Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • Enable GNOME control-center shell .desktop file, gets exposed in unity search and session indicator now, as per design team spec. (pitti)
  • Fix XPI and Firefox search plugin handling in langpack-o-matic. (pitti)
  • New natty langpacks, now with working Firefox translations; maverick-proposed ones will be fixed in the next two days. (pitti)
  • Add sanity check to dh_scour to compare SVGs before/after optimization and leave them untouched if they differ. (pitti)
  • Completed bug fixes reported by Epson for the automatic printer driver download. Now it is confirmed by Epson that it also works behind a proxy (tkamppeter & pitti).

  • LibreOffice

    • updated openoffice.org-dictionaries lp#726335 lp#707439 (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • updated hunspell (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • updated hyphen (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • updated libreoffice-l10n lp#729727 (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • updated openoffice.org dict transitionals (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • some support for Alberto on the lo-menubar implementation (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • ongoing: reenable launchpad integration lp#696524 (bjoern-michaelsen)
    • ongoing: 3.3.2 will go final in the next days

Partner update


  • FFE: bindwood update for firefox4 still planned



  • Back to normal business: whole unity release this Thursday (unity-place-files, unity-place-applications, libzeitgeist, libunity, nux, unity)

    Full story as aways, available at https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.6.4

  • Some hilights:
    • Alt + F2 si back \o/ You can have some additional candies like path browsing in it, non-in-path executable and desktop file (icon) matching Smile :) Still some work to do to support ~ and "launch in terminal", but the main piece is there

    • Dash with keyboard navigation. There are some known issues (like enter doesn't really trigger the fist item element), but that will be fixed next week.
    • We got back the place activation, meaning that now you have the "available items" like in maverick to be able to launch software-center on a non installed application
    • Lots of bug fixes as usual. A huge thanks to all our volonteer community contributor for all the fixes they are commiting. The number is tredemensly growing and it's almost hard for us to keep up on merge requests Smile :)

  • We try to bring back broken daily builds right now so that people can enjoy latest and live on the edge again! Smile :)

  • Zeitgeist 0.7 will be synced (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zeitgeist/+bug/732551) this week

  • incoming compiz fixes, especially for decorator crashes.
  • You can keep up on the FFe requests there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/NattyReleaseStatus

Software Center

  • Breaking news!! The awesome RAOF has fixed the root cause of the recent pervasive SIGSEGV crashes on software-center startup \o/
  • With new feature development complete, the Software Center team is now focused on:
    • Triaging and fixing bugs
    • Increasing stability and reliability
    • Visual tweaks and other UI refinements
    • Additional startup time improvements and general speedup
    • Usability enhancements as needed
  • Released Software Center versions and, includes:
    • Lots of nice enhancements and visual improvements, particularly in the ratings and reviews feature
    • Lots of bugfixes



