Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • Apport retracers should now deliver much better stack traces. (seb128/pitti)
  • Webkit should now work again on amd64, unbreaking the installer. (pitti)
  • Jockey now dynamically checks the video ABI version of nvidia/fglrx instead of hardcoding driver availability. (pitti)
  • Lots of fixes for libdbusmenu and appmenu-gtk (either uploaded or merges proposed). (chrisccoulson/mterry)
  • Natty has Firefox 4 beta 12 (the last beta!) (chrisccoulson)
  • Lots of bug fixes for the Firefox/Thunderbird globalmenu and it now supports show-only-for-keyboard menuitems in Firefox, meaning we get less-cluttered menus (chrisccoulson)
  • globalmenu-extension is coming for Firefox by default (after alpha 3)! (chrisccoulson)
  • Evolution events now show in the clock menu and a new clock preference dialog was written
  • fixed nasty LibreOffice breakers on ARM (#725763, #726529), some dep finetuning (#726921), other fixes (#727118) (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • All GNOME3 PPA packages now link with the renamed GTK3 packages. More 2.91.90 updates
  • lo-menubar (libreoffice global menus) is in binNEW with MIR proposed (kenvandine)

Color Management in O O?

  • Fedora will get ICC-based color management using gnome-color-manager and colord
  • Ghostscript 9.01 supports color managment
  • Patches for Ghostscript's CUPS filters, Foomatic, and CUPS are available/in the works.
  • A lot of discussion about color-managed printing on OpenICC mailing list

Partner update



  • Potential FFE
    • bindwood needs to be updated to work with firefox 4 (in progress)
    • notifications for over quota events (not sure this will happen yet)
  • banshee launching u1ms urls


What a crazy week! Double dose of unity (Thursday and Tuesday)! We also got a new compiz with a full stack rebuild/update. That totalize more than 23 updates within the week Smile :) As you can see, we got a lot of fixes and enhancements: https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.4.6 and https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.6 cover most of them.

After some discussion with the release team, the latest Unity will be in alpha3 \o/ Hope you will like the definitive dash design (looks really cool and snappy now!) with category support and such Smile :)

So others hilights:

  • most of known common crashers for unity have been tackled
  • lot of accessility improvments
  • lot of launchers fix and most of "false show" positive or "launcher being crazy" on intellihide mode fixed
  • drag and drop from the application and file places to the launcher is now functional (but still in beta Smile :) )

  • New shortcuts on super:
    • tap super open the dash
    • Keeping super press will get some shortcuts showing: Super + <number or shortcuts> to get active window of an application or show the places/ws switcher/trash

    • if you add Shift to the dance, it will open a new instance of an application instead of getting an existing one
  • The list of all shortcuts is at: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/keyboard-shortcuts-in-unity/28087#28087

  • Key navigation to all elements of the launcher now, and quicklist! Alt + F1 showing the launcher when hidden.
  • Rework fade effect animation when hovering the bfb (the ubuntu logo) Still some known crasher on the unity window decorator. It's tracked and under debugging right now. Hope we can get a fix after alpha3 on upgrade.

Next release is planned next Monday.

Software Center

  • Improvements to the lobby screen
    • Nicer layout and cleaner visual design
    • Ratings now displayed in Featured and What's New carousels
  • Added ability to deauthorize your computer for purchases (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter#Deauthorizing%20your%20computer)

  • Continued refinement of the ratings and reviews UI
    • Improved feedback when submitting reviews and usefulness ratings
    • Reviews now sorted by version/usefulness/date
    • Note that support for the usefulness feature still awaits deployment on the server-side, eta this week
  • New for-purchase applications to show up in What's New (LP: #684077)

  • Implemented prototype support for weblive feature, currently enabled with startup switch
  • Coming soon:
    • Nice visual improvements and speedup in the details view
  • Released Software Center versions 3.1.18, 3.1.19 and 3.1.20



