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Weekly Summary

Partner update


* overlay-scrollbar is now enabled globally (except for blacklisted apps which are known to break), this was pushed through with a sabdfl override.


* U1 will not be integrated with the Unity launcher for fresh installs do to a recommends for the wrong version of gir1.2-unity-3.0, SRU is in the works bug 770379


Software Center

  • Software Center version 4.0 released for Natty final



  • A very pervasive GPU lockup (#727594) that occurs with the Intel i915/i945 family of chips is solved. We switched off an optimization for this chip family and verified for many people this eliminated the freezes. We SRU'd the fix, and it is now in natty-proposed for further testing. (bryce)

  • A bug on Sandybridge (#761065) which results in "Hangcheck timer elapsed..." errors and a black display on external monitors was traced to the kernel. The patches are cherrypicked and available in acelan's kernel. (bryce)

  • A bug on Arrandale (LP: #750259) which results in a black screen or corruption on lvds or external monitor when making display configuration changes is being investigated. In at least a portion of the cases, we've found that a newer kernel from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next-proposed/ resolves it. Next step is to do git bisection to find the fix, but we don't have Arrandale hardware ourselves and so are currently blocked trying to find a volunteer with the HW to help us do it. (bryce)

IRC log Western edition

Nothing to discuss, reports are in the wiki, no other Natty dealbreakers that we are aware of.

IRC log Eastern edition

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