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Weekly Summary

  • natty-proposed now has Firefox 5 and new language packs; please help testing where you can. (pitti)

  • Apport retracer should be working again for natty/lucid. (pitti)
  • Code for http://status.ubuntu.com/ now got merged into lp:launchpad-work-items-tracker, will be announced officially soon. (pitti)

  • Deprecated the usblp kernel module for USB printers and used libusb instead. CUPS upstream recommended this instead of accepting our patch for a hybrid (support for both usblp and libusb) USB backend. CUPS upstream accepted our patches for USB URI migration and for broken device ID support (USB-to-parallel adapters). Updated CUPS and foo2zjs packages for that (TillKamppeter).

  • Investigations on firmware file upload into HP's cheapo laser printers (TillKamppeter).

  • Created a report listing bugs that are affecting a good quantity of users, please review it at http://people.canonical.com/~pedro/desktop/ so i can customize the report for your specific area. (PedroVillavicencio)

  • deja-dup got Ubuntu One support (mterry)
  • OpenOffice.org is now in the Apache Incubator

  • LibreOffice 3.4.0 upstream is out, not yet at debian (they likely also need the fix for LP#759704)

  • LibreOffice 3.3.3 release is around the corner

Partner update


  • gtk2themeshim will land next week, this provides a gtk2 theme based on a gtk3 so we only need to manage a single theme


  • working on a shim that will pull in needed U1 packages from a PPA, there still needs to be discussions with the release team on this.


  • Unity 3D:
    • Compiz SRU finally out, fixing some nice things like the 1 px issue in
    • Other Unity/Places SRU confirmed and now in natty-updates.
    • New SRU for Unity/Nux coming this week
  • Unity 2D:
  • experimental support for indicator in Qt under work. New package ready, just need upstream discussion before Kubuntu guys accept the needed patch in Qt (will happen this week with the Qt contributor summit)

Software Center

  • The Canonical UX team are user-testing mockups for a new Software Center design this week
    • They expect to complete wireframes next week and hand over the new design week of July 1
    • We will need to phase in new design features based on priority, schedule will be extremely tight to FF
  • Software Center version 4.1.6 coming later this week, contains UI enhancements and bug fixes
  • Released Software Center 4.0.3 SRU in Natty
  • In progress: Enhanced Unity launcher integration
  • Lots of testing of Chinese language issues in Software Center this week per the Qin spec at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-qin-ubuntu-china

    • mvo tracked down and fixed an important issue in apt that affected Software Center translations at first start, see LP: #794907



  • Mesa upload (and subsequent Xserver upload) blocked on llvm-2.9 MIR (Bug #790204)
    • Extended the dricore patch to also factor out a shared Gallium library; saves a couple of megabytes of CD space
  • nvidia-current multiarch patch sent to Alberto Milone.
  • Cairo now has the EGL/GL backend re-enabled; this reopens https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/+bug/725434, resulting in nvidia's libGL causing each process that links with cairo (ie: anything that links to GTK) dirty about an additional 5MiB of memory. We need to decide what to do about this.

