Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • A lot of po2xpi/langpack-o-matic fixes to unbreak firefox translations, now at least works for lucid. Landed new lucid language packs. (Martin)
  • Upstreamized DNS-SD-related patches in system-config-printer: Now s-c-p supports DNS-SD printer discovery and hostname-based HPLIP URIs (some routers change IPs when ever one turns on the printer) out-of-the-box in all distros (tkamppeter).
  • Worked on packaging ghostscript 9.01 final and on making the delta between Debian and Ubuntu as small as possible (tkamppeter).
  • Observing discussion of my introduction of a color-managed pdftoraster filter on OpenICC mailing list (tkamppeter).
  • A few more GNOME3 PPA updates (rodrigo) + addition of The Board packages (robert_ancell)

Partner update


  • libindicator ABI change
    • required for adding a11y
    • will require rebuilds for all the indicators, but shouldn't be a big deal


  • ubuntuone integration with the launcher is currently blocked by bug #709240 in libunity. GIR related problems for python access.

  • UbuntuOne API work should land in next week's release

  • shotwell integration work has been dropped


  • We had a new unity release this week, bringing (a lot) more stability in the places, some bug fixes, a lot of fluidity added to some operations. Also, it's now possible to drag files and .desktop file to the launcher. Testing it is a must! Smile :) Note that there is no more "Open a New Window" entry in the launcher, middle click (and space bar in next release) replace that. Adding metadata to each .desktop file which support multiple instance is what will be needed in the following weeks. For a full list, as usual: https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.4.2

  • The compiz invisible window bug is almost dead this time! Still a new case (with gvim) asking for investigation but you shouldn't get it a lot. For compiz, we hope that our branch (the glib mainloop based one) will be merged in trunk soon. There is still a crasher at start under investigation (by desrt), then we are ready for a new compiz update (almost no new commit, from the latest one).
  • And soon: next week, the systray will be back! (with a blacklist system, enabled only for java applications and skype for now). New animation in the launcher, bug fixes and more for your pleasure!
  • Panel service is now A11Y enabled

Software Center

  • Unity launcher integration
  • Ratings and Reviews
    • Added new "Was this review useful" feature (awaits server rollout for activation)
    • Added offline cache support for reviews
    • Many nice improvements this week to the reviews UI
    • Server-side: Rollout of Ratings and Reviews to production server expected next week (currently using staging)
  • Coming soon:
  • Software Center versions 3.1.17, released
    • Many small but nice UI improvements (in Ratings and Reviews mainly)
    • Lots of bugfixes and cleanup



  • Upstreamed several X patches and bug reports (bryce)
  • Bugfix updates to -intel, xserver, and mesa with upstream cherrypicks (bryce)
  • Fixed up apport-gpu-error-intel.py to title gpu freezes better (bryce)
  • Analyzed recently reported -intel (actually kernel) GPU freeze bugs. (bryce) Commonly seen issues:
    • Intel (linux kernel drm): False positive freeze that occurs during boot due to conflict with vesafb driver. Kernel recovers and boots normally, but triggers apport. Discussed situation with kernel team, waiting for them to develop plan of attack. (bryce) LP: #702090
    • Intel: Freezes "randomly" during usage, no identified cause or steps to reproduce. GPU dump shows "ESR: 0x00000001" Forwarded upstream for further assistance. (bryce) LP: #718767 + maybe a couple dozen others are dupes.
    • Intel (linux kernel): Freezes during boot, dmesg indicates memory allocation fault. LP: #718020, #718021
    • Intel: i8xx freezes. Closing these as WONTFIX and directing users upstream. (bryce)

Tools and Processes

  • Created launchpad-service-status script to detect when Launchpad is down for expected maintenance (vs. down unexpectedly) (bryce)

