Weekly Summary

  • Fix python-gobject -> -gi package dependencies. Now we are down to only very few default install programs which don't use GI yet. (pitti)

  • Split off a cryptsetup-bin package and add it to the default installation, which finally provides out-of-the-box support for creating and using encrypted media. (pitti)

  • New set of language packs for Natty, currently being tested. (pitti)
  • New Quickly and Quickly Widgets release, fixing support for python-gi and keeping the tutorial up to date (mterry)
  • Fixed Glade not showing menubars on windows you are editing under Unity (mterry)
  • New Unity Greeter release, fixing a bunch of bugs and tweaking animations to feel smoother (mterry)
  • libreoffice-3.5.1-1ubuntu1 is out, fixing (thus getting us to no >300 heat bug currently open against LibreOffice, if excluding lo-menubar):

  • GNOME 3.3.92 updates (seb128)
  • xdiagnose/failsafe-x bugfix release. (bryce)
  • Uploaded task 2.0.0 final release (bug-fix only). (bryce)
  • Debug and discuss hud accessibility in unity-2d. IMO it should be disabled until we can work out a nice way of presenting results that Orca users will understand, however it seems a vocal minority of the accessibility community are against me on this. (TheMuso)

  • GNOME a11y stack update, Orca 3.3.92, at-spi2 2.3.92. (TheMuso)

  • Continued work on VMWare audio card volume problems, not sure the best solution, will probably special case that particular device for now. (TheMuso)

  • Fixed long-standing login corruption bug 931967 in unity-greeter (raof)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Unity 2d 5.7 was release with equivalent multimonitor support than in 3D. Got some unexpected rough edges, but all went well on Monday: https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/5.7. We added some metacity patch to support partial STRUT.

  • Busy preparing unity and unity 2d 5.8 with a short timeline (as the upload is due to the thursday because of ui freeze). Trying to get people reviewing their branches, run their tests…
  • A compiz upload is in the mix as well. It brings some bug fixes mainly (fix notoriously the border drag aread disappearing if you don't have mutter installed).
  • Preparing the testing phase for all the above.
  • Working on gnome-control-center for the additional design requirement for multimonitors: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/document/d/1b3CwE3Wemr347fTxNcu7ixEQBK4YD8JF2pyv5pxiY0U/edit. Task harder that you can have at first look as 2d and 3d (despite some pre-acting ask), don't share the same key, we have mirror cases to take into account, delay application of keys… Hope to get it for tomorrow.

Software Center



  • Interviewing for X.org LTS role
  • xdiagnose bugfix release. Fixes issues in xdiagnose gui, failsafe-x, and the X/compiz apport hooks. (bryce)
  • Validated writable edid test kernel (bryce)
  • Diagnosed one remaining Sandybridge rc6 bug. Now just waiting on upstream for a proper fix. (bryce_
  • Escalated several drm bugs to Intel (bryce)
  • Usual bug work (bryce)
  • gtest, xorg-gtest, and xserver-xorg-video-dummy MIRs filed to get Xserver integration tests runnable on the buildds. (raof)

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