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Weekly Summary

  • Some GNOME 3.2.1 updates and lots of bug fixes for Oneiric SRUs.
  • Precise open for development, lots of good syncs and merges.
  • Check current status of udisks2 for LTS inclusion evaluation, create an initial test suite. (pitti)
  • Set up http://ddebs.ubuntu.com, language pack PPA, and apport retracer for precise. (pitti)

  • Switched Ghostscript to use liblcms2 instead of liblcms1. liblcms1 is rather buggy (segfaults, problems with color accuracy) and not maintained upstream any more. Please test. This switchover should be done for all packages which use liblcms1 (tkamppeter).
  • Hacked an tool to deal with design changes that have to be done upstream, downstream, or will soon land downstream. Multiple view from your perspective. Will present it a little bit more for UDS. http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/ (didrocks)

  • http://conference.libreoffice.org/ (see http://planet.documentfoundation.org/ for details) (bjoern-michaelsen)

Partner update


  • Dropped support for bookmark syncing, in 11.10 it still works as well as it ever did but they won't official support it as a service. In 12.04 we'll be removing the bindwood package.


  • Unity SRUS: libunity, unity, nux, unity-lens-applications. Full list of the release there: https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/4.24.0. Note that we got some additional fixes (crashes in unity-panel-service) that I got before uploading the first candidate and an UI change removal. A new SRU candidate for unity is pending the queue.

  • Got some additional compiz and compiz-plugins-main fixing some regression on previous SRU candidate
  • Quite some emergency SRU fix for sni-qt which can remove your $HOME directory if you fidle your env variables.

Software Center

  • Software Center version SRU in-process
    • Includes targeted bug and i18n fixes
  • Software Center version 5.0.2 SRU coming soon
    • Provides a significant startup time improvement \o/, plus additional very nice fixes
  • Planning for UDS and the 12.04 cycle