IRC log Western edition

(03:00:52) jasoncwarner: morning everyone...
(03:01:21) ***kenvandine waves
(03:01:23) kenvandine: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:31) pitti: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:36) pitti: oh, meeting time
(03:01:36) dobey: rodrigo_: is it a particular branch, or all of them?
(03:01:38) seb128: hey jasoncwarner, pitti, kenvandine
(03:01:43) seb128: seems meeting time ;-)
(03:01:49) jasoncwarner: :)
(03:01:50) didrocks: hey hey
(03:01:58) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-02-15
(03:01:59) rodrigo_: dobey, last week it was gnome-icon-theme and this week gnome-menus, so the last 2 I've tried
(03:02:01) ***Sweetshark waves.
(03:02:02) tremolux: hey folks
(03:02:20) rodrigo_: dobey, I've been able to push using --stacked-on, but see https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/gnome-menus/ubuntu
(03:02:24) Riddell: oh aye, meeting
(03:03:23) jasoncwarner: Alright...here we go for a quick meeting. Don't forget to update the wiki above and ....here we go!
(03:03:44) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Partner Update
(03:03:50) kenvandine: ok
(03:04:01) kenvandine: DX, this week we'll have ABI changes for libindicator
(03:04:08) kenvandine: so we'll need to rebuild all the indicators
(03:04:22) kenvandine: shouldn't be a big deal, but beware of bumps in the road
(03:04:32) kenvandine: UbuntuOne:
(03:04:40) kenvandine: they have dropped the work planned for shotwell
(03:04:46) ivanka left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(03:05:02) ivanka [~ivanka@] entered the room.
(03:05:03) kenvandine: instead they will focus on API work to make it easier for someone to do it later
(03:05:15) kenvandine: the U1 API work done so far will land next week
(03:05:29) AbsintheSyringe [~havoc@SE400.PPPoE-563.sa.bih.net.ba] entered the room.
(03:05:31) mterry: hi
(03:05:36) kenvandine: and the U1 integration in the launcher is blocked on bug # 709240
(03:05:46) kenvandine: libunity via python
(03:05:49) kenvandine: GIR problems
(03:05:58) kenvandine: anyone have questions?
(03:06:39) pitti: do they need help with that bug?
(03:06:44) pitti: I could help out with that
(03:06:47) kenvandine: pitti, probably
(03:06:50) kenvandine: kamstrup is out sick
(03:06:53) kenvandine: he was working on it
(03:06:53) chrisccoulson: oh, meeting time
(03:06:58) kenvandine: pitti, so please do :)
(03:06:58) chrisccoulson: i nearly missed that ;)
(03:07:13) seb128: yeah, jasoncwarner doesn't ping people just to make sure we pay attention :p
(03:07:13) pitti: kenvandine: ok, will coordinate with kamstrup
(03:07:16) kenvandine: great
(03:07:20) kenvandine: hehe
(03:07:27) didrocks: pitti: you should talk to kamstrup, right, he already advanced a little on the subject
(03:08:24) jasoncwarner: thanks, kenvandine. Any other questions? 
(03:08:26) kenvandine: pitti, i think he has documented what he has done there
(03:08:57) jasoncwarner: next topic would be [TOPIC] UNITY
(03:09:29) didrocks: if you refresh the wiki page, you should have the report :)
(03:09:33) rodrigo_: :)
(03:11:06) didrocks: do you have any question?
(03:11:14) jasoncwarner: thanks didrocks, so the invisible window is gone except for gvim?
(03:11:27) seb128: I got some todays with gtk-demo
(03:11:33) seb128: so it's not only gvim
(03:11:38) didrocks: jasoncwarner: well, only on few apps, still need investigation
(03:11:44) didrocks: but I didn't get it for days now
(03:11:52) mterry: didrocks, is it when there's "nux input window" in the panel?
(03:12:03) seb128: mterry, no, that's another bug
(03:12:06) mterry: I saw that today
(03:12:07) mterry: oh, ok
(03:12:21) seb128: mterry, #693777
(03:12:23) didrocks: mterry: yeah, the nux input window is when the launcher is focused
(03:12:32) didrocks: like, you triggered alt + F1
(03:12:45) bcurtiswx left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:13:44) mterry: sure, blame it on me  ;)
(03:14:05) seb128: lol
(03:14:18) didrocks: mterry: with the greatest pleasure :)
(03:14:34) jasoncwarner: thanks didrocks..I'm looking forward to this update this week even...from the looks of https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.4.4 there are some real stability things coming this week. 
