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Weekly Summary

  • ubuntu-defaults-builder is now able to build bootable CDs, and ubuntu-defaults-zh-cn is in the archive. (pitti)

  • Prepare upgrade of pygobject to 2.90 (bug 828751), and fix packages to get along with it (bug 829186 ) (pitti)

  • Jockey now displays the -updates variants of the nvidia/fglrx drivers. (pitti)

  • Printer drivers: Completed centralizing the code for updating the PPDs of existing queues in as a trigger in CUPS and the code for compressing PPD files as a debhelper (dh_pyppd) in pyppd. All done together with Debian developer Didier Raboud (OdyX) to appear in both Debian and Ubuntu. All printer driver packages in Main are updated now (TillKamppeter).

  • Ghostscript: Final fix of segfaults in the CUPS Raster output device from upstream applied (TillKamppeter).

  • Firefox is now tracking the newest beta, and has a nice new shiny Apport hook which should answer a lot of the common questions we ask of bug reporters. This is going to expand a lot over the coming weeks and in to next cycle (chrisccoulson)
  • Thunderbird is about to get a visual makeover, when I upload the new beta later today with the unity theme selected by default (chrisccoulson)
  • GNOME 3.1.5 updates continued in Oneiric (desktop team)
  • lightdm and unity-greeter got several updates including bug fixes and ui improvements (robert_ancell, mterry)
  • gnome-contacts got uploaded (rodrigo, kenvandine)

Partner update


  • round of bug fixes this week


  • ubuntuone-installer is in universe, I have reminded the U1 team they need to get the MIR submitted ASAP and it will need to get seeded on the CD.
  • rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, I need to make sure that gets removed


  • we got a first bug fix update, dx is focussed on bug fixing and back on weekly updates until Oneiric is stable
  • some extra bugs got fixed in trunk and backport to Oneiric
  • new tarballs will be rolled for beta on thursday morning
  • compiz got updated in Oneiric, rolling back the decorator changes and going back to a better situation, we can start stabilizing based on what we got today