IRC log Western edition

(03:00:30) seb128: oh, it's meeting time
(03:00:38) didrocks: mterry: it was never merged, can you check that out?
(03:01:08) seb128: didrocks, check the bug, api said the fix was wrong and rodrigo worked on a new version
(03:01:20) pitti: Sweetshark, bryceh_, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, tkamppeter: meeting time
(03:01:26) didrocks: well, the issue is that we still have it in the packaging branch then :/
(03:01:26) mterry: didrocks, someone said there was a slightly better way to do it
(03:01:28) ***kenvandine waves
(03:01:30) seb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-15
(03:01:32) chrisccoulson: hi!
(03:01:37) seb128: pitti, thanks for the ping ;-)
(03:01:37) tremolux: hey!
(03:01:40) mterry: hi
(03:01:41) pitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-15
(03:01:46) ***Sweetshark reporting in
(03:02:01) Riddell: hi
(03:02:05) seb128: ok, so jasoncwarner was feeling unwell and said he would sleep to until after the meeting and pitti has to run in 25 minutes
(03:02:13) seb128: so I'm leading this one
(03:02:19) seb128: hope everybody is doing well ;-)
(03:02:33) seb128: no action from previous one it seems
(03:02:40) seb128: so let's start with kenvandine
(03:02:45) kenvandine: :-D
(03:02:55) kenvandine: starting with U1
(03:03:10) kenvandine: bindwood for firefox 4 really should come this week, if it hasn't already
(03:03:20) kenvandine: i think they were working on that this morning, getting it ready for upload
(03:03:40) kenvandine: On to DX
(03:04:02) kenvandine: indicator-datetime  still has some significant crashers, we are hoping to have it mostly stabilized this week.
(03:04:24) kenvandine: then maybe we can get some better bug reports, besides crashes and doesn't work at all
(03:04:33) kenvandine: overlay scrollbar
(03:04:43) kenvandine: really no new news on this
(03:05:00) pitti: what's teh current plan? still need to squeeze that into natty?
(03:05:09) kenvandine: that is what some people want
(03:05:19) kenvandine: nobody has commented on the bug since the 9th
(03:05:29) kenvandine: bug 730740
(03:05:31) ubot2: Launchpad bug 730740 in gtk+2.0 "Provide support for dynamically loading the new overlay scrollbar feature" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/730740
(03:05:35) mterry: datetime doesn't work for people?  i've not seen a crash.  is it with evo events?
(03:05:54) kenvandine: mterry, it is...
(03:05:57) seb128: mterry, there is a known obvious crashed when you use a calendar with authentification and those are not stored
(03:06:13) chrisccoulson: i think that ones still assigned to me ;)
(03:06:14) seb128: mterry, rather than asking for the password it segfaults
(03:06:29) seb128: mterry, there is another one I did a valgrind for, check on launchpad
(03:06:29) kenvandine: i think the other one is due to calendars that you disable
(03:06:51) seb128: mterry, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/729175
(03:06:52) ubot2: Launchpad bug 729175 in unity-foundations "valgrind invalid read" [High,Confirmed]
(03:07:08) seb128: bug #729444
(03:07:09) ubot2: Launchpad bug 729444 in indicator-datetime "indicator-datetime-service crashed with SIGSEGV in update_appointment_menu_items()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/729444
(03:07:21) pitti: mterry: yes, as soon as I disable evo events, it stops crashing
(03:07:32) mterry: pfft, just do that then!  ;)
(03:07:42) kenvandine: hehe
(03:08:11) kenvandine: the other one is bug 733833
(03:08:12) ubot2: Launchpad bug 733833 in unity-2d "indicator-datetime-service crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/733833
(03:08:32) kenvandine: i asked dbarth to milestone it, but he hasn't yet
(03:09:19) kenvandine: that is all i have
(03:09:22) kenvandine: questions?
(03:11:08) seb128: thanks kenvandine
(03:11:17) seb128: didrocks, unity update?
(03:11:21) didrocks: sure
(03:11:32) didrocks: as usual, main points are in the wiki
(03:11:39) didrocks: I'll just copy the hilights from the week
(03:11:49) didrocks: Alt + F2 si back \o/ You can have some additional candies like path browsing in it, non-in-path executable and desktop file (icon) matching  Still some work to do to support ~ and "launch in terminal", but the main piece is there
