Weekly Summary

  • Updated GNOME to 3.3.91.
  • Start new oneiric-proposed language pack update/test cycle. (pitti)
  • Fixed a few more a11y related issues in dbusmenu, menus should work fine now. (TheMuso)

  • Found a weird bug where Orca won't speak indicator accessible descriptions, but successive restarts of orca and unity-panel service seem to resolve this somehow, I suspect a race, but am not sure where it is, since the accessible descriptions show up fine in accerciser. (TheMuso)

  • Filed a bug upstream with the previously discussed ubiquity GTK accessibility issue, with the best solution to work around it in ubiquity for now, handed the bug back to ubiquity devs since I don't know the code. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

DX Systems

  • Updates coming this week: indicator-application, indicator-appmenu, ido, indicator-session, indicator-sound, indicator-power, indicator-datetime


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