Weekly Summary

  • Fix several bugs which caused lucid->precise or oneiric->precise upgrades to fail. Had to revert 901638 until soprano-daemon gets fixed. (pitti)

  • Improved uninstallability report to give proper reasons why packages are uninstallable. (pitti)

  • Fixed remaining long-standing uninstallability in main. (pitti)
  • poppler ABI transition/porting now fully done in main and universe. (pitti)
  • Dbusmenu accessible desc work finally done, with patches to our GTK2 and GTK3 packages. Still need to get a solution worked out and committed upstream, as the work done here benefits everybody/all distros so far as menu items/network manager is concerned. (TheMuso)

  • Started improving accessibility functionality of the Unity greeter, adding keyboard shortcuts for screen reader, high contrast, and accessing the indicator menu bar. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

Ubuntu One

  • Music store is going to focus on the music lens and web, it should land in mid January. This will replace the rhythmbox and bansheee plugins.

DX Systems

  • Many branches that need review, I have asked them to plan a review day to get the list under control and get some bug fixes out.


Software Center



  • Began conversion of failsafe-x from bash/zenity to python. Before and after: http://www.bryceharrington.org/files/new-failsafe-x.png

  • Fixed bug in -intel driver causing a mis-drawn welcome screen due to an error in UXA clipping logic. (LP: #901959)
  • Discovered that nouveau can't drive the DisplayPort output of this Lenovo T420s; upstream support is not yet implemented. Traced the nvidia driver enabling the DP output; attached to upstream bug

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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