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IRC log Western edition

17:31:50        seb128  pitti, I'm working hard on dx to get the compiz update out, I didn't have time to update the wiki
17:32:05        seb128  I can do a live update when it's unity's turn though
17:32:09        pitti   seb128: ah, great
17:32:16        pitti   kenvandine: what's new on the partner front?
17:32:40        chrisccoulson   kenvandine, a few people report it, but no more than usual. and most reporters descriptions are so vague that they aren't useful at all
17:33:10        chrisccoulson   i haven't noticed anything though, other than the appalling IO wait i get on my machine which causes everything on my desktop to grind to a halt every time something touches the disk
17:33:43        seb128  is kenvandine lagged again this week?
17:33:50        pitti   seb128: maybe you can start with unity? kenvandine seems to be busy
17:33:54        kenvandine      seb128, yeah... i just got flooded...
17:34:00        seb128  yeah, can do
17:34:03        seb128  so unity
17:34:06         *      kenvandine is here
17:34:18        seb128  we go a bug fix update on thursday with a bit less fixes than I was hopping to see
17:34:23        seb128  got
17:34:45        seb128  with some nagging they fixed a bunch of other issues in trunk and I backported most of those fixes in Oneiric
17:34:59        seb128  they do plan on rolling updates tomorrow for the unity stack
17:35:07        seb128  weekly updates from now on, bug fix only
17:35:32        seb128  compiz is another story, they are "testing tarballs" for some weeks but not getting out of it, I'm trying to help dbarth to get that unblocked today
17:35:50        seb128  otherwise lightdm update, what we got in Oneiric should be mostly good
17:36:00        seb128  I've backported most of trunk for lightdm and unity-greeter
17:36:19        seb128  if you have bugs that should be fixed for beta please drop an email to robert_ancell and Cc mterry he is helping him on lightdm
17:36:26        seb128  that should be it from me
17:36:34        seb128  questions?
17:36:59        chrisccoulson   i'm quite concerned about how fragile compiz is at the moment
17:37:11        pitti   I think we have a regression that lightdm doesn't start in the live session, otherwise it seems to behave now
17:37:18        pitti   but compiz is rather dire, yes
17:37:18        seb128  chrisccoulson, we all are
17:37:31        seb128  pitti, do you know when that started?
17:37:38        pitti   I don't, just saw the bug today
17:37:44        seb128  chrisccoulson, I'm trying to get those updates out today or tomorrow for compiz
17:37:50        pitti   bug 831884
17:37:51        ubot2   Launchpad bug 831884 in lightdm "lightdm fails to start on Live CD on intel: [drm] failed to set drm interface version (plymouth race ?)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/831884
17:37:55        seb128  once they are out we should have a better basis to add bug fixes
17:37:56        chrisccoulson   seb128, thanks
17:38:04         *      kenvandine waves again
17:38:09        seb128  hey kenvandine
17:38:41        pitti   seb128: thanks for the heads-up; would be great if you could put it on the wiki? just c&p shuold be fine
17:38:43        kenvandine      irc gets angry with me every tuesday, it seems
17:38:51        pitti   kenvandine: back?
17:38:56        kenvandine      i think
17:38:59        kenvandine      :)
17:39:03        pitti   kenvandine: do you have something for the partner update?
17:39:07        kenvandine      partner update is on the wiki, nothing more to add
17:39:15        kenvandine      except i want to chat with pitti after the meeting
17:39:18        kenvandine      about the rb package
17:39:29        pitti   kenvandine: u1-installer still boggles me
17:39:36        seb128  pitti, will do
17:39:38        kenvandine      pitti, indeed...
17:39:53        pitti   I mean, u1 is on the CD already, why do they voluntarily want to get off the CD?
17:40:02        pitti   that makes it much harder to test u1 on the live system, etc.
17:40:05        pitti   dobey, nessita ^
17:40:06        kenvandine      pitti, that is what it sounds like to me
17:40:18        pitti   and the current version just installs the ubuntu packages anyway
17:40:27        kenvandine      right... no real gain
17:40:28        pitti   well, I know, not the full functionality, but at least file sync, the basics
17:40:31        kenvandine      just a loss really
17:40:55        pitti   but I guess it's just a preparation for the next cycle(s), when this might eventually install more stuff
17:41:04        pitti   anyway, the plan for oneiric seems good to me
17:41:13        kenvandine      they say the driver is to be consistent between platforms
17:41:41         *      kenvandine would prefer ubuntu be better :)
17:42:16        nessita pitti and rest: I know there has been some conversations between Chipaca and I think Rick (I may be mistaken) about this. I'm not aware of the latest agreements, but the goal was to be able to ship latest version to every user, no matter what ubuntu version he/she has
17:42:33        pitti   right, that's the long term goal, but not the oneiric one
17:42:50        kenvandine      nessita, the agreement for oneiric is it only installs the ubuntu version
17:42:52        pitti   nessita: anyway, I don't object to u1-installer, it just seems like an integration step backwards
17:43:05        pitti   kenvandine: anyway, thanks for the heads-up
17:43:21        pitti   Sweetshark: thanks for landing LibO 3.4, although it seems to have some build problems
17:43:32        nessita pitti, kenvandine:"as far as I know we're not dropping U1 from the O cd
17:43:38        pitti   Sweetshark: anything which needs to be discussed there? blocking MIRs, the mono problem, etc?
17:43:51        pitti   nessita: dobey said otherwise
17:44:32        nessita pitti: then my information is not up to date :-/
17:44:35        kenvandine      nessita, thx, i'll get clarification
17:44:54        nessita me too! :-)
17:46:54        pitti   mvo: tremolux is not here, do you want to discuss s-c?
17:47:08        pitti   mvo: from my side, there's a pending FFE for using the -gtk3 variant by default
17:47:26        pitti   mvo: I really wouldn't like it to be the default with these banners, can we disable them for now?
17:47:37        pitti   mvo: also, does it depend on pygobject 2.90, or does it work with 2.28, too?
17:49:22        pitti   hmm, no Sweetshark, no mvo
17:49:58        pitti   then I just have a general call for checking your remaining WIs on http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-11.10-beta-1.html 