  • Wayland is now in Universe
    • Will be updating to a somewhat newer snapshot post-A3 (bryce)
  • OOM / Xorg crash reported previously was tracked down to a bug in Ubiquity during LiveCD/Installation which would quickly starve the system of memory (and lead to X crashing). Patch created, tested, and accepted into Ubiquity, issue is now closed. (bryce)
  • Several -intel GPU freeze bugs are being tracked right now. We're getting bunches of bug reports on them and working with upstream and the kernel team to get them analyzed and solved, but they're difficult bugs and progress has been slow this week. (bryce)
  • New mesa 7.10.1 coming soon with bunch of fixes over what we have. Will be uploaded post-A3 (raof)
  • xserver 1.10 has been released, but there was a last minute ABI bump.
    • The ABI bump again breaks all the proprietary drivers, which will need to be updated and new builds provided by AMD and NVIDIA. We're going try to hold off on updating xserver until the new proprietary drivers are available, to minimize disruption for testers.
    • When we do the ABI bump it'll require rebuilding ALL drivers again, and ~1-2 days for the builds go through and X to get consistent again.
  • Apport hooks for X crashes/freezes got bunch of updates/bugfixes
    • GPU lockups create better titles. Hopefully now launchpad can automatically dupe bugs accurately now. (bryce)
    • NVIDIA-specific debug files now automatically collected when -nvidia is in use (bryce)

