Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • Removed the last rdepends of hal, finally went to universe. (pitti)

  • Desktop CD growth tracked down to dpkg-repack, fixed. (seb128, pitti)

  • Landed new pygobject upstream version with some minor API changes. All rdepends fixed. (pitti)
  • Rewrite/fix XPI handling in langpack-o-matic; next langpack build will bring back FIrefox translations. (pitti)
  • Fixed paste keybinding in GNOME Terminal
  • uploaded libreoffice-3.3.1-1ubuntu5 to natty main as debian will not release a 3.3.2rc1 version (bjoern-michaelsen)
  • uploaded libreoffice0-l10n-3.3.1-1ubuntu (first 3.3.1 l10n package in natty) (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • armel should be fixed with this, however there is a failure in postinst of ca-certificates-java, so we can not be sure
  • lo-menubar:
    • we now have a proof of concept (in LibreOffice Basic) for dynamic menus (like the "Recent Files:" menu). They are tricky, because they generate their content the moment they display. (bjoern-michaelsen with aruiz)

    • we have a concept on how to solve the issue with labels in the submenus and state changes there. (Like "cant undo"/disabled changing to "undo: typing foo"/enabled (bjoern-michaelsen with aruiz)
  • Firefox now has Unity menubar integration by default (chrisccoulson)
  • We're now providing daily builds of Thunderbird 3.3 in the ubuntu-mozilla-daily PPA (as well as development snapshots in the thunderbird-next PPA)

Partner update


  • FFE: bindwood update for firefox4 still planned
  • FFE: adding ubuntuone-couch to universe bug 729117

    • cli tool for managing couchdb in the cloud



  • New unity release on Monday!
    • "What, on Monday? yeah Monday!". As we skipped the release on Thursday for alpha3 (we had a bug fix released on previous Tuesday morning for the record), we decided to do our next new shiny release yesterday! And it paid off, a lot of bug fixing in this one:
    • The most annoying unity-window-decoration crash were fixed (but some are still there)
    • Some unity crashes are part of the past as well (and same for the migration script)
    • A huge speed improvment to the places
    • some minor "-" search fixes
    • lot of launcher improvments in its behavior. Seems though that it still likes to play the "I'm here even I shouldn't" game. Next release will add some debugging code for those wanting to hunt those false positives!
    Upload was concerning compiz/dee/libunity/unity-place-files/unity-place-applications… and of course, unity! Back to business with a usual release on Thursday (but the Launchpad rollout will probably force us to do the release a little bit earlier)

As usual, for the full story https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.6.2

  • The team is mostly switching on a bugfix mode. I computed a list of most annoying compiz/nux/unity issues and they are tagged as top priority. So, we can hope to get most of them fixed very soon.
  • There is still a pending new dialog refactoring in compiz, it will require a FFe if it goes in. Nothing clear yet.
  • Also, a new zg synced from debian will probably be needed. Kamstrup is doing a review to put some proper number on speed improvment to see if it worths the FFe.

Software Center

  • The ratings and reviews "usefulness" feature has been rolled out for Alpha 3
    • Allows users to "vote" on the usefulness of a review
    • Reviews are sorted by version/usefulness/date
  • Improvements to the details view
    • Nicer layout and cleaner visual design
    • Much faster to display
    • Fixes for intermittent hang bug and layout errors
  • Software Center is feature-complete for natty, we are now concentrating on:
    • UI refinements and performance
    • Continue startup time improvements
    • Bugfixing and stability
  • Released Software Center versions 3.1.21, 3.1.22 and 3.1.23



  • Updated to new Wayland snapshot from January. This is as new as we can go, any newer requires development version of mesa. (bryce)
  • Further analysis into GPU hang bugs affecting i915/i945 hardware. Working with reporters to test potential fixes. Providing data to upstream from testing various theorized fixes. No sure fix yet. (bryce)
  • Routinely going through reported bugs daily; most are dupes of a few known issues. (bryce)
  • Reviewed all X bugs with patches, sponsored many of them. (bryce)
  • SRU'd patches for various input device issues (bryce)
  • Updated to mesa 7.10.1. This is a bugfix release, primarily carrying fixes for sandybridge. (raof)
  • Updated xorg-server with fixes for a variety of input device bugs (cnd)
  • We will likely be updating to new xserver within the coming week. We've been holding off to permit proprietary drivers to provide builds supporting the latest X ABI changes. This will require doing rebuilds of all the drivers.
  • Update of the 'xorg' package planned within the next day or two. This will bring us in sync with Debian, but will probably have no user-visible change as it is mainly X packaging logic. (tjaalton)