(03:14:42) seb128: without wanting to disappoint anyone the bug I pointed was open before the alt-f1 work ;-)
(03:14:58) bcurtiswx [~bcurtiswx@wx.mesa.gmu.edu] entered the room.
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(03:14:58) bcurtiswx [~bcurtiswx@ubuntu/member/bcurtiswx] entered the room.
(03:15:03) didrocks: jasoncwarner: yeah, the list isn't finished yet, so, keep an eye on it :)
(03:15:13) jasoncwarner: cool..thanks
(03:15:23) didrocks: seb128: right, hence the "like, you…" not the only case you can have it :)
(03:15:28) bcurtiswx: hmm, ubuntu-one-sync always causes my fan to turn on at startup
(03:15:50) jasoncwarner: Ok...next topic
(03:15:58) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Software Center
(03:16:03) tremolux: heyo
(03:16:12) bcurtiswx: oh meeting, apologies
(03:16:19) tremolux: report is on the wiki, but I can paste a summary
(03:16:21) tremolux:  Unity launcher integration: Software Center side is complete, Unity side in-progress
(03:16:21) tremolux:   Ratings and Reviews: New "Was this review useful" feature (awaits server-side rollout to activate), offline cache support for reviews
(03:16:21) tremolux:   Coming soon: Lobby improvements, deauthorize your computer feature
(03:16:56) awe left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(03:17:27) jasoncwarner: tremolux: the unity integration, you feel pretty good about that landing this week? 
(03:17:40) kenvandine: tremolux, is that using libunity?
(03:17:52) tremolux: jasoncwarner: I am not sure actually, I need to ping DBO for an update
(03:18:18) tremolux: kenvandine: currently the plan is dbus, but DBO may change that
(03:18:40) kenvandine: ok, because libunity from python is a problem right now
(03:18:43) didrocks: jasoncwarner: not sure for that week
(03:19:17) tremolux: kenvandine: yep
(03:19:19) ***Sweetshark just has a Xorg freeze right now. Luckily the irc client is in tmux. However, the system has huge latency => I will need a reboot soon.
(03:19:54) mterry_ [~mike@pool-108-20-74-149.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] entered the room.
(03:20:05) jasoncwarner: ok, thanks tremolux. can't wait to see the software center / unity interactions :)
(03:20:12) jasoncwarner: any other questions?
(03:20:15) tremolux: jasoncwarner: yes, thanks!  me too
(03:20:52) jasoncwarner: next [TOPIC] Kubuntu
(03:21:05) mterry left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(03:21:08) Riddell: moi?
(03:21:15) Riddell:  * Lucid .2 testing under way
(03:21:15) Riddell:  * owncloud packaging in progress
(03:21:15) Riddell:  * samba sharing is working, finally! thanks to rbelem
(03:21:15) Riddell:  * Ubiquity keyboard selection now working, hugs to cjwatson
(03:21:15) Riddell:  * mobile seed split into new collection, launchpad update due to be merged, then kubuntu-mobile images will be working again
(03:21:18) Riddell:  * 10 bugs milestoned for alpha 3 http://goo.gl/yGhJd
(03:21:20) Riddell:  * In a decent position with https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo for feature freeze, mostly green where it needs to be
(03:22:16) Sweetsha1k [~bjoern@port-93604.pppoe.wtnet.de] entered the room.
(03:22:39) lamlex [~alexlauni@cpe-76-179-229-122.maine.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(03:23:37) jasoncwarner: very cool...is that samba sharing in the default install? 
(03:23:41) MrChrisDruif: Woops....missing the meeting :P
(03:23:58) Sweetshark left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:23:58) Riddell: jasoncwarner: yes (or will be on tomorrow's CDs)
(03:24:13) jasoncwarner: awesome, very cool. 
(03:24:14) jasoncwarner: thanks
(03:25:31) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Xorg is for eastern edition 
(03:25:44) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Tools and processes...if anything?
(03:26:36) laoyi left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:26:48) jasoncwarner: and I don't think we have anything here except for WIs, WIs, WIs! :)
(03:27:03) mterry_: :)
(03:27:04) pitti: we are falling behind quite badly indeed
(03:27:25) didrocks: speaking of WIs, I wanted to discuss oneconf
(03:27:43) didrocks: so, I ported oneconf (with pain) on the new software-center API
