunner then ;)
17:42:28     chrisccoulson   j/k ;)
17:42:57     seb128  kenvandine, right, what you need to be careful about is installability
17:43:01     kenvandine      for U1, they won't have the progress integration with the launcher yet, that work in the launcher isn't due to land until around the 10th
17:43:02     seb128  one indicator update shouldn't be an issue
17:43:17     seb128  there is no need to be overconservative it's a2 only and it's tuesday
17:43:52     kenvandine      otherwise they are in good shape
17:43:54     chrisccoulson   progress integration?
17:43:57     pitti   still, we need workign CDs at some point
17:44:10     didrocks        chrisccoulson: it's a libunity API to show progress on the launchers
17:44:11     kenvandine      chrisccoulson, using libunity to display status of syncdaemon and such in the launcher
17:44:12     pitti   kenvandine: nice; we also got places back now?
17:44:25     kenvandine      pitti, yeah, but that will be in didrocks update
17:44:28     chrisccoulson   didrocks, nice! can i show progress of downloads in firefox there?
17:44:37     chrisccoulson   i feel another task coming on here ;)
17:44:40     didrocks        chrisccoulson: it will if you can teach firefox to speak to it :)
17:44:40     kenvandine      chrisccoulson, someday :)
17:44:47     chrisccoulson   nice!
17:44:54     pitti   kenvandine: ok, thanks for the heads-up; can you please add this to the wiki, too?
17:45:02     pitti   didrocks: want to continue with the unity status?
17:45:02     chrisccoulson   i'll take a look at that after the meeting
17:45:07     kenvandine      i did
17:45:08     didrocks        pitti: sure
17:45:15     didrocks        all is more or less on the wiki
17:45:25     didrocks        a lot of uploads to get all the new things in shape
17:45:35     didrocks        most important thing is the return of the places
17:45:52     didrocks        so you should ensure to have them installed (unity-place-files and unity-place-applications)
17:46:03     kenvandine      didrocks, is places expected to be empty?
17:46:08     didrocks         /!\ quite unstable for alpha2, really a first version
17:46:17     didrocks        kenvandine: no, but there is a bug that sometimes they are
17:46:19     seb128  kenvandine, install the places binaries?
17:46:26     didrocks        kenvandine: try to do a search and empty it
17:46:27     kenvandine      maybe that is the problem :)
17:46:28     seb128  kenvandine, do you have unity-place-files or applications?
17:46:38     kenvandine      not a recommends yet?
17:46:42     seb128  it is
17:46:42      *      didrocks already told it ^^
17:46:51     seb128  but upgrades seem to not always pull new recommends in
17:46:51     didrocks        yeah, it's an unity recommends
17:47:02     seb128  or we had issues last cycle with that
17:47:03     kenvandine      ah... i don't
17:47:09     seb128  so I wouldn't be surprised if that's still an issue
17:47:19     pitti   -> off-meeting discussion
17:47:19     kenvandine      i had them marked as "un"
17:47:26     kenvandine      sorry :)
17:47:35     pitti   (np)
17:47:43     seb128  (well, worth mentionning for other who might run into the issue)
17:47:44     didrocks        any question/complain? ;)
17:47:50     seb128  (but yeah, not to discuss there)
17:47:53     pitti   tremolux: thanks for the s-c report on the wiki, great to see r&r in action! anything to discsuss there?
17:48:08     pitti   didrocks: will complain once I restart my desktop session :-P
17:48:10     tremolux        yeah, r&r!  it's cool!
17:48:20     pitti   didrocks: (seriously, good job with landing this in time!)
17:48:29     tremolux        all rock star accolades to mvo, this is his baby  :D
17:48:37     didrocks        pitti: thanks (I think it's time to /quit then before you restart) :)
17:49:31     tremolux        it's awesome to see reviews coming in..
17:49:42     tremolux        anyway, nothing more from me about it unless questions?
17:50:34     pitti   Riddell: what's new in Kubuntu land? any A2 blockers we need to be aware of or need more hands?
17:50:36     chrisccoulson   heh, i only reviewed software-center so far :-)
17:50:59     Riddell  * KDE SC 4.6.0 is in and compiled, blocked on ARM by bug 708714
17:50:59     Riddell  * CDs building and no longer oversized
17:50:59     Riddell  * 13 bugs milestoned for alpha 2 http://goo.gl/yGhJd
17:50:59     Riddell  * bug 705917 for ubiquity a pain for alpha 2 nothing alpha critical (besides ARM being broken)
17:50:59     ubot2   Launchpad bug 708714 in kdebindings "pykde fails to compile on ARM" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/708714
17:51:00     ubot2   Launchpad bug 705917 in ubiquity "kde frontend keyboard selector broken" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/705917
17:51:02     Riddell  * Some more green on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
17:51:52     pitti   13 bugs seems a little on the optimistic side; I hope most of them aren't breaking install?
17:52:10     Riddell no, nothing breaks install
17:52:22     pitti   (just the top two, I guess)
17:52:57     Riddell ARM is not happy for sure and we may have to put up with using US keyboard layouts
17:53:02     pitti   ah, so primarily the keyboard selector thing
17:53:24     pitti   Riddell: is there a "root package" for arm, or is it a toolchaininsh issue?
17:53:36     Riddell it's kdebindings at fault (or maybe sip4)
17:53:44     pitti   ah
17:54:05     Riddell but I can't work out what's changed since the older versions
17:54:37     pitti   Riddell: so it's not just the switch to gcc4.5?
17:55:02     Riddell I don't think that's relevant, although I guess it's worth checking
17:55:53     pitti   ok, thanks for the heads-up; nice to see the CDs back in size
17:56:03     pitti   I'd also like to run over the stragglers in http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-2.html
17:56:15     pitti   as at this point we shouldn't shake up the archive much any more
17:55:02     Riddell I don't think that's relevant, although I guess it's worth checking
17:55:53     pitti   ok, thanks for the heads-up; nice to see the CDs back in size
17:56:03     pitti   I'd also like to run over the stragglers in http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-2.html
17:56:15     pitti   as at this point we shouldn't shake up the archive much any more
17:56:42     pitti   I mailed Charline about her's, not answer yet; I think we can postpone to a3, although it sounds like a prerequisite for a11y work
17:56:46     pitti   TheMuso: ^ do you know more details?
17:56:56     pitti   haven't heard from her in two days
17:57:21     pitti   kenvandine: "build libappindicator with gtk3" sounds like it wouldn't block natty at all, so I guess it's safe to move to a3?
17:57:29     kenvandine      yeah
17:57:43     pitti   RAOF's "talk to debian" WI can still happen, I guess
17:58:09     pitti   and I think we need to move TheMuso's three a11y WIs to a3
17:58:14     pitti   anything else?
17:58:47     Riddell what's all this about no hibernate?
17:59:22     bryceh  heya
17:59:57     pitti   55 WIs left for http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-3.html, that's going to be fun again
18:00:04     pitti   Riddell: currently being discussed on the list
18:00:19     pitti   Riddell: we'll get back the kernel support for it, so the remaining discussion is about how much to disable it in the UI
18:00:23     pitti   (or if at all)
18:00:31     pitti   disabling it in the kernel was an error
18:02:36     pitti   Any other business for the metting?
18:02:40     pitti   meeting, too
18:03:12     pitti   ok, thanks everyone!

IRC log Eastern edition

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