Weekly Summary

  • python-launchpadlib-toolkit 0.5 uploaded to precise (bryce)
  • Develop and package fatrace, to hunt down processes which keep waking up the disk. (pitti)
  • Revert switch to freerdp/remmina due to bug 931931 (pitti)

  • Start working on upgrade bugs and NBS. (pitti)
  • Made libusb-based CUPS USB backend bi-directional and coping with usblp kernel module. Now we can do printer auto-configuration (of installable options and available papers in the trays), support printers with weird protocols on USB (third-party proprietary drivers), and we do not need to blacklist usblp any more, and the best: The full patch got accepted upstream for both CUPS 1.6.x and 1.5.x (tkamppeter).
  • Updated webkit (seb128)
  • GNOME 3.3.5 updates (seb128, jbicha)
  • Worked on updated gnome-settings-daemon to the new serie (seb128)
  • Desktop bugs fixing and some SRUs (seb128)
  • Re-landed keyboard indicator for unity-greeter
  • activity-log-manager new release, fixing the copyright and desktop files.
  • Extended unity-greeter to allow screen reader and high contrast accessibility options to be activated with keyboard shortcuts, control + S and control + h respectively, same as Ubiquity. (TheMuso)

  • Added additional settings to unity-greeter's GSettings schema to store activated state for the above accessibility options. This code is yet to be merged into unity-greeter trunk (TheMuso)

  • Updated ALSA to 1.0.25,a ccidentally jumped the gun and uploaded alsa-lib 1.0.25 to the archive before putting out a call for testing. The rest of the ALSA stack is in the Ubuntu Audio Dev PPA for testing. Hope to upload tomorrow morning just before FF if no critical issues come up. None have done so as of this writing. (TheMuso)

  • Sent a patch to the Orca upstrea developers to completely fix notify-osd accessibility on the Orca side. Notifications will be accessible in precise again as of next Orca upload. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Distro handled the compiz snapshot to get into distro. Got the trunk to build, every plugins rebuild and unity additional fixes needed by new trunk. Now in precise with a lot of performance improvments \o/
  • Sill some additional fixes awaited for this week for compiz: trying to gather that in a tag: https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-core/+bugs?field.tag=compiz-ff-precise

  • Get unity 5.4 RC out (call for testing will be soonly done), with the HUD. Had to push back on some other features which will surely requires a FFe. Got dx to triage/merge the high/critical fixes for this release, but still need to investigate there again (double checking needed).
  • Checkbox fork for unity now shows a progress bar, nice! Smile :)

  • Also some changes to unity-checkbox like launching on first try for the ppa instead of adding itself to the launcher (because unity broke the API and it's not working anymore) and additional test cases, especially for the HUD and new default "locked launcher" behavior.
  • Zeitgeist stack upgrade is still under way.

Software Center



  • Feb 9th's nvidia/eglibc compatibility bug #929384 caused nvidia systems to fail on login. Worked around with patched up eglibc. tseliot will follow up with NVIDIA.
  • Packaged and tested Chase's new synaptics ClickPad code. (bryce)

  • Tested/compared dual-head functionality on Unity, Unity2D, Mint, classic gnome, xubuntu, lubuntu. Filed and gardened bug reports as appropriate. (bryce)
    • Now at 56% of bug reports closed (target is 60%)
    • Most remaining bug reports are low priority issues
  • Baseblack won a BAFTA for visual effects on Deathly Hallows, indirectly helped by the X team's work on packaging NVIDIA driver updates.

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