Weekly Summary

  • Elimination of the use of the deprecated, unmaintained libusb 0.1.x: Migrated CUPS to libusb 1.0.x, reported bug to HPLIP upstream so that they migrate HPLIP (tkamppeter).
  • Fix on CUPS USB backend to support printers which do not report a device ID, especially USB->Parallel adapters, see LP: #910272 (tkamppeter).

  • Landed several power consumption improvements: New pm-utils with Colin King's recommended updates, fixed unnecessary wakeups of network-manager; more fixes are in the pipeline. (pitti, cyphermox)

  • Landed major changes to DNS resolution for the desktop; DNS resolution will now be done through dnsmasq, which should help split-DNS VPNs and faster DNS resolution (cyphermox)
  • Continued working on setting up the magnificatino accessibility profile to use Unity 2D with compiz and the eZoom plugin, still having trouble getting compiz properly working with Ubiquity so that users can have a magnifier in the install. (TheMuso)

  • Started improving the information presented to orca users when navigating the Unity launcher, such improvements include presenting application running state, number of windows open, whether an operatino is in progress, etc. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


Software Center



  • Fixed xdiagnose operation (grub settings not being looked up correctly in dict) (bryce)
  • Fixed screen-resolution-extra (no files were being installed by the .deb) (bryce)
  • Refactored several more structs from xrandr to libxrandr-utils (bryce)
  • Re-triaged X.org multimonitor bugs (bryce)
  • Analyzed/fixed various people's X problems throughout rally (bryce, raof)
  • X stack
    • Xserver version meeting decided that 1.12 would be too high of risk for LTS, so will be shipping 1.11 with backported input stack
    • xserver 1.11 is pending to land this coming week
    • mesa 7.12/8.0 branched this week

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