Weekly Summary

  • Wrote some integration tests for dconf blame, screensaver/locking screen and unity-services that should be loaded or not at startup (didrocks)
  • Improved libusb-based USB CUPS backend a lot during the last weeks working together with bug-reporting users and testing with a USB-Parallel adapter which I got from Zedonet (TurboPrint) (tkamppeter).

  • Precise SRUs in the last weeks: foomatic-filters, Gutenprint, second SRU for foomatic-filters prepared (tkamppeter).
  • A Software Updater redesign landed and the release upgrader was moved to its own package (mterry).
  • Desktop SRUs for precise (seb128).
  • In colaboration with upstrea and Alehandro, got a branch ready for merge into Unity to allow it to join the always on world, just waiting on upstrea's decision as to whether the atk bridge API needs extending or not. (TheMuso)

* Started looking into refactoring the unity panel service a11y code to better present the panel to assistive technology tools. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • setting up a PPA for the new indicator-messages which will include a new API which replaces libindicate. It will require porting of apps and the PPA will give us a place to do that and flush out any API issues.


  • Unity 6.0 and Nux 3.0 release preparation (with the lenses transition). Expected for this week.
    • No big new features apart from code cleaning, bug fixing
    • The only new feature is the rhythmbox radio integration into the music lens (I'll blog about it later on)
  • Compiz release (with gsettings) is also expected for this week.
  • Compiz is now using the unity automerger \o/ All compiz merges are tested and merged by the tarmac bot now Wink ;)

  • Separate new packages for autopilot (engine) and unity-autopilot (unity emulators and test framework) done as well.


  • Uploaded x1.12 into ubuntu-x-swat/q-lts-backport (mlankhorst)
  • Working with debian on making libdrm_nouveau new and old abi parallel installable using f17's patch (mlankhorst)
  • Working upstream on dma-buf synchronisation problem (mlankhorst)
  • xserver input changes and synaptics is sru'd and verified in -proposed (mlankhorst)

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