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Weekly Summary

Partner update


  • Latest round of unity updates before natty finale: 3.8.8 last Thursday and 3.8.10 today!
    • lot of crash fixes (ccsm still makes unity crashing under some circumstances though, but it's respawning, so can be a SRU)
    • some more intellihide false positive fixes
    • small bug fixes (hovering, theme priority)
    • updates of the assets: places/launcher icons (UIFe)
    • the bfb is now a button (UIFe)
    • translations fixes

We also won a non negligeable amount of time at startup in lazy loading the places daemon (only load on request), seems that zeitgeist and xapian database warmup were racing at start Smile :)

  • On compiz side, we had some cherry-pick compiz upload for more crash fixes, fullscreen stacking fixes and such.
  • There is still a Xorg hang (reduced as compiz/unity doesn't grab the keyboard as often as before), but still prevent. It's in the Xorg's teams hand now.

For the full story, the usual links: https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.8.8 and https://launchpad.net/unity/3.0/3.8.10

Software Center

  • Released Software Center versions through
    • Includes 24 bug fixes in total
      • Many crash fixes, including some high priority ones
      • Fixes for database issues
      • Many i18n fixes; currently no known open i18n issues remaining
      • etc.
  • Bug fixing continues for final release



IRC log Western edition

pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-04-19
Riddell hi
pitti   let's try to make this quick, as we are all knee-deep in bug fixing
pitti   tremolux, didrocks: thanks for the unity/s-c reports on the wiki! anything we need to discuss there?
seb128  mterry, (ignore the glib rejected email, I screwed the upload once and reuploaded)
didrocks        pitti: nothing more
kenvandine      pitti, nothing to report on partner update... and i am on the phone :)
tremolux        pitti: I don't think so unless any questions  :)
pitti   kenvandine: hah, that woudl have been my next question
pitti   no news is good news at this point :)
kenvandine      yup
kenvandine      if we had news, we are in trouble
rodrigo_        :)
pitti   quick update about release status
pitti   we are cleaning up the last couple of WIs, but nothign serious any more ("talk to Debian", "test stuff", etc.)
pitti   almost there
pitti   and last week we fixed about 8 or 9 RC bugs!
pitti   and some more this week, so we have 5 left on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus
pitti   I just have two questions here
pitti   bug 727410
ubot2   Launchpad bug 727410 in gnome-session "unity used instead of metacity when logging in as a user via ltsp" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/727410
pitti   erm, ignore that, fixed!
pitti   so we only have 4 left!
didrocks        yeah :)
pitti   and they are all fixable in SRUs as well
rodrigo_        pitti, about #649809, we agreed on not being RC, right?
pitti   any other OMGkittenkiller you guys are aware of which we need to discuss?
tremolux        pitti: oh, and bug 723911 was already deferred  ;)
ubot2   Launchpad bug 723911 in software-center "deauthorize does not remove sources.list" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/723911
pitti   rodrigo_: right, target of opportunity, and SRUable
pitti   tremolux: right
rodrigo_        ok
pitti   so I think by and large we are in good shape
pitti   nothing else from my side, AOB?
 *      pitti ^5s the team for having a smooth landing next week
Riddell I am going on rotation next cycle to work with bzr, volunteers to look after Kubuntu welcome :)
pitti   ooh, enjoy the rotation
pitti   they can certainly need some help from someone with a strong distro perspective!
pitti   Riddell: do you expect larger structural changes next cycle in Kubuntu, or will that be by and large a bug fix/maintenance release then?
Riddell pitti: a load of KDE source packages will be changing due to upstream moving to git
Riddell kdepim moves to akonadi fully
Riddell that's about it
pitti   thanks
pitti   so, shortest meeting evar