(03:27:57) didrocks: still need to do the same for ubuntu sso API
(03:28:03) pitti: shoudl we start dropping the low BPs like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/appdevs-desktop-n-opportunistic-developer-manual or https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/packageselection-desktop-n-oneconf ?
(03:28:23) didrocks: so, with that, we will have the same oneconf as in maverick (just spent hours to port to changed API…)
(03:28:41) didrocks: then, seeing new issues with desktopcouch, the point of order is to drop it in the futur
(03:28:51) didrocks: and rely on the software-center infrastructure
(03:29:10) didrocks: we won't have upgrade path from desktop-couch -> s-c infrastructure easily
(03:29:11) ivanka left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(03:29:32) didrocks: so, as we can't set it by default now, my proposal is to drop the ubiquity and oneconf by default for next release
(03:29:37) didrocks: once ported out desktopcouch
(03:29:40) aquarius left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(03:29:54) didrocks: (so, I'll just have a "port to new sso API" WI)
(03:29:56) didrocks: thoughts?
(03:30:25) pitti: given that you are #2 on number of WIs, anything which relieves you will be quite welcome
(03:30:28) didrocks: (realistically, I won't have the time to port to the USC infrastructure this cycle before FF and I prefer to help unity righ tnow)
(03:31:03) Sweetshark [~bjoern@port-93604.pppoe.wtnet.de] entered the room.
(03:31:55) ivanka [~ivanka@] entered the room.
(03:32:15) pitti: didrocks: seems fine to me; is that packageselection-desktop-n-oneconf?
(03:32:32) pitti: shoudl we move the entire thing to the o cycle, or just POSTPONE some WIs there?
(03:32:36) didrocks: right
(03:32:47) MrChrisDruif: unity should be rock solid in natty....usc...it works as is...
(03:32:47) didrocks: pitti: the usc porting is almost done
(03:32:54) didrocks: I need to do the u1 sso port still
(03:32:57) didrocks: shouldn't be hard
(03:33:01) MrChrisDruif: unity is in your face all the time...
(03:33:02) didrocks: all the rest should be postponed to O
(03:33:05) pitti: didrocks: so perhaps you should update the spec yourself accordingly?
(03:33:12) didrocks: pitti: I'll
(03:33:16) pitti: didrocks: merci
(03:33:26) didrocks: pitti: de rien ;)
(03:33:34) pitti: related to that, I was wondering why our WI fixing pace has decreased recently
(03:33:47) pitti: is it because people work a lot more on bug fixes now? (that's certainly true for me)
(03:33:59) mterry_: that's where I've been
(03:34:01) pitti: or because the remaining WIs are the hard ones which were just pushed out to later?
(03:34:06) seb128: pitti, well to start most of our items are dx ones
(03:34:25) seb128: pitti, that and lot of unity, dx helping work and bug fixing which was not speced
(03:34:31) pitti: a large portion is also xulrunner 2.0 ports
(03:34:39) pitti: which should make progress once micahg starts
(03:34:49) seb128: pitti, well, same difference
(03:35:03) seb128: it's mostly items from other teams
(03:35:10) pitti: right, that's what I'd actually like to see :) (all hands to unity bug fix battle stations)
(03:35:13) ***micahg has started :)
(03:35:14) seb128: we don't have some many desktopish items by themself there
(03:35:24) pitti: but even our own team still has ~ 70 items left for natty
(03:35:27) pitti: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team.html
(03:36:23) seb128: pitti, right, which seems an ok count
(03:36:24) chrisccoulson: if we could get xulrunner out of main, we could drop some of those WI's :)
(03:36:34) chrisccoulson: i'm spending way more time than I would like to on this stuff
(03:36:43) seb128: especially if you count off chrisccoulson's and didrocks's pet work items on those ;-)
(03:37:09) pitti: heh, yes
(03:37:35) pitti: chrisccoulson: yeah, I guess we should try harder eliminating swt-gtk from euca; it shouldn't have anything GTKish anyway
(03:37:46) chrisccoulson: yeah, that would be nice
(03:38:09) aquarius [~aquarius@cpc3-dudl10-2-0-cust1011.wolv.cable.virginmedia.com] entered the room.
(03:38:37) micahg: pitti: maybe I should move the universe packages off the WI list?
(03:38:39) chrisccoulson: did Daviey get back to you?
(03:38:50) pitti: chrisccoulson: not with details