IRC log Western edition

17:30:52        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-06-14
17:30:54        pitti   welcome everyone
17:32:52        pitti   so, let's dive in with the partner update
17:32:57        kenvandine      woot
17:32:57        pitti   kenvandine, anything of news?
17:33:21        kenvandine      from dx all i have is gtk2shim thing we talked about last week, it is landing this week
17:33:29        pitti   oh, nice!
17:33:36        pitti   to recap, that'll make GTK 3 themes work with GTK2
17:33:41        kenvandine      yes
17:33:43        pitti   not the existing GTK2 theme with GTK3, right?
17:33:47        mterry  We have a GTK 3 theme?
17:33:54        pitti   that would have been my next q :)
17:33:56        kenvandine      mterry, no... don't get seb128 going :)
17:34:01        seb128  no we don't
17:34:01        mterry  :)
17:34:05        seb128  grrrrrrrr
17:34:06        seb128  ;-)
17:34:07        kenvandine      :)
17:34:12        pitti   kenvandine: how do they test that then, with adwaita?
17:34:12        kenvandine      moving onto U1
17:34:24        kenvandine      pitti, don't know... i'll find out thursday :)
17:34:37        seb128  pitti, dx...testing... no, those don't fit ;-)
17:34:51        kenvandine      U1 is working on this new shim thing that will pull U1 from a ppa, supposedly all of this was agreed to with the release team at UDS
17:34:58        kenvandine      seb128, lol
17:35:06        pitti   kenvandine: for stables? not... exactly
17:35:24        kenvandine      yes... i have asked them to double check everyone is OK with it
17:35:31        kenvandine      i wish i had been in that session
17:35:36        pitti   we discussed ways how to do intrusive U1 SRUs for stables, with new libraries (in private paths, etc.)
17:36:06        pitti   the "external PPA" option came up, but that won't work for shipping anything you like, as you would break other desktop stuff just the same way
17:36:16        pitti   except that a lot fewer people would actually test it
17:36:26        kenvandine      pitti, right, that was what freaked me out
17:36:55        kenvandine      they said Chipaca is circling back with the rt to confirm everyone is happy
17:37:00        kenvandine      so i assume plans will change
17:37:01        pitti   so we discarded that option
17:37:42        pitti   and said that the best course would be to bundle new libraries if they are required, and provide their own translations (at least temporary) in the .deb if they want to introduce new strings, until the langpacks catch up
17:37:44        kenvandine      pitti, i'll make sure everyone is happy with whatever solution they end up with before it gets uploaded
17:38:04        pitti   I don't see what a separate PPA woudl actually achieve, aside from circumventing our SRU/QA processes
17:38:13        kenvandine      pitti, right... :/
17:38:43        kenvandine      that is all i have
17:38:53        pitti   kenvandine: if you can follow up with them again, that'd be appreciated; they certainly shouldn't waste work on implementing such a "enable PPA" feature in the GUI
17:39:03        pitti   kenvandine: thanks! would you mind adding this to the wiki?
17:39:40        kenvandine      pitti, yeah... i got stuck in the pile of people with edit locks :)
17:40:06        pitti   kenvandine: thanks
17:40:57        pitti   didrocks: nice progress on unity! anything to discuss there, or with Qt?
17:41:41        didrocks        not really, I expect having a lot more info at the Qt contributor summit this week (so, don't expect me very online while travelling, from tomorrow until Saturday evening)
17:42:00        didrocks        really happy that the Qt bug is now workarounded and that Nokia people will work on it :)
17:42:16        didrocks        also, I didn't note on the wiki but we just released a new unity-2d
17:42:27        didrocks        (and I adapted my unify tool to unity-2d)
17:42:56        didrocks        that's it from me, all is written in the wiki
17:43:06        pitti   merci beaucoup
17:43:07        didrocks        if there is an unity SRU coming this week, seb128 will handle it
17:43:11        didrocks        mais de rien :)
17:43:30        pitti   tremolux: anything to discuss for s-c?
17:43:41        pitti   any news wrt. the qt and/or gtk3 ports?
17:43:50        pitti   or will we keep the gtk2 one for oneiric?
17:44:25        tremolux        I think we will still try for gtk3, but there is uncertainty because of the upcoming design changes
