Weekly Summary

  • telepathy-glib, telepathy-gabble and telepathy-mission-control-5 updated to final stable releases for this cycle (kenvandine)
  • bug 969707: package python-uno uses libreoffice-core in preinst has a proposed fix, and is building in a ppa for dist-upgrade testing. (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • Added further refinements to the blindness accessibility profiles, finding a bug in Orca's user settings code in the process, for which a patch was sent upstream.
  • Discussion with David about the best way to solve the VMWare audio volume issue for now, decided to add a patch to our packages which manually tweaks the volumes for that specific hardware, longer term it needs solving in the driver, depending on how many hardware variations are acutlaly being used on bare metal. (TheMuso)

  • Updated accessibility stack to latest stable packages, and attempted to fix an upgrade bug in the process, which didn't work. Transitional packages are the next step to solve this. (TheMuso)

  • Filed a bug to remove gok, as it uses the old accessibility stack which is causing us headaches anyway. (TheMuso)


Partner update


  • New compiz this week:
    • containing more critical bugs fixes, and enabling us to remove some bad hacks we introduce for beta2
    • containing as well keybindings changes (work done across compiz, compiz-plugins-main and metacity for 2d):
      • Ctrl + Super + D Minimises all windows
      • Ctrl + Super + Cursor up Maximises the current window
      • Ctrl + Super + Cursor down Restores or minimises current window
      • Ctrl + Super + Cursor Left or Right Semi-maximises current window
  • Some work still going on for nux/unity and all the related components. The goal is to have everything ready (so every critical bugs and every branch merges) and upstream broken tests fixed by Friday. Challenging… pushing upstream a lot to achieve this. Then the plan is to:
    • Make the call for testing over the week-end
    • I'll then collect those result on Monday to get the needed feedback so that from fresh Tuesday, people can fix the important issues discovered
    • Pushing the release as early as possible. Ideally Tuesday, at worst Thursday for finale freeze.
  • Same timeline for remaining compiz bug fixes.
  • Unity 2D added the right support for sticky edge detection (3D is still missing it and have a broken one).
  • Some work on gnome-control-center, gtk and unity-2d to define the HUD tap key behavior to be configurable. Not as straightfoward as it sounds to support alt tap detection here as well.


  • Mainly focusing on bug triaging / diagnosis / fixing work
  • Began reimplementation of some arsenal scripts for X.org bug report listings (bryce)

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