(03:39:05) pitti: micahg: if you are going to port them, I think they should stay
(03:39:16) pitti: micahg: but perhaps we can be more aggressive with package removal?
(03:39:29) micahg: pitti: perhaps
(03:39:30) chrisccoulson: micahg - the issue is that because xulrunner is in main, i sort of feel like we're obliged to fix everything we break ;)
(03:39:41) chrisccoulson: (even the things in universe)
(03:40:01) seb128: do a call for help saying we will drop what is not fixed by the end of the cycle
(03:40:41) ronoc left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(03:42:54) seb128: what the meeting over, is anybody still there?
(03:43:00) jasoncwarner: no
(03:43:02) ***kenvandine is here
(03:43:06) jasoncwarner: :)
(03:43:10) seb128: ok, I was wondering ;-)
(03:43:11) jasoncwarner: almost though!
(03:43:15) ***Sweetshark hides in the shadows
(03:43:19) ronoc [~ronoc@] entered the room.
(03:43:44) didrocks: I'm still there and waiting the meeting to finish to restart on a working X, hopefully :)
(03:43:50) jasoncwarner: we only have one topic left if the previous discussion is done? 
(03:44:02) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB, which I think we covered ;)
(03:44:05) awe [~espy@209-6-95-210.c3-0.smr-ubr1.sbo-smr.ma.cable.rcn.com] entered the room.
(03:44:25) jasoncwarner: maybe I should change it to [TOPIC] restart so you can get working desktop
(03:44:28) jasoncwarner: ;)
(03:44:35) didrocks: (or not…) ;)
(03:44:56) chrisccoulson: is everyone using my globalmenu-extension in firefox btw?
(03:45:26) dpm left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(03:45:27) MrChrisDruif: chrisccoulson: I'm using Chromium <_<"
(03:45:33) seb128: no, I use what comes with natty
(03:45:36) MrChrisDruif: AOB?
(03:45:39) seb128: when it that one going to land? ;-)
(03:45:48) pitti: chrisccoulson: has worked like a charm for several days now
(03:46:04) chrisccoulson: seb128 - i'm hoping sometime this week, but people should be using it so i can fix all the remaining bugs before it lands ;)
(03:46:19) pitti: seb128: it's blocked by mozilla allowing us to ship ti
(03:46:20) pitti: it
(03:46:23) seb128: k, will install it
(03:46:28) chrisccoulson: thanks
(03:46:40) seb128: don't thank me, you might receive extra bugs :p
(03:46:40) Sweetshark: hmmm, the natty installer dies a flaming death in Virtualbox ... Is that a known issue?
(03:46:59) chrisccoulson: heh :)
(03:47:19) chrisccoulson: seb128 - so far, all of the bugs have been reported by myself and mike conley
(03:47:24) seb128: Sweetshark, not sure, check with ev or cjwatson, does it display any error?
(03:47:26) chrisccoulson: (ie, the 2 people working on it) ;)
(03:47:40) chrisccoulson: nobody else reported any bugs so far
(03:47:52) chrisccoulson: perhaps that is a good thing ;)
(03:47:58) seb128: you clearly don't have enough users running it ;-)
(03:48:28) chrisccoulson: there are some users running it, because i had a look on crash-stats and saw that some crashes were being caused by it ;)
(03:48:40) chrisccoulson: but those dropped to zero after i landed some fixes for them
chris| chrisccoulson 
(03:48:56) chrisccoulson: perhaps everyone stopped using it ;)
(03:48:59) seb128: ok, let's open a contest of who can find a bug first then:
(03:49:00) jasoncwarner: chrisccoulson: still thinking this week for mozilla getting back to us?
(03:49:01) seb128: ;-)
(03:49:07) chrisccoulson: jasoncwarner, i hope so
chris| chrisccoulson 
(03:49:33) jasoncwarner: chrisccoulson: ok..thanks. 
(03:49:49) jasoncwarner: alright, anything else for today's meeting? 
(03:50:07) seb128: not from me
(03:50:11) kenvandine: not from me
(03:50:20) pitti: chrisccoulson: no, perhaps because it just works now :)
(03:50:23) Sweetshark: not from me
(03:50:28) seb128: thanks jasoncwarner
(03:50:31) didrocks: nothing for me
(03:50:34) pitti: chrisccoulson: well, I still can't remove/edit bookmarks in the global menu
(03:50:35) didrocks: thanks!
(03:50:38) pitti: thanks everyone!
(03:50:45) ***didrocks reboots and cross fingers
(03:50:48) didrocks left the room (quit: Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4).
(03:50:48) ***pitti reboots with new udev, brb
(03:50:48) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING] thanks!