17:44:33        tremolux        but I don't want to rule it out
17:44:56        pitti   nice progress on desktop-o-software-center-ui!
17:44:56        tremolux        it may actually make it easier, depending on how much we actually need to reimplement
17:45:19        tremolux        ah, thx :)
17:45:27        pitti   ok, makes sense
17:45:32        pitti   thanks!
17:45:53        tremolux        sorry I can't be more conclusive at this point
17:47:05        pitti   no problem
17:47:24        pitti   so, some ramblings from me
17:47:27        pitti   first, CD space
17:47:36        pitti   we changed to live-builder, which actually won us some 5 MB
17:47:59        pitti   sad thing is that python3.2, the new mono, and libegl-mesa ate it all up, plus added some extra 10 MB, so that we are again oversized
17:48:09        pitti   I'd welcome some help with figuring out what changed in mono
17:48:34        pitti   python3.2 is "known", and the plan is to compensate it by dropping py 2.6 support from python-* packages
17:49:04        pitti   libegl-mesa is also "known", although of course it would be nice to not have both egl and gl on the CD, but that might not be realistic
17:49:17        pitti   chrisccoulson: ^ bad news for TB, I guess :/
17:49:23        achiang tedg: ping, #691953 doesn't seem to have been fixed properly
17:49:39        didrocks        probably a stupid idea, but do we avoid already shipping in the live the *.pyc file? Would that win a little?
17:49:49        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah :/
17:49:53         *      mterry needs to get deja-dup on the CD before all space savings are spoken for
17:50:06        seb128  we might need to get clutter on the CD as well
17:50:13        seb128  oh and accountsservice when the mir is approved
17:50:19        pitti   didrocks: it would probably do, yes; do we actually have them there?
17:50:32        didrocks        pitti: not sure, I just synced the iso, just need to start it to check
17:50:39        pitti   grep '\.pyc' /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
17:50:51        pitti   the only hit is libglib2.0-dev.list, for gdbus-codegen
17:50:55        pitti   which looks like a bug
17:51:05        didrocks        pitti: will try and if there, will estimate the size
17:51:10        pitti   didrocks: merci
17:51:16        didrocks        hum, they aren't listed as it's in a trigger anyway
17:51:17        pitti   didrocks: it might be done at postinst time?
17:51:23        didrocks        yeah
17:51:27        seb128  it is yes
17:51:34        pitti   didrocks: right; I meant, if they would be shipped in the .debs, we can't just rm them; but like that we could
17:51:37        rodrigo_        accountsservice is small, afaik, but yes, will take up some space
17:51:49        didrocks        will check :)
17:52:14        pitti   rodrigo_: 67 kB, trivial, 
17:52:22        seb128  clutter isn't trivial
17:52:31        pitti   *nod* :/
17:52:43        pitti   yay more libraries
17:52:55        pitti   but if we actually drop tomboy, then we could also drop gbrainy
17:53:09        pitti   and clutter, TB, and llvm (which we didn't even add yet) would fit
17:53:15        pitti   due to dropping mono
17:53:24        seb128  pitti, well that doesn't get ride of mono if we don't switch back to rhythmbox
17:53:50        tedg    achiang, What does it do?
17:54:08        seb128  we are in a meeting guys, can you move to ayatana? ;-)
17:54:16        achiang oh, sorry
17:54:16        tedg    Oh, sorry
17:54:21        pitti   seb128: ah, I keep forgetting about banshee, right
17:55:26        pitti   anyway, this was mostly an FYI; if someone wants to look into the mono growth, you earned yourself a beer at the sprint :)
17:55:36        pitti   should be some 5 MB
17:55:54        pitti   so, over to work items
17:56:01        pitti   http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-oneiric-alpha-2.html doesn't look too happy
17:56:18        pitti   desktop-o-default-email-client didn't make any progress so far
17:56:35        pitti   chrisccoulson: is that just a matter of updating the WIs, or is this stuck upstream, or stuck at us getting space for it?
17:56:51        pitti   although the UI design/new features certainly aren't blocked
17:57:15        mterry  pitti, how come some beta-1 tasks show in that list?
17:57:17         *      pitti will parallelize independent specs a bit to speed up the meeting, let's try that
