Weekly Summary


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Compiz transition to boost 1.49 done.
  • Compiz package transition for "all in one source" ready. Just need a newer compiz release (post alpha1)
  • Unity FTBFS fix in quantal (with newer gcc4.7) ready. Transition to newer boost (1.49) and newer glew ready as well. Everything builds. However, a reproducible crash on startup happens as well. Investigation conjointly with dx in progress.
  • Preparing the hangover sprint with Product Stategy so that they can manage their own packaging, integrations and product (and so compiz, nux, unity and the whole stack)


  • Projector / multihead testing [bryce]
  • Setting up system reimaging scripts for more reliable issue reproduction [bryce]
  • Following up on various X bugs, patches, and SRU uploads [bryce]
  • Trivial mock display-manager to test system-compositor written [raof]
  • System compositor now capable of driving a usable Unity session [raof]
  • XWayland support for system-compositor interface [raof]

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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