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:29:01) RAOF: Man, x-ray lasers.  How cool is that!
(08:29:19) bbartek left the room (quit: Quit: Ik ga weg).
(08:30:40) ivanka left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(08:32:08) jasoncwarner: RAOF: whaaaaaaaat? 
(08:32:24) RAOF: Imaging viruses with x-ray lasers.
(08:32:27) jasoncwarner: one sec...meeting is on hold...RAOF needs to explain himself ;)
(08:32:43) ara left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(08:32:56) bratsche [~cody@cpe-72-181-195-197.tx.res.rr.com] entered the room.
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(08:32:56) bratsche [~cody@ubuntu/member/bratsche] entered the room.
(08:33:20) RAOF: Or, rather, imaging *a* virus with an x-ray laser.  It's like x-ray crystalography, but without the making-a-macroscopic-crystal bit.
(08:33:26) Artir left the room (quit: Quit: Goodbye!).
(08:34:28) TheMuso: I'll take you at your wodr. :)
(08:34:30) TheMuso: word
(08:34:31) jasoncwarner: ok...here we go... RAOF TheMuso bryceh robert_ancell
(08:34:33) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-02-15
(08:34:36) jasoncwarner: ready for meeting?
(08:34:41) robert_ancell: yup
(08:34:41) TheMuso: Sure.
(08:34:45) RAOF: Totally.
(08:35:04) jasoncwarner: ok....western edition log is on the wiki as always...
(08:35:11) jasoncwarner: kicking it off [TOPIC] X.org Update
(08:35:17) jasoncwarner: bryceh or RAOF
(08:35:33) RAOF: Xserver:
(08:35:56) RAOF: If the schedule is to be believed, Xserver 1.10 should be released on Friday.
(08:36:09) RAOF: I don't believe it :)
(08:36:19) bryceh: heya
(08:36:38) TheMuso: heh
(08:36:38) RAOF: However, we need to get utouch's Xi 2.1 multitouch work in, and there are some interesting packaging changes to merge from Debian.
(08:37:03) bryceh: RAOF, now, viruses weilding x-ray lasers... that'd be kinda scary actually
(08:37:36) RAOF: So there'll be another git snapshot Xserver upload towards the end of the week.  This won't change the ABI (in a backwards incompatible way), so it should be painless.
(08:38:39) RAOF: Mesa: We'll pull in a new snapshot from the 7.10 release branch soon, and add a tiny backported patch that makes unity work on nv5x+ hardware.  Yay!
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(08:39:54) RAOF: That means that, as far as I'm aware, Unity will run on all the big three open-source drivers without complaint :)
(08:40:06) jasoncwarner: RAOF: I really, really want that
(08:40:25) jasoncwarner: when do you think that is going to happen?
(08:40:31) bryceh: I'll believe it when I see it
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(08:40:42) TheMuso: RAOF: What about mipmapping stuff on radeon, I think I still get crashes when switching between windows in unity on radeon.
(08:40:55) TheMuso: I turned it off before, but haven't got round to doing that again.
(08:41:21) RAOF: TheMuso: Hm.  *My* radeon system doesn't suffer from that; I checked that I had mipmapping enabled.  It's possible I've done something strange, though, like enabled the gallium driver.
(08:41:42) RAOF: That's something I need to check while testing the mesa upload.