17:57:25        chrisccoulson   pitti - i've been pretty busy with other stuff atm (like firefox 5 and dropping xulrunner)
17:57:42        pitti   kenvandine: desktop-o-gwibber-gtk3 also is at 0% still; does this need postponing?
17:57:51        kenvandine      i need to update it
17:57:57        kenvandine      it is progressing very nicely
17:58:16        seb128  mterry, like?
17:58:17        pitti   chrisccoulson: understood
17:58:23        chrisccoulson   pitti - some of those can be closed off fairly quickly though
17:58:28        pitti   chrisccoulson: I'm just asking because a lot of the WIs aren't actually your's
17:58:30        mterry  seb128, "Do an accessibility sweep" for deja-dup
17:58:42        mterry  I must have specified the beta badly in the blueprinmt
17:58:44        chrisccoulson   ie, i already have a fairly good idea on what to do with lightning now
17:59:02        chrisccoulson   i have a pretty good idea about how we're handling extension upgrades too
17:59:09        pitti   mterry: that's because it's not oneiric-beta-1, but ubuntu-11.10-beta-1
17:59:16        chrisccoulson   that seems to be the bulk of mine
17:59:19        mterry  ugg, thanks pitti
17:59:20        seb128  mterry, the blueprint milestone is alpha2 too
17:59:26        pitti   mterry: and it doesn't try to recognize unknown milestones, it just adds them to the default spec milestone (which is a2)
17:59:30        seb128  pitti, can you have items after the spec milestone?
17:59:37        pitti   seb128: yes
17:59:41        pitti   the spec milestone is just the default
17:59:42        seb128  ok, great ;-)
17:59:51        pitti   but you need to spel it crrorectyl :)
18:00:43        pitti   chrisccoulson: ok, thanks; so it seems a whole lot of them will be closed in one go :)
18:01:03        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah. there seems like a lot, but there's not much work in most of those
18:01:14         *      pitti feels a bit relieved :)
18:01:54        pitti   mterry: desktop-o-deja-dup-default is the third-biggest
18:02:05        mterry  pitti, blocked on MIR
18:02:07        pitti   but we just covered that
18:02:10        mterry  didrocks, got MIR cycles?
18:02:11        pitti   i. e. some WIs aren't for a2
18:02:29        mterry  that too
18:02:31        pitti   so the remaining ones are trivial, once the MIRs get approved
18:02:34        pitti   so that's all fine
18:02:37        didrocks        mterry: not really, already have done a lot recently, and I won't be there until eow, after, it should be ok :)
18:02:48        mterry  didrocks, np, I'll bug doko
18:02:58        seb128  speaking about mir, rodrigo_ how is the accountsservice one going? it's blocking the gdm update
18:03:11        pitti   https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-accessibility-ubiquity is a huge one, but should be handled in the Eastern edition
18:03:12        pitti   TheMuso: ^
18:03:22        rodrigo_        seb128, got part of it done, will finish it today or tomorrow, I hope
18:03:26        pitti   a-s needs some code fixes
18:03:39        seb128  rodrigo_, ok thanks, feel free to update the bug with upstream bug numbers if you get some
18:03:43        rodrigo_        yes
18:04:00        seb128  thanks
18:04:03        didrocks        rodrigo_: and reassign me to it, please :)
18:04:29        rodrigo_        didrocks, ok, will do
18:05:02        didrocks        thanks
18:05:05        pitti   and finally, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-libreoffice-packaging is still at 0% as well
18:05:27        pitti   Sweetshark: ^ is this blocked on an actual upstream release of 3.4.0/3.3.3?
18:05:52        Sweetshark      yes, actually some of the packaging is already ongoing, but there wont be release before debian.
18:06:44        Sweetshark      it seems like 3.4.0 will soon see a debian release (I saw a changelog entry commit today)
18:07:04        pitti   Sweetshark: do you think it's realistic for a2 (i. e. by start of July), or sohuld we move it?
18:07:35        Sweetshark      3.3.3 isnt released yet upstream, but hasnt seen much activity since 3.3.2 (for LO that is), so should not be too problematic.
18:08:14        Sweetshark      we will have some 3.4.0 and 3.3.3 release by start of July.
18:08:33        pitti   ok, thanks for the heads-up
18:08:48        pitti   that's it from me
18:08:50        seb128  will 3.4 stop using gnome-vfs in that -gnome binary? ;-)
18:09:46        seb128  pitti, I've some topics I would like to discuss
18:09:50        pitti   seb128: go ahead