(03:11:51) didrocks: Dash with keyboard navigation. There are some known issues (like enter doesn't really trigger the fist item element), but that will be fixed next week.
(03:11:53) didrocks: We got back the place activation, meaning that now you have the "available items" like in maverick to be able to launch software-center on a non installed application
(03:11:55) didrocks: Lots of bug fixes as usual. A huge thanks to all our volonteer community contributor for all the fixes they are commiting. The number is tredemensly growing and it's almost hard for us to keep up on merge requests
(03:12:17) didrocks: we should have some updates to zeitgeist and some feature freeze exception coming
(03:12:25) didrocks: all is tracked on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/NattyReleaseStatus
(03:12:42) didrocks: for the last release, please refer to https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.6.4
(03:12:55) didrocks: and of course, for next one (list not definitive at all: https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.6.6)
(03:13:15) didrocks: any questions/enquiries/murder? ;)
(03:13:29) pitti: need to go, see you later!
(03:13:38) tremolux: bye pitti
(03:13:40) seb128: pitti, see you
(03:13:54) Riddell: murder?!
(03:13:57) didrocks: see you pitti :)
(03:14:17) didrocks: Riddell: never know, some people can be really upset by some bugs ;)
(03:14:25) seb128: didrocks, I saw you negociating to get things dropped from the cycle now, what is left to add feature wise?
(03:14:35) seb128: didrocks, great work on the run a command btw ;-)
(03:14:41) didrocks: thanks :-)
(03:14:45) didrocks: so, big incoming feature
(03:14:57) didrocks: there is the "add from software-center" where i reduced a lot the scope
(03:15:08) didrocks: code is here, just fresh from few minutes :)
(03:15:15) didrocks: just need the FFe ack
(03:15:19) didrocks: for*
(03:15:57) didrocks: then, there is the unity dialog
(03:16:06) seb128: unity dialog?!
(03:16:12) didrocks: but this one will probably go out of scope
(03:16:13) seb128: what's that?
(03:16:22) didrocks: it's a compiz plugin for dialogs
(03:16:26) didrocks: changing their behavior
(03:16:30) seb128: can we drop thing out of scope now so we don't waste efforts on those?
(03:16:42) seb128: I though sam said it would not work for natty anyway
(03:16:47) didrocks: that's why I tried, but smspillaz still work on the proof of concept
(03:16:57) didrocks: so, I try to keep them focused :)
(03:17:06) didrocks: places a11y
(03:17:20) didrocks: work is almost done now that we have dash keyboard navigation
(03:17:37) didrocks: (and seems reasonable to have)
(03:17:43) didrocks: latest is multi-touch support in Unity
(03:18:03) didrocks: this one is really on the grey zone, but probably won't land
(03:18:21) didrocks: all the others are referenced on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/NattyReleaseStatus (and are dropped)
(03:18:30) seb128: ok
(03:18:32) seb128: thanks didrocks
(03:18:35) didrocks: yw
(03:18:42) seb128: seems you have things under control ;-)
(03:19:00) didrocks: pretend at least :-)
(03:19:19) seb128: other questions for didrocks?
(03:20:47) seb128: seems not
(03:20:48) seb128: thanks didrocks
(03:20:58) seb128: tremolux, hey, s-c update?
(03:21:04) tremolux: hey seb128, sure
(03:21:16) tremolux: so, details on wiki, and highlights are
(03:21:18) tremolux: * Great news! RAOF has fixed the root cause of the recent SIGSEGV crashes in Software Center  \o/   Thanks Chris, you rock!!
(03:21:19) tremolux: * Team is now focused on stability/bug triage/fixing, minor visual tweaks and refinements, additional performance improvements, usability
(03:21:19) tremolux: * Nice improvements and bugfixes in two releases last week, particularly in the ratings and reviews feature
(03:21:42) tremolux: the first bug fix is really nice, a lot of people were hitting that one
(03:22:15) tremolux: oh, and didrocks mentioned the scope change for the launcher integration, there is a small change we'll make in s-c to support that
(03:22:42) didrocks: (thanks for doing the change tremolux btw ;))
(03:22:43) tremolux: (the "first bug fix", meaning RAOF's fix)
(03:23:05) tremolux: didrocks: sure!  np  :)
(03:23:09) seb128: thanks tremolux, s-c seems on track
