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Weekly Summary

  • New language packs for maverick uploaded, with fixed Firefox search plugins (pitti)
  • Apport now supports package hooks specifying automatic bug duplication patterns (pitti)

  • New scour version; this fixes a lot of SVG icon corruption during package build (pitti)
  • GNOME3 PPA starting to get 2.91.92 updates (bigon, rodrigo)
  • LibreOffice: (Bjoern Michaelsen)

    • New upstream bugfix release 3.3.2 released today
    • now includes rewitten launchpad integration lp#696524
    • will be in ppa today, in main tommorrow
  • GNOME3 PPA now has a working anjuta and glade (mterry)

Partner update


  • Desktop menu layout changes bug 692194

  • lo-menubar has reached 0.1.0, aruiz said he thinks it should be stable now
  • FFE for overlay scrollbars bug 730740


  • bindwood with ff4 support has landed
  • ubuntuone-couch is in binNEW now, useful utility for managing your couch data directly in the cloud


  • All details here:


  • As you can see, we got a lot bug fixes and enhancement:
    • drag and drop from the dash
    • better applications matching with kde apps
    • software center integration
    • better "search" title in places
    • some default keybindings and compiz refinement

For next week: release tomorrow or Thursday. Bug fixes mainly (with some rewrite) and multimonitor better support. New compiz upload today with an ABI break We need a multitouch FFe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/737601

Default session for a11y will be taken from beta's unity state.

Software Center

  • Unity Launcher integration feature
    • FFe for Unity side was approved LP: #670403

    • Unity and Unity 2D support for the feature has been completed and released
    • Now that all the parts are in place, the feature has been enabled in Software Center release 3.1.24 (today)
    • Some tweaking and improvements to the launcher integration user experience is planned in the next day or so and as we get feedback, plan is to complete this for UI freeze
  • Software Center versions and 3.1.24 released, includes:
    • Many great bug fixes
    • Launcher integration enabled
    • Many small but cool enhancements
  • Next up, revisit startup time work. We are already in great shape here, but will try to pare it down further if possible.
  • We continue to focus on bugfixes, stability and refinements to the user experience and usability