Tools and Processes

IRC log Western edition

(03:00:21) jasoncwarner: morning everyone. Ready for meeting? 
(03:00:23) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-01
(03:00:29) seb128: hey jasoncwarner
(03:00:41) didrocks: hey o/
KenEdwards kenvandine 
(03:01:08) kenvandine: wow, that is always a bad idea
(03:01:13) hyperair [~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair] entered the room.
(03:01:16) kenvandine: lots of (nautilus:2298): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: (/build/buildd/libdbusmenu-0.3.99/./libdbusmenu-glib/menuitem.c:1760):dbusmenu_menuitem_property_is_default: code should not be reached
(03:01:21) tremolux: heyo
(03:01:21) seb128: didrocks, kenvandine, mterry_, pitti, chrisccoulson, others: ^ it's meeting time
(03:01:23) kenvandine: in my xsession-errors
(03:01:28) seb128: kenvandine, that's fixed in natty
(03:01:31) kenvandine: and no unity :/
(03:01:35) chrisccoulson: oh, that time already? today has flown by!
(03:01:38) seb128: kenvandine, get the upload chrisccoulson did earlier
(03:01:43) kenvandine: ok
(03:01:49) pitti: oh argh
(03:01:51) kenvandine: good times
(03:01:54) pitti: what a day, things keep falling apart
(03:01:56) rodrigo_ [~rodrigo@opensuse/member/rodrigomoya] entered the room.
(03:02:20) Amaranth [~travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] entered the room.
(03:02:22) seb128: jasoncwarner, you should really get a list of nicknames with a ping to start ;-)
(03:02:31) chrisccoulson: heh
(03:02:39) jasoncwarner: seb128: I'm creating an autokey for that today!
(03:02:47) seb128: ;-)
(03:02:50) pitti: jasoncwarner: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-desktop-team/+members
(03:02:54) bcurtiswx left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:03:23) mterry_: hi
(03:03:26) jasoncwarner: reading back through the history a bit, seems most everyone is quite busy...so lets see if can make this quick!
(03:03:28) tkamppeter: hi
(03:03:28) Sweetshark: hey all
(03:03:37) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Partner Update 
(03:03:43) kenvandine: sure
(03:04:25) kenvandine: sorry, fumbling a bit... not used to classic gnome anymore :)
(03:04:32) kenvandine: DX - Potential FFE
(03:04:40) kenvandine:     places a11y (postponed probably)
(03:04:41) kenvandine:     bamf transient API https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+bug/664711
(03:04:41) kenvandine:     appmenu FS case https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-appmenu/+bug/591189
(03:04:41) ubot2: Launchpad bug 664711 in indicator-appmenu "Change to new BAMF menu transient API" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
(03:04:42) ubot2: Launchpad bug 591189 in indicator-appmenu "Manage the fullscreen application case" [Wishlist,Invalid]
(03:05:09) kenvandine: and there is a pretty nasty bug in indicator-datetime
(03:05:18) kenvandine: bug 726603
(03:05:18) ubot2: Launchpad bug 726603 in indicator-datetime "Appointments displayed might not be the next 5 " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/726603
(03:05:43) kenvandine: if you have recurring events, it is very likely the ones displayed in the indicator are not your next 5
(03:05:47) kenvandine: so don't rely on it :)
(03:05:56) kenvandine: karl is working on it
(03:06:05) pitti: kenvandine: yeah, it's quite messed up
(03:06:05) kenvandine: and for UbuntuOne
(03:06:18) kenvandine: Potential FFE
(03:06:18) kenvandine:     bindwood needs to be updated to work with firefox 4 (in progress)
(03:06:18) kenvandine:     notifications for over quota events (not sure this will happen yet)
(03:06:48) kenvandine: bindwood should happen, and it is in universe
(03:06:54) kenvandine: just never got updated for ff4
(03:07:17) kenvandine: and there is the issue of banshee not handling u1ms urls, which dobey has worked on
(03:07:28) chrisccoulson: i was going to update bindwood, but then found that someone already did it ;)
(03:07:37) hyperair left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds).
(03:08:09) kenvandine: chrisccoulson, oh, is it ready for ff4 now?
(03:08:18) kenvandine: jamesh is working on it afaik
(03:08:24) chrisccoulson: kenvandine, yeah there is a branch which supports ff4 now
(03:08:34) chrisccoulson: (it's just a case of dropping nsIExtensionManager)
(03:08:41) kenvandine: other than those things... of course there are plenty of bugs
(03:08:47) kenvandine: time to get to stomping on those :)
(03:08:47) chrisccoulson: i had to do it for one of mine too ;)