(03:23:12) seb128: questions for tremolux?
(03:24:50) seb128: seems not
(03:24:52) seb128: thanks tremolux
(03:24:57) seb128: Riddell, hey, kubuntu update?
(03:24:58) tremolux: you bet, thanks
(03:25:34) Riddell: hi, I don't really have an update, I've been at conf.kde.in for the last week so I'm behind on any Kubuntu activity
(03:25:52) Riddell: launchpad has done the rollout for kubuntu-mobile tasks so that can be built from universe now, I need to check on that
(03:26:01) seb128: ok
(03:26:06) seb128: was conf.kde.in nice?
(03:26:32) Riddell: it was indeed, lots of potential new kubuntu contributors
(03:26:49) Riddell: Qt accessibility might finally be happening on linux, will package that shortly
(03:27:07) Riddell: I need to move qt 3 to universe
(03:27:10) Riddell: 10 bugs milestoned for beta 1 http://goo.gl/23eui
(03:27:21) seb128: ok
(03:27:26) seb128: thanks Riddell
(03:27:30) seb128: questions for Riddell?
(03:27:56) desrt: Riddell: any india recommendations? :)
(03:28:32) hallyn: since the natty desktop cd is broken, i installed from vmbuilder.  then did apt-get install unity gdm.  But when I log in, I get a blank screen.  What else do I need to install?  (i installed wmii and can loginto that just fine)
(03:28:45) Riddell: desrt: Bengaluru/Bangalore may not be a tourist capital but it does have lots of geeks
(03:29:02) desrt: Riddell: i'll be there in a couple of weeks.  hopefully i get to meet some.
(03:29:02) seb128: hallyn, sorry we are in the middle of a meeting, can we talk about that later on?
(03:29:16) ***desrt stops interrupting the meeting :)
(03:29:18) seb128: ok, no question I guess
(03:29:38) seb128: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team.html
(03:29:56) seb128: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-11.04-beta-1.html
(03:30:15) seb128: we seem rather on track for the cycle
(03:30:22) hallyn: (sorry)
(03:30:44) seb128: I've no special comment and pitti said he didn't have anything worth mentioning there
(03:30:50) kenvandine: :)
(03:31:01) seb128: let's keep focussing on fixing bugs until the end of the cycle and clean the few remaining items ;-)
(03:31:04) desrt: hallyn: it's no problem.  it's a rather natural side effect of holding the meeting in the same channel as normal discussion
(03:31:04) seb128: other topics?
(03:31:06) seb128: questions?
(03:31:11) desrt: gnome3 ppa? :)
(03:31:35) seb128: desrt, I think rodrigo is still updating it, other will probably put extra work on it once we are frozen
(03:31:44) seb128: we should have it uptodate in time for GNOME3 I guess
(03:31:46) mterry: I got a quick mention about seeds
(03:31:49) desrt: seb128: it's looking pretty substantially decent, actually
(03:31:57) dbarth: kenvandine: which one? #733833 ?
(03:32:11) seb128: mterry, seeds?
(03:32:19) seb128: mterry, go ahead
(03:32:25) kenvandine: dbarth, yeah, i had asked you to triage it for this weeks milestone
(03:32:27) mterry: I split the gnome-system-tools package to move time-admin to a separate gnome-time-admin package.  So edubuntu, mythbuntu, and ubuntustudio have seed merges filed.  Until those are applied, they won't have time-admin
(03:32:32) mterry: Just FYI
(03:32:35) seb128: mterry, sorry I read that as "seed", like in "not gjs" ;)
(03:32:39) kenvandine: dbarth, for unity-foundations
(03:32:53) dbarth: kenvandine: done
(03:32:56) dbarth: it's on the radar
(03:32:58) seb128: mterry, ok thanks
(03:33:00) kenvandine: dbarth, thx!
(03:33:31) desrt: any chance of getting a gnome3 seed(?) setup?
(03:33:36) desrt: ie: so that a CD gets rolled automatically
(03:33:56) desrt: is that something that interested 3rd parties could do, or is that heavy-duty canonical-only type work?
(03:34:12) seb128: desrt, I doubt our team will have time for that before natty but if community people are interested to get that rolling we might be able to help to get it
(03:34:26) seb128: desrt, 3rd parties can do
(03:34:40) desrt: i guess this is pretty standard derivative-distribution type stuff
(03:34:45) seb128: right
(03:34:53) ***desrt will have to learn to flex some launchpad muscle :)
(03:35:21) seb128: ok, seems we are out of meeting topics, we can discuss GNOME3 and other things out of the meeting
(03:35:25) seb128: thanks everybody
(03:35:38) kenvandine: thx

