Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

Weekly Summary

  • New language packs for Natty Beta-2 uploaded, fix upgrades from Maverick and translations for unity-2d. (pitti)
  • LibreOffice (Bjoern Michaelsen)

    • lp#740815: Updates to enable us to drop xulrunner from main [FFe]
    • lp#756895: Include updated Humanity style [FFe]
    • lp#720716: Please add unity Quicklist support [FFe]
    • enabled lots of additional unittests on upstream master
  • More crash fixes for indicators
  • Server side fixes for bad timezone autocompletions coming

Partner update


  • Two Unity releases this week (Thursday and last Monday), totalizing an impressive number of 120 bugs fixes! As usual full story at https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.8.4 and https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.8.6

  • Compiz has well got multiple uploads with additional fixes (you can find them in the unity links above)
  • Mostly bug fixes/crashers
  • Compiz fixes crash issues with gitk, multimonitor support fixes for grid, some (still remaining) stacking issues
  • what is noticeable this week is probably the left edge reveal and the unity-preferences dialog to change it. The icon urgency animation is also back then. All paperwork done for string freeze.
  • Also the grid plugin won an animation and is now orange (unity --reset to be back to the default!)
  • Dynamic quicklists are back (just needed to wire the latest pieces)

There is a known issue of random freeze with Xorg, we don't really konw if it's compiz hammering it too much with the stackattack patch (we will lower the value in next upload) or something else. RAOF is looking at it.

compiz is still crashing on plugins added/remove in ccsm. That's priority #1 for Thursday to ensure we are in a good state but the amount of work to get there is huge.

Software Center

  • Released Software Center versions 3.1.26,, and
    • Includes 20 bug fixes total
  • More fixes in the works



