Weekly Summary

  • Several ubuntu-defaults-builder fixes, it actually works again for precise images now. (pitti)
  • Analyze and fix lucid->precise upgrade failures. (pitti)

  • GNOME 3.3.92.
  • New (final?) releases of Unity Greeter and Deja Dup (mterry)
  • Debugging telepathy-gabble with a proxy (893031), it had been suggested that it was broken because our libproxy was old. Now that we have updated libproxy, it still fails. MSN now works with a proxy, because it uses telepathy-haze (thanks to libpurple). (ken-vandine)

  • Tweaking/fixing some issues in accessibility profiles, started a discussion on disabling the HUD as it is not accessible yet, but got shouted down. (TheMuso)

  • More debugging and working on a solution for no/low volume set on first boot in VMWare, a fix should be ready once beta 2 is released. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Got a new Unity/Compiz/Unity 2D release. Check out http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Unity-5.8-out%2C-ready-for-beta2%21 for more information on both the release content (and gnome-control-center changes) and the -proposed repository used for delivering it smoothly!

  • We got an annoying issue post compiz This is mostly either artefacts or a hang after the upgrade (and only upgrade) on some machines. For now, a workaround is in the release to avoid people getting it stalled in beta2. This workaround can still provoke on some machines (upgraded from Oneiric) a blank desktop upon first boot, but the consecutive boot will work. Need to release note that. A real fix is under work upstream (3 of the 5 known cases the hangout can happen are already fixed) as a priority.


  • New -fglrx was uploaded. Should fix a lot of the bugs we've had reported (following up with reporters).
  • Usual bug work. -intel is proving quite stable relative to past releases. But our X frankenserver is suffering from graft rot (ABI issues between 1.11 and 1.12 input layers we think).
  • Tested edid-write patches from apw. This will provide a feature to allow the user to supply a new EDID in case the one probed from the monitor is missing or incorrect. (bryce)
  • Worked on merging kernel team's bug listings reports into Arsenal (bryce)

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