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:31:21) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell TheMuso RAOF bryceh https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-04-19 Meeting time!
(08:31:26) TheMuso: Hey.
(08:31:37) bryceh: hi
(08:33:04) jasoncwarner: morning everyone...hope everyone is enjoying these last few weeks before the release ;)
(08:33:26) TheMuso: Yeah.
(08:33:30) TheMuso: Just over a week now till the release.
(08:33:31) RAOF: Morning.
(08:33:49) jasoncwarner: Alright, lets get to it! 
(08:33:56) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X Update
(08:34:28) RAOF: One broad class of compiz freezes fixed.
(08:34:45) ***DBO pokes RAOF
(08:35:07) RAOF: But bug #740126 has a different cause, seems to be intel-specific, and I'm working on it.
(08:35:08) ubot2: Launchpad bug 740126 in unity "compiz hangs randomly several times per day" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/740126
(08:36:27) RAOF: Apart from that, there seems to be an Xserver crasher still lurking around, possibly associated with fullscreen flash.
(08:37:05) jasoncwarner: ah flash...
(08:37:12) jasoncwarner: ok...thanks, RAOF
(08:37:15) RAOF: Bug #764456 is an exemplar of that; the server dies in CallCallbacks.
(08:37:17) ubot2: Launchpad bug 764456 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "X crashes frequently with flash video playback" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/764456
(08:38:03) RAOF: bryceh: Anything you want to add?
(08:38:09) bryceh: been focusing on the Arrandale external monitor issues this week, there's about a dozen bug reports notably 747205 as the primary.  I suspect there are at least 3 distinct bugs that are getting mixed up.
(08:38:48) bryceh: of the three, the primary issue might be a DPMS issue in the kernel; possibly this can be worked around int he X driver; I have a patched driver in my ppa I'm having folks test
(08:40:10) bryceh: last week I worked on gpu lockup bugs for -intel and did some testing for unity/-ati corruption issues, but haven't nailed down any noteworthy fixes there.
(08:40:46) ***robert_ancell loves the random X crash
(08:40:58) ***jasoncwarner agrees with robert_ancell
(08:41:07) RAOF: Jay pinged me about that; I've filed a bug upstream about misrendering on r300g
(08:41:30) RAOF: robert_ancell: Lies!  X crashes are myths perpetrated by evil aarvarks!
(08:42:21) jasoncwarner: Ok...anything else of note? 
(08:42:35) jasoncwarner: or, moving on to [TOPIC] AOB ;) 
(08:42:36) bryceh: I also wrote a GUI tool called xdiagnose to help people turn on debugging in the kernel
(08:42:54) bryceh: anyway, guess nothing else of note.  lamenting loss of wayland, etc.
(08:43:19) robert_ancell: loss of wayland?
(08:43:19) RAOF: bryceh: We should discuss what to do with that at a session of UDS.
(08:43:34) jasoncwarner: yes, I think so...
(08:44:10) RAOF: robert_ancell: Linking cairo with libGL causes a significant memory use increase for people with nvidia's libGL.
(08:44:44) bryceh: RAOF, *shrug*
(08:44:53) RAOF: (On the order of 5MiB per process linking to cairo on x86-64, apparently up to 20MiB/process on i386)
(08:45:08) TheMuso: Youch.
(08:46:08) RAOF: bryceh: Well, we *will* want to have wayland in the archive - even in main - in the not too distant future.  Even if we just decieded to say “sucks to be you, nvidia users”, we should probably decide that :)
(08:47:07) bryceh: RAOF, to be honest I'm kinda worn out... was a lot of work and is kind of a let down that it all ended up for naught
(08:47:35) jasoncwarner: bryceh: might feel like that now, but we'll be using that soon enough! 
(08:47:42) bryceh: anyway, I suppose if/when people start caring about wayland, the work can be undertaken again
(08:47:54) jasoncwarner: just a stumbling block ;) 
(08:48:15) jasoncwarner: Anyway...sounds like we are about done...so thanks everyone...appreciate it! 
(08:48:22) bryceh: thanks
(08:48:42) TheMuso: Thanks.

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