18:09:57        seb128  first, indicator on GTK3
18:10:01        seb128  is that moving?
18:10:24        seb128  out of creating issues like that gtk2, gtk3 mixed symbols bug you reassigned today that's something we should start landing and testing
18:10:33        seb128  kenvandine, mterry:^ where do we stand?
18:10:53        seb128  can we distro patch mterry's work and dual build even if dx is behind?
18:10:53        mterry  Most indicators are ported (datetime is only exception I can remember)
18:10:59        mterry  They don't have upstream releases yet
18:11:07        mterry  So thus aren't packaged
18:11:09        seb128  do we need some? if we do what is blocking them?
18:11:10        kenvandine      seb128, perhaps
18:11:31        seb128  kenvandine, I will not take perhaps as an answer :p
18:11:34        kenvandine      seb128, we should be getting releases for some of them this thursday
18:11:51        kenvandine      so depending on what doesn't get released, i'll look at distro patching
18:11:53        mterry  seb128, we can distro patch anything!  :)
18:11:56        kenvandine      and talk to ted about those
18:12:04        kenvandine      mterry, yeah, that is what we do!
18:12:05        Sweetshark      seb128: I will check for that gnome-vfs stuff when I get around to it.
18:12:05        kenvandine      :-D
18:12:07        seb128  kenvandine, it doesn't need to be you doing the work
18:12:14        seb128  Sweetshark, thanks
18:12:26        mterry  I'm actively working on datetime, but it's a bit more involved
18:12:28        kenvandine      seb128, i'll figure out what is left standing after thursdays uploads
18:12:35        seb128  mterry, right, I wouldn't stop on dx, they have their schedule and don't care much about oneiric
18:12:35        mterry  Needs a new widget from GTK 3.1.4 which just got into oneiric
18:12:43        seb128  we might still be sitting there in a month if we wait on them
18:12:54        seb128  kenvandine, ok, thanks
18:13:05        seb128  let's wait on thursday and start distro patching after that
18:13:08        kenvandine      seb128, tedg's goal is to have them all in oneiric with gtk3 builds by the sprint
18:13:09        seb128  mterry, ^ works for you?
18:13:17        seb128  kenvandine, great
18:13:40         *      kenvandine is going to install oneiric on tedg's laptop when he isn't looking in dublin
18:13:43        mterry  seb128, in terms of finishing datetime?  sure
18:13:46        kenvandine      someone buy him beer to distract him
18:14:15        seb128  ;-)
18:14:36        seb128  mterry, well, no need to finish, but starting to land the dual build libs, etc in the next week
18:14:46        seb128  ok
18:14:50        seb128  that was my topic1
18:15:04        seb128  on a side note I just uploaded gtk+ 3.1.6 in the ubuntu-desktop ppa if somebody needs it
18:15:29        seb128  there is some theming issue, gnome-standard-themes need to be updated with it, I will start testing that soon
18:15:44        pitti   seb128: the theming issue is introduced in 3.1.6, not in 3.1.4 yet?
18:15:51        pitti   (i. e. that's why ppa, not oneiric?)
18:15:51         *      tedg has never been happier to not like beer... and starts researching BIOS locking in EFI.
18:15:54        seb128  there is some new deprecations in that version
18:15:57        seb128  pitti, right
18:16:07        seb128  i.e GtkHBox GtkVBox got deprecated in favor of GtkBox
18:16:23        kenvandine      tedg, ;-D
18:16:32        seb128  I will send an email to the list about those
18:16:56        seb128  glib deprecated G_CONST_RETURN as well
18:17:04        seb128  (you should just use "const" instead)
18:17:06        kenvandine      seb128, did you update the ~ubuntu-desktop branch for gtk3?
18:17:24        seb128  kenvandine, not pushed yet, I'm still working on it
18:17:32        seb128  kenvandine, but after the end of the meeting I will do it
18:17:36        kenvandine      ok, i did push that patch cimi wanted there right?
18:17:44        seb128  I did delete it
18:17:46        seb128  it's in the new version
18:17:48        kenvandine      ok
18:17:55        seb128  I told you to not bother :p
18:17:57        seb128  anyway
18:17:58        kenvandine      i was just wanting to check that :)
18:18:00        seb128  topic 3
18:18:04        kenvandine      seb128, yeah... he really wanted it
18:18:18        seb128  cheese won dependency on clutter, clutter-gst, clutter-gesture, mx
18:18:32        seb128  totem git switched from gst to clutter-gst for its video rendering