IRC log Western edition

17:31:33        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-22
17:31:37        pitti   welcome everyone to today's meeting
17:31:42        tremolux        hey everybody  !
17:32:00        pitti   not that much going on on the weekly summary, I guess that means everyone is working on bugs like mad? :)
17:32:03        seb128  hey pitti
17:32:26        pitti   so, let's dive right in
17:32:33        pitti   kenvandine: want to start us off with partner update?
17:32:35        kenvandine      yup
17:32:56        kenvandine      not a ton to report, happy it is mostly bug focus time
17:32:57        kenvandine      DX
17:33:03        kenvandine      Desktop menu layout changes bug 692194
17:33:04        ubot2   Launchpad bug 692194 in unity-foundations "Desktop menu adjustments for Natty" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/692194
17:33:11        kenvandine      lo-menubar has reached 0.1.0, aruiz said he thinks it should be stable now
17:33:16        kenvandine      FFE for overlay scrollbars bug 730740
17:33:16        ubot2   Launchpad bug 730740 in gtk+2.0 "Provide support for dynamically loading the new overlay scrollbar feature" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/730740
17:33:39        kenvandine      and UbuntuOne
17:33:49        kenvandine      bindwood for ff4 and ubuntuone-couch are not uploaded
17:34:04        chrisccoulson   bindwood is ;)
17:34:07        kenvandine      that's all i have
17:34:36        pitti   ^ as for the scrollbar FFE, it hasn't been approved yet, and I don't think the release team will (I'm not that happy about it either); so this needs an explicit sabdfl "override" on the bug
17:34:46        kklimonda       hey, could someone take a look at bug 736236 and see if doesn't miss anything obvious?
17:34:47        ubot2   Launchpad bug 736236 in mm-common "[MIR] mm-common" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/736236
17:34:51        pitti   (if we should push it, that is)
17:34:53        kenvandine      pitti, ok.. dbarth_ ^^
17:35:18        chrisccoulson   kenvandine, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bindwood/1.99.0-0ubuntu1
17:35:20        pitti   Sweetshark, kenvandine: to confirm, lo-menubar should stay in universe for natty? or go into default install?
17:35:34        kenvandine      pitti, that is the plan as i know it
17:35:46        kenvandine      i would love to see it on the CD
17:35:49        Sweetshark      pitti: universe, as far as i am concerned
17:35:54        kenvandine      but i fear it hasn't had enough testing
17:36:04        kenvandine      it does provide a much more consistent experience though
17:36:08        pitti   will look at the desktop menu thing later on, haven't seen that one yet
17:36:19        kenvandine      pitti, seb128 is working on that now
17:36:30        pitti   ah, ok
17:36:40        seb128  pitti, ted just handed it over today
17:36:43        seb128  I'm on it
17:37:19        pitti   so, [TOPIC] unity update -- didrocks, anything new to report?
17:37:37        didrocks        hey
17:37:58        didrocks        All details of last release with the usual milestone: https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.6.6
17:38:06        didrocks        As you can see, we got a lot bug fixes and enhancement:
17:38:08        didrocks         - drag and drop from the dash
17:38:10        didrocks         - better applications matching with kde apps
17:38:12        didrocks         - software center integration
17:38:14        didrocks         - better "search" title in places
17:38:15         *      pitti loves the length of the weekly bug list in the changelogs
17:38:16        didrocks         - some default keybindings and compiz refinement
17:38:31        didrocks        For next week: release tomorrow or Thursday. Bug fixes mainly (with some rewrite) and multimonitor better support.
17:38:43        didrocks        We need a multitouch FFe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/737601
17:38:44        ubot2   Launchpad bug 737601 in unity "Restore MT support in Unity" [Medium,In progress]
17:38:53        didrocks        to get to the same state than what we had in maverick
17:38:56        pitti   didrocks: ^ will look after meeting
17:38:58        didrocks        pitti: if you can have a look :)
17:39:00        didrocks        thanks!
17:39:01        pitti   (if it's a regression, should be easy)
17:39:14        didrocks        that's basically it :)
17:39:27        didrocks        new compiz upload today
17:39:28        pitti   didrocks: do you know the latest word wrt. a11y?
17:39:29        chrisccoulson   didrocks, do you know if bug 718926 is on anyones radar? that's pretty bad, and i don't want it to get forgotten about
17:39:30        ubot2   Launchpad bug 718926 in bamf "Some apps don't integrate to appmenu after having their windows closed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/718926
17:39:32        didrocks        with ABI break
17:39:53        didrocks        pitti: launcher is fully a11y. Still need some investigation this week for places though
17:40:11        charlie-tca     It is?
