Weekly Summary

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in autopkgtest, it's now possible to use for our purposes. (pitti)
  • Converted the first two packages to DEP-8/autopkgtest for continuous QA integration: upower, apport; more to come. (pitti)
  • New udev 175 in precise with some structural changes, please let me know about problems. (pitti)
  • Kept working on installing languages feature in gnome-control-center (rodrigo)
  • Uploaded new gnome-control-center to precise to match it with oneiric (rodrigo)
  • Started discussing Google cloud printing feature (rodrigo)


  • insert meeting agenda items here..

Partner update


  • Work on getting test harness ready to go. Then dx will start working on including tests. All merge requests are blocked right now as there is no test yet.
  • prototype for autolanding in trunk, approved, tested, reshaped branches. Now need IS to give some access to put that in production (bindings from tarmac/jenkins/pbuilder)
  • Some 51 manual test cases for acceptance criterias written as a draft, covering panel and launcher for now. Still investigating on the manual test case tool integration for the online backend.
  • Some compiz components SRUed in oneiric-proposed, please test, test, test!
  • An incoming nux SRU soon fixing "first time, I can't click on the quicklist"

Software Center



IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

[8:36 AM] <jasoncwarner_> hey robert_ancell, RAOF TheMuso and bryceh ... meeting time. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-11-15
 [8:37 AM]  → robert_ancell (~bob@ppp121-44-201-36.lns20.syd7.internode.on.net) joined
 [8:38 AM] <jasoncwarner_> hey robert_ancell , just about to start meeting. RAOF bryceh and TheMuso , around? 
 [8:38 AM]  ⇐ gema (~Gema@nat/canonical/x-qpqqyvilrxnlfgex) quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds
 [8:39 AM] <TheMuso> Morning jasoncwarner_.
 [8:39 AM] <RAOF> Good morning all.
 [8:40 AM] <cyphermox> good evening all ;)
 [8:40 AM] <jasoncwarner_> Awesome, before we begin, I wanted to reinforce pitti's point about number of WI and how many people have for precise. 
 [8:41 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF TheMuso and robert_ancell , based on pitti's esimates, your WI numbers are way out of whack and need some looking at. 
 [8:42 AM] <robert_ancell> yup
 [8:42 AM] <TheMuso> Right, will look at that this morning.
 [8:42 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell RAOF TheMuso could you get to those today so pitti and I can review BPs tonight? 
 [8:42 AM] <jasoncwarner_> thanks!
 [8:42 AM] <robert_ancell> jasoncwarner_, is there the summary page up that shows all the items per person?  what is the link?
 [8:42 AM] <robert_ancell> sure
 [8:42 AM] <RAOF> Mine are artificially inflated by a huge number of bug tasks that aren't actually mine.  I'll get to that today.
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 [8:43 AM] <TheMuso> robert_ancell: status.ubuntu.com has it.
 [8:43 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: figured in your case...since your number was SOOOO out of whack
 [8:43 AM] <TheMuso> http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/u/themuso.html is mine.
 [8:43 AM] <jasoncwarner_> thanks everyone. 
 [8:43 AM]  ⇐ glatzor quit  eeejay → eeejay_is_afk
 [8:44 AM] <jasoncwarner_> ok, so why don't we go around the room now. Bryce and RAOF , care to kick us off with X? 
 [8:44 AM] <RAOF> We're just waking up in X land :).
 [8:45 AM] <RAOF> I believe that amd have just released the new fglrx driver that's compatible with Xserver 1.11.
 [8:46 AM] <RAOF> Which means that we'll soon be in a position to switch.  The other blocker there is me either (a) fixing up the forward-port of the multitouch patches or (b) dropping them until Chase has got the full upstream solution backported.
 [8:46 AM]  ⇐ greyback (~gerry@ip-78-45-55-74.net.upcbroadband.cz) quit: Ping timeout: 256 seconds
 [8:47 AM] <RAOF> I'd prefer to do (a).
 [8:47 AM]  → greyback (~gerry@ip-78-45-55-74.net.upcbroadband.cz) joined
 [8:48 AM] <RAOF> And then when that's done, we'll stage everything in a PPA and copy to the archive.  There shouldn't be any time when X is not installable/upgradable.
 [8:49 AM] <RAOF> At least, that's the plan :)
 [8:49 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: I like that last bit! :)
 [8:49 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: thanks, anything else to add? 
 [8:49 AM]  ⇐ mfisch (~mfisch@c-75-70-85-206.hsd1.co.comcast.net) quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer
 [8:50 AM] <RAOF> Precise is currently almost entirely unbroken, dive right in? :)
 [8:50 AM] <jasoncwarner_> RAOF: cool! thanks :) 
 [8:50 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: your turn!
 [8:50 AM] <TheMuso> cRight. Spent a bit of time in the last day or so taking care of some oneiric SRUs for a11y, with one more to be done today.
 [8:51 AM]  → mfisch (~mfisch@c-75-70-85-206.hsd1.co.comcast.net) joined
 [8:51 AM] <TheMuso> Starting to ramp up on the more invasive work needed for accessibility pollish in precise, this takes the form of extending dbusmenu for accessible descriptions for various menus in the messaging and network indicators.
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 [8:52 AM] <TheMuso> I still need to talk to Ted about the exact implementation, and I am hoping to have that done by the end of the week.
 [8:53 AM] <jasoncwarner_> TheMuso: nice...thanks. 
 [8:53 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: what is going on with lightdm and unity-greeter? 
 [8:54 AM] <dobey> hey jasoncwarner_ :)
 [8:54 AM] <jasoncwarner_> hey dobey 
 [8:54 AM] <robert_ancell> had first meeting with design yesterday, we want to try and get the precise features previewable in budapest so design can check them and try and get some user testing in late feb.
 [8:55 AM] <robert_ancell> started work on the harder jobs - the user switching and the flicker on startup.  Aurelien is starting to look into where he can help
 [8:55 AM] <bryceh> hi guys, sorry I have another meeting - apparently daylight savings caused them to be co-scheduled
 [8:57 AM] <robert_ancell> (done)
 [8:57 AM] <dobey> i'll wait until you guys are done with the meeting thing :)
 [8:57 AM] <RAOF> robert_ancell: I know I've got some work items in that area - is there anything that I should be prioritising to ensure you're not blocked?
 [8:57 AM] <robert_ancell> RAOF, no, I think there's nothing critical.  The flicker disabling on switch is something we should look into earlier rather than later though
 [8:58 AM]  ⇐ scott-work (d8e3f411@gateway/web/freenode/ip. quit: Quit: Page closed
 [8:59 AM] <RAOF> ok.
 [9:00 AM]  ⇐ dbarth (~dbarth@212-198-164-112.rev.numericable.fr) quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds
 [9:00 AM] <jasoncwarner_> robert_ancell: thanks, anything else? 
 [9:00 AM] <robert_ancell> no
 [9:01 AM] <jasoncwarner_> awesome...anyone ? anything else? 
 [9:01 AM] <RAOF> Oh, yeah.
 [9:01 AM] <RAOF> You can roughly halve Banshee's startup time by AOT compiling the system libraries; I'm talking with debian-cli and mono upstream about doing that on package install.

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