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Weekly Summary

  • After RAOF having packaged colord I moved forward the Color Management (Blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-icc-color-management): Posted MIRs for all componnents: colord, lcms2, argyll/libicc, icc-profiles, made argyll building under Oneiric, updated it, and merged it with libicc (TillKamppeter).

  • Updated CUPS to version 1.5.0, porting all patches including the Avahi support and PDF filters, sent updates also to the upstream authors of the Avahi patch and the PDF filters (TillKamppeter).

  • Updated Ghostscript to final 9.04 release (TillKamppeter).

  • Cleaned up the list of Ghostscipt bugs, closed most of the old ones, reducing the number of open bugs from 105 to 18 (TillKamppeter).

  • Packaged/MIRed printer drivers: c2esp (Kodak inkjets), rastertosag-gdi (Ricoh/Sagem low-cost), ptouch-driver (Brother label printers) (TillKamppeter).

Partner update


Software Center

  • Software Center version 4.1.12 released, includes:
    • The GTK3 version is now launchable as a "technology preview" (just run as "software-center-gtk3" in a terminal)
    • Lots of progress on the GTK3 version, including many more unit tests (thanks mvo!!)
    • Exhibits feature is complete in the GTK3 version, currently in testing with the server side
    • Many usability improvements (relocated ratings stars, etc.)
    • Many bug fixes