IRC log Western edition

(01:00:16) seb128: hey everybody
(01:00:16) cyphermox: o/
(01:00:22) tremolux: heyo
(01:00:32) seb128: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-04-12
(01:00:44) didrocks: hey
(01:00:55) seb128: so pitti is busy with other things for beta2 and an IRC talk later
(01:00:59) seb128: I'm going to lead that one
(01:01:20) seb128: let's get started
(01:01:32) mterry: hi
(01:01:35) seb128: kenvandine, hum, partner updates? (I see the wiki is a bit empty :p)
(01:01:48) kenvandine: yeah... nothing to report
(01:01:53) kenvandine: which is good :)
(01:02:19) seb128: just for the record I aim on indicator bug fix uploads on thursday
(01:02:29) kenvandine: cool
(01:02:30) seb128: so mterry and other please keep fixing crashers until then if you can ;-)
(01:02:41) seb128: others
(01:02:42) kenvandine: yes... please
(01:02:56) mterry: k
(01:03:02) seb128: does anybody has comment or questions for kenvandine?
(01:03:49) pitti: so nothing OMGurgent from U1 at this point?
(01:03:53) pitti: which needs to be squeezed in?
(01:03:55) pitti: good! :)
(01:04:00) kenvandine: indeed :)
(01:04:43) dpm: seb128, we've got https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NonLanguagePackTranslationDeadline, but it hasn't really been updated since Maverick. I'm hoping that some of the policykit stuff is now dealt with rober_ancell's patch to load translations at runtime and it's not needed to export and rebuild translations. Apart from that list, we've got the FF and LO .desktop entries' translations in the wiki
(01:04:44) seb128: ok, that's a bit weird, I'm not used to not have things to rush at the end of the cycle
(01:04:49) seb128: we probably miss something ;-)
(01:05:02) seb128: anyway
(01:05:04) seb128: thanks kenvandine
(01:05:19) seb128: dpm, ok, we are in our weekly meeting now but I will get back to you after that
(01:05:30) seb128: didrocks, hey, unity update?
(01:05:31) dpm: (sorry, I hadn't realized that)
(01:05:50) didrocks: sure
(01:06:01) didrocks: well, the wiki section isn't empty :)
(01:06:16) seb128: didrocks, indeed!
(01:06:16) didrocks: we have still some goodness in trunk that will be update on Thursday right after beta2
(01:06:49) didrocks: there is an annoying Xorg freeze, let's see how it goes with RAOF looking at it
(01:07:08) didrocks: and then, the "while playing with ccsm" crash is also on the priority list
(01:07:46) seb128: didrocks, the plan is to land selected bug fixes on thursday as well for you?
(01:07:57) didrocks: seb128: right
(01:08:04) seb128: ok, great
(01:08:29) seb128: if anybody still has unity crashing please report the bug and give the number here
(01:08:37) cdbs: didrocks: hi, are we too late to get fixes in for, like, bug #740862 ?
(01:08:38) ubot5: Launchpad bug 740862 in unity (Ubuntu) "Please add list of running windows of an app, to its launcher icon" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/740862
(01:08:58) didrocks: cdbs: it's not designed at all, and yeah, it's not the focus for natty
(01:09:06) didrocks: cdbs: better to fix bugs than adding them :)
(01:09:45) ***pitti just filing the latest one that hit him right when the meeting started
(01:10:20) didrocks: pitti: thanks :)
(01:10:30) dansmith: can anyone help me get unity back on its feet after a sinful venture into gnome3 land?
(01:10:58) seb128: dansmith, hi, try #ubuntu or wait until the meeting we are having is over which should take less than half an hour
(01:11:00) dansmith: classic gnome desktop works fine, but unity gives me a lot of screen corruption and *some* very large weird-looking fonts
(01:11:04) jcastro: dobey: is there a gconf key or a setting to check to see if the u1music store folder is enabled in banshee? Mine seems to be missing
(01:11:12) dansmith: seb128: oh, sorry
(01:11:15) seb128: jcastro, we are in a meeting try another channel or query?
(01:11:22) seb128: ok
(01:11:30) seb128: questions for didrocks or comments about unity?
(01:11:36) jcastro: (oh sorry)
(01:11:47) dobey: jcastro: it warns you on the "My Downloads" page if you go to it
(01:12:18) seb128: ok, seems not
(01:12:19) seb128: thanks didrocks
(01:12:24) seb128: tremolux, hey
(01:12:29) didrocks: yw
(01:12:30) seb128: tremolux, s-c update?
(01:12:32) tremolux: hey seb128
(01:12:54) tremolux: yep, on the wiki, just bugfixes  :)
(01:14:03) seb128: ok
(01:14:09) seb128: you are on top of those?
(01:14:23) tremolux: yep, I think we are in good shape
(01:14:37) seb128: do you check crashers bug? there was a few that got taggeed needspattern on launchpad
