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Weekly Summary

Partner update


  • New unity this week (on Monday due to some team member being ill). Thanks a lot to all the community volonteer contributors that fixed a bunch number of bugs: https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/4.18.0

  • Another compiz will be ready tomorrow for finale with other stacking and crash fixes.
  • New unity-2d this week: https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/4.10. Bug fixes (some for a11y) and brings RTL support!

  • Long standing Qt build fixes on armel and powerpc, now done! Some patches implemented to fix QML a11y issues as well as touch one. Another upload tomorrow to find bouding multitouch scrolling issues.

Software Center

  • Software Center versions 4.1.24 through 4.1.26 released
    • Includes ~40 bug fixes, plus more i18n and a11y fixes, lots of UI cleanup and refinement
  • More bug fixes coming this week in preparation for final freeze
  • Team continues to focus on stability, any remaining a11y and i18n fixes, and further refinement of the new UI



IRC log Western edition

17:31:39        pitti   so according to the weekly summary this was clearly a LibO fixing week :)
17:31:42        pedro_  lut seb128 :-)
17:31:43        pitti   Sweetshark: (nice job)
17:31:51        pitti   and new unity with some umphteen fixes, yay
17:32:05        pitti   kenvandine: anything to discuss partner-wise?
17:32:09        kenvandine      yeah
17:32:14        pitti   I guess the music scope is the big thing this week?
17:32:28        kenvandine      not really... round of bug fix releases for indicators coming
17:32:49        rodrigo_        seb128, yes, but libnm-gtk doesn't seem to be available in the repo, will ask him after the meeting
17:33:07        pitti   rodrigo_: just binNEWed it an hour or so ago
17:33:12         *      didrocks runs will bb in 40 minutes hopefully
17:33:13        rodrigo_        pitti, ah
17:33:19        pitti   didrocks: thanks for the wiki update
17:33:20        didrocks        pitti: I'll take care of glibmm and gtkmm after
17:33:25        seb128  didrocks, see you
17:33:31        kenvandine      that is all i have
17:33:32        pitti   didrocks: gtkmm3.0 is already in ubuntu:gtkmm3.0
17:33:47        pitti   didrocks: (not yet test-built, of course), but I can continue this tomorrow morning
17:33:55        didrocks        pitti: ok, thanks :)
17:34:01        pitti   kenvandine: bug 851691 is a bit of a concern
17:34:03        ubot2   Launchpad bug 851691 in unity-lens-music "[FFE] Add support for U1 in the music lens" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/851691
17:34:10        pitti   it's veeeery late, and hasn't really been tested yet
17:34:14        didrocks        I guess this one is on my plate :)
17:34:17        pitti   I understand it's in ubuntu-desktop?
17:34:28        didrocks        pitti: it's basically the one in the ubuntu-desktop ppa for a while
17:34:37        didrocks        but I agree it's late
17:34:51        tkamppeter      hi
17:35:23        pitti   didrocks: are there some testing instructions somewhere, so that we can test this from the PPA a bit?
17:35:42        didrocks        pitti: I guess I need the release of the last version (the one which doesn't need the environment variable then)
17:35:52        didrocks        pitti: and then, yeah, I can give you some instructions for tomorrow morning
17:36:00        didrocks        I tested, found some unity crashes, they are fixed now in oneiric
17:36:16        didrocks        and I listed some bugs that needed to be fixed before entering oneiric (not related to the FFe itself)
17:36:19        pitti   didrocks: thanks, that's appreciated, and would help for the FFE
17:36:21        didrocks        they are all fixed after 2 weeks
17:36:45        didrocks        just to tell it's been tested, but more testing is appreciated, right, will setup that tomorrow once I get the release :)
17:37:38         *      didrocks really runs now, ttyl
17:38:47        pitti   ok, thanks
17:38:59        pitti   anything else that we need to discuss?
17:39:02        cyphermox       yup
17:39:25        pitti   cyphermox: go :)
17:39:29        cyphermox       just got wind of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=736489 , not sure if it applies to us, but fyi :)
17:39:38        ubot2   bugzilla.redhat.com bug 736489 in glib2 "[ppc64] wrong mapping for G_TYPE_ENUM to libffi type" [Urgent,New]
17:40:45        pitti   does that apply to us? the powerpc binaries are all 32 bit, I though