Tools and Processes

IRC log Western edition

(03:00:42) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-08
(03:00:46) tedg: What I don't get is why this doesn't happen to me...
(03:00:49) didrocks: hey
(03:00:53) jasoncwarner: Good morning everyone
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(03:01:05) seb128: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:08) jasoncwarner: hey seb
(03:01:12) chrisccoulson: tedg, it only happens to me sometimes
(03:01:14) zyga is now known as zyga-afk
(03:01:15) dbarth__ [~dbarth@212-198-159-93.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:01:31) seb128: didrocks, mterry, pitti, kenvandine, chrisccoulson, Riddell: ^
(03:01:32) jasoncwarner: pitti didrocks seb128 mterry rodrigo_ sweetshark kenvandine tremolux cyphermox chrisccoulson tkamppeter bryceh riddell ready for meeting? 
(03:01:34) pitti: o/
(03:01:35) seb128: others as well
(03:01:37) chrisccoulson: \o/
(03:01:38) tremolux: heya, you bet
(03:01:38) cyphermox: o/
(03:01:42) seb128: ;-)
(03:01:45) ***kenvandine waves
(03:02:06) Sweetshark: jasoncwarner: thats why the sun is dawning here: It has to make Morning at your place.
(03:02:09) seb128: jasoncwarner, bryceh is the eastern edition usually
seb128 seiflotfy_ 
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(03:02:35) tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
(03:02:35) jasoncwarner: seb128: yeah...true : )
(03:02:44) jasoncwarner: ok...jumping right in
(03:02:48) mterry: hi
(03:02:50) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Partner Update
(03:02:51) tkamppeter: hi
(03:03:25) kenvandine: ok
(03:03:27) dashua [~jws141@c-71-230-219-252.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] entered the room.
(03:03:30) kenvandine: UbuntuOne
(03:03:42) kenvandine: FFE: bindwood update for firefox4 still planned
(03:03:54) kenvandine: FFE: adding ubuntuone-couch to universe
(03:04:01) kenvandine: which is a cli tool for managing couchdb in the cloud
(03:04:30) kenvandine: DX:
(03:04:35) kenvandine: https://launchpad.net/unity-foundations to replace https://launchpad.net/ayatana-ubuntu
(03:04:37) chrisccoulson: what else does the bindwood update bring? does it really need a FFe (considering that the current version doesn't work)
(03:04:43) chrisccoulson: (sorry to interrupt) ;)
(03:04:54) kenvandine: chrisccoulson, i would consider it a regression
(03:05:03) kenvandine: so maybe not a ffe
(03:05:07) kenvandine: no features
(03:05:10) kenvandine: i have confirmed that
(03:05:22) chrisccoulson: cool, so we should just upload that then
(03:05:37) kenvandine: so FYI on the LP restructuring there, new name unity-foundations
(03:06:02) kenvandine: FFE: indicator-datetime, browsing calendar widget should update appointments
(03:06:06) didrocks: (same for all dx, new names in fact)
(03:06:24) kenvandine: still planned, but not ready yet
(03:06:29) kenvandine: and
(03:06:31) kenvandine: overlay scrollbar
(03:06:55) kenvandine: seb128 to review the gtk patch for possible ffe bug 730740
(03:06:57) ubot2: Launchpad bug 730740 in gtk+2.0 "Provide support for dynamically loading the new overlay scrollbar feature" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/730740
(03:07:01) kenvandine: note: this doesn't include the overlay scrollbar module itself
(03:07:03) seb128: ?
(03:07:11) seb128: did comment on that one yesterday
(03:07:24) kenvandine: ok
(03:07:39) seb128: the patch itself shouldn't be a real issue if we want to take it but it's an hack and it doesn't seem have a strong rational
(03:07:42) didrocks: also, meanwhile, can you please ping me when you are updating gtk in natty? I got a bunch of emails this morning from people telling my overlay package in the ppa was broken :/
(03:08:24) seb128: didrocks, that's not going to work accross people uploading gtk, subscribe to natty-changes and set up a filter for gtk uploads ;-)
(03:08:51) didrocks: well, I would prefer someone volonteering for the overlay maintaince :)
