Weekly Summary

  • Completed development on new libusb-based USB CUPS backend, submitted it upstream to CUPS, uploaded new CUPS package to Quantal. This CUPS package also contains a backword compatibility IPP backend taken from CUPS 1.4.x (tkamppeter).
  • Improved Plug'n'Print UDEV facility of system-config-printer to make it more straight, only getting triggered by the low-level USB device of the printer and not again by the usblp kernel module (tkamppeter).
  • First printer driver packages using new libjbig are available now: foo2zjs, splix, c2esp (tkamppeter).
  • Got some quickly/python-distutils-extra fixes and support for the arb team during the app developer week (mterry, didrocks)
  • Updated gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center in bzr. Known issues remain and are briefly outlined in debian/changelog; please test and help fix them! (laney)
  • Completed work in progress on the UI design for Additional Drivers in software-properties, should now get handed-off (see bug 1021733) (cyphermox)
  • Fixed chromium-browser (18.x) FTBFS in quantal (kenvandine)
  • Worked on updating chromium-browser to latest in the stable channel, 20.x, currently built in a PPA but should have it ready for quantal soon (kenvandine)
  • WOrked more with help from Alehandro from GNOME upstrea to get a branch ready for merging into Unity, so that Unity uses libatk-bridge. The branch should be proposed for merge by now, or in the next day or so. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • Pile of indicator updates coming this week, finally!
    • indicator-sound
    • indicator-power
    • indicator-session
    • libappindicator
    • libindicate
    • libindicator
    • indicator-datetime
    • dbus-test-runner
    • dbusmenu
    • indicator-appmenu
    • indicator-application


  • Finally got an unity release out (6.0), with unity-lens-music, all unity-lens-* with path renamed, nux, unity, bamf, dee.
    • Some fixes for dee validated to need a SRU for python3 support.
    • Used that release to clean a lot of renaming, package transitionning and so on.
    • Not a lot of new features apart from some cleaning
  • Unity/Nux/Compiz SRU is under way and should be handled by PS before end of week.
  • Gsetting in compiz is progressing, tests are getting written and merged. The compiz release should follow soonish after this.


  • Proposed dmabufmgr (mlankhorst)
  • Working prototype of system compositor + intel driver in ppa:raof/system-compositor-scratchpad
    • Known problems include: rendering to the root window and some input support for Unity

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