Weekly Summary

  • X 1.11 deployment for precise
    • x-staging PPA has been established, but not yet ready
      • Unity fails to start due to (lack of) multi-touch
      • Synaptics touchpads teleport to (0,0) at infuriatingly frequent intervals
  • telepathy-indicator call for testing in the ~ubuntu-desktop PPA
    • added observer to provide indicators for new messages for existing, unfocused chats
    • You should recieve indicators for new messages for existing chats when the chat window isn't focused or the chat tab isn't focused. Activating the indicator should raise the chat and focus the tab.
    • ping me (kenvandine) on IRC if there are problems or if you had success.
  • Completed work to extend menu accessibility code to allow for alternate accessible descriptions to be given for menu items with an icon, like network manager, and started working with upstream to get this resolved there. (TheMuso)


  • Rally agenda
  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


Software Center



  • desktop-p-multi-monitor: Reviewed 100+ linked bug reports. Verified reproducibility of about a third; requested more info on another third or so. 30% are now closed as resolved. [bryce]
    • Created arsenal report of bugs linked to a blueprint
  • xrandr-utils: Posted first set of (mostly packaging) patches upstream [bryce]

IRC log Western edition

pitti   welcome everyone to 2012, happy new year!
pitti   the wiki page looks a bit weird, I think some agenda items were really meant for the summary section
pitti   bryceh, tjaalton, RAOF: anyone from you here to discuss teh X 1.11 agenda item?
pitti   (I suppose it was meant for the report section)
pitti   so, I suppose not
pitti   telepathy-indicator call for testing> do we need to discuss that? also looks like a "report" thingy
seb128  no discussion needed from what kenvandine said
pitti   ack
pitti   so, Rally agenda
seb128  he just used the section as an "announces to do" one
seb128  I guess bryce did the same for X
pitti   I'd like to collect some things that are on your mind which we should do on the rally
pitti   things which benefit from having lots of hardware and people in the same room
pitti   e. g. I want to work on the power consumption bits, as we can test it with lots of laptops there
pitti   and also get http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-desktop-team.html back on track :)
cyphermox       I've got a fair amount of things to fix/test in NM related to IPv6 and DNS resolving, mostly will work with stgraber on that though
pitti   please just everyone throw in their ideas, I don't think we need to have standups for everyone
seb128  we could bootcharts different config for login time as well
didrocks        well, we will probably have the compiz/unity release at the same time (first real one in precise), so testing at least on nvidia/intel/ati can be great
seb128  different cpu, io level will show different issues
seb128  we also need to review the GNOME3, gnome-control-center scheduled changes
cyphermox       ah, my laptop boots *real* quick so far
seb128  that was sort of relying on rodrigo to get done so we will need to see what we can keep and dispatch those
seb128  https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1ILTJDiDCd25Npt2AmgzF8aOnZZECxTfM0hvsbWT2BxA/edit?hl=en_GB
seb128  that's the spec
pitti   seb128: right, we need to finish the region bits (packagekit integration)
jbicha  happy 2012!
seb128  hey jbicha, happy new year to you as well!
didrocks        add the unity configuration part as well, should be easy enough
pitti   jbicha: happy new year!
didrocks        happy new year jbicha :)
didrocks        I'll surely work with the dx guys to finish the latest autopilot integration with autobuild and help them deploy the infra for other projects as well, so won't be in the desktop room 100% of the time
pitti   https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/Rally/Precise/Desktop
pitti   thanks everyone for the ideas so far; if you have more, please add here ^

IRC log Eastern edition

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