(03:08:57) didrocks: or doing the upload in the ppa
(03:09:02) pitti: the new scroll bars are a bit of a "surprise" to say the least
(03:09:04) seb128: talk to dx
(03:09:23) kenvandine: right, i suspect plenty of conversations to have still
(03:09:23) pitti: I had assumed we already have enough to do with stabilizing unity?
(03:09:31) kenvandine: pitti, indeed
(03:09:37) didrocks: yeah, I have enough with unity myself :)
(03:09:49) didrocks: hence the call for "if someone can handle it, would be nice"
(03:10:10) didrocks: the packaging is done, should be a matter of updates and rebase patches…
(03:10:16) seb128: drop it on dx, it's their job ;-)
(03:10:17) kenvandine: if we did get the gtk patch in, it would simplify the maintainence in the ppa at least
(03:10:31) didrocks: seb128: you know it's not working like that…
(03:10:41) seb128: I'm not especialled thrilled to ship gtk hacks in ubuntu just to make ppa work easier
(03:10:42) kenvandine: didrocks, he knows :)
(03:10:49) kenvandine: seb128, understand
(03:10:53) didrocks: well, ok, I'll do it again then :/
(03:11:48) kenvandine: that is all i have, we can surely discuss the gtk end of this outside of the meeting
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(03:12:04) dbarth__ [~dbarth@212-198-159-93.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:12:13) jasoncwarner: kenvandine: :) I think parner update was more lively than usuaL!
(03:13:06) kenvandine: hehe :)
(03:13:07) jasoncwarner: ok...thanks...
(03:13:15) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Unity 
(03:13:30) didrocks: yeah
(03:13:41) didrocks: so, as usual, everything is detailed in the wiki :)
(03:13:49) didrocks: main hilights are:
(03:13:57) didrocks: - slowly switching in bug fixing mode
(03:14:08) didrocks: - latest release should already bring better stability
(03:14:27) didrocks: - next release a little bit earlier due to launchpad rollout
(03:15:00) didrocks: - also, some FFe will probably be required (see wiki)
(03:15:20) didrocks: (I heard also that Alt + F2 will be back either this week or next one, depends on two pieces :))
(03:15:56) seb128: \o/ ;-)
(03:16:25) seb128: (though I'm still running a gnome-panel so I'm ok with it being late ;-)
(03:16:36) pitti: (and I want my time-indicator back..)
(03:16:41) pitti: (and a pony)
(03:16:53) Q-FUNK: (un chauson avec ça?)
(03:17:12) didrocks: pitti: time-indicator?
(03:17:31) pitti: didrocks: it's totally empty right now
(03:17:47) didrocks: pitti: oh, not for me :) that's more on the fundation part I think
(03:17:52) mterry: pitti, good job on still making the meeting on time  :)
(03:18:54) didrocks: so yeah, all details on the wiki for past and future troubles ;) that's it for me!
(03:19:05) jasoncwarner: thanks, didrocks!
(03:19:10) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Software Center
(03:19:17) c_korn [~korn@p57A6BF0C.dip.t-dialin.net] entered the room.
(03:19:17) tremolux: heyo
(03:19:26) tremolux: ok, so details on the wiki, and highlights:
(03:19:29) tremolux: * The ratings and reviews "usefulness" feature has been rolled out for Alpha 3
(03:19:29) tremolux: * Nice improvements to the details view; cleaner layout and much faster rendering
(03:19:46) tremolux: so, everybody please vote for your favorite reviews (and reviewers)  ;)
(03:20:05) ***tremolux always pluses mterry reviews by policy
(03:20:19) mterry: :)
(03:20:26) pitti: /msg tremolux how much does he pay per plus?
(03:20:36) tremolux: pitti: shhh!  secret
(03:20:44) mterry: I fix a deja-dup bug for him
(03:20:52) Q-FUNK: ah, that seems like a potent source of financing. /me notes
(03:21:00) tremolux: haha  :D
(03:21:06) seb128: pitti, do you have a calendar you didn't authentificate to?
(03:22:53) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Kubuntu
rickspencer3 ricotz Riddell 
(03:23:03) jasoncwarner: Riddell: ? ^
(03:23:09) Riddell: I'm not here I'm afraid, I'm at conf.kde.in