(08:41:49) TheMuso: Ok, this is a fresh install from a week or so back, card is V770.
(08:41:58) TheMuso: RV770 even
(08:42:03) RAOF: Which should be ready today, and *will* run unity on all the hardware I have access to :)
(08:42:13) RAOF: Ok.
(08:42:22) TheMuso: Yes t runs, but I get crashes when switcing windows. I'll check again in a while when I need to do some more unity testing.
(08:42:28) robert_ancell: RAOF, I can test the radeon bug too, I still get that sometimes
(08:42:35) bryceh: TheMuso, I'm using an RV770 myself.  Are there steps to repro the bug somewhere?
(08:42:56) TheMuso: bryceh: Not that I've looked for, I haven't dug into it much, but will try and reproduce when it happens again, and make a note of the steps.
(08:42:58) robert_ancell: alt-tab 20 times in a row tends to do it for me
(08:44:07) ***RAOF fires up his radeon box.
(08:44:08) bryceh: ok, probably better rather than discuss unreported bugs here in the meeting, to go file reports on them.  ;-) ;-)
(08:44:24) jasoncwarner: Ok, RAOF and bryceh, anything else? otherwise we can talk about [TOPIC] AOB
(08:44:40) bryceh: I have been tending to incoming natty xorg bug reports pretty well this release, we're doing ok at tracking issues down
(08:44:42) RAOF: I believe the relevant upstream bug is https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32246
(08:44:47) ubot2: Freedesktop bug 32246 in Drivers/DRI/R600 "Compiz 0.9 switcher segfaults in mipmap generation code" [Normal,New]
(08:45:01) TheMuso: thanks
(08:45:57) bryceh: jasoncwarner, new -nvidia was released today, however still hasn't been updated for new xserver
(08:46:17) jasoncwarner: bryceh: aight...just ping me when that happens and i'll update ASAP ;)
(08:46:36) TheMuso: bryceh: Thats just great. :)
(08:46:56) jasoncwarner: Alright, anything else ? 
(08:46:57) bryceh: jasoncwarner, I've been focusing most of the past week on Intel gpu lockup bugs.  While they're kernel bugs more than X, I've been analyzing them and helping get upstream attention, and have pulled in some patches to fix things.
(08:47:31) bryceh: it seems each time the kernel updates we get slightly different new forms of gpu lockups, so it's a bit of an ordeal
(08:47:41) kiwinote left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
(08:48:00) bryceh: however, been improving the apport hooks as well as I go
(08:48:45) RAOF: And generally rockin' the Launchpad!
(08:49:20) bryceh: trying to, but it's a hard fight to stay on top of the bugs.  http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-natty-workqueue.svg
(08:49:54) bryceh: despite all the -nouveau/-nvidia complaints, it's clearly -intel where people are reporting bugs the most
(08:50:51) bryceh: RAOF, aside from tracking the upcoming releases (thanks), anything in particular you've been working on?
(08:52:16) RAOF: I've done some reviewing for someone who'se picked up my DRI2 changes and extended them.
(08:53:05) jasoncwarner: Ok, sounds like we are about done. If anyone has anything to add, now would be the time :)
(08:53:16) RAOF: Also, working out whether & how to do the gallium fallback differently.

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