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Weekly Summary

  • LibreOffice (bjoern-michaelsen):

  • Created a new team for tracking all the desktop packages we maintain, its different from desktop-bugs team because its also including firefox,libreoffice,gwibber,etc. If the package you're maintaining as part of your work on the desktop team is not there please let me know so i can include it. This list is important to maintain up to date so every other team can look at it and see which set of packages we're really taking care of, team is at:
  • FeatureFreeze happened, and lots of MIRs got processed. If you have an outstanding MIR that needs attention, poke mterry on IRC.

  • MIRs for new printer driver packages c2esp, rastertosag-gdi, and ptouch-driver passed. Packages seeded onto CDs (TillKamppeter).

  • Everything on the Color Management Blueprint succeeded, except the colord MIR, waiting for security decision by Kees Cook. Did some packaging changes to achieve this. Meetings with pitti and Richard Hughes on Desktop Summit for working on the Color Management (TillKamppeter).

  • Worked with upstream developers of Ghostscript to get CUPS Raster output device correctly working with color management and the RGBW color space needed by the HPLIP driver (TillKamppeter).

  • Worked with Didier Raboud (OdyX) on centralizing the repeated postinst code of the printer drivers to update the PPD files of already existing print queues into CUPS. CUPS package updated on Debian's BZR repository and updated rastertosag-gdi as test package (TillKamppeter).

