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Weekly Summary

  • Check bug 807306 if your keyboard/mouse stopped working; fixed in oneiric now, workarounds in the bug description (pitti)

  • editmoin is working again (pitti)
  • New release of Quickly (11.06), fixing some bugs
  • yelp-tools is now in main, and can be used in preference to gnome-doc-utils for help documentation translation

Partner update


  • some bug fixes coming this week
  • indicator-messages release which will effectly kill off indicator-me


  • still putting all the eggs in the "shim" basket, which as far as I can see is still not completely signed off on


Software Center

  • Software Center version 4.1.9 coming later this week, bug fixes and UI work
  • Software Center version 4.0.4 SRU for Natty
  • GTK3/PyGI porting work continues
    • Includes 5.0 redesign layout implementation
    • Many new unit tests this week for GTK3 work (thanks mvo!)
  • More good progress on the 5.0 redesign specification by the Canonical UX team



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