IRC log Western edition

17:30:49         *      bcurtiswx as a guest
17:30:52         *      kenvandine waves
17:31:04        didrocks        hey
17:31:06        kenvandine      woot, precise!
17:31:20        mterry  w00t
17:31:36        chrisccoulson   and i managed my first precise uploads today :)
17:31:40        pitti   but I suppose most of us will still stay on oneiric for preparing and verifying SRUs
17:31:52         *      Sweetshark waves
17:31:58        pitti   precise opened up exceptionally fast, but it's still very rough
17:32:38        pitti   I must admit I haven't looked into UDS planning yet, jasoncwarner_ did most of it so far
17:32:49        pitti   so, anything on the agenda from anyone for today?
17:32:56        pitti   (I think didrocks had a topic)
17:33:20        kenvandine      one thing for partner update
17:33:28        jasoncwarner_   pitti: re: UDS. I'm off this week, but I'm entering the blueprints todayish. If anyone else has some, go ahead and put them in and target them...
17:33:52        pitti   jasoncwarner_: want me to do anything particular there? scheduling, accepting, reviewing, etc.?
17:34:37        jasoncwarner_   pitti: once I have them in, reviewing and accepting would be appreciated (re: keeping me honest ;))
17:34:54        pitti   jasoncwarner_: ack, sounds great; and thanks for preparing them
17:34:57        Sweetshark      jasoncwarner_: did you see the LO/OOo topic proposed to Jono?
17:35:19        jasoncwarner_   Sweetshark: yeah, would you be happy to put that in and target to precise uds?
17:35:57        didrocks        pitti: On my side, I don't have a topic agenda particularly, still waiting for design to move their bugs to new process, but for those interested, they can hCave a look there: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/. I'll present that at UDS to the team in an informal way I guess. The idea is to have a better view of what should be done in our upstream, what's should be done us, as a
17:35:59        didrocks        downstream and what would land soon in ubuntu from a design perspective.
17:36:42        kenvandine      didrocks, awesome!
17:37:35        pitti   nice!
17:37:57        didrocks        (you can click on title to expand/reduce view and can triage by column title if you didn't notice)
17:39:00        didrocks        (and it has an extensive test suite against launchpad staging so we should be good for tweaking it safely)
17:40:39        pitti   ok, AOB?
17:40:45        kenvandine      yeah
17:40:47        kenvandine      U1 has discontinued support for bookmark sync (bindwood).  in 11.10 it still works as good as it has and the package will be removed for 12.04
17:40:57        chrisccoulson   ah, about that
17:41:05        rodrigo_        kenvandine, cool, it never worked afair
17:41:12        kenvandine      rodrigo_, right :)
17:41:14        chrisccoulson   i'm also going to be shipping an empty bindwood package with the next firefox update
17:41:16        pitti   kenvandine: what do we do on upgrades there? can we introduce a Breaks: somewhere to remove the package?
17:41:19        chrisccoulson   (for natty and oneiric)
17:41:28        pitti   chrisccoulson: err, for stables?
17:41:33        chrisccoulson   pitti - yes
17:41:51        pitti   "works as good as ever" didn't sound like "completely broken"
17:42:05        chrisccoulson   pitti - if nobody is working on it anymore, then it's likely to break quite quickly
17:42:08        chrisccoulson   (ie, break firefox)
17:42:19        chrisccoulson   so i want to remove it entirely really
17:42:20        pitti   yes, fine for precise, but breaking stable?
17:42:33        kenvandine      pitti, well the service would still accept the sync technically
17:42:34        pitti   why did U1 stop supporting it?
17:42:35        chrisccoulson   pitti - yeah, it needs updating for every firefox release anyway
17:42:46        kenvandine      but it just never worked well for many people
17:42:51        glatzor hello mvo, I just moved the development of the pk compat thingy to the lp:~aptdaemon-developers/aptdaemon/pkcompat2 branch and deleted the previous one (pkcompat), since the threading seems to be harder to implement than the PK compat layer and the threading branch was already merged in the pkcompat branch :)
17:42:58        kenvandine      pitti, quality reasons
17:43:04        chrisccoulson   and i'm not sure the U1 guys are going to be spending efforts on maintaining something for a service which isn't provided anymore
17:43:09        kenvandine      http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=1282
17:43:25        mvo     glatzor: thanks!
17:43:30        kenvandine      the problem wasn't really the firefox extension
17:43:46        chrisccoulson   but that's a problem if nobody is looking after it :)
17:43:54        kenvandine      indeed
17:45:04        chrisccoulson   pitti - do you see a problem with that?
17:45:27        pitti   chrisccoulson: yes, I do, but we aren't going to solve that here and now :)
17:45:50        pitti   so, thanks for the heads-up
17:45:56        chrisccoulson   pitti - there are a couple of problems with leaving things the way they are:
17:46:21        chrisccoulson   1) the addon will be marked incompatible with firefox in the next release anyway, which is likely to result in confusion and bug reports
17:46:31        pitti   chrisccoulson: right, under the assumption that we stop support for it, an empty package is fine
17:46:53        pitti   chrisccoulson: my problem is with stopping supporting stable releases where we have committed to having these packages in main, have a paid team for it, etc.
17:47:03        kenvandine      it is in universe
17:47:05        chrisccoulson   2) for people running the addon compatibility reporter, it won't be marked incompatible, which means it may start to break firefox in strange ways in the future, if we don't have anyone actively maintaining it
17:47:22        ricotz  hello, is this a known debhelper problem "dpkg-shlibdeps: error: package. is not a valid version"?
17:47:25        pitti   kenvandine: ah, ok; then I don't have a problem with it :)
17:47:30        kenvandine      :-D
17:47:31        glatzor mvo, but I will merge it into trunk soon :)
17:47:42        pitti   chrisccoulson: ok, I thought it was a supported service, nevermind me
17:47:49        kenvandine      the quality was never good enough for us to put in main :)
17:47:54        chrisccoulson   pitti - ah, ok. thanks
17:47:55        rodrigo_        yeah
17:47:57        seb128  ricotz, hey, try asking on #ubuntu-devel
17:48:10        chrisccoulson   so, the plan is still to ship empty packages with the next firefox update to force its removal
17:48:14        seb128  ricotz, we are in a meeting (almost over, but still the question is not really desktopish)
17:48:18        chrisccoulson   unless anyone else sees a problem :)
17:48:28        ricotz  (seb128, oh, sorry)
17:48:29        kenvandine      chrisccoulson, wfm
17:48:40        seb128  ricotz, no worry
17:48:42        pitti   kenvandine: ok, thanks
17:49:01        pitti   back to AOB?
17:50:21        pitti   seems not
17:50:26        pitti   then thanks everyone!

IRC log Eastern edition

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