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:27:09) RAOF: This Aussie is on.
(08:31:54) jasoncwarner: Hi everyone
(08:32:07) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-15
(08:32:16) jasoncwarner: EASTERN MEETING.
(08:32:41) TheMuso: This aussie is ready to rock
broder Brumle bryceh 
(08:32:59) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell RAOF TheMuso bryceh all ready? 
(08:33:19) TheMuso: Yup.
(08:33:30) jasoncwarner: Sounds good. Lets start with 
(08:33:35) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Xorg
(08:34:16) bryceh: yep
(08:34:36) bryceh: we have a PPA set up with the bits for the xserver update
(08:35:00) bryceh: I ran through testing of it yesterday on all my test machines, and found it's ok on -intel
(08:35:25) bryceh: but on -ati we seem to be missing the -ati/-radeon driver.  So just a little bit still needs fixed there.
(08:35:45) bryceh: otherwise I think we should be ready to upload that and do the ABI bump
(08:36:16) RAOF: Bug #259219 is halfway resolved, at the cost of a regression (i386 assembler is disabled).  You should no longer see crashes caused by it, and I'm banging away at the IA32 asm.
(08:36:17) ubot2: Launchpad bug 259219 in software-center "Broken TLS support in libGL.so AKA: software-center crashed with SIGSEGV in __cxa_allocate_exception()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/259219
(08:36:34) bryceh: for proprietary drivers, -nvidia is in place and seems to be working well; I've been reviewing bug reports as they come in (just a few so far, which seem to be misconfigurations and/or corner cases)
(08:36:55) bryceh: and for -fglrx, <mumble> progress <mumble>
(08:37:08) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:37:21) bryceh: for  -intel I'm still banging my head on GPU lockup issues, that seems to be the lion's share of bugs we're seeing
(08:37:52) bryceh: they're almost all either kernel team issues (vesafb conflicts) or upstream issues, so I'm trying to coordinate fixes and testing with both groups
(08:38:29) bryceh: getting users to test proposed fixes is proving to be a bit frustrating, but we're at least slowing getting better understanding of them I think
(08:38:49) bryceh: on the toolsmithing front, I've made yet more tweaks to apport hooks
(08:39:09) bryceh: and also started work on some major improvements to my bug-upstream-forwarding tool
(08:39:32) bryceh: which I'm hoping will save a lot of time sending bugs upstream in the future.  Still much a work in progress though.
(08:40:06) bryceh: RAOF, anything else I've missed?
(08:40:15) RAOF: We don't seem to be getting (m)any bugs about Unity and the open drivers.  I've you've got graphical quirks, now's the time :)
(08:40:57) jasoncwarner: yes, now is the time...
broder Brumle bryceh 
(08:41:02) jasoncwarner: thanks RAOF and bryceh
(08:41:11) jasoncwarner: anything else?
(08:41:35) bryceh: jasoncwarner, hope you're feeling better, you're scaring me with the <2nd-child-is-hard> talk ;-)
(08:41:38) ***TheMuso must admit that when he tests unity, which isn't often atm, he generally won't notice visual quirks anyway. :)
(08:42:50) bryceh: fwiw, multi-head seems to work better now with Unity although I still spot some corner cases
(08:43:17) bryceh: and usability is a bit quirky
(08:43:33) bryceh: like, if you maximize a window on monitor 2, its titlebar merges to the bar on monitor 1
(08:43:43) bryceh: so to unmaximize you drag the bar on monitor 1
(08:43:48) jasoncwarner: uh...
(08:43:58) RAOF: Yeah, that's kinda annoying.
(08:44:06) RAOF: There's a bug filed for that.
(08:44:14) TheMuso: I still don't like the title bar in the top panel stuff personally.
(08:44:17) RAOF: (A design bug)
(08:44:18) jasoncwarner: good..thanks :) that isn't fun
(08:44:20) TheMuso: Even though it doesn't really affect me.
(08:44:40) bryceh: also, if you happen to configure monitors one above the other rather than side-by-side, then you can't drag a window from monitor 2 to monitor 1 (it's titlebar gets "stuck").  You have to maximize it on one monitor, then unmaximize it on the other
(08:45:19) bryceh: at least the visual corruption stuff seems to be gone
(08:45:57) jasoncwarner: bryceh: sounds like there are some issues...
(08:46:03) jasoncwarner: but keep testing...
(08:46:04) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:46:09) bryceh: will do
(08:46:19) jasoncwarner: ok...thanks everyone...
broder Brumle bryceh 
(08:46:22) RAOF: I quite like the merged titlebar; vertical space is precious!  I'm not sure I like the ‘mouse over to see the actual menus’ behaviour though.
(08:46:38) jasoncwarner: bryceh: as for baby #2 - yeah...more work...like 150%, but at least you aren't outnumbered! 
(08:46:38) RAOF: Does it now handle dynamic monitor changes reasonably?
(08:46:55) RAOF: I fixed some stuff there, but it was still a bit broken.
(08:47:52) bryceh: RAOF, yeah was broken before, but I've definitely noticed having fewer problems now.
(08:48:12) TheMuso: RAOF: Yeah I can understand that viewpoint.
(08:48:25) bryceh: jasoncwarner, hoping we can train Dutch to feed baby #2 bottles ;-)
broder Brumle bryceh 
(08:49:15) bryceh: RAOF, agreed that the vertical space is really nice on laptops.  I still think it'd be nice on external monitors / dual head where you have tons of space, for it to utilize that space more "verbosely"
(08:49:24) jasoncwarner: bryceh: :) good luck..
(08:49:38) jasoncwarner: I'm gonna call the meeting [END MEETING] Continue interesting conversations though 
(08:49:39) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:49:44) RAOF: bryceh: I was thinking one-titlebar-per-monitor would be nice

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