(01:15:02) tremolux: yes, we do watch those
(01:15:18) seb128: sometimes they are not triaged but it seems they are know by the team, maybe add a comment when you cross those so other know they have been reviewed?
(01:15:34) tremolux: ok, yes, good idea
(01:15:42) seb128: thanks ;-)
(01:15:51) tremolux: you're welcome, thanks seb128
(01:15:54) seb128: is there any question about s-c?
(01:16:37) pitti: didrocks, seb128: I got bug 757709, FYI (twice today already)
(01:16:38) ubot5: Launchpad bug 757709 in nux (Ubuntu) "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::Area::InitiateResizeLayout()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/757709
(01:16:46) seb128: pitti, thanks
(01:16:51) didrocks: looking :)
(01:17:01) seb128: njpatel_, ^
(01:17:02) pitti: tremolux: there are still some long-standing RC bugs in s-c, are these still on track, or do you need help?
(01:17:17) seb128: pitti, what were you doing when you got it?
(01:17:21) pitti: (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus#rcbugs)
(01:17:32) pitti: seb128: nothing in particular; typing IRC and probably switched windows
(01:17:35) ***tremolux looking
(01:17:42) seb128: pitti, ok
(01:18:03) pitti: tremolux: we can discuss specifics later, just wanted to check in general whether you have them on the radar
(01:18:09) pitti: some have > 50 dups
(01:18:41) tremolux: pitti: yes, indeed
(01:18:55) pitti: we still have some 12 RC bugs, and about a week to fix them, so it'll be an interestnig week :)
(01:19:13) tremolux: pitti: we are concentrating on these Xapian bugs now actually
(01:19:38) pitti: didrocks: do you know if the unity-2d team is working on bug 740387 ?
(01:19:40) ubot5: Launchpad bug 740387 in unity-2d "graphical corruption with multiple drivers and classic desktop" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/740387
(01:19:49) pitti: I've seen the corruption in classic myself, it's quite ridiculous
(01:19:55) pitti: but I guess they'd kill us if we reverted the patch
(01:19:59) didrocks: pitti: no, you should ping Kaleo on #ayatana I guess
(01:20:03) pitti: didrocks: ok, will do
(01:20:06) pitti: seb128: sorry, back to you
(01:20:14) seb128: pitti, that's fine
(01:20:20) pitti: (just need to disappear to my PyGI classroom devweek session in a bit)
(01:20:20) seb128: I guess we finished the s-c topic
(01:20:24) seb128: thanks tremolux
(01:20:37) seb128: Riddell, kubuntu update?
(01:20:41) seb128: Riddell, hey also ;-)
(01:20:51) Riddell: hi
(01:20:57) Riddell:  * KDE SC 4.6.2 is in
(01:20:57) Riddell:  * no notable compile failures
(01:20:57) Riddell:  * plasma-desktop and mobile good for beta
(01:20:57) Riddell:  * http://goo.gl/HbXHe 5 bugs milestoned for beta 2, none critical
(01:20:57) Riddell:  * Seems like wubi isn't working too well in second stage, still investigating
(01:21:00) Riddell: ..
(01:22:33) seb128: thanks Riddell, seems kubuntu is on track
(01:22:40) seb128: is there any question or comment for Riddell?
(01:23:37) seb128: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team.html seems mostly on track
(01:23:44) seb128: if you have remaining items please clean those
(01:23:54) seb128: or raise issues if you have some that need landing that didn't yet
(01:24:07) mvo: seb128: btw, +1 from me on the comment about packaing branches vs real branches
(01:24:14) mvo: on the ML
(01:24:17) seb128: mvo, ;-)
(01:25:19) njpatel_: seb128, will fix
(01:25:52) seb128: njpatel_, thanks a lot
(01:25:59) seb128: pitti, ^ njpatel for you ;-)
(01:26:08) ***pitti hugs njpatel_
(01:26:11) seb128: ok, so work items are on track
(01:26:18) seb128: remaining topic is natty bugs
(01:26:37) seb128: there is still a bunch of those on the list pitti pointed before
(01:27:04) seb128: does anybody need help on any bug assigned to him?
(01:28:11) seb128: pitti, did you want us to specifically go through the list during the meeting?
(01:28:20) pitti: no, I don't think so
(01:28:33) pitti: I might ask people throughout the week, but no need to block everyone here
(01:28:41) pitti: (and my PyGI talk starts now :) )
(01:28:42) seb128: ok
(01:28:50) seb128: pitti, have fun ;-)
(01:28:54) pitti: just a general call to please re-check your +assignedbugs page
(01:28:59) seb128: thanks everybody, let's wrap then
(01:29:06) pitti: anyone interested in pygtk -> pygi porting, welcome to join
(01:29:08) pitti: thanks seb128
(01:29:23) seb128: natty and unity rock so let's keep focussed for another week and squash some extra bugs
(01:29:51) kenvandine: :)
(01:30:07) mvo: go pitti go