17:40:54        cyphermox       it might on arm
17:41:30         *      Sweetshark grumbles. missed the praise because I wanted to get the patches for ubuntu4 to fix commited before the meeting ...
17:41:30        pitti   hm, arm is little-endian and 32 bit
17:41:42        cyphermox       also, NM has a pretty annoying bug right now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/856333
17:41:43        ubot2   Ubuntu bug 856333 in network-manager "(oneiric) wired connection unnaturally slow" [Medium,In progress]
17:42:09        cyphermox       any help would be welcome, but it seems to be muchly an issue in libnl, I'm working on it and it was submitted upstream
17:42:17        pitti   cyphermox: I've seen the same issue for years, I don't think it's new; did it get worse?
17:42:37        cyphermox       pitti: this is with connecting wifi and wired at the same time
17:42:43        seb128  oh, that's a nm issue? I switched to wifi this week, I though my router was broken
17:42:44        cyphermox       it definitely did work in Natty
17:43:05        seb128  router or cable or something
17:43:14        cyphermox       seb128: routes are missing a "metric X" value; which causes something like 80% packet loss, if not 100%
17:43:21        pitti   cyphermox: I was once connected to both eth and wifi at the same time in natty, and it did exactly that -- half of the TCP connectinos were broken
17:43:28        seb128  didn't have time to investigate yet, it's just that wifi works fine
17:43:31        cyphermox       pitti: WFM ;)
17:43:50        cyphermox       adding the metric makes it work too, some maybe you were seeing something else too
17:44:31        cyphermox       anyway, that's all I had
17:46:02        Sweetshark      oh oh, I got another one: I announce my candidacy for the TDF BoD http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/Candidacy-for-Board-of-Directors-seat-Bjoern-Michaelsen-td3372142.html
17:46:08        pitti   ok, good luck with debugging that then!
17:46:45        seb128  rodrigo_, you should do a reminder for your motu application there ;-)
17:47:02        rodrigo_        seb128, yes, I need the endorsements 1st
17:47:23        seb128  rodrigo_, well I was suggesting that it was a good time to remind people about your wikipage :)
17:47:30        rodrigo_        ah, ok :)
17:47:53        rodrigo_        please endorse me at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RodrigoMoya/MOTUApplication and your salaries will be increased!!!
17:48:01        rodrigo_        </electoral_campaign>
17:48:01        kenvandine      woot
17:48:04         *      kenvandine jumps on that
17:48:11        pitti   Sweetshark: nice! sounds like a lot of sitting in meetings?
17:49:48        pitti   AOB? if not, I'll let everyone go back to fixing oneiric :)
17:49:58        pedro_  o/
17:50:01        pedro_  just an small item
17:50:02        pitti   pedro_: go ahead, please
17:50:10        pedro_  we need someone to please look at bug 851044
17:50:12        ubot2   Launchpad bug 851044 in banshee "Banshee.exe crashed with SIGABRT in g_cclosure_marshal_VOID__VOID() / while using Ubuntu 1 Store." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/851044
17:50:15        Sweetshark      yes, and getting them to sign off that the foundation money is needed for my private yacht ...
17:50:29        pitti   Sweetshark: ah, of course
17:50:31        pedro_  it's making banshee crash while using U1 , not sure if its a webkit issue or mono
17:50:39        pedro_  so expertise is needed there ;-)
17:51:27        pitti   is there a reproducer?
17:51:48        pedro_  its easy to reproduce just following the steps on the description
17:51:56        pitti   fortunately we have so many mono developers around (oh wait..)
17:51:57        pedro_  aka scrolling while in U1
17:52:08        pedro_  lol
17:52:17        rodrigo_        pedro_, if it's the music store, dobey is working on it, dobey?
17:52:21        pedro_  I thought seb128 was a mono developer
17:52:25        pitti   presumably the music store then
17:52:25         *      pedro_ run away
17:52:35        tkamppeter      pitti, have you seen my suggestion about buying printers for UDSes and sprints?
17:52:39        seb128  pedro_, yeah, better to run
17:52:42        rodrigo_        :)
17:52:46        seb128  I've no clue about mono ;-)
17:53:07        pitti   tkamppeter: I did; I think it's a great idea, but we need to discuss that with IS; I think mail is better there

IRC log Eastern edition

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