17:40:14        didrocks        chrisccoulson: not that I know of. I'll have a look
17:40:17        chrisccoulson   thanks
17:40:26        chrisccoulson   i'm not sure it's a bamf issue tbh
17:40:34        charlie-tca     When did we get orca working with the launcher?
17:40:37        pitti   didrocks: in our last discussion with TheMuso we ended up with starting classic gnome for the a11y profile
17:40:45        pitti   didrocks: but that was already a week ago
17:40:47        didrocks        charlie-tca: orca should work on the launcher
17:40:59        charlie-tca     not today, it don't
17:40:59        didrocks        and TheMuso confirmed this
17:41:09        rodrigo_        but not on the dash/places
17:41:19        pitti   there's still a handful of WIs left for a11y, anyway
17:41:23        didrocks        charlie-tca: you should raise this issue with rodrigo_ and API on #ayatana then
17:41:31        charlie-tca     okay
17:42:03        pitti   I think it'd be fine to have the "classic on a11y" changes after beta-1, so we can still give it some two weeks to mature
17:42:16        pitti   but my feeling is that we should rather do that than deliver something half-done
17:42:38        pitti   visual bling isn't half as important for blind people than reliability
17:42:58        didrocks        pitti: we discussed with TheMuso
17:43:06        pitti   "visual" -> "workflow", as "fast searching in dash", etc.)
17:43:16        didrocks        and jasoncwarner and discussed that we would take the decision just after beta
17:43:21        pitti   didrocks: ok, sounds like a plan
17:43:28        pitti   seems we are all in agreement then 
17:44:08        pitti   tremolux: do you have something about software-center? (wiki section is empty)
17:44:39        tremolux        pitti: please refresh, I got it in just before the meeting
17:44:39        pitti   oh, a page reload magically made the report appear :)
17:44:44        tremolux        haha! yeah
17:44:54        Pendulum        I'd just like to point out that not all a11y is for visual impairment
17:45:06        pitti   Pendulum: yes, of course
17:45:15        tremolux        I can paste a summary
17:45:18        tremolux        * Unity launcher integration FFe was granted; Unity and Unity 3D implementations complete and released (many thanks didrocks and nerochiaro!!!)
17:45:18        tremolux        * With all parts in place now, we've enabled the Software Center side of launcher integration with today's release (3.1.24)
17:45:18        tremolux        * In the end, we decided on a somewhat scaled back version of the full design, but what we have should be quite useful for Natty and we'll make it cooler in Oneiric
17:45:18        tremolux        * Lots of great bug fixes and UI improvements in last week's release and even more in today's 3.1.24
17:45:21        tremolux        * Particular focus on final UI cleanup items before freeze this week, plus revisit startup time (already dramatically improved over maverick, but see if we can get more)
17:45:22        pitti   Pendulum: we were really talking about "some a11y profiles", mainly about screen readers, etc.
17:45:41        tremolux        yow, that's a pretty huge summary, sorry  :P
17:45:53        pitti   tremolux: seems just fine to me
17:45:55        pitti   thanks
17:46:03        tremolux        cool, thank you
17:46:17        pitti   tremolux: is there still work needed for startup speed, or AWTY and can focus on bugs fully?
17:46:53        tremolux        pitti: we can talk about it, we are well under the goal in the charts
17:46:55        pitti   the WI is still open for that
17:47:01        tremolux        right
17:47:17        pitti   tremolux: i. e. "not met the goal", or "well under the time treshold"?
17:47:35        tremolux        the reason is that, when starting up fresh off a reboot, the time is over 5 seconds on the Dell Mini reference still
17:47:56        pitti   http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/software-center/mini10-startup/startup-times.png looks awesome
17:48:01        tremolux        the target is under 5 seconds on the reference
17:48:13        pitti   ah, so all of that is hot cache?
17:48:14        tremolux        which is a slow machine
17:48:36        tremolux        yeah, but even with those cold-cache approaches in the bug, we meet the goal
17:48:57        tremolux        we only don't meet it in a fresh reboot, so that cold-cache techniques seem not fully sufficient
17:49:00        pitti   tremolux: to me it feels like the focus should be on bug fixing now, and speed improvements should be an offside project now
17:49:12        tremolux        pitti: agreed
17:49:21        pitti   anyway, that's an amazing improvement!
17:49:26        tremolux        pitti: I'll talk with mvo, it's really been much improved
17:49:30        pitti   thanks
17:49:36        tremolux        you can feel the difference, it's dramatic
17:49:44        tremolux        pitti: thanks  :)
17:49:57        pitti   Riddell: anything noteworthy on the Kubuntu front?
17:50:09        Riddell  * CDs in decent shape for beta, or will be once oversizing problem is fixed