(03:23:49) ari-tczew left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(03:23:55) Riddell: Kubuntu is all good as far as I know, the ARM issue with GCC and Qt is being looked into, I think we need to do some tests for doko
(03:24:51) Riddell: last week's alpha was fine except on ARM and kubuntu mobile needs a launchpad change to work again
(03:25:02) Riddell: ..
(03:27:06) jasoncwarner: thanks, Riddell
(03:27:16) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Tools and Processes 
(03:27:26) jasoncwarner: pitti, anything you wanted to talk about? 
(03:27:47) pitti: not from me
(03:27:59) pitti: I'm not quite sure what this regular section is about, TBH
(03:28:05) pitti: if we have something new, we should put it on the agenda
Pici pitti 
(03:29:11) jasoncwarner: pitti: sure thing. 
(03:29:16) jasoncwarner: well then, last topic would be 
(03:29:17) Sweetshark: should LO be a regular section? currently i am just dumping my stuff in the weekly summary.
(03:29:26) komputes [~komputes@ubuntu/member/komputes] entered the room.
(03:30:59) jasoncwarner: Sweetshark: we can talk after meeting...so far it seems to work the way it is. 
(03:31:21) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB? 
(03:32:11) tseliot left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(03:32:57) jasoncwarner: ok, sounds good!
(03:33:01) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:30:19) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-08
(08:30:22) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell TheMuso Bryceh RAOF
(08:30:24) jasoncwarner: you guys ready? 
(08:30:32) robert_ancell: jasoncwarner, yup
(08:30:37) TheMuso: Yo
(08:30:40) bryceh_: heya
(08:30:56) kamstrup left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(08:30:57) jasoncwarner: morning everyone! 
(08:31:04) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X
(08:31:34) bryceh_: we've just posted mesa 7.10.1
(08:31:45) RAOF: Ah, you've uploaded that?  Awesome :)
(08:31:59) bryceh_: an xserver bump is in the works and will be out within the week, it's mostly just making sure the driver situation is sane
(08:32:21) bryceh_: RAOF, in fact wanted to ask - is the driver situation sane enough we could do xserver right now?  anything we're waiting on still?
(08:32:47) davidbarth left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
(08:32:53) jasoncwarner: bryceh_: learning from my last experience with an x upgrade .... are we going to have 3d for it ;) (sarcasm, but just expect to get that question going forward! :) )
(08:33:01) bryceh_: RAOF, yeah re: mesa, I played with it a bit this morning and didn't spot anything bad so went ahead and dropped it in a little bit ago
(08:33:16) RAOF: I was only waiting for nvidia and fglrx to catch up - have they?
(08:33:22) bryceh_: jasoncwarner, indeed that's exactly the reason we've been delaying updating it so far
(08:33:43) robert_ancell: RAOF, can I haz alt-tab now?
(08:34:17) RAOF: robert_ancell: You should have haz alt-tab for a number of weeks - don't you?
(08:34:19) bryceh_: -nvidia should be right?  With -fglrx <mumble mumble> but I gather it doesn't matter since we don't have a functioning -fglrx driver with the interim abi
(08:34:26) TheMuso: robert_ancell: Should be fine with recent cards, I am using compiz with gnome now and having no problems.
(08:34:43) bryceh_: robert_ancell, yeah that's fixed since some time ago
(08:35:09) bryceh_: or, at least the alt-tab bug I was working on a while ago is now fixed. ;-)
(08:35:18) RAOF: s/fixed/worked around by using a driver upstream doesn't say “why are you touching the classic driver”/
(08:35:33) ***robert_ancell alt-tabs.... and is still here!
robbiew robert_ancell 
(08:35:50) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell: small victories ;)
(08:36:05) Amaranth [~travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] entered the room.
(08:36:21) robert_ancell: I'm just getting the window not redrawing bugs now (seemed to start a week ago or so)