17:50:23        pitti   you probably ought to have http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-oneiric/u/<yourlpuser>.html in your browser, it's rather convenient
17:50:52        pitti   I went through the remaining ones, and apart from https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-xorg-tools-and-processes we mostly seem to have these "last mile" remaining WIs for most specs
17:51:07        pitti   *tock* *tock*, is this thing on?
17:51:12        seb128  hey
17:51:14        seb128  is it
17:51:14        mterry  hi
17:51:16         *      kenvandine hears you
17:51:24        pitti   does anyone else have something which we should discuss?
17:51:30        seb128  yes
17:51:32        seb128  some items
17:52:02        seb128  so, first
17:52:03        seb128  pedro_, hey
17:52:12        pedro_  hey hey
17:52:15        seb128  pedro_, can you give the url to your oneiric bugs list? ;-)
17:52:22        seb128  is it on the qa namespace now?
17:52:23        pedro_  oh no they are mine!
17:52:35        seb128  well the qa build for the desktop set
17:52:35        pedro_  http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-desktop/oneiric.html
17:52:38        seb128  ^
17:52:51        seb128  if you look for "oneiric desktop bugs" to pick on in the next weeks
17:52:54        seb128  that's a good list to use
17:53:08        seb128  those are all the bugs with an oneiric target in the desktop set
17:53:21        seb128  I know that lacked in the previous cycles
17:53:36        seb128  thanks pedro_ for working on this and making it easy to know what bugs need work ;-)
17:53:55        pedro_  seb128, my pleasure, I'm happy the team is using it :-)
17:54:01        pedro_  if you need any other similar report just let me know
17:54:08        seb128  that goes with "if you have a bug that should be on that list please nominate it for Oneiric"
17:54:15        seb128  that was my first item
17:54:31        seb128  second one I said the pitivi guys we would decide if we want to bring it back on the CD or not
17:54:36         *      kenvandine waits while firefox is all gray
17:54:40        seb128  they did work on it this cycle and would like to be back there
17:54:41         *      pitti bookmarks
17:55:07        seb128  I told them we would revisit the decision based on the work they did, it might rathe be an uds,next cycle thing though
17:55:08        pitti   hm, how much CD space?
17:55:52        seb128  urg, 1.3mb deb it seems
17:55:55        pitti   oh, on that note: we are planning a -base langpack refresh at the end of the week; with this we should get the desktops into the 703 MB limit
17:56:01        pitti   but only just barely so
17:56:30        seb128  we are already pushing for other things which didn't land
17:56:37        seb128  should we just revisit pitivi at UDS?
17:56:41        pitti   +1 from me
17:56:52        kenvandine      +1 from me
17:56:57        seb128  ok
17:57:02        seb128  next one is gnome-contacts
17:57:08        seb128  do we try to push it on?
17:57:14        chrisccoulson   pitti - if we really need to, i could switch firefox and thunderbird to use system nss and nspr for the CD
17:57:15        seb128  now would be the right time if we want it
17:57:27        chrisccoulson   but i would need to upgrade them first, as they depend on the latest versions
17:57:37        chrisccoulson   that's probably ~2.5MB
17:57:47        pitti   chrisccoulson: chrisccoulson should win some 1.5 MB?
17:57:53        kenvandine      seb128, i would be in favor of that if we know they will get it working
17:58:00        pitti   chrisccoulson: oh, for tbird as well, I guess
17:58:01        chrisccoulson   pitti - i think it's more like 2.5MB
17:58:03        kenvandine      like adding and linking contacts
17:58:10        seb128  kenvandine, I'm pretty confident they will, alex is full time on it I think
17:58:18        pitti   chrisccoulson: I was just adding deb size of libnss3 and libnspr4
17:58:18        kenvandine      great!
17:58:25        seb128  or at least if not full time he has time for it
17:58:34        chrisccoulson   but i'd need to switch them back pretty much straight after release, as i'd need the latest versions again
17:58:41        pitti   seb128: ah, it can be tested from the archive now?
17:58:52        pitti   missing contacts is a pretty major functional regression indeed
17:58:56        pitti   if we can get that back, that'd be good
17:59:07        seb128  pitti, sudo apt-get install gnome-contacts
17:59:20        seb128  kenvandine, can you get the mir done?
18:00:25        seb128  pitti, ok, I think that was it from me
18:00:31        chrisccoulson   remember that thunderbird can access the eds addressbook now ;)
18:00:45        seb128  oh maybe a reminder about http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20110816-oneiric.html
18:00:48        Sweetshark      pitti: 1) the current build problems on arm isnt too much of an issue (if there are not others behind it 2) after discussing with some mono maintainers, IMHO it seems like we should just drop the mono-bindings as they are rarely used (do we need to announce that?) 3) MIRs: nothing needed that I know of, translate-toolkit needs to loose one suggest, I will do that.
18:00:52        chrisccoulson   (there's just no UI for creating addressbooks yet)
18:00:55        pitti   chrisccoulson: oh, it can? also writing? nice
18:00:59        kenvandine      seb128, i can file an MIR, sure
18:01:03        seb128  kenvandine, thanks
18:01:05        Sweetshark      pitti: sorry, had an emergency ping for wrt gsoc
18:01:06        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah, read and write
18:01:12        seb128  chrisccoulson, well, gnome-contacts would be an ui ;-)
18:01:17        pitti   Sweetshark: dropping mono bindings> sure, there don't seem to be rdepends AFAICS
18:01:22        chrisccoulson   pitti - there's just no UI for adding new addressbooks though, but that's planned
18:01:40        pitti   seb128: does that use the new online accounts GNOME thing?
18:01:54        pitti   by default it only shows the empathy contacts, not the e-d-s ones
18:02:18        seb128  pitti, it should show e-d-s contacts, the online account is only a way to set up your accounts
18:02:31        pitti   seb128: hm, let's discuss off-meeting
18:02:41        pitti   Sweetshark: thanks for the heads-up
18:02:56        seb128  ok
18:03:17        pitti   AOB?
18:03:36        kenvandine      not from me
18:03:49        seb128  nothing else from me
18:04:06        pitti   ok, thanks everyone!

IRC log Eastern edition

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