17:50:13        Riddell  * switching Qt to opengles on ARM means fixes needed to packages which use opengl, mobile team to fix.  I've also been helping linary folks package kwin for opengles
17:50:15        Riddell  * Qt accessibility bridge in ppa:jr if anyone wants to test
17:50:18        Riddell  * http://goo.gl/23eui 9 bugs milestoned for beta http://goo.gl/23eui
17:50:29        Riddell I've also been learning how to package RPMs to get usb-creator into suse
17:51:12        seb128  changing distro? ;-)
17:51:42        Riddell only to make it possible for suse users to try out ubuntu :)
17:52:03        seb128  ;-)
17:52:14        pitti   Riddell: oversizing problem> is that due to eglibc-source and friends, from today?
17:52:29        Riddell pitti: yes
17:52:35        pitti   rpms> heh, nice
17:52:47        pitti   Riddell: ah, that shoudl hopefully be fixed in tomorrow's dailies
17:53:01        pitti   Riddell: how hard was it to package, OOI?
17:53:27        Riddell pitti: just as fiddly as .deb packages :)
17:53:40        pitti   opengles> does that mean all packages which currently use OpenGL on arm need to be changed to GLES as well? or are they binary compatible in some way?
17:54:04        Riddell pitti: all qt packages do yes, they're not binary or source compatible
17:54:18        Riddell so it's potentially quite problematic
17:55:01        Riddell talking of problematic we had to work out how to get cmake support multiarch this week, I think we have a reasonable way to do it now for natty but debian are saying it's not their preferred solution
17:55:13        pitti   Riddell: I meant the libgl1-mesa-glx rdepends
17:55:39        pitti   Riddell: AFAIUI that was mostly a quick hack to unbreak it for now, righht?
17:55:53        pitti   to add the extra search paths to cmake
17:56:34        Riddell pitti: qt bits depending on libgl1-mesa-glx do need to be changed to openGLES
17:56:54        pitti   Riddell: ah, only qt, not all other ~ 400 packages?
17:57:08        pitti   that sounds a bit less scary then
17:57:22        Riddell right, it's due to qt being built with gles on arm now
17:57:33        pitti   Riddell: so that's mainly in mobile team's hands, right?
17:57:39        Riddell yes
17:57:42        pitti   ok, good
17:57:48        pitti   thank you
17:57:58        pitti   X.org will be done in the eastern edition
17:58:08        Riddell the cmake change is quite a successful quick hack, I don't think it's worth us spending more time on it but I'll be in contact with debian and upstream incase they think it is
17:58:50        --      cking__ ist nun als cking bekannt
17:58:51        pitti   I agree; the multiarch stuff is slowly landing in debian, so eventually they'll get to it as well, but they can take some more time to fix it properly
17:59:26        pitti   I originally planned to discuss current RC bugs and WIs in the meeting, but I think I'll rather go round and discuss with people individually
17:59:34        pitti   http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-11.04-beta-1.html looks a bit dire
17:59:43        pitti   so if everyone coudl stay around for a little more, that'd be appreciated
17:59:55        pitti   but I'd like to keep the official meeting short
18:00:01        seb128  hum, time to run ? ;-)
18:00:03        pitti   anything else which we should discuss?
18:00:30        pitti   /msg seb128 let's start with you; stop slurping cocktails and fix gtk bugz!!
18:00:35        Sweetshark      kenvandine, pitti: just to clarify: lo-menubar stays in universe for natty, but will be upstreamed to LO for 3.4 (hopefully, if resources allow) so it will be in main then and we can decide on if we want to dis/enable it (via configuration) still.
18:00:36        pitti   oops :)
18:00:56        Sweetshark      pitti: I am a concerned about bug 731556 / freedesktop bug 33915 because it seems to be Ubuntu only.
18:00:56        kenvandine      Sweetshark, yeaj
18:01:01        pitti   Sweetshark: that's the spirit! (regarding some heated blogosphere discussions..)
18:01:06        Sweetshark      pitti: *hrhr*
18:01:13        ubot2   Launchpad bug 731556 in df-libreoffice "LibreOffice erases user settings, and block the use of interface styles..." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/731556
18:01:14        ubot2   Sweetshark: Error: Could not parse XML returned by Freedesktop: The read operation timed out (http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/xml.cgi?id=33915)
18:01:40        kenvandine      Sweetshark, however i think for next cycle, until it lands in LO we should include it as a separate package
18:01:49        pitti   Sweetshark: hm, that report is a bit vague about reproduction and effect?
18:01:50        kenvandine      just in case that gets dropped
18:01:52        kenvandine      and for testing
18:03:46        Sweetshark      pitti: well, thats the fun of it. its one of those issues with possibly Java, Quickstarter, Hibernate involved. But if it is indeed Ubuntu-only and eats the user config thats indeed a serious issue.
18:03:49        pitti   ok, let's end the official part then, thanks everyone!
18:04:09        pitti   Sweetshark: yes, agreed -- it would just be nice to get a reproducer for it first

