Weekly Summary

  • Land rewritten check-language-support, which is much faster and more robust. Create an aptdaemon plugin with it which now automatically installs corresponding language support together with newly installed software. (pitti)
  • Land fix for unnecessary notify-osd wakeups, through a libwnck API addition. (pitti)
  • Create scripts to check system and user configuration migration in LTS->LTS updates, now integrated into Jenkins. Fix gdm->lightdm autologin migration. (pitti)

  • Land cups/cups-filters package split (tkamppeter, pitti)
  • Upload FreeRDP 1.0. (jbicha, pitti)
  • system-config-printer 1.3.8 (tkamppeter)
  • Usual GNOME updates and desktop bug fixing (with some SRUs this time) (seb128)
  • Landed the new webkit serie (jbicha, seb128)
  • Landed new gnome-control-center ui (didrocks). Design changed some non trivial of part, will need still some work. Will need as well integration the "dot" grid to libgnome-desktop.
  • Landed some supporting code to enable better accessibility for the wireless network list in the network manager menu, but found that the network-manager applet code works with dbusmenu in a different way, so spent a day writing the extra supporting code for dbusmenu to make that all work roperly. Working here locally, and branch submitted to dbusmenu upstream for review and merge. (TheMuso)

  • Improved the ubiquity experience with Orca slightly, in the form of associating UI labels with the widgets they provide information for. THis means that orca users will know what an isntaller option is for when they tab to that item. More work is still needed in this area, as not all important info is completely accessible yet, and most of the ubiquity installer cannot be reviewed via Orca's flat review mode, but that is a GTK bug. (TheMuso)

  • Turned on automated building and uploading of Breakpad symbols for glib, gtk, eds, libunity, dbusmenu and xlib to Mozilla's symbol store, which means we now get more useful crash data in some cases


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

DX Systems

  • sound settings work should be ready to land in precise right after a2, pending stability of some upcoming pulseaudio changes
  • dbusmenu release has been rolled, and we are expecting releases for the indicators over the week for upload after a2.

Ubuntu One

  • music store work is a bit behind, they are working on getting me a solid timeline.
  • video lens work just started, good progress already and should be good to go for feature freeze.


  • Unity 5.2 RC 1 is now available! (The official announcement will be done soon). This one contains multimonitor support, launcher new reveal behavior (worked with upstream to get it smoother, still some work needed), new dash home. All components are now in the qualifying ppa: https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/ppa.

  • Making the testing easy:
    • update the tests for the new behaviors, supporting unity 3d and 2d (still some work needed to only display what we want)
    • adding new tests for multimonitors. Tests for the incoming hud is under work
    • some patches on checkbox submitted upstream for making it more robust (don't quit on escapeā€¦)
  • compiz: worked to get a working tarball for the new series, apparently, we are almost there (bringing back ubuntu configuration, some ubuntu patches as well). This will need a ppa test before pushing to precise. The schedule (as there is an ABI break, the unity 5.2 testing in a ppa, the hud testing, unity in the distro) is to put that in a ppa once 5.2 is in precise to avoid having too many ppas with incompatible components.
  • hud: packaging in the ppa under maintainance and we are looking at incoming bug to discuss when the hud will be merged to trunk.

Software Center



  • New intel_gpu_tools 1.11.
    • Includes a new GPU test suite and many tool updates. (bryce)
    • Fixed all known outstanding crash reports. (bryce)
  • Forwarded various bugs reported since new X stack landed last week. (bryce)
    • Rate of incoming bugs is not appreciably higher than normal.
  • Working with DX to nail down Xserver extension behaviour required for Unity multi-monitor support (raof)
    • Prototype extension is currently in Precise; behaviour will change between now and release as we explore the problem space.

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