18:18:56        seb128  so we will need to figure how well clutter-gst works for us
18:19:05        seb128  and to make space on the CD for those
18:19:21        seb128  that's just an note so people know about it and can raise concern if they have any
18:19:46        seb128  we should probably figure how to test how well that stack work for i.e video rendering on the platform and video drivers we support
18:19:46        kenvandine      seb128, i thought cheese got removed from the CD?
18:20:06        kenvandine      seb128, empathy can now use libcheese to take avatar photos
18:20:08        seb128  kenvandine, ubiquity will bring it back in, they plan to use libcheese-gtk to get your picture
18:20:15        kenvandine      ah
18:20:17        seb128  empathy as well
18:20:26        kenvandine      so i guess we can enable that :)
18:20:31        seb128  they plan to use libcheese also for camera detection and maybe some other things
18:20:37        kenvandine      bcurtiswx and i were just discussing that
18:20:52        seb128  well, I'm still not sold on bringing clutter on the CD :p
18:20:57        seb128  but yeah we will likely need it
18:20:59        kenvandine      hehe
18:21:03        pitti   libcheese itself is tiny
18:21:10        pitti   but clutter is rather big
18:21:18        kenvandine      i hope libcheese doesn't suck in clutter
18:21:23        seb128  it does
18:21:33        kenvandine      sigh
18:21:34        seb128  it brings in libclutter-gst and libclutter
18:21:37        pitti   will the next cheese introduce a clutter dependency to libcheese-gtk18 itself, or "just" to the apps?
18:21:46        seb128  pitti, the lib
18:21:48        pitti   ok, just answered
18:21:55        kenvandine      pitti, fun times...
18:22:02        seb128  indeed :-(
18:22:03        kenvandine      poor chrisccoulson
18:22:12        seb128  ok
18:22:15        seb128  another sort of items
18:22:16        pitti   poor CDs
18:22:19        kenvandine      the universe is fighting against TB
18:22:24        rodrigo_        :)
18:22:26        pitti   we never ever drop libraries, it seems :/
18:22:26        hrw     bye
18:22:30        seb128  I suggested to drop tomboy out of the CD at least until it's ported to recent apis
18:22:34        pitti   +1
18:22:41        rodrigo_        how much space that would save?
18:22:50        seb128  it's the only thing keeping libgnome libgnomeui libbonobo libbonoboui libgnomevancas on the CD
18:23:15        seb128  rodrigo_, like 1mb, but it would allow to drop that stack of old libraries from the CD
18:23:32        seb128  which is my main driver right now
18:23:42        seb128  it's easy to reinstall and users upgrading will still get it
18:23:45        rodrigo_        ok, not much, but yes, we should get rid of those libs
18:23:50        seb128  we can bring it back later if it switches to gsettings
18:24:02        pitti   it also uses the libndesk-dbus stuff which banshee doesn't, so perhaps more
18:24:07        seb128  but seeing that we have no binding near to land for that
18:24:16        seb128  ok
18:24:23        seb128  let's make it a team meeting decision?
18:24:33        seb128  is somebody against dropping tomboy from the CD for now?
18:24:36        kenvandine      +1
18:24:42        seb128  I will email the lists about it
18:24:54        rodrigo_        not me
18:24:56        pitti   and banshee, while we are at it *cough*
18:25:04        dobey   pitti: +1
18:25:08        pitti   no, let's discuss that more thoroughly
18:25:13        seb128  pitti, well, once we are there we can argue switching back to rhythmbox to claim the mono space
18:25:27        seb128  rb is already on GTK3 as well which is another win ;-)
18:25:28        pitti   it's got the same problem, not ported to gtk3 etc.
18:25:31        seb128  but yeah, another topic
18:25:32        pitti   which rb is
18:25:33        pitti   right
18:25:48        pitti   we can also announce it well
18:25:55        seb128  ok, nobody objected for tomboy
18:25:56        dobey   then fixing libu1 will be an easier task for me :)
18:25:59        pitti   "the default music player is now much faster to start, and uses less RAM"
18:26:07        seb128  ;-)
18:26:35        seb128  ok
18:26:38        seb128  that was it from me
18:26:42        seb128  sorry for all the extra topics
18:26:56        pitti   ok, thanks everyone! I need to run out now, bbl
18:27:01        pitti   seb128: no worries, thanks for covering them
18:27:06        seb128  thanks