(03:08:49) kenvandine: that is all i have
(03:09:09) jasoncwarner: Thanks, Ken. 
(03:09:39) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Unity 
(03:10:07) didrocks: all is on the wiki right now :)
(03:10:20) didrocks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-01
(03:10:24) didrocks: so, to sum up:
(03:10:33) didrocks: new unity today, ready for alpha3
(03:10:48) didrocks: new dash, hope you will love it
(03:10:50) didrocks: lot of bug fixes
(03:11:04) didrocks: still few FFe that will be required (will get the list later today)
(03:11:27) didrocks: I think the wiki page is quite complete actually :)
(03:11:31) jasoncwarner: thanks didrocks
(03:11:35) kenvandine: didrocks, as always :)
(03:11:36) ***jasoncwarner scanning for questions....
(03:11:37) didrocks: oh, and btw, if you have ever wondered of all unity shortcuts
(03:11:42) didrocks: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28086/keyboard-shortcuts-in-unity/28087#28087
(03:12:00) didrocks: that has all the secrets you always wanted on unity ^
(03:12:09) jasoncwarner: btw...like the Super+shift+# addition...
(03:12:10) hyperair [~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair] entered the room.
(03:12:18) didrocks: yeah \o/
(03:12:29) didrocks: this brought some question on some weird keyboard layout
(03:12:35) didrocks: like the French one (who uses that?) :)
(03:12:41) jasoncwarner: well
(03:12:42) didrocks: as Shift + & is 1
(03:12:48) jasoncwarner: don't get me started on that!
(03:12:49) jasoncwarner: ;)
(03:12:52) didrocks: heh :-)
(03:13:10) didrocks: so basically, this release is really solid
(03:13:24) jasoncwarner: saaaweeeet...
(03:13:25) didrocks: do not hesitate to report any issue, as always
(03:13:41) jasoncwarner: that is going up today for A3? 
(03:13:45) didrocks: yeah :)
(03:13:55) didrocks: after some discussion with the release team
(03:13:58) didrocks: (a lot)
(03:14:02) didrocks: but thanks to them! :)
(03:14:04) jasoncwarner: ok...can't wait update :) 
(03:14:14) jasoncwarner: thanks, didrocks
(03:14:22) jasoncwarner: I think we are all looking forward to it!
(03:14:28) didrocks: heh, excellent!
(03:14:31) kenvandine: indeed
(03:14:32) kenvandine: :)
(03:14:40) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Software Center
(03:14:46) tremolux: hey!
(03:14:56) tremolux: so details on wiki and summary here:
(03:14:59) tremolux: * Improvements to the lobby screen
(03:15:00) tremolux: * Continued refinement of ratings and reviews UI
(03:15:00) tremolux: * Added ability to deauthorize your computer for purchases
(03:15:00) tremolux: * Lots of bugfixes
(03:15:00) tremolux: * Coming soon: Details view visual improvements and speedup
(03:15:00) tremolux: * We are feature complete, now concentrating on:
(03:15:02) tremolux:  * UI refinements and performance
(03:15:04) tremolux:  * Continue startup time improvements
(03:15:06) tremolux:  * Bugfixing and stability
(03:15:57) tremolux: actually, I have not checked recently on the status of the Unity side of launcher integration
(03:16:18) jasoncwarner: tremolux: is ratings and reviews all rolled out from an IS standpoint? is there anything they are still needing to do for launch?
(03:16:51) tremolux: jasoncwarner: it's not fully rolled out, we are awaiting the next version that will hopefully land this week
(03:17:04) tremolux: it will contain, among other things, support for the new usefulness feature
(03:17:22) tremolux: we will get an ETA tonight for the rollout
(03:17:32) mterry_: tremolux, are utf-8 issues resolved?  :)
(03:17:50) jasoncwarner: mterry why would we care about that? 
(03:17:57) jasoncwarner: who woudl put those in the naem of an app?
(03:17:58) jasoncwarner: seriously
(03:18:00) jasoncwarner: come on!
(03:18:05) tremolux: mterry_: hmm, I *think* so, let me check and I'll let you know
(03:18:18) tremolux: but that is also awaiting the next serverside rollout
(03:18:26) tremolux: yeah, sorry mterry_!!
(03:18:29) mterry_: :)
(03:18:57) seb128: jasoncwarner, trying to make friends in non-english countries? ;-)
(03:19:09) tremolux: :)
(03:19:35) jasoncwarner: non-english? ;)
(03:19:42) jasoncwarner: thanks, tremolux
(03:19:43) jasoncwarner: oh
(03:19:51) tremolux: thanks!
(03:19:58) jasoncwarner: you mentioned unity launcher integration? checking on that today? 
(03:20:13) tremolux: yes, I will, didrocks do you happen to know more?
(03:20:29) didrocks: it's not done yet
(03:20:34) didrocks: definitively on the list