(08:36:42) bryceh_: ok, in other news the wayland update I mentioned last meeting has gone in, so we're "done" with wayland for natty.
(08:36:58) jasoncwarner: yay
(08:37:13) jasoncwarner: ok, any other x news? 
(08:37:38) bryceh_: nope, pretty much at this point I'm entirely focusing on bugs.  RAOF, you?
(08:37:46) cyphermox [~cyphermox@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.active.cyphermox] entered the room.
(08:37:56) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB? 
(08:37:58) RAOF: Patches have been posted upstream for the residual graphics corruption on early gen3 (think i915) chips.
(08:38:01) AbsintheSyringe [~havoc@SE400.PPPoE-5503.sa.bih.net.ba] entered the room.
(08:38:42) RAOF: If you're experiencing that bug, try the intel-drm-next kernel from the mainline builds.
(08:38:47) bryceh_: oh, speaking of freezes, I've also updated the -intel apport hook to hopefully dupe these bugs a bit more smartly
(08:39:19) TheMuso: I hope the big crashing issues with the ubuntuone stack are known.
(08:39:32) bryceh_: TheMuso, X crashing?
(08:39:35) TheMuso: I had to delete the launcher desktop file from /etc/xdg/autostart for now, as I couldn't use myd esktop with constant apport hooks coming up.
(08:39:49) TheMuso: bryceh_: Not X, ubuntuone related.
(08:39:50) bryceh_: TheMuso, haven't seen reports of a ubuntuone / X crash issue
(08:39:57) bryceh_: ah
(08:40:24) RAOF: TheMuso: Yeah, that's known, and I think worked around in the most recent update?
(08:40:26) ***TheMuso is referring to AOB, but its not really meeting related, just wondered if anybody had hit that.
(08:40:39) RAOF: bug 731023
(08:40:42) TheMuso: RAOF: I saw ubuntuone related changes from overnight, but haven't updated yet.
(08:40:42) ubot2: Launchpad bug 731023 in libunity "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with ImportError in get_interfaces_for_object(): No module named Dee" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/731023
(08:40:55) bryceh_: I noticed in software center you can vote for reviews as many times as you wish.  ;-)
(08:40:59) TheMuso: Hrm interesting. I am still using GNOME here.
(08:41:00) RAOF: That's what you're hitting.
(08:41:05) TheMuso: i.e GNOME panel/
(08:41:17) TheMuso: Ok will update ASAP then.
(08:41:25) Sweetshark [~bjoern@port-90134.pppoe.wtnet.de] entered the room.
(08:41:44) RAOF: It's probably seeing if it can connect to unity, so would do so in regular GNOME too?  Dunno, maybe you're seeing a different bug?
(08:41:45) kenvandine: dobey, libunity and dee uploaded
(08:43:05) kenvandine: TheMuso, i just uploaded fixes for that ubuntuone crasher
(08:43:10) dashua [~jws141@c-71-230-219-252.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] entered the room.
(08:43:18) TheMuso: kenvandine: Ok sweet, will wait till they have been published then.
(08:43:19) jasoncwarner: kenvandine: awsome...was getting annoying! ;)
(08:43:22) TheMuso: thanks.
(08:43:33) jasoncwarner: Ok...anything else? otherwise...
(08:43:36) bryceh_: jasoncwarner, how has the unity feedback been going?
(08:43:40) ricotz: gilir, hi
(08:43:58) jasoncwarner: bryceh_: as you might expect...mixed
(08:44:12) jasoncwarner: there is actually quite a bit of love, some hate...but alot of middle ground. 
(08:44:17) gilir: hi ricotz
(08:44:37) jasoncwarner: seems people can see the good through the rough edges, which is encouraging. 
(08:44:47) ***TheMuso winces at the slowness of wireless 2.4gHz. My area's 2.4gHz spectrum si congested waaay to much atm, can see 16 APs, including my own.
(08:44:48) kenvandine: TheMuso, the fixes are in libunity and libdee
(08:44:53) ricotz: gilir, perhaps you have time for this https://launchpad.net/elementaryicons/2.0/2.7 :-)
(08:45:30) jasoncwarner: Ok...if nothing else, thanks everyone!
(08:45:33) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]
(08:45:35) bryceh_: thanks

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