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:31:30) jasoncwarner: bryce RAOF TheMuso robert_ancell meeting time! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-06-14
(08:33:36) robert_ancell: exciting!
(08:33:43) TheMuso: Good morning.
(08:34:07) jasoncwarner: morning....hope everyone is having a good penultimate week before the rally!
(08:34:19) jasoncwarner: anyway... bryce or RAOF here? 
(08:34:27) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X.org update
(08:36:19) jasoncwarner: Ok, moving on. robert_ancell can you update us on LightDM?
(08:37:37) robert_ancell: still coming along.  There were some crashers that people are getting, which some have been fixed in an update.  I plan on releasing 0.4.0 today or tomorrow which has some more fixes.  The apport crash retracer doesn't seem to be working, which is making it harder to notice and decode these crashes - bug reports remain private so I'm not seeing them
(08:38:12) robert_ancell: talked with the design team last night, and they have a draft design so I can start working on a prototype greeter
(08:38:51) jasoncwarner: awesome. 
(08:38:56) ***bryce waves
(08:39:09) jasoncwarner: is it on by default now? MIR approved?
(08:39:14) jasoncwarner: hey bryce
(08:39:27) robert_ancell: yes, so the number of bug reports has gone up quite significantly
(08:39:32) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell: :) 
(08:39:33) jasoncwarner: awesome
(08:39:38) robert_ancell: I think you still need to opt-in when you upgrade
(08:40:10) jasoncwarner: robert_ancell: thanks...good work. can't wait to see the protoype greeter as well :) 
broder Brumle bryce 
(08:40:23) jasoncwarner: bryce:  want to update on Xorg now?
(08:41:00) bryce: sure
(08:41:34) bryce: the new xorg package is merged in; this moves the failsafe-x bits and apport hooks over the the new xdiagnose package.
(08:41:59) bryce: I've been working on getting a MIR in for that, migrate it to dh_python2, etc.  Hopefully should be done this week
(08:42:35) bryce: I know RAOF is working on mesa but don't know what the status is for this week.  7.10.3 came out this week, but I think in oneiric we're moving to a git snapshot anyway
(08:43:39) bryce: been lots of user questions about graphics/input bugs this week too
(08:44:11) bryce: jasoncwarner, think that covers it
(08:44:11) jasoncwarner: bryce: yeah...and I've been hearing about the general state of drivers (fwiw)...
(08:44:18) jasoncwarner: thanks, bryce
(08:44:37) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: care to give quick update on Accessibility and Qt specific stuff?
(08:45:50) TheMuso: jasoncwarner: Well didia is dealing with the QT patch integration side, I am working with upstream to get a few license issues solved for the qt-at-spi bridge. Hope to get that done today, push the patches upstream and get them integrated, as I was asked to fix up the license stuff due to lack of time on upstream's part. Hope to upload to the archive by EOW.
(08:45:59) TheMuso: Didier even
TheMuso thisfred 
(08:46:04) jasoncwarner: TheMuso:  :)
(08:46:40) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: awesome...thanks! I know didrocks is going to a Qt conf end of this week to sort some remaining issues out...
(08:46:45) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: thanks!
(08:46:47) TheMuso: Cool.
(08:46:51) TheMuso: np
(08:46:59) jasoncwarner: anyone else have anything they wanted to discuss? 
(08:47:45) bryce: jasoncwarner, yeah one thing
(08:48:04) bryce: I'm interested in gathering ideas on improvements for launchpad that would help us.
(08:48:18) bryce: if anyone has ideas, please shoot them to me
(08:48:52) bryce: jasoncwarner, there's a coming feature for Launchpad that promises to help make doing merges easier
(08:49:04) jasoncwarner: bryce: very cool! thanks for the update :)
(08:49:15) jasoncwarner: (not that I do merges, but I've read about them....in a book)
(08:51:01) jasoncwarner: Ok...sounds like a wrap...anyone else (last call)? 
(08:51:49) jasoncwarner: alrighty then....
(08:51:52) jasoncwarner: thanks everyone!
(08:51:56) jasoncwarner: [END OF MEETING]

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