(03:20:43) tremolux: awesome, thanks  :)
(03:21:07) jasoncwarner: didrocks: is there any eta that you know of? 
(03:21:26) didrocks: jasoncwarner: not for the next release in any case, but then, it will be tackled
(03:22:02) jasoncwarner: cool...thanks
(03:22:05) jasoncwarner: thanks, tremolux
(03:22:11) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Kubuntu
(03:22:11) c_korn [~korn@p57A7615A.dip.t-dialin.net] entered the room.
(03:23:21) jasoncwarner: Riddell: any Kubuntu update ? 
(03:23:57) Riddell: hi
(03:24:10) Riddell: current waiting on alpha candidates to appear
(03:24:17) Riddell: currently packaging KDE SC 4.6.1
(03:24:33) Riddell: current packaging Qt 4.7.2
(03:25:01) Riddell: I believe KDE on ARM is broken due to bug 705689
(03:25:02) ubot2: Launchpad bug 705689 in gcc-linaro/4.5 "Qt applications crash with segfault error on armel when Qt is built with gcc 4.5 on natty" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/705689
(03:25:16) Riddell: Qt has a workaround but not kdelibs
(03:25:40) pitti: Riddell: confirmed, see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/natty_probs.html
(03:25:59) pitti: actually, I meant to say that the Qt fix helped
(03:26:02) pitti: it's a lot better now
(03:26:32) Riddell: oh aye, kdebindings compiling on arm too
(03:26:37) pitti: and KDE is actually mostly installable now (by dependencies, anyway)
(03:26:40) Riddell: so at least it's all compiled now, just probably not running :)
(03:26:57) pitti: haven't checked that, just wanted to point out that Qt is immensely happier now :)
(03:27:16) Riddell: ..
(03:27:41) zyga [~zyga@fdu90.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] entered the room.
(03:27:41) zyga left the room (quit: Changing host).
(03:27:42) zyga [~zyga@linaro/zyga] entered the room.
(03:27:51) jasoncwarner: ok, thanks Riddell!
(03:28:14) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB? 
(03:28:19) jasoncwarner: Anyone have anything else to discuss?
(03:28:47) Riddell: are we done with that allhands.c.c thing?
(03:28:48) Sweetshark: LibreOffice updates...
(03:29:01) kenvandine: not me... just that the unity update is pretty awesome!  great work guys!
(03:29:10) jasoncwarner: Riddell: I'm still trying to get my account fixed :/ 
(03:29:20) chrisccoulson: i'm itching to restart my session so i can try the new unity!
(03:29:20) pitti: allhands> AFAIUI from heno we are just supposed to clear up the old 2010 cycle TODO items, so that they can activate the April review cycle?
(03:29:33) pitti: chrisccoulson: already tried in the guest sessino :)
(03:29:43) pitti: chrisccoulson: (I grabbed the .debs from LP, you as well I suppose)
(03:29:45) seb128: just run "unity" in a running session
(03:29:55) seb128: no need to restart ;-)
(03:30:21) jasoncwarner: pitti: yes, that seems to be it for allhands
(03:30:32) jasoncwarner: Sweetshark: libreoffice updates would be great!
(03:30:42) Sweetshark: LibreOffice status:
(03:30:43) Sweetshark: - first LibreOffice 3.3.1 final in Natty (3.3.1-1ubunt4)
(03:30:43) Sweetshark: - Backports for Lucid and Maverick in the ppa
(03:30:43) Sweetshark: - arm still broken
(03:30:43) Sweetshark: - arm porting stuff together with doko - some unfortunate discussions about the origin of patches in the debian/ubuntu build (they missed proper attribution => bad thing)
(03:30:45) Sweetshark: - transitionals will get done today
(03:30:48) Sweetshark: - l10n tomorrow
(03:30:50) Sweetshark: - lo-menubar integration stategy: upstreaming for 3.4, building as an external extension for 3.3.X (thus for natty)
(03:30:51) chrisccoulson: seb128 -ok, i just did that now ;)
(03:31:32) pitti: Sweetshark: did you figure out the recursive flags variable which caused the armel ftbfs?
(03:32:02) Sweetshark: pitti: yes, the moment I saw it.
(03:32:06) pitti: nice
(03:32:58) Sweetshark: pitti: but there where other issues with the arm patch introduced from debian, including the nasty attribution stuff
(03:33:39) ***kenvandine is looking forward to getting lo-menubar in :)
(03:33:52) awe left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(03:34:07) chrisccoulson: firefox might beat it now ;)
(03:34:21) Sweetshark: pitti: doko is currently building on kakadu. Lets see how it goes. So far, it is looking good.
(03:34:40) MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|afk
(03:35:04) pitti: cool
(03:35:15) doko: still building ...
(03:35:35) kenvandine: chrisccoulson, ugh... i can't get lo-menubar to build for i386 on the buildds