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:33:25) jasoncwarner: TheMuso bryceh_ RAOF robert_ancell 
(08:33:28) RAOF: Desktop team eastern edition?
(08:33:35) chrisccoulson: hi jasoncwarner!
(08:33:50) jasoncwarner: ready for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-04-12
(08:33:52) RAOF: Heydi ho!
(08:33:54) jasoncwarner: gah!
(08:33:57) jasoncwarner: keyboard remapped :/
(08:34:22) jasoncwarner: there...better
(08:34:26) jasoncwarner: Hi everyon
(08:34:39) bryceh_: heya
(08:34:57) jasoncwarner: Alright.... :) Ready? 
(08:35:01) ***bryceh_ digs himself out from under a pile of hybrid graphics bug reports
(08:35:02) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X.org
(08:35:32) bryceh_: was off yesterday but I gather RAOF got a few odds and ends of X bits put in
(08:36:18) bryceh_: aside from that, strategy this week has been pushing bugs upstream as much as possible, so we can pull in fixes later
(08:36:18) RAOF: We've got the new mesa stable release, fixing some KDE problems on radeon.
(08:36:47) RAOF: And ia32-libs needs a refresh now that the 32bit dri drivers will actually work.
(08:37:26) bryceh_: oh chris btw if you get a moment can you look at bugs 747246 and 757744 (which might be the same), and see if they have any relation to the Qt issue you had been investigating earlier?
(08:37:27) ubot5: Launchpad bug 747246 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "amdcccle crashed with SIGSEGV in QWidget::ungrabGesture()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/747246
(08:37:28) ubot5: Launchpad bug 757744 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "amdcccle crashed with SIGSEGV in QPersistentModelIndex::~QPersistentModelIndex()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/757744
(08:38:20) RAOF: Also: OMG COMPIZ DEADLOCK.  Bug #754063 has been worked-around, but the underlying problem is still unknown and is triggerable, just not as easily.
(08:38:22) ubot5: Launchpad bug 754063 in unity "System freezes when maximize button is clicked" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/754063
(08:38:54) RAOF: Those look like pretty weird bugs :)
(08:39:25) jasoncwarner: Ok..all sounds good...Anything else there? 
(08:39:37) bryceh_: RAOF, yeah I usually don't worry much about crashes in the proprietary driver config tools
(08:40:13) bryceh_: well, we're still having a lot of troubles with intel gpu lockups
(08:40:30) bryceh_: but aside from continuing to push bug reports upstream not sure we can do much.
(08:40:38) RAOF: We also got a new X server, which mostly just contained a bunch of memory leak fixes.
(08:40:58) jasoncwarner: RAOF: nothing breaking, I trust?
(08:41:02) RAOF: bryceh_: Sarvatt had an -intel commit which apparently should fix a bunch of those hangs.
(08:41:28) bryceh_: RAOF, yeah I saw it... basically a "we give up, lets shut off the crashy bits" patch ;-)
(08:41:42) RAOF: Ah, the joys of intel hardware.
(08:41:53) bryceh_: but I think esp. with intel we need to validate the patches before we consider them real fixes
(08:42:14) RAOF: jasoncwarner: Nothing that appeared dangerous.
(08:42:16) bryceh_: too many patches have been coming down which don't fix the bugs...
(08:42:37) bryceh_: also, I mentioned hybrid graphics...
(08:42:37) jasoncwarner: Ok...if nothing else for x (why does X always feel like we could talk forever about it? :) )... [TOPIC] AOB
(08:42:45) jasoncwarner: bryceh_: oh yeah
(08:42:49) jasoncwarner: what about those?
(08:43:15) bryceh_: we don't support hybrid graphics switching (nor does upstream or AFAIK any vendors), but there's clearly some building expectations that it works
(08:43:41) bryceh_: it's a hard nut to crack
(08:43:52) TheMuso: More and more notebooks are shipping with hybrid GPU setups now.
(08:43:55) RAOF: Doesn't the new fglrx actually have some support for hybrid switching?
(08:43:57) ***bryceh_ nods
(08:44:13) RAOF: Buy me an ati/intel laptop and I'll help airled get that working :)
(08:44:31) bryceh_: RAOF, phoronix rumors are all I can find
(08:44:50) ***RAOF is looking into buying an ati/intel laptop *anyway*
(08:45:12) bryceh_: that's probably a very good idea
(08:45:52) bryceh_: RAOF, why don't you ping tgardner and see if he has any dell hybrid gfx models and if so if he could lend you one for this?
(08:45:57) broder: does hybrid switching mean dynamically switching while x is running, or just doing the moral equivalent of vga_switcheroo?
(08:46:15) RAOF: broder: vga_switcheroo.
(08:46:15) bryceh_: broder, no we're a LONG way from dynamic switching
(08:46:26) broder: that's what i thought, just checking :)
(08:46:28) bryceh_: in fact X may never be able to do that
(08:46:44) TheMuso: Now that doesn't surprise me.
(08:46:44) RAOF: Airled's on it.  It may be sooner than you think.
(08:46:48) jasoncwarner: bryceh_: would wayland be able to support something like that, theoretically?
(08:46:50) TheMuso: Another case for wayland.
(08:46:54) broder: i had been assuming that i needed to wait for wayland to get real dynamic switching
(08:47:19) bryceh_: typical issue is someone installs -fglrx on an intel/ati system, reboots, and still -intel gets loaded (and fails due to glx conflicts)
(08:47:46) bryceh_: jasoncwarner, theoretically, if you assume proprietary drivers gain wayland support ;-)
(08:47:54) RAOF: bryceh_: I'm pretty sure that fglrx now co-exists (by means of magical hax!) with intel, and allows you to switch between them.
(08:48:01) RAOF: Restarting X inbetween, obviously.
(08:48:34) jasoncwarner: Ok...anythign else, or should we move to AOB?
(08:48:47) broder: bryceh_: could we fix this by just not writing an xorg.conf for fglrx and nvidia-*?
(08:49:02) broder: (now that X can auto-probe both of those)
(08:49:08) bryceh_: jasoncwarner, nope, we can follow up on hybrid graphics elsewhere
(08:49:18) jasoncwarner: Aight...anything for AOB (I just had one thing)
(08:49:42) jasoncwarner: Well then, mine.... :) 
(08:49:55) jasoncwarner: RAOF: any word on that 10% CPU usage from banshee front?
(08:50:49) RAOF: jasoncwarner: Oh, yeah.  I got a patch which drops that by 50%; it's upstream and in pkg-cli git, but I failed at uploading it before the beta2 freeze.
(08:51:19) jasoncwarner: ah, ok...thanks1
(08:51:20) jasoncwarner: !
(08:51:48) RAOF: (I uploaded it, but launchpad rejected it, apparently because I fail at dpkg-source 3.0)
(08:52:18) jasoncwarner: thanks, man...cool...
(08:52:24) jasoncwarner: well then, anything else? 
(08:52:28) jasoncwarner: if not, thanks everyone!
(08:52:32) TheMuso: thanks
(08:52:34) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]

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