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:31:32) jasoncwarner: TheMuso bryceh RAOF robert_ancell https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-03-22
(08:31:35) jasoncwarner: everyone ready? 
(08:31:39) robert_ancell: yup
(08:32:05) jasoncwarner: morning, robert_ancell!
(08:32:07) RAOF: Yup.
(08:32:20) bryceh: heya
(08:32:31) jasoncwarner: morning RAOF and bryceh
(08:32:39) jasoncwarner: ok...seems we have enough. Jumping in 
(08:32:44) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X update
(08:33:23) bryceh: bugs bugs bugs
(08:33:24) RAOF: We now have the final Xserver 1.10 in Natty.
(08:33:38) RAOF: There shall no longer be any mass-rebuilds of the stack.  Yay!
(08:34:14) bryceh: got fixes in for the vesafb issue causing so many GPU lockups
(08:34:14) jasoncwarner: yay!
(08:34:42) bryceh: we're still seeing some scattered GPU lockups for other unrelated issues, but the rate of incoming bug reports has gone *way* down
(08:35:01) jasoncwarner: Well, I guess there needn't be a long update for X given where we are in cycle; I think "bugs" says it all ;) 
(08:35:22) bryceh: also I got pitti's DuplicateSignature support added to the -intel apport hook, so that is helping reduce a lot of the triaging work (thanks pitti)
(08:35:42) bryceh: aside from fglrx I don't think we have any other outstanding bits.  raof, anything you know of we're pending on?
(08:36:25) RAOF: There's the middle-button emulation thingy, but that's not really pending.
(08:36:48) jasoncwarner: alright...
(08:36:52) bryceh: yeah, think it's just down to bugs.
(08:36:56) RAOF: It should be bugs from here on in!
(08:37:03) jasoncwarner: :) 
(08:37:14) TheMuso: hey folks
(08:37:16) jasoncwarner: how about [TOPIC] AOB? Anything else? 
(08:37:20) jasoncwarner: morning TheMuso
(08:37:58) TheMuso: sorry was caught up in email.
(08:38:01) jasoncwarner: if nothing, don't forget to update the wiki with your individual updates...
(08:38:32) bryceh: jasoncwarner, is it worth putting details about bug fixes on there?
(08:38:48) jasoncwarner: sure, if you think people would be interested...
(08:38:56) jasoncwarner: especially if something is of note :)
(08:39:05) bryceh: most are fairly time consuming but seem like of limited interest, and tend to be either jargony or long winded
(08:39:27) bryceh: heh, hard for me to judge; they seem noteworthy to me :-)
(08:39:38) RAOF: I'd only do it for big bug fixes.  Like if we, some magical day, re-enable intel on i855 and 845. :)
(08:39:41) jasoncwarner: yeah, but...you X guys are weird :/
(08:40:21) jasoncwarner: cool...thanks everyone...[END MEETING]

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