(03:35:43) kenvandine: worked in pbuilder :/
(03:36:30) jasoncwarner: thanks, Sweetshark
(03:36:31) seb128: kenvandine, do you have universe activated in your pbuilder or not?
(03:36:48) kenvandine: i don't
(03:36:57) kenvandine: seb128, and it build for amd64
(03:37:09) kenvandine: the error is failing to satisfy a depends for libreoffice-dev
(03:37:14) seb128: retry the build
(03:37:16) kenvandine: not something specific to lo-menubar
(03:37:20) kenvandine: i have
(03:37:21) seb128: it might have been a transient issue
(03:37:23) kenvandine: a bunch of times now
(03:37:27) kenvandine: same errors
(03:37:35) seb128: did you try in an i386 pbuilder?
(03:37:43) kenvandine: last week
(03:37:48) kenvandine: it worked, same day i uploaded
(03:37:58) seb128: ok dunno then
(03:38:03) kenvandine: and i can install the build depends in a i386 vm
(03:38:09) kenvandine: yeah, that is why i asked Sweetshark :)
(03:39:48) jasoncwarner: Ok...last topic! [TOPIC] Tools and Processes
(03:39:54) jasoncwarner: pitti: anything you wanted to go over? 
(03:40:03) pitti: not from my side
(03:40:12) pitti: for T&P anyway
(03:40:20) pitti: just one question for a3 work items
(03:40:32) pitti: didrocks: are the a11y WIs in the new unity upload, or should I move them to b1?
(03:40:51) didrocks: pitti: maybe ask to rodrigo, there are nice enhancements but I didn't test it that much
(03:40:58) Sweetshark: kenvandine: hhmm, didnt see that. we gotta discuss that after the meeting
(03:40:59) didrocks: so, to be clean, on a11y and unity:
(03:41:06) kenvandine: Sweetshark, thx
(03:41:07) didrocks: all will be accessible by natty, but the places
(03:41:21) didrocks: (there will be keyboard navigation, but no onbard screen reader)
(03:41:43) didrocks: rodrigo_ will give a better a11y state than I can, I just saw the commits flowing in :)
(03:42:03) didrocks: pitti: I'll track it down to get them refreshed tomorrow
(03:42:04) rodrigo_: yes, can give a state if you want :)
(03:42:08) pitti: didrocks: thanks
(03:42:12) pitti: rodrigo_: please
(03:42:32) rodrigo_: ok, so panel and launcher are mostly accessible, some small bugs remaining here and there
(03:42:41) pitti: jasoncwarner: (sorry, just here with 1/4 brain -- this a3 takes a lot more effort than usual)
(03:42:54) rodrigo_: for places, we talked with dbarth__ the other day about leaving it to the end, and if there's time, do the a11y for it
(03:43:55) nessita left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(03:44:50) rodrigo_: pitti, that's a short summary, is that what you wanted? :)
(03:45:02) pitti: rodrigo_: thanks
(03:45:12) gabaug left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(03:45:20) pitti: if dbarth didrocks can translate that into updating WI states for a3, perfect :)
(03:45:29) rodrigo_: :)
(03:45:30) didrocks: pitti: will do them :)
(03:45:34) pitti: ... just assume you'd read the missing "or" there
(03:45:46) didrocks: heh, sure :)
(03:48:21) jasoncwarner: Ok...anything else? 
(03:48:46) jasoncwarner: 3....
(03:48:48) jasoncwarner: 2...
(03:48:51) jasoncwarner: 1..
(03:48:53) seb128: thanks
(03:48:55) tkamppeter: seb128, Riddell, bryce, pitti, what about an O O being the first Ubuntu with color managment (ICC, ...).
(03:48:58) didrocks: thanks ;)
(03:49:00) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:30:52) jasoncwarner: good morning eastern edition...ready for meeting? 
(08:30:53) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-01
(08:30:58) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell TheMuso Bryceh RAOF
(08:31:26) RAOF: Good morning gentles all.
(08:31:55) jasoncwarner: morning RAOF
(08:32:41) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: bryce_ around? 
(08:34:00) bryce_: heya
(08:34:02) jasoncwarner: Well, RAOF, I think it is you and me :)
(08:34:07) jasoncwarner: oh, heya bryce_!
(08:34:07) TheMuso: hey
(08:34:13) jasoncwarner: nm...spoke too soon ;)
(08:34:17) bryce_: sorry, was chatting with raof on #ubuntu-x
(08:34:19) RAOF: Here they come :)
(08:34:36) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X Update...
(08:34:47) bryce_: ok
(08:34:57) RAOF: A fun week in X!
(08:35:06) bryce_: I mentioned about an out of memory bug previously...
(08:35:21) bryce_: this is now solved.  Turned out it was a bug in ubiquity that caused a memory leak
(08:35:38) bryce_: during installation or livecd usage, which quickly gobbled up memory and then X fell over and died