IRC log Western edition

17:31:25        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-08-09
17:31:56        tkamppeter      pitti, do you know whether didrocks will join?
17:31:58        pitti   apparently we are missing seb128 and other guys who hang out at the desktop summit on an almost nonexisting wifi :/
17:32:34        tkamppeter      pitti, we shgould perhaps shortly talk about the color management.
17:32:34        rodrigo_        hi
17:32:56        pitti   tkamppeter: ok, queueing after the regular agenda items
17:33:13        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-08-09 is still a bit empty, so let's do the copy&pasting of reports to IRC this time?
17:33:19        pitti   kenvandine: want to start with partner update?
17:33:35        kenvandine      sure... tedg has been out, back tomorrow
17:33:44        kenvandine      so i don't have a good idea of what to expect for FF from him
17:33:57        kenvandine      i am hoping libindicate gtk3 branch merged
17:34:05        pitti   didrocks announced that therre will be another set of unity/compiz packages 
17:34:12        kenvandine      yup
17:34:38        kenvandine      i am sure there will be a round of indicator stuff to upload
17:34:43        kenvandine      just not sure what yet
17:34:52        kenvandine      gotta love FF week :)
17:34:57        kenvandine      nothing else to report...
17:35:12        pitti   ok, thakns
17:35:22        kenvandine      i'll put it on the wiki later today when tedg briefs me
17:35:40        pitti   ok, great
17:35:44        pitti   tedg: welcome back :)
17:35:53        pitti   didrocks is not online, so no unity update
17:35:55        kenvandine      he isn't really back yet :)
17:35:59        tedg    pitti, miss you guys ;-)
17:36:03        rodrigo_        :)
17:36:09        kenvandine      tedg, don't lie :)
17:36:20        kenvandine      tedg, i want libindicate :)
17:36:22        pitti   tremolux: hey
17:36:30        tremolux        pitti: howdy
17:36:31        pitti   tremolux: interesting changelog on last s-c upload!
17:36:39        tremolux        hah, yes
17:36:42        pitti   tremolux: seems we are now shipping both gtk2 and gtk3 interfaces in the package?
17:36:56        pitti   tremolux: mvo promised that the pango bug was "the last issue" :)
17:37:44        tremolux        yes, as I report on the wiki it can now be run as a "technology preview" ;) , just type "software-center-gtk3"
17:37:54        pitti   ah, was just typing that question :)
17:38:14        pitti   wow, with wholly new UI
17:38:26         *      rodrigo_ starts it
17:38:28        kenvandine      wow... slick!
17:38:29        tremolux        yeah, it's mpt's new design
17:38:43        pitti   a bit billboard-ish with the huge banner
17:38:50        pitti   (I hope that's just a demo?)
17:38:59        tremolux        nzmm has been doing amazing work on this
17:39:20        tremolux        yeah, that's a placeholder but we kinda like it  :)
17:39:40        pitti   nice
17:39:47        pitti   tremolux: anything which we should know for FF?
17:40:09        tremolux        pitti: not sure what you mean?
17:40:20        pitti   tremolux: like, any major changes planned still?
17:40:42        tremolux        right now, we are still evaluating the state of the gtk3 branch
17:41:18        tremolux        but other than that, there are no major changes (but still some smaller features)
17:42:01        pitti   ok, thanks
17:42:26        pitti   chrisccoulson: do you have something to discuss for thunderbird and friends?
17:42:27        tremolux        thanks a lot, of course feedback on the gtk3 stuff is very welcome
17:42:47        chrisccoulson   pitti - i'm just about to upload the eds contacts integration work from m_conley_away
17:43:08        chrisccoulson   and we have a new theme on the way too, although there's still a few problems with that
17:43:32        chrisccoulson   i've spent the last week trying to debug a firefox beta crash on natty though ;)
17:43:38        chrisccoulson   (well, most of)
17:44:15        pitti   cyphermox: wrt. FF, do you think the C rewrite of modeswitch still has a chance?
17:44:21        cyphermox       yes!
17:44:30        cyphermox       I was just discussing this with slangasek
17:44:34        pitti   cyphermox: or do you want to get this upstream first, and we land in perky?
17:44:35        pitti   ah
17:45:05        cyphermox       I'll give upstream one day to release a new release they want to do real soon, and if they don't make it early-ish tomorrow upload the rewrite patch?
17:45:13        cyphermox       if they do, upload that with the rwrite patch?
17:45:26        pitti   cyphermox: oh, they accepted it?
17:45:44        pitti   chrisccoulson: so we'll see at least one more round of tbird etc.?
17:45:58        cyphermox       pitti: I haven't seen an actual "yes let's put it in", but Josua appears to be pretty happy with it
17:46:16        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah. i'm still wondering whether to stay on the beta channel in oneiric for the next 6 week cycle
17:46:25        chrisccoulson   (ie, firefox 7 is released 2 days before final freeze)
17:46:30        pitti   https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-default-email-client still has 8 open items, including calendar events
17:46:57        pitti   chrisccoulson: hm, my gut feeling is that we sohuld deliver 7 post release then
17:46:59        pitti   WDYT?
17:47:11        pitti   and ship oneiric with 6 final?
17:47:22        pitti   cyphermox: great to hear
17:47:31        chrisccoulson   pitti - i'm not sure. delivering it post release will end up leaving people without a security update for a while
17:47:39        pitti   cyphermox: after the old u-devel@ discussion I was a bit afraid that he insisted on a scripting language
17:48:01        chrisccoulson   i was thinking about just sticking with the beta, as the changes in the last couple of weeks are just minor bug fixes
17:48:16        pitti   chrisccoulson: what would they release 2 days before final freeze, the final or beta?
17:48:27        cyphermox       pitti: I can't say it will be in 1.1.9, but he seems happy to include it once it's proven to be stable; which should be any time now. Dan Williams helped a lot in testing a bunch of devices with good results
17:48:30        pitti   we can certainly keep up with betas and RCs, but I wouldn't like to ship oneiric with a beta
17:48:30        chrisccoulson   ie, the beta -> release 2 days before final freeze would literally be just a change in version number
17:48:39        pitti   cyphermox: awesome
17:48:40        chrisccoulson   pitti - it woudl be the final release 2 days before final freeze
17:48:54        pitti   cyphermox: do you need me to do another round of reviews? any problems with my first round?
17:49:12        pitti   chrisccoulson: ah, so we could test oneiric-beta-2 with 7 beta or RC a least?
17:49:21        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah
17:49:31        cyphermox       pitti: if you want to; I didn't see issues with the first; though that afaik wasn't completely done either no?
17:49:42        chrisccoulson   pitti - the dates are here btw: https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar
17:50:22        pitti   cyphermox: right, just reviewed some 58%
