Weekly Summary

  • LibreOffice (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • Ubuntu Drivers (cyphermox)
    • Was temporarily blocked by python3 porting; software-properties is now "ported", waiting for review.
  • Discussed with upstream and the desktop team about the new a11y always on functionality coming down the pipe, and whether we want to go forward. Decision was made to go forward with a plan B in case things go sour. (TheMuso)

  • First parts of the a11y always on code in quantal-proposed, at-spi2-atk updated and ships new libatk-bridge-2.0 shared library that GTK 3.5/3.6 and GNOME shell depend on. (TheMuso)

  • A version of Orca supporting python 3 is now available, started packaging required dependencies, pyatspi, speech-dispatcher. No python3 bindings for Braille bits yet, still in progress. (TheMuso)

  • Merging of audio packages, mostly ALSA, and prepping stuf to be sent back to Debian. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • PS Systems
    • indicator-session and indicator-power should land at the end of the week


  • Sprint with the PS integration team for the handover, from it, resulted a SRU for libunity, compiz and bamf. libunity and bamf has been uploaded to quantal with the same fixes.
  • Compiz with "one source package" for the big transition is currently building in -proposed. This is basically compiz trunk packaged (so fixes backported in precise + multiple new fixes). This asked for some tricks, like removing opengles support (as not applying anymore to trunk, but armhf gles drivers are not working for now), and rebuilding nux and unity without this support as well. Everything is in proposed. This version of the stack transition (using gcc4.6) to newer boost and glew.
  • Now, we are able to transition to nux 3.0 (just a soname bump) as it's sorted.
  • Waiting on upstream to get the gsettings backend for compiz as it's one of the priority for us right now.


  • Working on upstream dma-buf synchronization [mlankhorst]
  • Ran piglit on mesa 8.0.3 in preparation for filing SRU of updating mesa for precise, now studying the results. [bryce]
  • Bunch of SRU work on xkeyboard-config, xdiagnose, etc. [bryce]
  • Helping users with graphics problems on AskUbuntu, to get a feel for type of issues users are still seeing in precise [bryce]

  • Wrote xedid tool for finding and decoding binary EDID files on the system [bryce]

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IRC log Eastern edition

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