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(08:36:21) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:36:31) bryce_: patch was verified by the testing crew and cjwatson accepted it into ubiquity, so all should be good now.
(08:36:58) jasoncwarner: awesome...
(08:37:34) kancerman [~kancerman@] entered the room.
(08:37:38) jasoncwarner: anything else you want to highlight? 
(08:38:00) bryce_: progress on the proprietary driver front
(08:38:00) RAOF: We now have all the Xi 2.1 bits in the stack, so multitouch should work for all those people who actually have multitouch hardware and software :)
(08:38:22) jasoncwarner: oh, cool...I'll test it on my trackpad ;) 
(08:38:24) bryce_: however with the latest xserver upstream ABI change it's added a bit of complication for driver guys
(08:38:38) jasoncwarner: RAOF: are those there now or in latest update today?
(08:39:07) RAOF: jasoncwarner: They're in now.  In fact, last week, just after the meeting :)
(08:39:34) jasoncwarner: ok :) I'll start testing after meeting. thanks
(08:39:55) jasoncwarner: bryce_: how are we on drivers now...seems my system is working again ;) 
(08:40:03) RAOF: Everyone who happens to have a non-multitouch but multi-finger synaptics touchpad noticed, because they couldn't move their pointer :)
(08:40:23) bryce_: jasoncwarner, yep, we're going to need to do another ABI bump unfortunately, but I think what we should do is hold off on that a bit
(08:40:32) bryce_: so people can keep using proprietary drivers that got 'em
(08:40:54) bryce_: and give amd/nvidia time to roll out drivers with the new abi
(08:41:22) bryce_: then when we've got those in hand, we'll can do the abi rebuild dance across the board
(08:41:32) bryce_: RAOF, does that sound like a sensible approach to you?
(08:41:34) RAOF: I'm (slowly) preparing the 1.10 final packages, but we might as well wait for the proprietary drivers this time.
(08:41:51) RAOF: bryce_: Absolutely.  I thought we'd already agreed to that :)
(08:42:00) bryce_: just checking :-)
(08:42:24) bryce_: we've got hardly any bug reports against natty/xserver right now (just three! and one I reported, the other two may not be valid anyway)
(08:43:07) jasoncwarner: cool...hopefully we'll get more feedback here soon if there are problems, giving us enough runway to get 'em fixed
(08:43:12) jasoncwarner: alright...anything else? 
(08:43:19) RAOF: There's one xserver bug I'll hunt down today which seems to be hit by hybrid graphics users (assert on startup).
(08:43:53) RAOF: We'll get a new mesa soon; the 7.10 branch will soon see a 7.10.1 release, with a bunch of extra fixes over our current snapshot.
(08:44:10) RAOF: I don't believe that will need a FFe.
(08:44:23) bryce_: most of my time has been in chasing the -intel gpu freeze bugs.  I've also put in a bunch of enhancements to our apport hooks again this past week.  But nothing really earth shattering to report there.
(08:44:51) bryce_: oh and how could I forget...  since last meeting, Wayland is now in the archive :-)
(08:44:54) jasoncwarner: ok... TheMuso, anything of particular note you want to update or are we good? 
(08:45:02) jasoncwarner: bryce_: oh yeah, test away people!
(08:45:03) jasoncwarner: ;)
(08:45:42) bryce_: jasoncwarner, haven't gotten much feedback on it.  I do plan to spend some time updating it a little.
(08:45:50) TheMuso: Nothing major to report from me.
(08:46:19) TheMuso: One thing I should mention is that there haven't been any user reports of problems with the new audio volume initialization process.
(08:46:52) TheMuso: Which is a good thing, but I have plans to clean that up a bit more next cycle... and other audio plans too.
(08:47:12) bryce_: audio's been working dandy on all my systems
(08:47:19) jasoncwarner: ok...cool...
(08:47:34) TheMuso: bryce_: yes but the recent big change was with the way that audi ovoluems are set on a fres install/live CD.
(08:47:34) jasoncwarner: davidb mentioned something about audio last night and was going to ask TheMuso to look into it...
(08:47:48) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: would you mind talking to davidb about it and see what he was seeing?
(08:47:57) TheMuso: jasoncwarner: Sure.
(08:48:30) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: thank you :) 
(08:48:50) jasoncwarner: 'aight...will give a last call ;) Anything else? 
(08:48:58) bryce_: my son has learned to say the word "No" now.  He says it with much gusto.
(08:49:08) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]

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