17:50:53        pitti   chrisccoulson: ok, thanks
17:51:30        pitti   chrisccoulson: I suppose many of the open WIs on the spec shold be postponed now? doesn't look like we can integrate a calendar in just two days?
17:51:57        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah. there is ongoing work for that, but it's not going to happen for oneiric
17:52:40        pitti   :(
17:52:56        pitti   thanks for the update
17:53:09        chrisccoulson   mpt, did you say you were interested in doing a design for a calendar app btw?
17:53:25        pitti   tkamppeter: color management?
17:53:46        tkamppeter      https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-icc-color-management
17:54:17        tkamppeter      Most important is that RAOF has packaged colord and after a bugfix in LP it made it into Universe.
17:54:22        rodrigo_        tkamppeter, I see most stuff is done, so we just need to get the MIR's approved and the plugin enabled in g-s-d and g-c-c right?
17:54:32        pitti   and cups, I think
17:55:05        seb128  didrocks has issues with the mir
17:55:06        tkamppeter      Argyll is also updated and in Universe, lcms2 has even passed the MIR.
17:55:10        pitti   seb128: oh, wb
17:55:18        rodrigo_        hey seb128
17:55:23        tkamppeter      Yes, many MIRs, but one causes a problem: Argyll
17:55:26        seb128  argyll which is a recommends is taking some 11mb deb
17:55:30        didrocks        hey rodrigo_ :)
17:55:35        seb128  pitti, thanks ;-)
17:55:41        rodrigo_        hi didrocks
17:55:44        tkamppeter      bug 821883
17:55:45        ubot2   Launchpad bug 821883 in argyll "[MIR] argyll" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/821883
17:55:55        seb128  pitti, we walked back to the hotel to get working internet, sorry we are a bit late
17:56:07        pitti   well, that's not a blocker for main, but certainly a blocker for being on the CD
17:56:09        didrocks        tkamppeter: we already discussed about it last week, and the room needed is a no-no
17:56:24        tkamppeter      We need to get through at least libicc2 (and the -dev) which is now provided by the argyll source DEB, so the source DEB must go in.
17:56:28        didrocks        pitti: right, but we need the integration to "pick the right profile on demand"
17:56:52        geser   how long does the retracer usually take to retrace a crash?
17:56:53        seb128  upstream is doing that I think
17:57:07        seb128  fedora is not shipping argyll on their CD from what I read
17:57:09        tkamppeter      didrocks, now I need a more expert in CM to split the argyll binary package into argyll and argyll-extra ...
17:57:17        seb128  so with aptdaemon it should be working
17:57:30        tkamppeter      didrocks, argyll does not contain .icc files to split off.
17:57:32        pitti   ah, installed on demand from control center?
17:57:34        didrocks        tkamppeter: how big it is? colord and others are already taking 500kb instead of the 300 advertized
17:58:03        --      MacSlow ist nun als MacSlow|break bekannt
17:58:06        seb128  pitti, yes
17:58:28        tkamppeter      didrocks, the 300kb came from Richard Hughes on his talk on UDS. Before everything got actually packaged (this week) I did not know any real data.
17:59:21        didrocks        tkamppeter: you can look at the Size: of the package, it's basically the same approximation that we will have on the cd once compressed
17:59:35        tkamppeter      We could do the following perhaps: Put all Argyll stuff into main but install only libicc2 on the CD so that apps like Ghostscript can link against it.
17:59:37        pitti   cups-common shrank by 600 kB, cups-client grew by 500 kB, but I think we can fix that; if we do, we'd at least have a balanced budget for that, so 500 kB sounds ok
18:00:12        pitti   11 mb is too much, though, we don't have the time any more to free that much
18:00:27        pitti   (in oneiric; next cycle should drop a whole lot of old stuff)
18:00:37        didrocks        tkamppeter: right, please can you figure that out?
18:00:42        pitti   so install-on-demand sounds good
18:00:47        tkamppeter      pitti, so perhaps then leave the argyll main binary package in main but not on CD< optionally installable.
18:00:51        pitti   tkamppeter: right
18:00:58        pitti   tkamppeter: I think that's what seb128 said
18:01:04        pitti   and presumably is already working
18:02:01        tkamppeter      dirocks, so let us pass the argyll source package into main without changes and add only libicc2 into dependencies of packages (via Build-depends: libicc-dev).
18:02:39        didrocks        tkamppeter: can you exactly explain in the MIR what libicc2 is needed for?
18:03:03        didrocks        maybe it's me, but I didn't get what exactly linking it in Ghostscript does
18:03:08        didrocks        and that's a discussion for the MIR itself
18:03:13        tkamppeter      didrocks, I will add our conclusions and this info to the MIR, reopening it ...
18:03:25        --      om26er_ ist nun als om26er-afk bekannt
18:03:28        didrocks        tkamppeter: thanks, and can you clarify this as well in it, please? ^
18:05:27        pitti   didrocks: do you have an unity report for the meeting?
18:05:56        didrocks        pitti: no time to prepare it, but I can quickly discuss it ther
18:05:58        didrocks        there*
18:06:08        didrocks        so, new unity/nux/unity-2d on Thursday
18:06:32        didrocks        with a lot of refactoring and alt + tab by default (managing windows \o/) for new install
18:06:46        didrocks        not sure about compiz, seems not good to mix it with all the changes that are coming
18:07:14        didrocks        all should be done for feature freeze, it will be quite short with travelling and such, so maybe will delay it a little (upload in the evening)
18:07:42        pitti   that should be fine
18:07:42        didrocks        all pieces are coordinated by upstream to ensure we don't have mismatching components for the transition
18:07:50        didrocks        then, I'll prepare the boost transition
18:07:58        pitti   even if we miss FF by an hour or so, I'm happy to just wave them through
18:07:59        didrocks        will test on Friday, but I won't be there starting next week (holidays)
18:08:06        didrocks        pitti: thanks ;)
18:08:15        didrocks        so seb128 will probably sponsor this changes
18:08:20        pitti   correctness >> inordinary rush
18:08:38        didrocks        boost isn't that scary, running temporary running both old and new boost in the same process should be fine
18:08:52        didrocks        (the transition is in nux, compiz and unity)
18:09:53        didrocks        that's about it for me :)
18:10:47        pitti   thanks
18:11:16        pitti   anything else we should discuss?
18:11:26        kenvandine      food?
18:11:31        pitti   heh, +1
18:11:32         *      kenvandine is insanely hungry...
18:11:35        kenvandine      for some reason :)
18:12:58        pitti   so, thanks everyone!
18:13:09        kenvandine      woot... time to eat!
18:13:18         *      kenvandine waves
18:14:04        tremolux        see y'all, thanks

IRC log Eastern edition

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