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IRC log Western edition

17:32:14        pitti   no team reports yet, so let's do that via IRC again
17:32:21        pitti   kenvandine: want to start with partner update?
17:32:24        tkamppeter      pitti, colord still not passed through security check ...
17:32:37        mterry  hi
17:32:41        pitti   tkamppeter: failed, or just didn't get to it yet?
17:33:23        chrisccoulson   hi!
17:33:24        pitti   oh, and there it appears on the wiki page :)
17:33:44        tkamppeter      pitti, kees had some questions and upstream Richard Hughes has answered, but nothing new from kees or mterry then.
17:33:46        pitti   kenvandine: btw, do you know about the "Bug:12345" wiki syntax?
17:34:10         *      kenvandine waves
17:34:15        kenvandine      meeting?
17:34:32        mterry  I'm waiting on kees to respond re: security
17:35:28        seb128  kenvandine, you are late!
17:36:05        seb128  pitti, mterry: gnome-settings-daemon is depwaiting for 3 uploads, maybe we should pre-promote or ping kees to get that sorted?
17:36:44        pitti   pinging is better, I think; otherwise we'd have to rollback a feature, which might be harder
17:37:15        pitti   kenvandine: I responded to the ubuntone-installer FFE bug; but I have to admit this is still very vague to me
17:37:33        pitti   kenvandine: is there a current plan how to handle U1 packages from now on?
17:37:58        pitti   seb128: kees was on a conference last week according to his trip report, so perhaps he'll respond this week?
17:38:18        seb128  pitti, right
17:39:11         *      kenvandine waves... is this thing on?
17:39:25        rodrigo_        kenvandine, we can read you :)
17:39:25        pitti   kenvandine: I see you
17:39:58        seb128  hey kenvandine
17:41:45        pitti   is anyone else reading me?
17:41:50        seb128  pitti, yes
17:41:50        rodrigo_        pitti, I am
17:41:54        pitti   or is it just ken who fell off the planet?
17:41:58        seb128  seems only ken is having issues
17:42:02        seb128  it's only ken
17:42:02        kenvandine      woot
17:42:05        kenvandine      i changed servers :)
17:42:06        desrt   pitti: you're coming through a bit choppy.  repeat?
17:42:06        pitti   kenvandine: wb
17:42:08        seb128  hey kenvandine
17:42:28        pitti   desrt: *bzzzt* plasma leak *bzzzrlcrackle*
17:42:49        desrt   :)
17:42:52         *      desrt runs
17:42:55        pitti   kenvandine: I responded to the ubuntone-installer FFE bug; but I have to admit this is still very vague to me
17:43:00        pitti   kenvandine: is there a current plan how to handle U1 packages from now on?
17:43:17        kenvandine      pitti, i think they think there is a plan
17:43:26        kenvandine      but it all still seems vague to me too
17:43:44        kenvandine      pitti, sorry i don't have more info :/
17:44:01        kenvandine      josh is going to try to get something more concrete
17:44:09        kenvandine      but i hear that every week :/
17:46:31        pitti   wrt. rhythmbox, I thought gtk 3 porting was out of scope for oneiric?
17:46:41        kenvandine      it is
17:46:52        kenvandine      so they need to have the plugin for rb removed
17:47:18        kenvandine      but i haven't heard a definative answer that they didn't want to support rb
17:47:24        pitti   i. e. rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store needs to become an empty transitional package
17:47:52        kenvandine      yeah
17:49:04        pitti   as for unity, didrocks is on vacation
17:49:12        pitti   seb128: shall we just skip this, or do you have something to discuss there?
17:49:42        seb128  I can do a short summary
17:49:59        seb128  new unity with all features for this cycle landed on the ff line
17:50:01        seb128  lot of bugs
17:50:30        pitti   is the bright transparent pink dash background a bug or a feature?
17:50:33         *      pitti is afraid "feature"
17:51:26        pitti   let's hope it'll stabilize in the next two weeks then
17:51:27        rodrigo_        :)
17:51:37        pedro_  are they planning to fix the window switcher (alt+tab) or its going to stay the same way its right now?
17:52:12        seb128  doh
17:52:15        seb128  sorry got sidetracked
17:52:19        seb128  pitti, so yeah
17:52:20        seb128  lot of bugs
17:52:27        seb128  they plan a bug fix version on thursday
17:52:35        seb128  they are on bug fix mode from now on
17:52:40        seb128  weekly tarballs again
17:52:49        seb128  compiz is still not sorted
17:53:00        seb128  they have a new candidate version out that needs testing and approval
17:53:09        seb128  other option is to roll back to the natty compiz
17:53:31        seb128  pitti, there is a bug about picking wrong colors
17:53:50        seb128  but the blur is wanted
17:53:58        seb128  they will likely tweak it I guess
17:54:00        pitti   thanks for the summary
17:54:08        seb128  pedro_, alt-tab should have bug fixes and improvements
17:54:09        seb128  yw
17:54:15        pitti   no tremolux
17:54:21        pitti   but s-c seems to be in good shape
17:54:23        pedro_  seb128, good to know, thanks :-)
17:54:53        pitti   anything we should discuss at this point?
17:55:06        pitti   new gnome 3.1.5 will bring some disruptions, FYI
17:55:16        seb128  right
17:55:23        seb128  I guess we decided to not go for clutter on the CD
17:55:31        pitti   yay
17:55:38        seb128  though kenvandine said he would check with empathy upstream how much not having the new call ui is an issue
17:55:46        pitti   so we'll keep totem/cheese at their current versions or patch it back out?
17:55:56        seb128  cheese is in universe
17:56:07        pitti   ah, empathy then
17:56:12        seb128  the empathy guys made it possible to not use libcheese for us
17:56:20        kenvandine      those guys rock
17:56:21        seb128  and ev is using gstreamer directly now
17:56:33        seb128  totem> yeah, I will keep the new version in a ppa
17:56:43        seb128  having video playing relying on clutter is risky
17:56:51        seb128  we said we would discuss putting back pitivi on the CD btw
17:57:02        seb128  and gnome-contacts is coming with GNOME 3.2, rodrigo is packaging it
17:57:09        seb128  (i.e an adressbook for GNOME)
17:57:19        desrt   cheese demoted? :(
17:57:23        seb128  we missed the ff but not sure if we should aim to an exception for it
17:57:24        desrt   cd space, i guess?
17:57:41        pitti   desrt: no, tons of new depends we don't want
17:57:49        seb128  desrt, CD space, depends on clutter-gst, clutter-gesture, mx, and camorabin which is in one of the universe gst set
17:58:03        desrt   fair enough
17:58:06        pitti   seb128: there's a rather strong case for addressbook, as we just dropped evo from CD
17:58:09        rodrigo_        seb128, it's not going on the cd, but universe, so does it need a FFE?
17:58:20        seb128  rodrigo_, still yes
17:58:21        pitti   FF affects the entire universe, yes
17:58:26        rodrigo_        ok
17:58:29        seb128  but why not aiming for the CD?
17:58:34        seb128  it's small and useful
17:58:37        rodrigo_        yeah
17:58:43         *      kenvandine would like that
17:58:55        rodrigo_        I stopped the submission ebcause the 0.1.1 version is a bit broken
17:59:08        rodrigo_        but the package is ready since Friday, so we can upload that for noe
17:59:27        rodrigo_        I think a new version is coming soon, so we can also wait
17:59:36        seb128  rodrigo_, there is a 0.1.2 now
17:59:36        pitti   please submit an FFE bug
17:59:41        pitti   I'll approve it
17:59:46        seb128  rodrigo_, it's out this earlier today or yesterday
17:59:54        rodrigo_        seb128, oh, I checked this morning and it wasn't
17:59:57        rodrigo_        ok
17:59:57        seb128  rodrigo_, if you get kenvandine to sponsor it for you I can NEW review it
18:00:15        kenvandine      rodrigo_, just send it my way when it is ready :)
18:00:16        rodrigo_        seb128, kenvandine: it's in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-contacts/ubuntu
18:00:26        rodrigo_        I'll update to 0.1.2 and ping kenvandine
18:00:30        kenvandine      thx
18:01:28        seb128  pitti, I think that's all from desktop side
18:01:33        pitti   cheers
18:01:40        seb128  out of the fact that we have tons of bugs and we are behind or other things
18:01:52        seb128  or->on
18:02:04        seb128  like screensaver look
18:02:15        seb128  just to pick one
18:03:06        pitti   or the ubuntu lightdm theme
18:03:12        pitti   or not being able to login :)
18:03:34        pitti   ok, so let's stop having a meeting then and get cracking again :)
18:03:38        seb128  yeah, lightdm, mterry has been helping a bit on it and robert_ancell is back
18:03:49        pitti   thanks everyone!
18:03:55        seb128  thanks pitti
18:04:01        pedro_  thanks!

IRC log Eastern edition

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