Weekly Summary

  • Archive reports now treat armhf as primary supported architecture, and armel as port. (pitti)
  • Built fresh language packs for Ubuntu 12.04 beta-1. (pitti)
  • Packaged most of GNOME 3.3.90.
  • Released new Unity Greeter with redesigned session chooser
  • empathy 3.3.90 removed empathy-av (the non-clutter based call UI), upstream is adding it back so we'll hold off on uploading this until the next release (ken-vandine)
  • Began migrating pedro's reporting scripts into Arsenal (bryce)
  • Further work on fixing sound init problems for particular sound hardware, particularly the hardware used in VMWare guests. (TheMuso)

  • Spent much time trying to track down a bug that manifests itself in Ubiquity's advanced partitioner, caused by the accessibility stack, with no ETA on a fix yet. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Notable bugs this past week

  • (Rare?) X server crash in WriteToClient() with nvidia 295.10; solved with nvidia 295.20. (925341)

  • Various gfx corruption regressions with 295.20 (936506, others?)

  • Common issue where pointer would keep moving while finger is on touchpad. Fixed in synaptics 1.5.99~git20120220-0ubuntu2. (921082)

  • Very common X server crash with synaptics driver fixed in 1: Crash is triggered by disabling/enabling the touchpad, or sometimes by switching between touchpad and keyboard or other input device.
  • Various crashes and white boxes appearing using unity or 3D software, due to bug in mesa 8.0
    • (mostly) fixed in mesa 8.0.1
    • Appears to be some less common corner cases that still crash the same way. Under investigation.
  • Horizontal scrolling buttons have reversed with Apple Mighty Mouse and other similar devices. Still under investigation.
  • Transitory screen corruption after login before session paints. Still under investigation, not sure what package causes it, possibly lightdm or video drivers. (931967 (nvidia/nouveau), and 933322 (-ati))

  • Clickpads using -synaptics are seeing changed behaviors due to new multitouch work in synaptics driver (see xserver-xorg-input-synaptics bugs tagged 'precise'; some changes have been reverted following testing feedback.)
  • Menus rendered partly transparently (931473)

  • proposed fix for two year old and heat-leader LibreOffice bug

Partner update

DX Systems

  • UIFe for light-themes unfocused windows (940190) will get uploaded after the beta freeze


  • Unity will enters in testing mode for 5.6 release (trunk already frozen)
    • A lot of bug fixes, especially in the HUD and some visual refinement. We are pending for a fix of "tapping alt + anything reveals the HUD" (will be shortly here now that compiz with the needed support is out).
    • Unity-2d got the HUD as well.
    • Updating the test cases for distro
    • Working with product stategy to ensure the high/critical bugs for the release are closed
    • Tracking and working with them to ensure all merges branches have tests (still 3 pending right now, and so, blocking next release to be out)
    • Call for testing on the way rom the unity-team ppa.
  • Helping in refining Unity bug fixes and feature priorities for the precise release. The last "big piece" is the integrated menu. Not sure it will do in finale release if not ready ASAP, but still not in a releasable state.
  • Compiz is on his way, getting a in-testing mode at the same time as unity. Note that it contains a fix improving by 51% the CPU usage \o/ Great on the load charge, great on power consumption, just… great! Upload is targetted on Thursday and is in the unity-team ppa with the 5.6 unity..

  • A lot of keybinding shortcut changes. The most notable buzz was about the switching workspace ones and move a window to another worspace one. After some discussion again with design, this is now reverted for 3D (will be on thursday for 2D) to previous keybindings. The plan for P+1 will be to support both keys, but this brings a lot of integration issue.
    • In addition to the keybindings work, that enables us to look at the key shortcut conflicts and resolving all of them, as well as having a new plugin loading order to remove the infamously known "When I activate the cube, unity is removed". We hope that will fix as well the sometimes "I don't get unity after upgrading".
    • Also gnome-control-center keybinding integration reviewed and fixed, as well as the primary/control gtk issue (workarounded in compiz).

Software Center



  • Usual bug work (heavier than normal, probably due to FF).
  • Also doing some Lucid->Precise bug triage (bryce)

  • Monthly call with Intel Graphics. Escalated 5 bugs. (bryce)
  • SRUs for various oneiric and lucid X bugs (bryce)
  • Reviewed intel-gpu-tools 1.2 packaging; will hopefully sync from debian post-beta1 (bryce)

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